Area Code is covered under 970 Colorado

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Details on Area Code 970

  • State: Colorado
  • Statewide Area Codes: 303, 719, 720, 970
  • Cities: Akron, Amherst, Anton, Aspen, Aurora, Basalt, Bayfield, Bedrock, Berthoud, Breckenridge
  • Counties: Adams, Arapahoe, Archuleta, Boulder, Delta, Denver, Dolores, Eagle, El Paso, Garfield
  • Time Zone: UTC-7

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Most Recent Comments

Aug 4, 2021
970-609-8459 08:17pm Aug 4, 2021

A robocall from UN-known - some type of scam - A search shows this number to be from Grand Junction, CO. A land line number using ONVOY, LLC CO. They keep calling using a different new number after being told to remove my number from their call list and blocked.

Jun 14, 2021
970-469-7903 03:06pm Jun 14, 2021

A robocall from UN-known - health insurance scam - A search shows this number to be from Otis, CO. A land line number using ONVOY, LLC CO. They keep calling using a different new number after being told to remove my number from their call list and blocked.

Jun 12, 2021
970-659-1731 12:00pm Jun 12, 2021

A robocall from UN-known - health insurance scam - A search shows this number to be from Hillrose, CO. A land line using PEERLESS NETWORK OF COLORADO, LLC - CO. They keep calling using a different new number after being told to remove my number from their call list and blocked.

May 12, 2021
970-594-0593 02:08pm May 12, 2021

A robocall from UN-known - health insurance scam - A search shows this number to be from Walden, CO. A land line number using ONVOY, LLC CO. They keep calling using a different new number after being told to remove my number from their call list and blocked.

Oct 9, 2019
970-587-3550 02:10pm Oct 9, 2019

The information above listing "Name: Ms T**** L B****" is incorrect and has been since 2012. If you're looking for "Ms T**** L B****" do not try to reach at this number

Aug 24, 2019
970-404-4224 11:52am Aug 24, 2019

A robocall from UN-known - media server scam - A search shows this number to be from Glenwood Springs, CO. A wireless numbere using T-MOBILE USA, INC.. They keep calling using a different new number after being told to remove my number from their call list and blocked.

Aug 5, 2019
970-788-1601 12:56pm Aug 5, 2019

Spoofed scam number. Message 'suspicious activity in your account' fraud. Calls as 'Anonymous'. Repeat hacker robocaller uses different numbers fake IDs.

Jun 8, 2018
970-458-7209 10:54pm Jun 8, 2018

A robocall from UN-known about easy money with Amazon - A search shows this number to be from Sterling, CO. A land line using LEVEL 3 COMMUNICATIONS, LLC - CO. They keep calling using a different new number after being told to remove my number from their call list and blocked.

May 18, 2018
970-408-2520 04:23pm May 18, 2018

Blowing up my phone!

Feb 1, 2018
970-497-5825 04:30am Feb 1, 2018

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Telephone Code 970

Area Interchange City County Population Network Operator
970-200-XXXXGrand JunctionMesa146723Flat West Wireless
970-201-XXXXGrand JctMesa146723Sprint Spectrum L.P.- Co
970-202-XXXXBerthoudLarimer299630Contact Paging Of Colorado, Inc.
970-203-XXXXLovelandLarimer299630Qwest Corporation - Co
970-204-XXXXFt CollinsLarimer299630Qwest Corporation - Co
970-205-XXXXAspenPitkin17148Qwest Corporation - Co
970-206-XXXXFt CollinsLarimer299630Qwest Corporation - Co
970-207-XXXXFt CollinsLarimer299630Qwest Corporation - Co
970-208-XXXXGrand JctMesa146723Mcleodusa Telecommunication Service
970-209-XXXXMontroseMontrose41276Blue Licenses Holding, Llc
970-210-XXXXGrand JctMesa146723Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
970-211-XXXXYumaYuma10043N E Colorado Cellular
970-212-XXXXFt CollinsLarimer299630Icg Telecom Group, Inc. - Co
970-213-XXXXFt CollinsLarimer299630Sprint Spectrum L.P.
970-214-XXXXFt CollinsLarimer299630Blue Licenses Holding, Llc
970-215-XXXXFt CollinsLarimer299630Blue Licenses Holding, Llc
970-216-XXXXGrand JctMesa146723Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
970-217-XXXXFt CollinsLarimer299630Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
970-218-XXXXFt CollinsLarimer299630Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
970-219-XXXXFt CollinsLarimer299630Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
970-220-XXXXRangelyRio Blanco6666Uintah Basin Electronic Telecommuni
970-221-XXXXFt CollinsLarimer299630Qwest Corporation - Co
970-222-XXXXFt CollinsLarimer299630Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
970-223-XXXXFt CollinsLarimer299630Qwest Corporation - Co
970-224-XXXXFt CollinsLarimer299630Qwest Corporation - Co
970-225-XXXXFt CollinsLarimer299630Qwest Corporation - Co
970-226-XXXXFt CollinsLarimer299630Qwest Corporation - Co
970-227-XXXXFt CollinsLarimer299630Blue Licenses Holding, Llc
970-228-XXXXWillardLogan22709Willard Tel Co
970-229-XXXXFt CollinsLarimer299630Qwest Corporation - Co
970-230-XXXXGlenwood SpgsGarfield56389Nextel Communications, Inc.
970-231-XXXXFt CollinsLarimer299630Blue Licenses Holding, Llc
970-232-XXXXFt CollinsLarimer299630At&t - Local - Co
970-234-XXXXGrand JctMesa146723T-Mobile Usa, Inc.
970-235-XXXXDenverDenver600158Eschelon Telecom Of Colorado
970-236-XXXXAspenPitkin17148Zippytech Incorporated
970-237-XXXXFort CollinsLarimer299630Zippytech Incorporated
970-238-XXXXHendersonAdams441603Zippytech Incorporated
970-239-XXXXRidgwayOuray4436Level 3 Communications, Llc - Co
970-240-XXXXMontroseMontrose41276Qwest Corporation - Co
970-241-XXXXGrand JctMesa146723Qwest Corporation - Co
970-242-XXXXGrand JctMesa146723Qwest Corporation - Co
970-243-XXXXGrand JctMesa146723Qwest Corporation - Co
970-244-XXXXGrand JctMesa146723Qwest Corporation - Co
970-245-XXXXGrand JctMesa146723Qwest Corporation - Co
970-246-XXXXOtisWashington4814Centurytel Of Eagle, Inc.
970-247-XXXXDurangoLa Plata51334Qwest Corporation - Co
970-248-XXXXGrand JctMesa146723Qwest Corporation - Co
970-249-XXXXMontroseMontrose41276Qwest Corporation - Co
970-250-XXXXGrand JctMesa146723Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
970-251-XXXXCrested ButteGunnison15324Commpartners, Llc - Co
970-252-XXXXMontroseMontrose41276Qwest Corporation - Co
970-253-XXXXPeetzLogan22709Qwest Corporation - Ne
970-254-XXXXGrand JctMesa146723Qwest Corporation - Co
970-255-XXXXGrand JctMesa146723Qwest Corporation - Co
970-256-XXXXGrand JctMesa146723Qwest Corporation - Co
970-257-XXXXGrand JctMesa146723Qwest Corporation - Co
970-258-XXXXMontroseMontrose41276Sprint Spectrum L.P.- Co
970-259-XXXXDurangoLa Plata51334Qwest Corporation - Co
970-260-XXXXGrand JctMesa146723Blue Licenses Holding, Llc
970-261-XXXXGrand JctMesa146723Blue Licenses Holding, Llc
970-262-XXXXDillonSummit27994Qwest Corporation - Co
970-263-XXXXGrand JctMesa146723Qwest Corporation - Co
970-264-XXXXPagosa SpringsArchuleta12084Centurytel Of Colorado, Inc.
970-265-XXXXFlemingLogan22709Haxtun Tel Co
970-266-XXXXFt CollinsLarimer299630Qwest Corporation - Co
970-267-XXXXFt CollinsLarimer299630Qwest Corporation - Co
970-268-XXXXMesaMesa146723Centurytel Of Eagle, Inc.
970-269-XXXXMaybellMoffat13795Union Telephone Company Dba Union C
970-270-XXXXGrand JctMesa146723Blue Licenses Holding, Llc
970-272-XXXXMaybellMoffat13795Centurytel Of Eagle, Inc.
970-273-XXXXGypsumEagle52197San Isabel Telecom, Inc.
970-274-XXXXGlenwood SpgsGarfield56389Blue Licenses Holding, Llc
970-275-XXXXMontroseMontrose41276Blue Licenses Holding, Llc
970-276-XXXXHaydenRoutt23509Qwest Corporation - Co
970-277-XXXXAspenPitkin17148San Isabel Telecom, Inc.
970-278-XXXXLovelandLarimer299630Qwest Corporation - Co
970-279-XXXXBasaltEagle52197Level 3 Communications, Llc - Co
970-280-XXXXGypsumEagle52197San Isabel Telecom, Inc.
970-281-XXXXGranbyGrand14843Level 3 Communications, Llc - Co
970-282-XXXXFt CollinsLarimer299630Qwest Corporation - Co
970-283-XXXXMesaMesa146723Level 3 Communications, Llc - Co
970-284-XXXXLa SalleWeld252825Qwest Corporation - Co
970-285-XXXXParachuteGarfield56389Qwest Corporation - Co
970-288-XXXXFt CollinsLarimer299630Qwest Corporation - Co
970-290-XXXXLovelandLarimer299630Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
970-291-XXXXSteamboat SpringsRoutt23509Sprint Spectrum L.P.
970-292-XXXXLovelandLarimer299630Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Co
970-295-XXXXFt CollinsLarimer299630Icg Telecom Group, Inc. - Co
970-297-XXXXFt CollinsLarimer299630Icg Telecom Group, Inc. - Co
970-298-XXXXGrand JctMesa146723Qwest Corporation - Co
970-299-XXXXCortezMontezuma25535Grand Valley Internet, Inc. - Co
970-300-XXXXAspenPitkin17148Level 3 Communications, Llc - Co
970-301-XXXXGreeleyWeld252825T-Mobile Usa, Inc.
970-302-XXXXGreeleyWeld252825Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
970-303-XXXXYumaYuma10043N E Colorado Cellular
970-304-XXXXGreeleyWeld252825Qwest Corporation - Co
970-306-XXXXVailEagle52197Level 3 Communications, Llc - Co
970-308-XXXXLovelandLarimer299630Leap Wireless Intl, Inc. Dba Cricke
970-309-XXXXGlenwood SpgsGarfield56389Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
970-310-XXXXFt CollinsLarimer299630T-Mobile Usa, Inc.
970-311-XXXXYumaYuma10043N E Colorado Cellular
970-313-XXXXGreeleyWeld252825T-Mobile Usa, Inc.
970-314-XXXXGrand JctMesa146723T-Mobile Usa, Inc.
970-315-XXXXAspenPitkin17148Level 3 Communications, Llc - Co
970-316-XXXXRidgwayOuray4436Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
970-317-XXXXGrand JunctionMesa146723New Cingular Wireless Pcs
970-318-XXXXRidgwayOuray4436Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
970-319-XXXXGlenwood SpgsGarfield56389Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
970-320-XXXXGlenwood SpgsGarfield56389Uintah Basin Electronic Telecommuni
970-321-XXXXCraigMoffat13795Uintah Basin Electronic Telecommuni
970-322-XXXXGrand JctMesa146723Uintah Basin Electronic Telecommuni
970-323-XXXXOlatheMontrose41276Qwest Corporation - Co
970-324-XXXXGreeleyWeld252825T-Mobile Usa, Inc.
970-325-XXXXRidgwayOuray4436Qwest Corporation - Co
970-326-XXXXCraigMoffat13795Union Telephone Company Dba Union C
970-327-XXXXNuclaMontrose41276Centurytel Of Eagle, Inc.
970-328-XXXXGypsumEagle52197Centurytel Of Eagle, Inc.
970-329-XXXXCraigMoffat13795Level 3 Communications, Llc - Co
970-330-XXXXGreeleyWeld252825Qwest Corporation - Co
970-331-XXXXVailEagle52197Sprint Spectrum L.P.
970-332-XXXXWrayYuma10043Centurytel Of Eagle, Inc.
970-333-XXXXDillonSummit27994Sprint Spectrum L.P.
970-334-XXXXPeetzLogan22709Peetz Coop Tel Co
970-335-XXXXDurangoLa Plata51334Qwest Corporation - Co
970-336-XXXXGreeleyWeld252825Qwest Corporation - Co
970-337-XXXXGypsumEagle52197San Isabel Telecom, Inc.
970-338-XXXXMontroseMontrose41276San Isabel Telecom
970-339-XXXXGreeleyWeld252825Qwest Corporation - Co
970-343-XXXXVailEagle52197At&t - Local - Co
970-344-XXXXBerthoudLarimer299630Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Co
970-345-XXXXAkronWashington4814Centurytel Of Eagle, Inc.
970-346-XXXXGreeleyWeld252825Qwest Corporation - Co
970-347-XXXXGreeleyWeld252825Qwest Corporation - Co
970-348-XXXXGreeleyWeld252825Qwest Corporation - Co
970-349-XXXXCrested ButteGunnison15324Qwest Corporation - Co
970-350-XXXXGreeleyWeld252825Qwest Corporation - Co
970-351-XXXXGreeleyWeld252825Qwest Corporation - Co
970-352-XXXXGreeleyWeld252825Qwest Corporation - Co
970-353-XXXXGreeleyWeld252825Qwest Corporation - Co
970-354-XXXXIdaliaYuma10043Plains Coop Tel Assn Inc
970-355-XXXXGlenwood SpgsGarfield56389T-Mobile Usa, Inc.
970-356-XXXXGreeleyWeld252825Qwest Corporation - Co
970-357-XXXXCopeWashington4814Plains Coop Tel Assn Inc
970-358-XXXXJoesYuma10043Plains Coop Tel Assn Inc
970-359-XXXXEckleyYuma10043Plains Coop Tel Assn Inc
970-361-XXXXGrand JctMesa146723At&t - Local - Co
970-362-XXXXKirkYuma10043Plains Coop Tel Assn Inc
970-363-XXXXGranbyGrand14843Level 3 Communications, Llc - Co
970-364-XXXXGranbyGrand14843Icg Telecom Group, Inc. - Co
970-365-XXXXMaybellMoffat13795Union Tel Co
970-366-XXXXGlenwood SpgsGarfield56389Level 3 Communications, Llc - Co
970-367-XXXXSteamboat SpringsRoutt23509Level 3 Communications, Llc - Co
970-368-XXXXDillonSummit27994Level 3 Communications, Llc - Co
970-369-XXXXRidgwayOuray4436Qwest Corporation - Co
970-370-XXXXFort MorganMorgan28159Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
970-371-XXXXGreeleyWeld252825Blue Licenses Holding, Llc
970-372-XXXXFt CollinsLarimer299630Level 3 Communications, Llc - Co
970-373-XXXXGreeleyWeld252825Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Co
970-374-XXXXDinosaurMoffat13795Centurytel Of Eagle, Inc.
970-375-XXXXDurangoLa Plata51334Qwest Corporation - Co
970-376-XXXXVailEagle52197Blue Licenses Holding, Llc
970-377-XXXXFt CollinsLarimer299630Qwest Corporation - Co
970-378-XXXXGreeleyWeld252825Qwest Corporation - Co
970-379-XXXXGlenwood SpgsGarfield56389Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
970-380-XXXXFort MorganMorgan28159Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
970-381-XXXXGreeleyWeld252825Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
970-382-XXXXDurangoLa Plata51334Qwest Corporation - Co
970-383-XXXXAntonWashington4814Plains Coop Tel Assn Inc
970-384-XXXXGlenwood SpgsGarfield56389Qwest Corporation - Co
970-385-XXXXDurangoLa Plata51334Qwest Corporation - Co
970-386-XXXXWoodrowWashington4814Eastern Slope Rural Tel Assn Inc
970-387-XXXXLake CityHinsdale843Qwest Corporation - Co
970-388-XXXXWindsorWeld252825Leap Wireless Intl, Inc. Dba Cricke
970-389-XXXXDillonSummit27994Blue Licenses Holding, Llc
970-390-XXXXVailEagle52197Blue Licenses Holding, Llc
970-391-XXXXFt CollinsLarimer299630Sprint Spectrum L.P.
970-392-XXXXGreeleyWeld252825Qwest Corporation - Co
970-393-XXXXVailEagle52197T-Mobile Usa, Inc.
970-394-XXXXDoloresMontezuma25535Alltel Communications, Inc. - Co
970-395-XXXXGreeleyWeld252825Qwest Corporation - Co
970-396-XXXXGreeleyWeld252825Blue Licenses Holding, Llc
970-397-XXXXGreeleyWeld252825Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
970-398-XXXXPagosa SpringsArchuleta12084Alltel Communications, Inc. - Co
970-399-XXXXDeltaDelta30952Qwest Corporation - Co
970-401-XXXXVailEagle52197Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
970-402-XXXXFt CollinsLarimer299630T-Mobile Usa, Inc.
970-403-XXXXDurangoLa Plata51334Zippytech Incorporated
970-404-XXXXGlenwood SpgsGarfield56389T-Mobile Usa, Inc.
970-405-XXXXGreeleyWeld252825T-Mobile Usa, Inc.
970-406-XXXXDillonSummit27994Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
970-407-XXXXFt CollinsLarimer299630Qwest Corporation - Co
970-408-XXXXFt CollinsLarimer299630Communications Unlimited
970-409-XXXXDillonSummit27994Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
970-410-XXXXGreeleyWeld252825Communications Unlimited
970-411-XXXXYumaYuma10043N E Colorado Cellular
970-412-XXXXFt CollinsLarimer299630T-Mobile Usa, Inc.
970-413-XXXXPleasant ViewMontezuma25535Icg Telecom Group, Inc. - Co
970-414-XXXXWrayYuma10043Icg Telecom Group, Inc. - Co
970-415-XXXXYumaYuma10043Icg Telecom Group, Inc. - Co
970-416-XXXXFt CollinsLarimer299630Qwest Corporation - Co
970-417-XXXXMontroseMontrose41276Sprint Spectrum L.P.- Co
970-418-XXXXDillonSummit27994Nextel Communications, Inc.
970-419-XXXXFt CollinsLarimer299630Qwest Corporation - Co
970-420-XXXXFt CollinsLarimer299630Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
970-421-XXXXSteamboat SpringsRoutt23509Uintah Basin Electronic Telecommuni
970-422-XXXXDurangoLa Plata51334Level 3 Communications, Llc - Co
970-423-XXXXHendersonAdams441603At&t - Local - Co
970-424-XXXXGrand JunctionMesa146723Bresnan Broadband Of Colorado, Llc
970-425-XXXXCarbondaleGarfield56389Level 3 Communications, Llc - Co
970-426-XXXXDurangoLa Plata51334Qwest Corporation - Co
970-427-XXXXFort MorganMorgan28159At&t - Local - Co
970-428-XXXXGrand JunctionMesa146723Nucla-Naturita Telephone Company
970-429-XXXXAspenPitkin17148Qwest Corporation - Co
970-430-XXXXFt CollinsLarimer299630Sprint Spectrum L.P.
970-433-XXXXGrand JctMesa146723Level 3 Communications, Llc - Co
970-434-XXXXGrand JctMesa146723Qwest Corporation - Co
970-435-XXXXRed Feather LakesLarimer299630Qwest Corporation - Wy
970-437-XXXXNew RaymerWeld252825Wiggins Tel Assn
970-438-XXXXGrand JunctionMesa146723360networks
970-439-XXXXSteamboat SpringsRoutt23509At&t - Local - Co
970-440-XXXXRifleGarfield56389Commpartners, Llc - Co
970-441-XXXXFort MorganMorgan28159Nextel Communications, Inc.
970-443-XXXXFt CollinsLarimer299630Blue Licenses Holding, Llc
970-444-XXXXBayfieldLa Plata51334Commpartners, Llc - Co
970-445-XXXXVailEagle52197Mci Metro Ats, Inc. - Co
970-447-XXXXGranbyGrand14843Nextel Communications, Inc.
970-448-XXXXAmherstPhillips4442Great Plains Communications Inc
970-449-XXXXFt CollinsLarimer299630Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Co
970-450-XXXXRangelyRio Blanco6666Grand Valley Internet, Inc. - Co
970-452-XXXXSterlingLogan22709Voice Networks
970-453-XXXXBreckenridgeSummit27994Qwest Corporation - Co
970-454-XXXXEatonWeld252825Qwest Corporation - Co
970-455-XXXXDillonSummit27994Level 3 Communications, Llc - Co
970-456-XXXXGlenwood SpgsGarfield56389Level 3 Communications, Llc - Co
970-457-XXXXSteamboat SpringsRoutt23509Level 3 Communications, Llc - Co
970-458-XXXXSterlingLogan22709Level 3 Communications, Llc - Co
970-459-XXXXDurangoLa Plata51334Level 3 Communications, Llc - Co
970-460-XXXXDenverDenver600158Level 3 Communications, Llc - Co
970-461-XXXXLovelandLarimer299630Qwest Corporation - Co
970-462-XXXXGrand JunctionMesa146723Zippytech Incorporated
970-463-XXXXOvidSedgwick2379Qwest Corporation - Co
970-464-XXXXPalisadeMesa146723Qwest Corporation - Co
970-466-XXXXSterlingLogan22709Cellular One Of Ne Colorado
970-467-XXXXFort MorganMorgan28159Cellular One Of Ne Colorado
970-468-XXXXDillonSummit27994Qwest Corporation - Co
970-470-XXXXVailEagle52197Sprint Spectrum L.P.
970-471-XXXXVailEagle52197Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
970-472-XXXXFt CollinsLarimer299630Qwest Corporation - Co
970-474-XXXXJulesburgSedgwick2379Qwest Corporation - Co
970-475-XXXXGreeleyWeld252825Mcleodusa Telecommunication Service
970-476-XXXXVailEagle52197Qwest Corporation - Co
970-477-XXXXVailEagle52197Qwest Corporation - Co
970-479-XXXXVailEagle52197Qwest Corporation - Co
970-480-XXXXEstes ParkLarimer299630Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Co
970-481-XXXXFt CollinsLarimer299630Blue Licenses Holding, Llc
970-482-XXXXFt CollinsLarimer299630Qwest Corporation - Co
970-483-XXXXWigginsMorgan28159Wiggins Tel Assn
970-484-XXXXFt CollinsLarimer299630Qwest Corporation - Co
970-485-XXXXDillonSummit27994Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
970-486-XXXXDillonSummit27994Nextel Communications, Inc.
970-487-XXXXCollbranMesa146723Centurytel Of Eagle, Inc.
970-488-XXXXFt CollinsLarimer299630Qwest Corporation - Co
970-490-XXXXFt CollinsLarimer299630Qwest Corporation - Co
970-491-XXXXFt CollinsLarimer299630Qwest Corporation - Co
970-492-XXXXFt CollinsLarimer299630Qwest Corporation - Co
970-493-XXXXFt CollinsLarimer299630Qwest Corporation - Co
970-494-XXXXFt CollinsLarimer299630Qwest Corporation - Co
970-495-XXXXFt CollinsLarimer299630Qwest Corporation - Co
970-496-XXXXDillonSummit27994Qwest Corporation - Co
970-497-XXXXMontroseMontrose41276Qwest Corporation - Co
970-498-XXXXFt CollinsLarimer299630Qwest Corporation - Co
970-506-XXXXGreeleyWeld252825Qwest Corporation - Co
970-508-XXXXDurangoLa Plata51334Grand Valley Internet, Inc. - Co
970-509-XXXXGranbyGrand14843Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
970-510-XXXXColorado SpringsEl Paso622263360networks (Usa) Inc. - Co
970-511-XXXXYumaYuma10043N E Colorado Cellular
970-513-XXXXDillonSummit27994Qwest Corporation - Co
970-515-XXXXGreeleyWeld252825Qwest Corporation - Co
970-516-XXXXPleasant ViewMontezuma25535Farmers Telecommunications
970-518-XXXXGreeleyWeld252825Sprint Spectrum L.P.
970-519-XXXXRidgwayOuray4436Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
970-520-XXXXSterlingLogan22709Cellular One Of Ne Colorado
970-521-XXXXSterlingLogan22709Qwest Corporation - Co
970-522-XXXXSterlingLogan22709Qwest Corporation - Co
970-523-XXXXGrand JctMesa146723Qwest Corporation - Co
970-524-XXXXGypsumEagle52197Centurytel Of Eagle, Inc.
970-525-XXXXYumaYuma10043N E Colorado Cellular
970-526-XXXXSterlingLogan22709Qwest Corporation - Co
970-527-XXXXPaoniaDelta30952Delta County Tele-Comm Inc
970-529-XXXXCortezMontezuma25535Qwest Corporation - Co
970-530-XXXXFt CollinsLarimer299630Mcleodusa Telecommunication Service
970-531-XXXXGranbyGrand14843Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
970-532-XXXXBerthoudLarimer299630Qwest Corporation - Co
970-533-XXXXMancosMontezuma25535Qwest Corporation - Co
970-534-XXXXGreeleyWeld252825Mci Metro Ats, Inc. - Co
970-535-XXXXMeadWeld252825Qwest Corporation - Co
970-537-XXXXKremmlingGrand14843Union Telephone Company Dba Union C
970-538-XXXXRidgwayOuray4436Grand Valley Internet, Inc. - Co
970-539-XXXXGreeleyWeld252825Nextel Communications, Inc.
970-540-XXXXDeltaDelta30952Grand Valley Internet, Inc. - Co
970-541-XXXXDenverDenver600158N E Colorado Cellular
970-542-XXXXFort MorganMorgan28159Qwest Corporation - Co
970-543-XXXXGreeleyWeld252825Voice Networks
970-544-XXXXAspenPitkin17148Qwest Corporation - Co
970-545-XXXXWindsorWeld252825Leap Wireless Intl, Inc. Dba Cricke
970-547-XXXXBreckenridgeSummit27994Qwest Corporation - Co
970-551-XXXXHesperusLa Plata51334Alltel Communications, Inc. - Co
970-553-XXXXIgnacioLa Plata51334Alltel Communications, Inc. - Co
970-554-XXXXAkronWashington4814Cellular One Of Ne Colorado
970-555-XXXXDenverDenver600158Qwest Corporation
970-556-XXXXFt CollinsLarimer299630Nextel Communications, Inc.
970-557-XXXXGranbyGrand14843Level 3 Communications, Llc - Co
970-558-XXXXYumaYuma10043N E Colorado Cellular
970-560-XXXXCortezMontezuma25535Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
970-562-XXXXPleasant ViewMontezuma25535Farmers Tel Co Inc
970-563-XXXXIgnacioLa Plata51334Centurytel Of Eagle, Inc.
970-564-XXXXCortezMontezuma25535Qwest Corporation - Co
970-565-XXXXCortezMontezuma25535Qwest Corporation - Co
970-566-XXXXFt CollinsLarimer299630Nextel Communications, Inc.
970-567-XXXXFt CollinsLarimer299630Nextel Communications, Inc.
970-568-XXXXWellingtonLarimer299630Qwest Corporation - Co
970-569-XXXXVailEagle52197Centurytel Of Eagle, Inc.
970-570-XXXXCortezMontezuma25535Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
970-571-XXXXSterlingLogan22709Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
970-573-XXXXWestminsterAdams441603Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon
970-574-XXXXDinosaurMoffat13795Union Telephone Company Dba Union C
970-575-XXXXGranbyGrand14843Sprint Spectrum L.P.
970-576-XXXXGreeleyWeld252825Sprint Spectrum L.P.
970-577-XXXXEstes ParkLarimer299630Qwest Corporation - Co
970-578-XXXXDenverDenver600158Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon
970-579-XXXXHendersonAdams441603Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon
970-580-XXXXSterlingLogan22709Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
970-581-XXXXFt CollinsLarimer299630T-Mobile Usa, Inc.
970-582-XXXXEnglewoodArapahoe572003Sprint Spectrum L P
970-583-XXXXSlaterMoffat13795Dubois Tel Exch Inc
970-584-XXXXGreeleyWeld252825Nextel Communications, Inc.
970-585-XXXXDurangoLa Plata51334Fasttrack Communications, Inc. - Co
970-586-XXXXEstes ParkLarimer299630Qwest Corporation - Co
970-587-XXXXJohnstownWeld252825Qwest Corporation - Co
970-588-XXXXHesperusLa Plata51334Centurytel Of Colorado, Inc.
970-589-XXXXAuroraAdams441603Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
970-590-XXXXGreeleyWeld252825Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
970-593-XXXXLovelandLarimer299630Qwest Corporation - Co
970-595-XXXXEckleyYuma10043Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
970-596-XXXXMontroseMontrose41276Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
970-597-XXXXEckleyYuma10043Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
970-600-XXXXWindsorWeld252825Telstar Communications Inc
970-609-XXXXGrand JctMesa146723Grand Valley Internet, Inc. - Co
970-610-XXXXFruitaMesa146723Grand Valley Internet, Inc. - Co
970-611-XXXXYumaYuma10043N E Colorado Cellular
970-612-XXXXLovelandLarimer299630Mcleodusa Telecommunication Service
970-613-XXXXLovelandLarimer299630Qwest Corporation - Co
970-614-XXXXLa SalleWeld252825Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Co
970-618-XXXXGlenwood SpgsGarfield56389Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
970-619-XXXXLovelandLarimer299630Qwest Corporation - Co
970-620-XXXXCraigMoffat13795Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
970-621-XXXXBerthoudLarimer299630Contact Paging Of Colorado, Inc.
970-622-XXXXLovelandLarimer299630Qwest Corporation - Co
970-623-XXXXAuroraAdams441603Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
970-624-XXXXDenverDenver600158Qwest Corporation - Co
970-625-XXXXRifleGarfield56389Qwest Corporation - Co
970-626-XXXXRidgwayOuray4436Qwest Corporation - Co
970-627-XXXXGrand LakeGrand14843Qwest Corporation - Co
970-628-XXXXGrand JunctionMesa146723Bresnan Broadband Of Colorado
970-629-XXXXCraigMoffat13795Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
970-630-XXXXYumaYuma10043Cellular One Of Ne Colorado
970-631-XXXXFt CollinsLarimer299630Sprint Spectrum L.P.
970-632-XXXXMaybellMoffat13795Union Telephone Company Dba Union C
970-633-XXXXDenverDenver600158Bandwidth Com Clec
970-635-XXXXLovelandLarimer299630Qwest Corporation - Co
970-637-XXXXGlenwood SpgsGarfield56389Qwest Corporation Co
970-638-XXXXToponasRoutt23509Qwest Corporation - Co
970-639-XXXXFruitaMesa146723Level 3 Communications, Llc - Co
970-640-XXXXGrand JctMesa146723Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
970-641-XXXXGunnisonGunnison15324Qwest Corporation - Co
970-642-XXXXGunnisonGunnison15324Qwest Corporation - Co
970-643-XXXXFt CollinsLarimer299630Voice Networks
970-645-XXXXWeldonaMorgan28159Qwest Corporation - Co
970-646-XXXXDenverDenver600158Leap Wireless Intl
970-648-XXXXGunnisonGunnison15324Leap Wireless Intl
970-649-XXXXRifleGarfield56389Grand Valley Internet, Inc. - Co
970-650-XXXXMontroseMontrose41276Grand Valley Internet, Inc. - Co
970-653-XXXXMc CoyEagle52197Centurytel Of Eagle, Inc.
970-654-XXXXCraigMoffat13795Centurytel Of Eagle
970-655-XXXXGranbyGrand14843Union Telephone Company Dba Union C
970-656-XXXXBriggsdaleWeld252825Wiggins Tel Assn
970-660-XXXXJohnstownWeld252825Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Co
970-662-XXXXCarrWeld252825Qwest Corporation - Wy
970-663-XXXXLovelandLarimer299630Qwest Corporation - Co
970-664-XXXXFlaglerKit Carson8270Plains Coop Tel Assn Inc
970-665-XXXXRifleGarfield56389Leap Wireless Intl
970-667-XXXXLovelandLarimer299630Qwest Corporation - Co
970-668-XXXXDillonSummit27994Qwest Corporation - Co
970-669-XXXXLovelandLarimer299630Qwest Corporation - Co
970-670-XXXXBerthoudLarimer299630Commpartners, Llc - Co
970-672-XXXXFt CollinsLarimer299630Level 3 Communications, Llc - Co
970-673-XXXXGreeleyWeld252825Level 3 Communications, Llc - Co
970-674-XXXXWindsorWeld252825Qwest Corporation - Co
970-675-XXXXRangelyRio Blanco6666Centurytel Of Eagle, Inc.
970-677-XXXXDove CreekDolores2064Centurytel Of Eagle, Inc.
970-679-XXXXLovelandLarimer299630Qwest Corporation - Co
970-680-XXXXPlattevilleWeld252825Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Co
970-681-XXXXGreeleyWeld252825Contact Paging Of Colorado, Inc.
970-682-XXXXWestminsterAdams441603Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon
970-683-XXXXGrand JctMesa146723Qwest Corporation - Co
970-684-XXXXPalisadeMesa146723Grand Valley Internet, Inc. - Co
970-685-XXXXDenverDenver600158Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon
970-686-XXXXWindsorWeld252825Qwest Corporation - Co
970-688-XXXXVailEagle52197Level 3 Communications, Llc - Co
970-689-XXXXFt CollinsLarimer299630Sprint Spectrum L.P.
970-690-XXXXFt CollinsLarimer299630T-Mobile Usa, Inc.
970-691-XXXXFt CollinsLarimer299630T-Mobile Usa, Inc.
970-692-XXXXFt CollinsLarimer299630Nextel Communications, Inc.
970-700-XXXXYumaYuma10043N E Colorado Cellular
970-701-XXXXCraigMoffat13795Level 3 Communications, Llc - Co
970-703-XXXXPlattevilleWeld252825Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Co
970-704-XXXXCarbondaleGarfield56389Level 3 Communications, Llc - Co
970-708-XXXXRidgwayOuray4436Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
970-710-XXXXAspenPitkin17148Sprint Spectrum L.P.
970-711-XXXXYumaYuma10043N E Colorado Cellular
970-712-XXXXAuroraAdams441603N E Colorado Cellular
970-715-XXXXDenverDenver600158Dslnet Communications Va, Inc. - Co
970-716-XXXXHendersonAdams441603360networks (Usa) Inc. - Co
970-719-XXXXYumaYuma10043N E Colorado Cellular
970-720-XXXXYumaYuma10043N E Colorado Cellular
970-722-XXXXNederlandBoulder294567Qwest Corporation - Co
970-723-XXXXWaldenJackson1394Centurytel Of Eagle, Inc.
970-724-XXXXKremmlingGrand14843Qwest Corporation - Co
970-725-XXXXParshallGrand14843Qwest Corporation - Co
970-726-XXXXNederlandBoulder294567Qwest Corporation - Co
970-727-XXXXVailEagle52197Qwest Corporation Co
970-728-XXXXRidgwayOuray4436Qwest Corporation - Co
970-729-XXXXRidgwayOuray4436Alltel Communications, Inc. - Co
970-731-XXXXPagosa SpringsArchuleta12084Centurytel Of Colorado, Inc.
970-733-XXXXVailEagle52197Voice Networks
970-734-XXXXSteamboat SpringsRoutt23509Union Telephone Company Dba Union C
970-735-XXXXStonehamWeld252825Stoneham Coop Tel Co
970-736-XXXXOak CreekRoutt23509Qwest Corporation - Co
970-737-XXXXPlattevilleWeld252825Qwest Corporation - Co
970-738-XXXXGreeleyGreeley252825Sprint Communications Company, L.P.
970-739-XXXXCortezMontezuma25535Alltel Communications, Inc. - Co
970-744-XXXXLovelandLarimer299630Level 3 Communications, Llc - Co
970-745-XXXXMountain ViewUinta534543Union Telephone Company
970-748-XXXXVailEagle52197Qwest Corporation - Co
970-749-XXXXDurangoLa Plata51334Alltel Communications, Inc. - Co
970-750-XXXXWaldenJackson1394Union Telephone Company
970-752-XXXXDillonSummit27994Qwest Corporation - Co
970-754-XXXXVailEagle52197San Isabel Telecom, Inc.
970-755-XXXXRangelyRio Blanco6666Union Telephone Company
970-756-XXXXCraigMoffat13795Union Telephone Company
970-757-XXXXHaydenRoutt23509Union Telephone Company
970-758-XXXXGranbyGrand14843Union Telephone Company
970-759-XXXXDurangoLa Plata51334Alltel Communications, Inc. - Co
970-760-XXXXDillonSummit27994Icg Telecom Group, Inc. - Co
970-761-XXXXSteamboat SpringsRoutt23509Icg Telecom Group, Inc. - Co
970-762-XXXXSterlingLogan22709Icg Telecom Group, Inc. - Co
970-763-XXXXVailEagle52197Icg Telecom Group, Inc. - Co
970-764-XXXXDurangoLa Plata51334Icg Telecom Group, Inc. - Co
970-765-XXXXMontroseMontrose41276Level 3 Communications, Llc - Co
970-766-XXXXVailEagle52197San Isabel Telecom, Inc.
970-767-XXXXMountain ViewUinta534543Union Telephone Company
970-768-XXXXFort MorganMorgan28159Cellular One Of Ne Colorado
970-769-XXXXDurangoLa Plata51334Alltel Communications, Inc. - Co
970-773-XXXXGrand JunctionMesa146723Union Telephone Company
970-774-XXXXHaxtunPhillips4442Haxtun Tel Co
970-775-XXXXDenverDenver600158Leap Wireless Intl
970-776-XXXXLovelandLarimer299630At&t - Local - Co
970-777-XXXXGypsumEagle52197San Isabel Telecom, Inc.
970-778-XXXXGrand JctMesa146723Level 3 Communications, Llc - Co
970-779-XXXXDurangoLa Plata51334T-Mobile Usa, Inc.
970-784-XXXXGunnisonGunnison15324Grand Valley Internet, Inc. - Co
970-785-XXXXPlattevilleWeld252825Qwest Corporation - Co
970-790-XXXXVailEagle52197San Isabel Telecom, Inc.
970-795-XXXXDenverDenver600158Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Co
970-797-XXXXFt CollinsLarimer299630Allegiance Telecom Of Colorado, Inc
970-798-XXXXHendersonAdams441603Level 3 Communications, Llc - Co
970-799-XXXXDurangoLa Plata51334T-Mobile Usa, Inc.
970-805-XXXXDenverDenver600158Level 3 Communications, Llc - Co
970-811-XXXXYumaYuma10043N E Colorado Cellular
970-812-XXXXGrand JctMesa146723Level 3 Communications, Llc - Co
970-817-XXXXWestminsterAdams441603N E Colorado Cellular
970-818-XXXXDenverDenver600158N E Colorado Cellular
970-819-XXXXSteamboat SpringsRoutt23509Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
970-823-XXXXDenverDenver600158N E Colorado Cellular
970-824-XXXXCraigMoffat13795Qwest Corporation - Co
970-826-XXXXCraigMoffat13795Qwest Corporation - Co
970-827-XXXXVailEagle52197Qwest Corporation - Co
970-828-XXXXDurangoLa Plata51334Fasttrack Communications, Inc. - Co
970-830-XXXXParachuteGarfield56389Grand Valley Internet, Inc. - Co
970-834-XXXXEatonWeld252825Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Co
970-835-XXXXEckertDelta30952Delta County Tele-Comm Inc
970-840-XXXXDenverDenver600158Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Co
970-842-XXXXBrushMorgan28159Qwest Corporation - Co
970-845-XXXXVailEagle52197Qwest Corporation - Co
970-846-XXXXSteamboat SpringsRoutt23509Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
970-847-XXXXHillroseMorgan28159Qwest Corporation - Co
970-848-XXXXYumaYuma10043Centurytel Of Eagle, Inc.
970-854-XXXXHolyokePhillips4442Phillips County Tel Co
970-856-XXXXCedaredgeDelta30952Delta County Tele-Comm Inc
970-858-XXXXFruitaMesa146723Qwest Corporation - Co
970-859-XXXXBedrockMontrose41276Nucla-Naturita Tel Co
970-862-XXXXCimarronMontrose41276Nucla-Naturita Tel Co
970-864-XXXXNuclaMontrose41276Nucla-Naturita Tel Co
970-865-XXXXNuclaMontrose41276Nucla-Naturita Tel Co
970-867-XXXXFort MorganMorgan28159Qwest Corporation - Co
970-870-XXXXSteamboat SpringsRoutt23509Qwest Corporation - Co
970-871-XXXXSteamboat SpringsRoutt23509Qwest Corporation - Co
970-872-XXXXHotchkissDelta30952Delta County Tele-Comm Inc
970-873-XXXXWaldenJackson1394Union Telephone Company Dba Union C
970-874-XXXXDeltaDelta30952Qwest Corporation - Co
970-875-XXXXSteamboat SpringsRoutt23509Qwest Corporation - Co
970-876-XXXXSiltGarfield56389Qwest Corporation - Co
970-878-XXXXMeekerRio Blanco6666Qwest Corporation - Co
970-879-XXXXSteamboat SpringsRoutt23509Qwest Corporation - Co
970-881-XXXXRed Feather LakesLarimer299630Centurytel Of Eagle, Inc.
970-882-XXXXDoloresMontezuma25535Centurytel Of Eagle, Inc.
970-883-XXXXIgnacioLa Plata51334Centurytel Of Colorado, Inc.
970-884-XXXXBayfieldLa Plata51334Level 3 Communications, Llc - Co
970-885-XXXXJulesburgSedgwick2379Qwest Corporation - Ne
970-886-XXXXCrookLogan22709Haxtun Tel Co
970-887-XXXXGranbyGrand14843Qwest Corporation - Co
970-895-XXXXGroverWeld252825Wiggins Tel Assn
970-897-XXXXNunnWeld252825Nunn Tel Co
970-898-XXXXFt CollinsLarimer299630Icg Telecom Group, Inc. - Co
970-901-XXXXMontroseMontrose41276Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
970-903-XXXXDurangoLa Plata51334Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
970-904-XXXXVailEagle52197Nextel Communications, Inc.
970-911-XXXXYumaYuma10043N E Colorado Cellular
970-914-XXXXVailEagle52197Nextel Communications, Inc.
970-920-XXXXAspenPitkin17148Qwest Corporation - Co
970-921-XXXXCrawfordDelta30952Delta County Tele-Comm Inc
970-922-XXXXAspenPitkin17148Qwest Corporation - Co
970-923-XXXXAspenPitkin17148Qwest Corporation - Co
970-924-XXXXSnowmass VillagePitkin17148N E Colorado Cellular
970-925-XXXXAspenPitkin17148Qwest Corporation - Co
970-926-XXXXVailEagle52197Centurytel Of Eagle, Inc.
970-927-XXXXBasaltEagle52197Qwest Corporation - Co
970-928-XXXXGlenwood SpgsGarfield56389Qwest Corporation - Co
970-929-XXXXSomersetGunnison15324Delta County Tele-Comm Inc
970-930-XXXXGlenwood SpgsGarfield56389Nextel Communications, Inc.
970-931-XXXXGatewayMesa146723Nucla-Naturita Tel Co
970-942-XXXXMeekerRio Blanco6666Union Telephone Company Dba Union C
970-943-XXXXGunnisonGunnison15324Qwest Corporation - Co
970-944-XXXXLake CityHinsdale843Centurytel Of Eagle, Inc.
970-945-XXXXGlenwood SpgsGarfield56389Qwest Corporation - Co
970-946-XXXXDurangoLa Plata51334Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
970-947-XXXXGlenwood SpgsGarfield56389Qwest Corporation - Co
970-948-XXXXGlenwood SpgsGarfield56389Blue Licenses Holding, Llc
970-949-XXXXVailEagle52197Qwest Corporation - Co
970-950-XXXXYumaYuma10043N E Colorado Cellular
970-957-XXXXYumaYuma10043N E Colorado Cellular
970-958-XXXXYumaYuma10043N E Colorado Cellular
970-959-XXXXYumaYuma10043N E Colorado Cellular
970-962-XXXXLovelandLarimer299630Qwest Corporation - Co
970-963-XXXXCarbondaleGarfield56389Qwest Corporation - Co
970-964-XXXXMontroseMontrose41276Nextel Communications, Inc.
970-967-XXXXMancosMontezuma25535Rico Tel Co
970-968-XXXXBreckenridgeSummit27994Qwest Corporation - Co
970-970-XXXXYumaYuma10043Cellular One Of Ne Colorado
970-976-XXXXYumaYuma10043N E Colorado Cellular
970-977-XXXXVailEagle52197Nextel Communications, Inc.
970-978-XXXXGreeleyWeld252825Sprint Spectrum L.P.
970-980-XXXXFt CollinsLarimer299630Sprint Spectrum L.P.
970-983-XXXXYumaYuma10043N E Colorado Cellular
970-984-XXXXNew CastleGarfield56389Qwest Corporation - Co
970-985-XXXXGrand JctMesa146723Nextel Communications, Inc.
970-986-XXXXGrand JctMesa146723Qwest Corporation - Co
970-987-XXXXGlenwood SpgsGarfield56389Nextel Communications, Inc.
970-988-XXXXFt CollinsLarimer299630Sprint Spectrum L.P.
970-989-XXXXGlenwood SpgsGarfield56389Nextel Communications, Inc.
970-990-XXXXYumaYuma10043N E Colorado Cellular
970-999-XXXXDENVERLarimer299630360networks (USA) Inc - CO CLEC LLC - CO
970-658-XXXXDENVERLarimer299630Level 3 Communications LLC - CO CLEC LLC - CO



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