Area Code is covered under 903 Texas

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Details on Area Code 903

  • State: Texas
  • Statewide Area Codes: 210, 214, 254, 281, 325, 361, 409, 430, 432, 469, 512, 682, 713, 806, 817, 830, 832, 903, 915, 936, 940, 956, 972, 979
  • Cities: Alba, Annona, Arp, Athens, Atlanta, Avery, Avinger, Bagwell, Barry, Bastrop
  • Counties: Anderson, Athens, Bastrop, Bowie, Camp, Cass, Cherokee, Collin, Dallas, Delta
  • Time Zone: UTC-6

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Most Recent Comments

Aug 19, 2020
903-287-9637 04:24pm Aug 19, 2020

A robocall from UN-known - some kind of scam - A search shows this number to be from Canton, TX. A land line using FRONTIER SOUTHWEST INC DBA FRONTIER COMM OF TEXAS. They keep calling using a different new number after being told to remove my number from their call list and blocked.

Jan 28, 2020
903-641-2199 06:18pm Jan 28, 2020

These people keep calling. call them back and recording says the number is not in service. so you can't talk to no one. SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!

May 30, 2019
903-263-0677 04:33pm May 30, 2019

This number has called me 5 times in the last 3 hours. Always a robot voice claiming to be the Social Security Agency.

Dec 14, 2018
903-246-9261 06:31pm Dec 14, 2018

A robocall from UN-known - a debt collection scam - I pay in cash and get a receipt - They tell you that you owe money, but cannot tell you who you owe money to or how much you owe, but they are willing to settle for a percentage of what you owe if you pay now by credit card over the phone - A search shows this number to be from Commerce, TX. A land line using LEVEL 3 COMMUNICATIONS, LLC - TX. They keep calling using a different new number after being told to remove my number from their call list and blocked.

Feb 3, 2018
903-200-8434 04:30am Feb 3, 2018


Feb 2, 2018
903-271-3264 04:30am Feb 2, 2018

<p>Student Loan Scam. </p>Caller Message: Federal Student Loan Debt. This message is being sent out to just a select number of people that are prequalified for those government applications that are new. Our records indicate that you have more than 10,000 in federal student loan debt and have recently spoken to a loan specialist regarding your problem in making these payments media one today to see if you are eligible for the newly passed federal authorities forgiveness plan imagine life with no student loan obligations. Press one today when you and you can learn. Press nine to forfeit this offer or Press on one now and be placed on our do not phone-calls.

Feb 2, 2018
903-508-4669 04:30am Feb 2, 2018


Feb 1, 2018
903-386-3256 04:30am Feb 1, 2018

<p>Student Loan Junk. </p>Caller Message: Loan debt. This message is being sent out to just a select group of people who are prequalified for these brand new government programs. Our records indicate that you have greater than 10,000 in federal student loan debt and have recently spoken to a loan specialist regarding your difficulty in making these obligations press now to see whether you qualify for the recently passed federal government legitimacy program envision life with no student loan payments. Press one today and in 60 seconds you may find out when you're one of those lucky few who qualifies for these limited time offer apps press one now for your free qualifications check or press nine to sacrifice on this offer and also be placed on our don't call list.

Jan 30, 2018
903-635-5046 04:30am Jan 30, 2018

Yes this is Deborah Rentals. I am calling in reference to your student loans. I want to discuss your repayment options with all the new changes which are taking it back. It's imperative that you local call me in 866-956-7294 before Friday evening.

Jan 28, 2018
903-722-3268 04:30am Jan 28, 2018

Imitation jobs money laundering. . Caller Message: le, 4 hours each day, 3 days per week, 800 Bi-weekly. Email me in rotterbrian010 for job description. Brian

Telephone Code 903

Area Interchange City County Population Network Operator
903-200-XXXXCollinsvilleGrayson120877Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Tx
903-201-XXXXLeonardFannin33915Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Tx
903-203-XXXXGrand PrairieDallas782341Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon
903-204-XXXXLongviewGregg121730Clearwire Telecommunications Servic
903-205-XXXXMimsMims0Clearwire Telecommunications Servic
903-206-XXXXTrentonFannin33915Level 3 Communications, Llc - Tx
903-207-XXXXGunterGrayson120877Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Tx
903-208-XXXXCentervilleLeon16801Dobson Cellular Systems, Inc.
903-209-XXXXShermanGrayson120877Gte-Sw Dba Verizon Sw Inc. - Tx
903-210-XXXXLongviewGregg121730Teletouch Communications, Inc.
903-212-XXXXLongviewGregg121730Tim Ron Enterprises, Llc - Tx
903-213-XXXXCaddo MillsHunt86129Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Tx
903-215-XXXXLongviewGregg121730T-Mobile Usa, Inc.
903-216-XXXXTylerSmith209714Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
903-217-XXXXGreenvilleHunt86129Southwestern Bell - Tx
903-218-XXXXKilgoreGregg121730Level 3 Communications, Llc - Tx
903-219-XXXXClarksvilleRed River12860At&t - Local - Tx
903-220-XXXXLongviewGregg121730Grande Communications Networks, Inc
903-221-XXXXPalestineAnderson26604Broadwing Communications, Llc - Tx
903-222-XXXXLongviewGregg121730Digicomm Communications, Inc.
903-223-XXXXTexarkanaBowie19719Valor Telecomm. Of Texas, Lp - Tx #
903-224-XXXXQuinlanHunt86129Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Tx
903-225-XXXXFarmersvilleCollin782341Grande Communications Networks, Inc
903-226-XXXXQuinlanHunt86129Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Tx
903-227-XXXXBonhamFannin33915Southwestern Bell Wireless, Llc - T
903-228-XXXXGunterGrayson120877Gte-Sw Dba Verizon Sw Inc. - Tx
903-229-XXXXRiceNavarro47735Level 3 Communications, Llc - Tx
903-230-XXXXLongviewGregg121730Tim Ron Enterprises, Llc - Tx
903-231-XXXXLone OakHunt86129Grande Communications Networks, Inc
903-232-XXXXLongviewGregg121730Southwestern Bell - Tx
903-233-XXXXLongviewGregg121730Southwestern Bell - Tx
903-234-XXXXLongviewGregg121730Southwestern Bell - Tx
903-235-XXXXLongviewGregg121730Southwestern Bell Wireless, Llc - T
903-236-XXXXLongviewGregg121730Southwestern Bell - Tx
903-237-XXXXLongviewGregg121730Southwestern Bell - Tx
903-238-XXXXLongviewGregg121730Southwestern Bell - Tx
903-239-XXXXLongviewGregg121730Southwestern Bell - Tx
903-240-XXXXLongviewGregg121730Sprint Spectrum L.P.- Tx
903-241-XXXXLongviewGregg121730Southwestern Bell - Tx
903-242-XXXXLongviewGregg121730Southwestern Bell - Tx
903-243-XXXXSulphur SpringsHopkins35161Southwestern Bell Wireless, Llc - T
903-244-XXXXTexarkanaBowie19719Sprint Spectrum L.P.- Tx
903-245-XXXXTylerSmith209714Southwestern Bell Wireless, Llc - T
903-246-XXXXCommerceHunt86129Level 3 Communications, Llc - Tx
903-247-XXXXLongviewGregg121730Kmc Telecom V, Inc. - Tx
903-248-XXXXLongviewGregg121730Kmc Telecom V, Inc. - Tx
903-249-XXXXParisLamar49793Western Wireless Corporation-Tx
903-250-XXXXGreenvilleHunt86129Personal Touch Communications, Lp -
903-251-XXXXMurchisonHenderson53330United Tel Co Of Texas
903-252-XXXXLongviewGregg121730Southwestern Bell - Tx
903-253-XXXXTylerSmith209714Level 3 Communications, Llc - Tx
903-255-XXXXTexarkanaBowie19719Valor Telecomm. Of Texas, Lp - Tx #
903-256-XXXXOre CityUpshur39309Etex Tel Coop Inc
903-257-XXXXCorsicanaNavarro47735Broadwing Communications, Llc - Tx
903-258-XXXXTylerSmith209714Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
903-259-XXXXGreenvilleHunt86129Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Tx
903-260-XXXXTexarkanaBowie19719Teletouch Communications, Inc.
903-261-XXXXLongviewGregg121730Grande Communications Networks, Inc
903-262-XXXXTylerSmith209714Southwestern Bell - Tx
903-263-XXXXShermanGrayson120877At&t - Local - Tx
903-264-XXXXAthensHenderson53330Cedar Valley Communications, Inc. -
903-265-XXXXCarthagePanola23796Southwestern Bell
903-266-XXXXTylerSmith209714Southwestern Bell - Tx
903-267-XXXXShermanGrayson120877Southwestern Bell Wireless, Llc - T
903-268-XXXXGreenvilleHunt86129Sprint Spectrum L.P.
903-269-XXXXGreenvilleHunt86129Broadwing Communications, Llc - Tx
903-270-XXXXMount VernonFranklin16622At&t - Local - Tx
903-271-XXXXDenisonGrayson120877Southwestern Bell Wireless, Llc - T
903-272-XXXXParisLamar49793Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Tx
903-273-XXXXLongviewGregg121730Broadwing Communications, Llc - Tx
903-274-XXXXGreenvilleHunt86129Level 3 Communications, Llc - Tx
903-275-XXXXAthensHenderson53330Dobson Cellular Systems, Inc.
903-276-XXXXTexarkanaBowie19719Southwestern Bell Wireless, Llc - T
903-277-XXXXTexarkanaBowie19719Southwestern Bell Wireless, Llc - T
903-278-XXXXTexarkanaBowie19719Southwestern Bell Wireless, Llc - T
903-279-XXXXTylerSmith209714Southwestern Bell
903-280-XXXXTexarkanaBowie19719Brooks Fiber Properties Of Texas
903-282-XXXXKerensNavarro47735Dobson Cellular Systems, Inc.
903-283-XXXXTylerSmith209714At&t - Local - Tx
903-284-XXXXJacksonvilleCherokee50845Level 3 Communications, Llc - Tx
903-285-XXXXMount PleasantTitus32334Level 3 Communications, Llc - Tx
903-286-XXXXAthensHenderson53330Alltel Communications, Inc. - Tx
903-287-XXXXCantonVan Zandt52579Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Tx
903-288-XXXXAthensHenderson53330Sprint Spectrum L.P.
903-289-XXXXKempKaufman103350Level 3 Communications, Llc - Tx
903-290-XXXXWaskomHarrison65631Louisiana Unwired Llc
903-291-XXXXLongviewGregg121730Southwestern Bell - Tx
903-292-XXXXAthensHenderson53330Level 3 Communications, Llc - Tx
903-293-XXXXTexarkanaBowie19719Southwestern Bell Wireless, Llc - T
903-294-XXXXLongviewGregg121730American Messaging (Am), Inc.
903-295-XXXXLongviewGregg121730Southwestern Bell - Tx
903-296-XXXXMarshallHarrison65631American Messaging (Am), Inc.
903-297-XXXXLongviewGregg121730Southwestern Bell - Tx
903-298-XXXXGreenvilleHunt86129Tex-Link Communications, Inc. - Tx
903-299-XXXXDe KalbBowie19719Louisiana Unwired Llc
903-300-XXXXCooperDelta5231Cumby Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
903-301-XXXXLongviewGregg121730Tim Ron Enterprises, Llc - Tx
903-302-XXXXDallasDallas782341Clearwire Telecommunications Servic
903-303-XXXXGreenvilleHunt86129Personal Touch Communications, Lp -
903-304-XXXXOre CityOre City39309Clearwire Telecommunications Servic
903-305-XXXXLongviewGregg121730Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon
903-306-XXXXDallasDallas782341Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon
903-307-XXXXPine AcresPine Acres0Clearwire Telecommunications Servic
903-309-XXXXLongviewGregg121730Bandwidth Com Clec
903-312-XXXXTylerSmith209714Southwestern Bell Wireless, Llc - T
903-313-XXXXDallasDallas782341Level 3 Communications, Llc - Tx
903-314-XXXXNew BostonBowie19719Sprint Spectrum L.P.- Tx
903-315-XXXXLongviewGregg121730Southwestern Bell - Tx
903-316-XXXXTylerSmith209714Southwestern Bell Wireless, Llc - T
903-317-XXXXDallasDallas782341Tex Link Communications
903-319-XXXXHooksBowie19719Sprint Spectrum L.P.- Tx
903-321-XXXXAthensHenderson53330Big River Telephone Company
903-322-XXXXBuffaloLeon16801Valor Telecomm. Of Texas, Lp - Tx #
903-323-XXXXLongviewGregg121730Southwestern Bell - Tx
903-324-XXXXLindaleSmith209714Southwestern Bell - Tx
903-325-XXXXBen FranklinDelta5231Peoples Tel Coop
903-326-XXXXRiceNavarro47735Gte-Sw Dba Verizon Sw Inc. - Tx
903-327-XXXXDenisonGrayson120877Southwestern Bell - Tx
903-328-XXXXShermanGrayson120877Grande Communications Networks, Inc
903-330-XXXXTylerSmith209714Southwestern Bell Wireless, Llc - T
903-331-XXXXLongviewGregg121730Level 3 Communications, Llc - Tx
903-332-XXXXDenisonGrayson120877Louisiana Unwired Llc
903-333-XXXXPittsburgCamp12401Digicomm Communications, Inc.
903-334-XXXXTexarkanaBowie19719Valor Telecomm. Of Texas, Lp - Tx #
903-335-XXXXSulphur SpringsHopkins35161Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Tx
903-336-XXXXTexarkanaBowie19719T Mobile Usa
903-337-XXXXDenisonGrayson120877Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Tx
903-338-XXXXAthensHenderson53330United Tel Co Of Texas
903-339-XXXXTylerSmith209714Southwestern Bell - Tx
903-340-XXXXMabankKaufman103350United Tel Co Of Texas
903-341-XXXXClarksvilleRed River12860Western Wireless Corporation-Tx
903-342-XXXXWinnsboroWood41964Gte-Sw Dba Verizon Sw Inc. - Tx
903-343-XXXXTylerSmith209714Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
903-344-XXXXLeonaLeon16801Valor Telecomm. Of Texas, Lp - Tx #
903-345-XXXXCorsicanaNavarro47735Gte-Sw Dba Verizon Sw Inc. - Tx
903-346-XXXXRoxtonLamar49793Peoples Tel Coop
903-347-XXXXWinnsboroWood41964At&t - Local - Tx
903-348-XXXXSulphur SpringsHopkins35161Sprint Spectrum L.P.
903-349-XXXXWills PointVan Zandt52579Tex-Link Communications, Inc. - Tx
903-350-XXXXTylerSmith209714Level 3 Communications, Llc - Tx
903-351-XXXXTexarkanaBowie19719Valor Telecomm. Of Texas, Lp - Tx #
903-352-XXXXTylerSmith209714Nextel Partners Operating Corp.
903-353-XXXXLongviewGregg121730Mci Metro Ats, Inc. - Tx
903-354-XXXXRiceNavarro47735Gte-Sw Dba Verizon Sw Inc. - Tx
903-355-XXXXGreenvilleHunt86129Nextel Communications, Inc.
903-356-XXXXQuinlanHunt86129Gte-Sw Dba Verizon Sw Inc. - Tx
903-357-XXXXShermanGrayson120877Nextel Communications, Inc.
903-358-XXXXCommerceHunt86129American Messaging (Am), Inc.
903-359-XXXXPecan GapDelta5231Peoples Tel Coop
903-360-XXXXTylerSmith209714Alltel Communications, Inc. - Tx
903-361-XXXXDenisonGrayson120877Broadwing Communications, Llc - Tx
903-362-XXXXStreetmanFreestone19816Valor Telecomm. Of Texas, Lp - Tx #
903-363-XXXXTylerSmith209714Southwestern Bell - Tx
903-364-XXXXWhitewrightGrayson120877Gte-Sw Dba Verizon Sw Inc. - Tx
903-365-XXXXWinnsboroWood41964Peoples Tel Coop
903-366-XXXXCommerceHunt86129Sprint Spectrum L.P.
903-367-XXXXLadoniaFannin33915Southwestern Bell - Tx
903-368-XXXXVanVan Zandt52579Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
903-370-XXXXWaskomHarrison65631Sprint Spectrum L.P.- Tx
903-371-XXXXLongviewGregg121730Bandwidth Com Clec
903-372-XXXXTylerSmith209714Sprint Spectrum L.P.- Tx
903-373-XXXXPalestineAnderson26604United Tel Co Of Texas
903-374-XXXXGladewaterGregg121730Kmc Telecom V, Inc. - Tx
903-375-XXXXShermanGrayson120877Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Tx
903-376-XXXXMineolaWood41964Sprint Spectrum L.P.- Tx
903-377-XXXXTylerSmith209714Southwestern Bell - Tx
903-378-XXXXHoney GroveFannin33915Southwestern Bell - Tx
903-379-XXXXTalcoFranklin16622Peoples Tel Coop
903-380-XXXXLongviewGregg121730Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon
903-381-XXXXLongviewGregg121730Kmc Telecom V, Inc. - Tx
903-382-XXXXPointRains10914Cumby Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
903-383-XXXXYantisWood41964Peoples Tel Coop
903-384-XXXXSlocumAnderson26604Broadwing Communications, Llc - Tx
903-385-XXXXEdgewoodVan Zandt52579Dobson Cellular Systems, Inc.
903-386-XXXXAthensHenderson53330Broadwing Communications, Llc - Tx
903-387-XXXXKilgoreGregg121730Southwestern Bell Wireless, Llc - T
903-388-XXXXFairfieldFreestone19816Southwestern Bell Wireless, Llc - T
903-389-XXXXFairfieldFreestone19816Valor Telecomm. Of Texas, Lp - Tx #
903-390-XXXXFairfieldFreestone19816Level 3 Communications, Llc - Tx
903-391-XXXXPalestineAnderson26604Dobson Cellular Systems, Inc.
903-392-XXXXHendersonRusk50845Nextel Partners Operating Corp.
903-393-XXXXJacksonvilleCherokee50845Nextel Partners Operating Corp.
903-394-XXXXPalestineAnderson26604Dobson Cellular Systems, Inc.
903-395-XXXXCooperDelta5231United Tel Co Of Texas
903-396-XXXXKerensNavarro47735United Tel Co Of Texas
903-397-XXXXLongviewGregg121730Tiagris Corporation-Tx
903-398-XXXXFort WorthTarrant1809034Sprint Communications Company
903-399-XXXXLongviewGregg121730Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
903-400-XXXXDallasDallas782341Utex Communications Corp Tx
903-401-XXXXDallasDallas782341Clearwire Telecommunications Servic
903-402-XXXXLongviewGregg121730Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon
903-404-XXXXHendersonRusk50845Tx-11 Acquisition, Llc
903-406-XXXXDallasDallas782341Tex Link Communications
903-407-XXXXMarshallHarrison65631Level 3 Communications, Llc - Tx
903-408-XXXXGreenvilleHunt86129Southwestern Bell - Tx
903-410-XXXXShermanGrayson120877Awesome Paging, Inc.
903-412-XXXXLongviewLongview121730Kmc Telecom V, Inc. - Tx
903-413-XXXXGreenvilleHunt86129Kmc Telecom V, Inc. - Tx
903-414-XXXXDaingerfieldMorris12934Kmc Telecom V, Inc. - Tx
903-415-XXXXDenisonGrayson120877Southwestern Bell - Tx
903-416-XXXXDenisonGrayson120877Southwestern Bell - Tx
903-417-XXXXLongviewLongview121730Kmc Telecom V, Inc. - Tx
903-418-XXXXTexarkanaTexarkana92565Kmc Telecom V, Inc. - Tx
903-419-XXXXLongviewLongview121730Kmc Telecom V, Inc. - Tx
903-421-XXXXShermanGrayson120877Kmc Telecom V, Inc. - Tx
903-422-XXXXGreenvilleHunt86129T-Mobile Usa, Inc.
903-423-XXXXGreenvilleHunt86129T-Mobile Usa, Inc.
903-424-XXXXLongviewGregg121730Grande Communications Networks, Inc
903-425-XXXXEustaceHenderson53330United Tel Co Of Texas
903-426-XXXXLongviewGregg121730Arch Wireless Holdings, Inc.
903-427-XXXXClarksvilleRed River12860Valor Telecomm. Of Texas, Lp - Tx #
903-428-XXXXClarksvilleRed River12860Valor Telecomm. Of Texas, Lp - Tx #
903-429-XXXXCollinsvilleGrayson120877Gte-Sw Dba Verizon Sw Inc. - Tx
903-431-XXXXLongviewGregg121730Alltel Communications, Inc. - Tx
903-432-XXXXMabankKaufman103350United Tel Co Of Texas
903-433-XXXXGunterGrayson120877Gte-Sw Dba Verizon Sw Inc. - Tx
903-434-XXXXMount PleasantTitus32334Southwestern Bell - Tx
903-435-XXXXTylerSmith209714American Messaging (Am), Inc.
903-436-XXXXShermanGrayson120877Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
903-437-XXXXBrownsboroHenderson53330Dobson Cellular Systems, Inc.
903-438-XXXXSulphur SpringsHopkins35161Gte-Sw Dba Verizon Sw Inc. - Tx
903-439-XXXXSulphur SpringsHopkins35161Gte-Sw Dba Verizon Sw Inc. - Tx
903-440-XXXXSulphur SpgsHopkins35161Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
903-441-XXXXGreenvilleHunt86129Southwestern Bell - Tx
903-442-XXXXDallasDallas782341Tex Link Communications
903-443-XXXXLadoniaFannin33915Broadwing Communications, Llc - Tx
903-444-XXXXTylerSmith209714Digicomm Communications, Inc.
903-445-XXXXLongviewGregg121730Sprint Spectrum L.P.- Tx
903-446-XXXXLongviewGregg121730Kmc Telecom V, Inc. - Tx
903-447-XXXXLone OakHunt86129Gte-Sw Dba Verizon Sw Inc. - Tx
903-448-XXXXElkhartAnderson26604Broadwing Communications, Llc - Tx
903-449-XXXXBonhamFannin33915Sprint Spectrum L.P.
903-450-XXXXGreenvilleHunt86129Southwestern Bell - Tx
903-451-XXXXMabankKaufman103350United Tel Co Of Texas
903-452-XXXXLongviewGregg121730Southwestern Bell Wireless, Llc - T
903-453-XXXXGreenvilleHunt86129Southwestern Bell - Tx
903-454-XXXXGreenvilleHunt86129Southwestern Bell - Tx
903-455-XXXXGreenvilleHunt86129Southwestern Bell - Tx
903-456-XXXXGreenvilleHunt86129Southwestern Bell Wireless, Llc - T
903-457-XXXXGreenvilleHunt86129Southwestern Bell - Tx
903-458-XXXXGreenvilleHunt86129Western Wireless Corporation-Tx
903-459-XXXXPointRains10914Gte-Sw Dba Verizon Sw Inc. - Tx
903-461-XXXXGreenvilleHunt86129Southwestern Bell - Tx
903-462-XXXXDenisonGrayson120877Southwestern Bell - Tx
903-463-XXXXDenisonGrayson120877Southwestern Bell - Tx
903-464-XXXXDenisonGrayson120877Southwestern Bell - Tx
903-465-XXXXDenisonGrayson120877Southwestern Bell - Tx
903-466-XXXXMount VernonFranklin16622Sprint Spectrum L.P.
903-467-XXXXCorsicanaNavarro47735Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Tx
903-468-XXXXCommerceHunt86129United Tel Co Of Texas
903-469-XXXXMurchisonHenderson53330United Tel Co Of Texas
903-470-XXXXLongviewGregg121730Zeus Wireless Llc
903-472-XXXXMarshallHarrison65631Level 3 Communications, Llc - Tx
903-473-XXXXEmoryRains10914Gte-Sw Dba Verizon Sw Inc. - Tx
903-474-XXXXEmoryRains10914Gte-Sw Dba Verizon Sw Inc. - Tx
903-475-XXXXLongviewGregg121730At&t - Local - Tx
903-476-XXXXDorchesterGrayson120877Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Tx
903-477-XXXXAthensHenderson53330Dobson Cellular Systems, Inc.
903-478-XXXXSlocumAnderson26604Valor Telecomm. Of Texas, Lp - Tx #
903-479-XXXXBen WheelerVan Zandt52579United Tel Co Of Texas
903-480-XXXXPalestineAnderson26604Level 3 Communications, Llc - Tx
903-481-XXXXFrankstonAnderson26604Level 3 Communications, Llc - Tx
903-482-XXXXVan AlstyneGrayson120877Gte-Sw Dba Verizon Sw Inc. - Tx
903-483-XXXXLongviewGregg121730At&t - Local - Tx
903-484-XXXXBen WheelerVan Zandt52579Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Tx
903-485-XXXXSulphur SpringsHopkins35161Gte-Sw Dba Verizon Sw Inc. - Tx
903-486-XXXXBonhamFannin33915Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Tx
903-487-XXXXShermanGrayson120877Level 3 Communications, Llc - Tx
903-488-XXXXPicktonHopkins35161Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Tx
903-489-XXXXMalakoffHenderson53330United Tel Co Of Texas
903-490-XXXXTexarkanaBowie19719Alltel Communications, Inc. - Tx
903-491-XXXXGreenvilleHunt86129Sprint Spectrum L.P.- Tx
903-493-XXXXCorsicanaNavarro477351stel, Inc. - Tx
903-494-XXXXGreenvilleHunt86129Icg Choice Com, L.P. - Tx
903-495-XXXXDallasDallas782341Clearwire Telecommunications Servic
903-496-XXXXWolfe CityHunt86129Southwestern Bell - Tx
903-497-XXXXMineolaWood41964Southwestern Bell - Tx
903-498-XXXXKempKaufman103350United Tel Co Of Texas
903-499-XXXXTennessee ColonyAnderson26604United Tel Co Of Texas
903-503-XXXXMarshallHarrison65631T-Mobile Usa, Inc.
903-504-XXXXLongviewGregg121730Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon
903-505-XXXXGrand PrairieDallas782341Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon
903-506-XXXXPlanoCollin782341Clearwire Telecommunications Servic
903-507-XXXXTylerSmith209714Southwestern Bell - Tx
903-508-XXXXTylerSmith209714Clearwire Telecommunications Servic
903-509-XXXXTylerSmith209714Southwestern Bell - Tx
903-510-XXXXTylerSmith209714Southwestern Bell - Tx
903-512-XXXXGrand PrairieDallas782341Alltel Communications, Inc.
903-513-XXXXGreenvilleHunt86129Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
903-514-XXXXDallasDallas782341Tex Link Communications
903-515-XXXXChandlerHenderson53330Alltel Communications, Inc. - Tx
903-516-XXXXPalestineAnderson26604Alltel Communications, Inc. - Tx
903-517-XXXXParisLamar49793Sprint Spectrum L.P.- Tx
903-519-XXXXCorsicanaNavarro47735Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
903-520-XXXXTylerSmith209714Southwestern Bell Wireless, Llc - T
903-521-XXXXTylerSmith209714Southwestern Bell Wireless, Llc - T
903-522-XXXXKilgoreGregg121730Southwestern Bell Wireless, Llc - T
903-523-XXXXGordonvilleGrayson120877Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Tx
903-524-XXXXMount VernonFranklin16622Gte-Sw Dba Verizon Sw Inc. - Tx
903-525-XXXXTylerSmith209714Southwestern Bell - Tx
903-526-XXXXTylerSmith209714Southwestern Bell - Tx
903-527-XXXXCaddo MillsHunt86129Gte-Sw Dba Verizon Sw Inc. - Tx
903-528-XXXXTylerSmith209714Teletouch Communications, Inc.
903-529-XXXXJewettLeon16801Valor Telecomm. Of Texas, Lp - Tx #
903-530-XXXXTylerSmith209714Southwestern Bell Wireless, Llc - T
903-531-XXXXTylerSmith209714Southwestern Bell - Tx
903-532-XXXXHoweGrayson120877Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Tx
903-533-XXXXTylerSmith209714Southwestern Bell - Tx
903-534-XXXXTylerSmith209714Southwestern Bell - Tx
903-535-XXXXTylerSmith209714Southwestern Bell - Tx
903-536-XXXXCentervilleLeon16801Valor Telecomm. Of Texas, Lp - Tx #
903-537-XXXXMount VernonFranklin16622Gte-Sw Dba Verizon Sw Inc. - Tx
903-538-XXXXPalestineAnderson26604United Tel Co Of Texas
903-539-XXXXTylerSmith209714Alltel Communications, Inc. - Tx
903-541-XXXXJacksonvilleCherokee50845Gte-Sw Dba Verizon Sw Inc. - Tx
903-542-XXXXLongviewGregg121730Gte-Sw Dba Verizon Sw Inc. - Tx
903-543-XXXXSimmsBowie19719Valor Telecomm. Of Texas, Lp - Tx #
903-544-XXXXLongviewGregg121730At&t - Local - Tx
903-545-XXXXOakwoodLeon16801Valor Telecomm. Of Texas, Lp - Tx #
903-546-XXXXWhitewrightGrayson120877Gte-Sw Dba Verizon Sw Inc. - Tx
903-547-XXXXHooksBowie19719Valor Telecomm. Of Texas, Lp - Tx #
903-548-XXXXShermanGrayson120877Gcec Technologies Tx
903-549-XXXXMontalbaAnderson26604United Tel Co Of Texas
903-550-XXXXDallasDallas782341Tex Link Communications
903-551-XXXXGunterGrayson120877Broadwing Communications, Llc - Tx
903-552-XXXXBlooming GroveNavarro47735Broadwing Communications, Llc - Tx
903-553-XXXXLongviewGregg121730Southwestern Bell - Tx
903-555-XXXXLongviewGregg121730Southwestern Bell - Tx
903-556-XXXXTexarkanaBowie19719Centurytel Wireless, Inc.-Tx
903-557-XXXXLongviewGregg121730Nextel Partners Operating Corp.
903-559-XXXXTexarkanaBowie19719Centurytel Wireless, Inc.-Tx
903-560-XXXXWills PointVan Zandt52579Southwestern Bell - Tx
903-561-XXXXTylerSmith209714Southwestern Bell - Tx
903-562-XXXXAvingerCass30464Valor Telecomm. Of Texas, Lp - Tx #
903-563-XXXXMount PleasantTitus32334Alltel Communications, Inc. - Tx
903-564-XXXXWhitesboroGrayson120877Gte-Sw Dba Verizon Sw Inc. - Tx
903-565-XXXXTylerSmith209714Southwestern Bell - Tx
903-566-XXXXTylerSmith209714Southwestern Bell - Tx
903-567-XXXXCantonVan Zandt52579Level 3 Communications, Llc - Tx
903-568-XXXXCelesteHunt86129Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Tx
903-569-XXXXMineolaWood41964Southwestern Bell - Tx
903-570-XXXXTylerSmith209714Alltel Communications, Inc. - Tx
903-571-XXXXTylerSmith209714Alltel Communications, Inc. - Tx
903-572-XXXXMount PleasantTitus32334Southwestern Bell - Tx
903-573-XXXXMount PleasantTitus32334Western Wireless Corporation-Tx
903-574-XXXXTylerSmith209714Alltel Communications, Inc. - Tx
903-575-XXXXMount PleasantTitus32334Southwestern Bell - Tx
903-576-XXXXLongviewGregg121730Alltel Communications, Inc. - Tx
903-577-XXXXMount PleasantTitus32334Southwestern Bell - Tx
903-578-XXXXMarshallHarrison65631Alltel Communications, Inc. - Tx
903-579-XXXXTylerSmith209714Southwestern Bell - Tx
903-581-XXXXTylerSmith209714Southwestern Bell - Tx
903-582-XXXXCumbyHopkins35161Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Tx
903-583-XXXXBonhamFannin33915Gte-Sw Dba Verizon Sw Inc. - Tx
903-584-XXXXPalestineAnderson26604United Tel Co Of Texas
903-585-XXXXMaudBowie19719Valor Telecomm. Of Texas, Lp - Tx #
903-586-XXXXJacksonvilleCherokee50845Gte-Sw Dba Verizon Sw Inc. - Tx
903-587-XXXXLeonardFannin33915Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Tx
903-588-XXXXMount VernonFranklin16622Peoples Tel Coop
903-589-XXXXJacksonvilleCherokee50845Gte-Sw Dba Verizon Sw Inc. - Tx
903-590-XXXXTylerSmith209714Southwestern Bell - Tx
903-591-XXXXTylerSmith209714Southwestern Bell - Tx
903-592-XXXXTylerSmith209714Southwestern Bell - Tx
903-593-XXXXTylerSmith209714Southwestern Bell - Tx
903-594-XXXXTylerSmith209714Southwestern Bell - Tx
903-595-XXXXTylerSmith209714Southwestern Bell - Tx
903-596-XXXXTylerSmith209714Southwestern Bell - Tx
903-597-XXXXTylerSmith209714Southwestern Bell - Tx
903-598-XXXXPointRains10914Gte-Sw Dba Verizon Sw Inc. - Tx
903-599-XXXXStreetmanFreestone19816Valor Telecomm. Of Texas, Lp - Tx #
903-600-XXXXDallasDallas782341Level 3 Communications, Llc - Tx
903-601-XXXXLongviewGregg121730Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon
903-602-XXXXDallasDallas782341Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon
903-603-XXXXMabankHenderson53330Southwestern Bell Wireless, Llc - T
903-604-XXXXDallasDallas782341Tex Link Communications
903-610-XXXXLongviewGregg121730Southwestern Bell - Tx
903-612-XXXXCumbyHopkins35161Cumby Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
903-613-XXXXHawkinsWood41964Etex Communications, Inc., Dba Etex
903-614-XXXXTexarkanaBowie19719Valor Telecomm. Of Texas, Lp - Tx #
903-615-XXXXKilgoreGregg121730Nextel Partners Operating Corp.
903-616-XXXXDallasDallas782341Tex Link Communications
903-617-XXXXLongviewGregg121730Tex Link Communications
903-618-XXXXTylerSmith209714Sprint Spectrum L.P.- Tx
903-619-XXXXLongviewGregg121730Southwestern Bell
903-620-XXXXDenisonGrayson120877American Messaging (Am), Inc.
903-621-XXXXGreenvilleHunt86129American Messaging (Am), Inc.
903-622-XXXXCarthagePanola23796Southwestern Bell - Tx
903-623-XXXXWindomFannin33915Gte-Sw Dba Verizon Sw Inc. - Tx
903-624-XXXXDenisonGrayson120877Sprint Spectrum L.P.
903-625-XXXXJacksonvilleCherokee50845Tx-11 Acquisition, Llc
903-626-XXXXJewettLeon16801Southwestern Bell - Tx
903-627-XXXXVan AlstyneGrayson120877Broadwing Communications, Llc - Tx
903-628-XXXXNew BostonBowie19719Valor Telecomm. Of Texas, Lp - Tx #
903-629-XXXXWinnsboroWood41964Peoples Tel Coop
903-631-XXXXCarthagePanola23796Sprint Spectrum L.P.- Tx
903-632-XXXXBogataRed River12860Valor Telecomm. Of Texas, Lp - Tx #
903-633-XXXXWaskomHarrison65631Eastex Tel Coop Inc
903-634-XXXXPointRains10914Cumby Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
903-635-XXXXLongviewGregg121730Louisiana Unwired Llc
903-636-XXXXBig SandyUpshur39309Gte-Sw Dba Verizon Sw Inc. - Tx
903-637-XXXXPittsburgCamp12401Teletouch Communications, Inc.
903-638-XXXXMineolaWood41964Level 3 Communications, Llc - Tx
903-639-XXXXHughes SpringsCass30464Valor Telecomm. Of Texas, Lp - Tx #
903-640-XXXXBonhamFannin33915Gte-Sw Dba Verizon Sw Inc. - Tx
903-641-XXXXCorsicanaNavarro47735Southwestern Bell - Tx
903-642-XXXXOakwoodLeon16801Broadwing Communications, Llc - Tx
903-643-XXXXLongviewGregg121730Southwestern Bell - Tx
903-644-XXXXFairfieldFreestone19816Broadwing Communications, Llc - Tx
903-645-XXXXDaingerfieldMorris12934Valor Telecomm. Of Texas, Lp - Tx #
903-646-XXXXHendersonRusk50845Alltel Communications, Inc. - Tx
903-647-XXXXDenisonGrayson120877Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
903-648-XXXXSaltilloHopkins35161Gte-Sw Dba Verizon Sw Inc. - Tx
903-649-XXXXHendersonRusk50845Tx-11 Acquisition, Llc
903-650-XXXXLongviewGregg121730Nextel Communications, Inc.
903-651-XXXXWhitesboroGrayson120877Sprint Spectrum L.P.
903-652-XXXXPattonvilleLamar49793Valor Telecomm. Of Texas, Lp - Tx #
903-653-XXXXLongviewGregg121730Sprint Communications Company, L.P.
903-654-XXXXCorsicanaNavarro47735Southwestern Bell - Tx
903-655-XXXXHendersonRusk50845Gte-Sw Dba Verizon Sw Inc. - Tx
903-656-XXXXLone StarMorris12934Valor Telecomm. Of Texas, Lp - Tx #
903-657-XXXXHendersonRusk50845Gte-Sw Dba Verizon Sw Inc. - Tx
903-658-XXXXHendersonRusk50845Alltel Communications, Inc. - Tx
903-659-XXXXParisLamar49793American Messaging (Am), Inc.
903-660-XXXXHallsvilleHarrison65631Gte-Sw Dba Verizon Sw Inc. - Tx
903-661-XXXXPalestineAnderson26604United Tel Co Of Texas
903-662-XXXXPointRains10914Gte-Sw Dba Verizon Sw Inc. - Tx
903-663-XXXXLongviewGregg121730Southwestern Bell - Tx
903-664-XXXXTelephoneFannin33915Gte-Sw Dba Verizon Sw Inc. - Tx
903-665-XXXXJeffersonMarion131533Southwestern Bell - Tx
903-666-XXXXJeffersonMarion131533Southwestern Bell - Tx
903-667-XXXXDe KalbBowie19719Valor Telecomm. Of Texas, Lp - Tx #
903-668-XXXXHallsvilleHarrison65631Gte-Sw Dba Verizon Sw Inc. - Tx
903-669-XXXXParisLamar49793Southwestern Bell
903-670-XXXXAthensHenderson53330United Tel Co Of Texas
903-671-XXXXHooksBowie19719Valor Telecomm. Of Texas, Lp - Tx #
903-672-XXXXKarnackHarrison65631Centurytel Of Northwest Louisiana,
903-673-XXXXBarryNavarro47735Valor Telecomm. Of Texas, Lp - Tx #
903-674-XXXXBagwellRed River12860Valor Telecomm. Of Texas, Lp - Tx #
903-675-XXXXAthensHenderson53330United Tel Co Of Texas
903-676-XXXXAthensHenderson53330United Tel Co Of Texas
903-677-XXXXAthensHenderson53330United Tel Co Of Texas
903-678-XXXXBeckvillePanola23796Valor Telecomm. Of Texas, Lp - Tx #
903-679-XXXXKarnackHarrison65631Valor Telecomm. Of Texas, Lp - Tx #
903-680-XXXXGilmerUpshur39309Etex Communications, Inc., Dba Etex
903-681-XXXXAthensHenderson53330Alltel Communications, Inc. - Tx
903-682-XXXXFrostNavarro47735Valor Telecomm. Of Texas, Lp - Tx #
903-683-XXXXRuskCherokee50845Gte-Sw Dba Verizon Sw Inc. - Tx
903-684-XXXXAveryRed River12860Valor Telecomm. Of Texas, Lp - Tx #
903-685-XXXXGaryPanola23796Valor Telecomm. Of Texas, Lp - Tx #
903-686-XXXXLongviewGregg121730Level 3 Communications, Llc - Tx
903-687-XXXXWaskomHarrison65631Eastex Tel Coop Inc
903-688-XXXXShermanGrayson120877Arch Wireless Holdings, Inc.
903-689-XXXXSulphur SpringsHopkins35161Level 3 Communications, Llc - Tx
903-690-XXXXCarthagePanola23796Southwestern Bell - Tx
903-691-XXXXTexarkanaBowie19719Nextel Partners Operating Corp.
903-692-XXXXCarthagePanola23796Tx-11 Acquisition, Llc
903-693-XXXXCarthagePanola23796Southwestern Bell - Tx
903-694-XXXXCarthagePanola23796Southwestern Bell - Tx
903-695-XXXXBlooming GroveNavarro47735Valor Telecomm. Of Texas, Lp - Tx #
903-696-XXXXGunterGrayson120877Gcec Technologies - Tx
903-697-XXXXAnnonaRed River12860Valor Telecomm. Of Texas, Lp - Tx #
903-698-XXXXBagwellRed River12860Broadwing Communications, Llc - Tx
903-699-XXXXCarthagePanola23796At&t - Local - Tx
903-701-XXXXTexarkanaBowie19719Southwestern Bell Wireless, Llc - T
903-702-XXXXLongviewGregg121730Nextel Communications
903-704-XXXXLongviewGregg121730Level 3 Communications, Llc - Tx
903-705-XXXXTylerSmith209714T-Mobile Usa, Inc.
903-707-XXXXTylerSmith209714Big River Telephone Company
903-708-XXXXLongviewGregg121730Big River Telephone Company
903-709-XXXXDallasDallas782341Tex Link Communications
903-710-XXXXAthensHenderson53330Big River Telephone Company
903-712-XXXXVan AlstyneGrayson120877Gcec Technologies - Tx
903-713-XXXXMabankKaufman103350Cedar Valley Communications, Inc. -
903-714-XXXXTylerSmith209714Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
903-715-XXXXParisLamar49793Western Wireless Corporation-Tx
903-716-XXXXTexarkanaBowie19719Clearwire Telecommunications Servic
903-717-XXXXMount PleasantTitus32334Nextel Partners Operating Corp.
903-718-XXXXShermanGrayson120877Alltel Communications, Inc. - Tx
903-719-XXXXCorsicanaNavarro47735Helmsco Inc.
903-720-XXXXLongviewGregg121730Alltel Communications, Inc. - Tx
903-721-XXXXJacksonvilleCherokee50845Alltel Communications, Inc. - Tx
903-722-XXXXHendersonRusk50845Alltel Communications, Inc. - Tx
903-723-XXXXPalestineAnderson26604United Tel Co Of Texas
903-724-XXXXPalestineAnderson26604Alltel Communications, Inc. - Tx
903-725-XXXXGilmerUpshur39309Etex Tel Coop Inc
903-726-XXXXReklawCherokee50845Gte-Sw Dba Verizon Sw Inc. - Tx
903-727-XXXXPalestineAnderson26604United Tel Co Of Texas
903-728-XXXXBloomburgCass30464Southwest Arkansas Tel Coop Inc
903-729-XXXXPalestineAnderson26604United Tel Co Of Texas
903-730-XXXXTylerSmith209714Southwestern Bell - Tx
903-731-XXXXPalestineAnderson26604United Tel Co Of Texas
903-732-XXXXParisLamar49793Southwestern Bell - Tx
903-733-XXXXTexarkanaBowie19719Alltel Communications, Inc. - Tx
903-734-XXXXGilmerUpshur39309Etex Tel Coop Inc
903-735-XXXXTexarkanaBowie19719Valor Telecomm. Of Texas, Lp - Tx #
903-736-XXXXLongviewGregg121730Alltel Communications, Inc. - Tx
903-737-XXXXParisLamar49793Southwestern Bell - Tx
903-738-XXXXLongviewGregg121730Alltel Communications, Inc. - Tx
903-739-XXXXParisLamar49793Southwestern Bell - Tx
903-740-XXXXLongviewGregg121730Ymax Communications Corp Tx
903-741-XXXXBogataRed River12860Broadwing Communications, Llc - Tx
903-742-XXXXMarshallHarrison65631Sprint Spectrum L.P.- Tx
903-743-XXXXRuskCherokee50845Eastex Tel Coop Inc
903-744-XXXXShermanGrayson120877T-Mobile Usa, Inc.
903-745-XXXXHoweGrayson120877Gcec Technologies - Tx
903-746-XXXXLongviewGregg121730Southwestern Bell Wireless, Llc - T
903-747-XXXXLongviewGregg121730Koyote Telephone
903-748-XXXXTexarkanaBowie19719Alltel Communications, Inc. - Tx
903-749-XXXXTylerSmith209714Louisiana Unwired Llc
903-750-XXXXDallasDallas782341Tex Link Communications
903-751-XXXXCaddo MillsHunt86129Broadwing Communications, Llc - Tx
903-752-XXXXTylerSmith209714Alltel Communications, Inc. - Tx
903-753-XXXXLongviewGregg121730Southwestern Bell - Tx
903-754-XXXXCarthagePanola23796Alltel Communications, Inc. - Tx
903-755-XXXXAvingerCass30464Etex Tel Coop Inc
903-756-XXXXLindenCass30464Valor Telecomm. Of Texas, Lp - Tx #
903-757-XXXXLongviewGregg121730Southwestern Bell - Tx
903-758-XXXXLongviewGregg121730Southwestern Bell - Tx
903-759-XXXXLongviewGregg121730Southwestern Bell - Tx
903-760-XXXXQuitmanWood41964Peoples Telecommunications, Inc.
903-761-XXXXWhitesboroGrayson120877Gcec Technologies - Tx
903-762-XXXXGilmerUpshur39309Etex Tel Coop Inc
903-763-XXXXQuitmanWood41964Gte-Sw Dba Verizon Sw Inc. - Tx
903-764-XXXXElkhartAnderson26604Valor Telecomm. Of Texas, Lp - Tx #
903-765-XXXXAlbaWood41964Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Tx
903-766-XXXXWaskomHarrison65631Eastex Tel Coop Inc
903-767-XXXXPittsburgCamp12401Alltel Communications, Inc. - Tx
903-768-XXXXAlbaWood41964Peoples Tel Coop
903-769-XXXXBig SandyUpshur39309Gte-Sw Dba Verizon Sw Inc. - Tx
903-770-XXXXMarshallHarrison65631Kmc Telecom V, Inc. - Tx
903-771-XXXXShermanGrayson120877Broadwing Communications, Llc - Tx
903-773-XXXXLongviewGregg121730Gte-Sw Dba Verizon Sw Inc. - Tx
903-776-XXXXFarmersvilleCollin782341Gte-Sw Dba Verizon Sw Inc. - Tx
903-777-XXXXHarletonHarrison65631Etex Tel Coop Inc
903-778-XXXXTrinidadHenderson53330United Tel Co Of Texas
903-780-XXXXTylerSmith209714Southwestern Bell Wireless, Llc - T
903-781-XXXXAlbaWood41964Broadwing Communications, Llc - Tx
903-782-XXXXParisLamar49793Southwestern Bell - Tx
903-783-XXXXParisLamar49793Southwestern Bell - Tx
903-784-XXXXParisLamar49793Southwestern Bell - Tx
903-785-XXXXParisLamar49793Southwestern Bell - Tx
903-786-XXXXPottsboroGrayson120877Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Tx
903-787-XXXXLongviewGregg121730Halo Wireless
903-788-XXXXOmahaMorris12934Digicomm Communications, Inc.
903-789-XXXXKarnackHarrison65631Valor Telecomm. Of Texas, Lp - Tx #
903-790-XXXXGilmerUpshur39309Etex Tel Coop Inc
903-791-XXXXTexarkanaBowie19719Valor Telecomm. Of Texas, Lp - Tx #
903-792-XXXXTexarkanaBowie19719Valor Telecomm. Of Texas, Lp - Tx #
903-793-XXXXTexarkanaBowie19719Valor Telecomm. Of Texas, Lp - Tx #
903-794-XXXXTexarkanaBowie19719Valor Telecomm. Of Texas, Lp - Tx #
903-795-XXXXRuskCherokee50845Eastex Tel Coop Inc
903-796-XXXXAtlantaCass30464Southwestern Bell - Tx
903-797-XXXXGilmerUpshur39309Etex Tel Coop Inc
903-798-XXXXTexarkanaBowie19719Valor Telecomm. Of Texas, Lp - Tx #
903-799-XXXXAtlantaCass30464Southwestern Bell - Tx
903-801-XXXXLongviewGregg121730Alltel Communications, Inc. - Tx
903-802-XXXXDallasDallas782341New Cingular Wireless Pcs
903-803-XXXXLongviewGregg121730Centurytel Solutions, Llc - Tx
903-804-XXXXGrand PrairieDallas782341Clearwire Telecommunications Servic
903-805-XXXXLongviewGregg121730Clearwire Telecommunications Servic
903-806-XXXXLongviewGregg121730Southwestern Bell Wireless, Llc - T
903-807-XXXXDallasDallas782341Clearwire Telecommunications Servic
903-808-XXXXKilgoreGregg121730Alltel Communications, Inc. - Tx
903-809-XXXXTexarkanaBowie19719New Cingular Wireless Pcs
903-810-XXXXJacksonvilleCherokee50845Tx-11 Acquisition, Llc
903-812-XXXXKilgoreGregg121730Southwestern Bell Wireless, Llc - T
903-813-XXXXShermanGrayson120877Gte-Sw Dba Verizon Sw Inc. - Tx
903-814-XXXXShermanGrayson120877Alltel Communications, Inc. - Tx
903-815-XXXXShermanGrayson120877Southwestern Bell Wireless, Llc - T
903-816-XXXXShermanGrayson120877Alltel Communications, Inc. - Tx
903-818-XXXXShermanGrayson120877Southwestern Bell Wireless, Llc - T
903-819-XXXXShermanGrayson120877Sprint Spectrum L.P.
903-820-XXXXShermanGrayson120877Alltel Communications, Inc. - Tx
903-821-XXXXShermanGrayson120877Southwestern Bell Wireless, Llc - T
903-822-XXXXMount EnterpriseRusk50845Eastex Tel Coop Inc
903-823-XXXXTexarkanaBowie19719Valor Telecomm. Of Texas, Lp - Tx #
903-824-XXXXTexarkanaBowie19719Alltel Communications, Inc. - Tx
903-825-XXXXBullardSmith209714United Tel Co Of Texas
903-826-XXXXTexarkanaBowie19719Alltel Communications, Inc. - Tx
903-827-XXXXPicktonHopkins35161Broadwing Communications, Llc - Tx
903-828-XXXXGreenvilleHunt86129Arch Wireless Holdings, Inc.
903-829-XXXXCantonVan Zandt52579Gte-Sw Dba Verizon Sw Inc. - Tx
903-830-XXXXTylerSmith209714T-Mobile Usa, Inc.
903-831-XXXXTexarkanaBowie19719Valor Telecomm. Of Texas, Lp - Tx #
903-832-XXXXTexarkanaBowie19719Valor Telecomm. Of Texas, Lp - Tx #
903-833-XXXXBen WheelerVan Zandt52579Gte-Sw Dba Verizon Sw Inc. - Tx
903-834-XXXXOvertonRusk50845United Tel Co Of Texas
903-835-XXXXNaplesMorris12934Valor Telecomm. Of Texas, Lp - Tx #
903-836-XXXXTatumRusk50845Eastex Tel Coop Inc
903-838-XXXXTexarkanaBowie19719Valor Telecomm. Of Texas, Lp - Tx #
903-839-XXXXWhitehouseSmith209714Gte-Sw Dba Verizon Sw Inc. - Tx
903-840-XXXXTylerSmith209714Southwestern Bell - Tx
903-841-XXXXGilmerUpshur39309Gte-Sw Dba Verizon Sw Inc. - Tx
903-842-XXXXTroupSmith209714United Tel Co Of Texas
903-843-XXXXGilmerUpshur39309Gte-Sw Dba Verizon Sw Inc. - Tx
903-844-XXXXGladewaterGregg121730Gte-Sw Dba Verizon Sw Inc. - Tx
903-845-XXXXGladewaterGregg121730Gte-Sw Dba Verizon Sw Inc. - Tx
903-846-XXXXDouglassvilleCass30464Valor Telecomm. Of Texas, Lp - Tx #
903-847-XXXXOvertonRusk50845Gte-Sw Dba Verizon Sw Inc. - Tx
903-848-XXXXCantonVan Zandt52579Gte-Sw Dba Verizon Sw Inc. - Tx
903-849-XXXXChandlerHenderson53330United Tel Co Of Texas
903-850-XXXXQuitmanWood41964Peoples Tel Coop
903-851-XXXXCorsicanaNavarro47735Sprint Spectrum L.P.
903-852-XXXXBrownsboroHenderson53330United Tel Co Of Texas
903-853-XXXXPittsburgCamp12401Southwestern Bell - Tx
903-854-XXXXLanevilleRusk50845Eastex Tel Coop Inc
903-855-XXXXPittsburgCamp12401Southwestern Bell - Tx
903-856-XXXXPittsburgCamp12401Southwestern Bell - Tx
903-857-XXXXHawkinsWood41964Gte-Sw Dba Verizon Sw Inc. - Tx
903-858-XXXXTylerSmith209714Gte-Sw Dba Verizon Sw Inc. - Tx
903-859-XXXXArpSmith209714Sprint/United Telephone Co. Of Texas
903-860-XXXXScrogginsFranklin16622Peoples Tel Coop
903-861-XXXXHendersonRusk50845United Tel Co Of Texas
903-862-XXXXCumbyHopkins35161Peoples Tel Coop
903-863-XXXXLanevilleRusk50845Eastex Tel Coop Inc
903-864-XXXXShermanGrayson120877Linshaw Communications, Inc. Dba Ad
903-865-XXXXCantonVan Zandt52579Gte-Sw Dba Verizon Sw Inc. - Tx
903-866-XXXXPicktonHopkins35161Gte-Sw Dba Verizon Sw Inc. - Tx
903-867-XXXXShermanGrayson120877Gte-Sw Dba Verizon Sw Inc. - Tx
903-868-XXXXShermanGrayson120877Gte-Sw Dba Verizon Sw Inc. - Tx
903-869-XXXXGreenvilleHunt86129Star Net Paging, Inc.
903-870-XXXXShermanGrayson120877Gte-Sw Dba Verizon Sw Inc. - Tx
903-871-XXXXWhitehouseSmith209714Gte-Sw Dba Verizon Sw Inc. - Tx
903-872-XXXXCorsicanaNavarro47735Southwestern Bell - Tx
903-873-XXXXWills PointVan Zandt52579Southwestern Bell - Tx
903-874-XXXXCorsicanaNavarro47735Southwestern Bell - Tx
903-875-XXXXCorsicanaNavarro47735Southwestern Bell - Tx
903-876-XXXXFrankstonAnderson26604United Tel Co Of Texas
903-877-XXXXTylerSmith209714Southwestern Bell - Tx
903-878-XXXXQuitmanWood41964Peoples Tel Coop
903-879-XXXXCorsicanaNavarro47735Dobson Cellular Systems, Inc.
903-880-XXXXMabankKaufman103350United Tel Co Of Texas
903-881-XXXXLindaleSmith209714Southwestern Bell - Tx
903-882-XXXXLindaleSmith209714Southwestern Bell - Tx
903-883-XXXXGreenvilleHunt86129Gte-Sw Dba Verizon Sw Inc. - Tx
903-884-XXXXOmahaMorris12934Southwestern Bell - Tx
903-885-XXXXSulphur SpringsHopkins35161Gte-Sw Dba Verizon Sw Inc. - Tx
903-886-XXXXCommerceHunt86129United Tel Co Of Texas
903-887-XXXXMabankKaufman103350United Tel Co Of Texas
903-888-XXXXCorsicanaNavarro47735Arch Wireless Holdings, Inc.
903-889-XXXXLong BranchPanola23796Eastex Tel Coop Inc
903-890-XXXXShermanGrayson120877Choice Wireless Lc
903-891-XXXXShermanGrayson120877Gte-Sw Dba Verizon Sw Inc. - Tx
903-892-XXXXShermanGrayson120877Gte-Sw Dba Verizon Sw Inc. - Tx
903-893-XXXXShermanGrayson120877Gte-Sw Dba Verizon Sw Inc. - Tx
903-894-XXXXBullardSmith209714United Tel Co Of Texas
903-895-XXXXOvertonRusk50845United Tel Co Of Texas
903-896-XXXXEdgewoodVan Zandt52579Southwestern Bell - Tx
903-897-XXXXNaplesMorris12934Valor Telecomm. Of Texas, Lp - Tx #
903-898-XXXXMount EnterpriseRusk50845Eastex Tel Coop Inc
903-899-XXXXTexarkanaBowie19719Louisiana Unwired Llc
903-901-XXXXLongviewGregg121730Southwestern Bell - Tx
903-904-XXXXElysinfldsElysinflds0Clearwire Telecommunications Servic
903-905-XXXXDallasDallas782341Grande Communications Networks, Inc
903-906-XXXXDallasDallas782341Tex Link Communications
903-907-XXXXGrand PrairieDallas782341Alltel Communications, Inc.
903-908-XXXXTexarkanaBowie19719Southwestern Bell Wireless, Llc - T
903-909-XXXXLongviewGregg121730Clearwire Telecommunications Servic
903-910-XXXXGrand PrairieDallas782341Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon
903-912-XXXXDallasDallas782341Grande Communications Networks, Inc
903-913-XXXXKarnackKarnack0Clearwire Telecommunications Servic
903-914-XXXXAthensAthens78532Infotelecom, Llc - Tx
903-915-XXXXDallasDallas782341New Cingular Wireless Pcs
903-916-XXXXLongviewGregg121730Alltel Communications, Inc. - Tx
903-917-XXXXLongviewGregg121730Metro Pcs
903-918-XXXXLongviewGregg121730Southwestern Bell Wireless, Llc - T
903-920-XXXXTylerSmith209714Grande Communications Networks, Inc
903-921-XXXXLongviewGregg121730Southwestern Bell - Tx
903-922-XXXXPalestineAnderson26604Alltel Communications, Inc. - Tx
903-923-XXXXMarshallHarrison65631Southwestern Bell - Tx
903-924-XXXXMarshallHarrison65631Gte-Sw Dba Verizon Sw Inc. - Tx
903-925-XXXXBagwellRed River12860Valor Telecomm. Of Texas, Lp - Tx #
903-926-XXXXMarshallHarrison65631Southwestern Bell Wireless, Llc - T
903-927-XXXXMarshallHarrison65631Southwestern Bell - Tx
903-928-XXXXTennessee ColonyAnderson26604United Tel Co Of Texas
903-929-XXXXWindomFannin33915Broadwing Communications, Llc - Tx
903-930-XXXXMarshallHarrison65631Alltel Communications, Inc. - Tx
903-931-XXXXLongviewGregg121730Southwestern Bell - Tx
903-932-XXXXLongviewGregg121730Alltel Communications, Inc. - Tx
903-933-XXXXDe KalbBowie19719Sprint Spectrum L.P.- Tx
903-934-XXXXMarshallHarrison65631Southwestern Bell - Tx
903-935-XXXXMarshallHarrison65631Southwestern Bell - Tx
903-936-XXXXLongviewGregg121730Southwestern Bell
903-937-XXXXJeffersonMarion131533Western Wireless Corporation-Tx
903-938-XXXXMarshallHarrison65631Southwestern Bell - Tx
903-939-XXXXTylerSmith209714Southwestern Bell - Tx
903-940-XXXXLongviewGregg121730Southwestern Bell
903-941-XXXXTylerSmith209714Alltel Communications, Inc. - Tx
903-942-XXXXBastropBastrop74171Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Tx
903-943-XXXXShermanGrayson120877Arch Wireless Holdings, Inc.
903-944-XXXXLongviewGregg121730New Cingular Wireless Pcs
903-945-XXXXCooperDelta5231Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Tx
903-946-XXXXPittsburgCamp12401Koyote Telephone
903-947-XXXXTatumRusk50845Tatum Tel Co
903-948-XXXXPalestineAnderson26604Southwestern Bell Wireless, Llc - T
903-949-XXXXTexarkanaBowie19719Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon
903-951-XXXXSulphur SpringsHopkins35161Gte-Sw Dba Verizon Sw Inc. - Tx
903-952-XXXXLongviewGregg121730Clearwire Telecommunications Servic
903-954-XXXXBullardSmith209714Alltel Communications, Inc. - Tx
903-956-XXXXDallasDallas782341Clearwire Telecommunications Servic
903-957-XXXXShermanGrayson120877Gcec Technologies - Tx
903-960-XXXXLongviewGregg121730Alltel Communications, Inc. - Tx
903-961-XXXXEctorFannin33915Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Tx
903-962-XXXXGrand SalineVan Zandt52579Gte-Sw Dba Verizon Sw Inc. - Tx
903-963-XXXXVanVan Zandt52579Gte-Sw Dba Verizon Sw Inc.-Tx
903-964-XXXXPointRains10914Broadwing Communications, Llc - Tx
903-965-XXXXBellsGrayson120877Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Tx
903-966-XXXXBagwellRed River12860Valor Telecomm. Of Texas, Lp - Tx #
903-967-XXXXQuitmanWood41964Peoples Tel Coop
903-968-XXXXOre CityUpshur39309Etex Tel Coop Inc
903-969-XXXXTroupSmith209714Alltel Communications, Inc. - Tx
903-974-XXXXLongviewGregg121730Southwestern Bell
903-975-XXXXWinnsboroWood41964Western Wireless Corporation-Tx
903-977-XXXXPalestineAnderson26604Digicomm Communications, Inc.
903-978-XXXXFlintSmith209714Alltel Communications, Inc. - Tx
903-980-XXXXBen WheelerVan Zandt52579Dobson Cellular Systems, Inc.
903-981-XXXXKilgoreGregg121730Gte-Sw Dba Verizon Sw Inc. - Tx
903-982-XXXXBlossomLamar49793Blossom Tel Co
903-983-XXXXKilgoreGregg121730Gte-Sw Dba Verizon Sw Inc. - Tx
903-984-XXXXKilgoreGregg121730Gte-Sw Dba Verizon Sw Inc. - Tx
903-985-XXXXKilgoreGregg121730Southwestern Bell Wireless, Llc - T
903-986-XXXXKilgoreGregg121730Gte-Sw Dba Verizon Sw Inc. - Tx
903-987-XXXXKilgoreGregg121730Alltel Communications, Inc. - Tx
903-988-XXXXKilgoreGregg121730Gte-Sw Dba Verizon Sw Inc. - Tx
903-989-XXXXTrentonFannin33915Gte-Sw Dba Verizon Sw Inc. - Tx
903-990-XXXXAthensHenderson53330Digicomm Communications, Inc.
903-991-XXXXFrankstonAnderson26604Digicomm Communications, Inc.
903-992-XXXXBullardSmith209714Digicomm Communications, Inc.
903-993-XXXXHendersonRusk50845Digicomm Communications, Inc.
903-994-XXXXCumbyHopkins35161Cumby Tel Coop Inc
903-995-XXXXJacksonvilleCherokee50845Digicomm Communications, Inc.
903-996-XXXXTylerSmith209714Digicomm Communications, Inc.
903-997-XXXXKilgoreGregg121730Digicomm Communications, Inc.
903-998-XXXXMarshallHarrison65631Digicomm Communications, Inc.
903-999-XXXXParisLamar49793Arch Wireless Holdings, Inc.



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