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Details on Area Code 872

  • State: Illinois
  • Statewide Area Codes: 217, 224, 309, 312, 331, 618, 630, 708, 773, 779, 815, 847, 872
  • Cities: Chicago, Hickory Hills, Joliet, Schaumburg, Wilmington
  • Counties: Cook, Will
  • Time Zone: UTC-6

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Most Recent Comments

Nov 30, 2017
872-588-4804 04:30am Nov 30, 2017

A 1Sam .

Nov 30, 2017
872-588-4804 04:30am Nov 30, 2017

I got cheated for 1400.

Nov 25, 2017
872-231-7346 04:30am Nov 25, 2017

Junk number. Caller Message: Help them cover the price that Medicare won't cover. Press you to get a quote for a plan to satisfy your needs and budget today. If you'd like to schedule a number for another time press two if youinterested and would like to be removed from our list media at nine.

Nov 23, 2017
872-228-9607 04:30am Nov 23, 2017


Nov 11, 2017
872-395-4062 04:30am Nov 11, 2017


Nov 8, 2017
872-253-0889 04:31am Nov 8, 2017

<p>Telemarketer who didn't Reply me</p>

Nov 3, 2017
872-395-4097 04:30am Nov 3, 2017


Sep 26, 2017
872-231-7504 04:30am Sep 26, 2017

<p>Robot. </p>Caller Message: no security deposit and No upfront fees or charges. So number us back once. Thank you and have a great day.

May 3, 2017
872-228-9666 04:41am May 3, 2017

"Lisa" with unusual accent really wants to recognize if I'm the individual with Electronic Charges. 5-1-2017

Jan 25, 2017
872-253-1323 04:30am Jan 25, 2017

Because this is the last try mentioned I'd legal matter and had to answer! Unsure since I have haven't been reached by this amount, who this really is I would be wary of the number!!

Telephone Code 872

Area Interchange City County Population Network Operator
872-200-XXXXChicagoCook5194675Illinois Bell Tel Co
872-201-XXXXHickory HillsCook5194675Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon
872-213-XXXXChicagoCook5194675Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon
872-216-XXXXChicagoCook5194675Bandwidth Com Clec
872-221-XXXXChicagoCook5194675Bandwidth Com Clec
872-222-XXXXSchaumburgCook5194675Denali Spectrum License
872-228-XXXXSchaumburgCook5194675Denali Spectrum License
872-247-XXXXChicagoCook5194675Illinois Bell Tel Co Il
872-333-XXXXJolietWill677560Cygnus Telecommunications Corp
872-400-XXXXSchaumburgCook5194675Denali Spectrum License
872-444-XXXXJolietWill677560Cygnus Telecommunications Corp
872-588-XXXXSchaumburgCook5194675New Cingular Wireless Pcs
872-666-XXXXWilmingtonWill677560Cygnus Telecommunications Corp
872-777-XXXXJolietWill677560Cygnus Telecommunications Corp
872-825-XXXXChicagoCook5194675Illinois Bell Tel Co Il
872-888-XXXXJolietWill677560Cygnus Telecommunications Corp
872-958-XXXXChicagoCook5194675Illinois Bell Tel Co
872-959-XXXXChicagoCook5194675Illinois Bell Tel Co
872-600-XXXXCHICAGOCook5194675Sprint Spectrum LP
872-800-XXXXCHICAGOCook5194675Sprint Spectrum LP
872-223-XXXXCHICAGOCook5194675Sprint Spectrum LP CLEC LLC - IL
872-226-XXXXCHICAGOCook5194675Sprint Spectrum LP
872-829-XXXXCHICAGOCook5194675Neutral Tandem-Illinois LLC - IL CLEC LLC - IL
872-253-XXXXCHICAGOCook5194675Neutral Tandem-Illinois LLC - IL
872-202-XXXXCHICAGOCook5194675New Cingular Wireless PCS LLC - IL
872-395-XXXXCHICAGOCook5194675Denali Spectrum License LLC
872-999-XXXXCHICAGOCook5194675Neutral Tandem-Illinois LLC - IL
872-233-XXXXCHICAGOCook5194675InfoTelecom LLC - IL
872-230-XXXXCHICAGOCook5194675Sprint Spectrum LP
872-232-XXXXCHICAGOCook5194675Sprint Spectrum LP CLEC LLC - IL
872-206-XXXXCHICAGOCook5194675New Cingular Wireless PCS LLC - IL
872-244-XXXXCHICAGOCook5194675SBC Internet Services Inc



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