Area Code is covered under 869 New Castle

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Details on Area Code 869

  • State: New Castle
  • Statewide Area Codes: 869
  • Cities: Basseterre, New Castle
  • Counties: Basseterre, New Castle
  • Time Zone: UTC-4

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Most Recent Comments

Jan 28, 2016
869-663-3002 12:54pm Jan 28, 2016

Without hearing the complete message, I disconnected the phone call.

Oct 28, 2015
869-662-3421 09:08am Oct 28, 2015


Aug 24, 2015
869-762-7766 09:28pm Aug 24, 2015

I hungup to the phone not receiving company name.

Apr 6, 2015
869-764-5560 08:27pm Apr 6, 2015

I obtained this call out of this zero. 7145351665 declaring that that permit for my computer was expiring, which it would 199.00usd to correct it. He explained that they discovered that my computer is being hacked and he called from Windows plus they wished to help me. The and an accent of a person speak together from India. He says his name is Rana. I gave him,information to my debit card, since he threatened to shut down my computer. I livein St Kitts in the Caribbean.

Mar 21, 2015
869-762-5633 11:01pm Mar 21, 2015

Received unsolicited phone call.

Mar 11, 2015
869-668-2751 06:40pm Mar 11, 2015

I overlooked the call but knows no body living in this region. Anyone keep any message.seems just like a con tome or didn't callback.

Nov 27, 2014
869-665-4692 09:43pm Nov 27, 2014

Received unsolicited phone-calls.

Nov 27, 2014
869-765-6639 09:43pm Nov 27, 2014

Received unsolicited phone-calls.

Aug 23, 2014
869-660-9139 11:05am Aug 23, 2014


Aug 23, 2014
869-660-9139 10:40am Aug 23, 2014

Same man by having an acsent called again. He was told by me we are to the national don't call number. DO NOT US AGAIN. I AM REPORTING YOU TO THE FCC. He tried to talk about Microsoft told him this is a fraud & I hungup on him.

Telephone Code 869

Area Interchange City County Population Network Operator
869-212-XXXXNew CastleNew Castle0St Kits Nevis Tel Ni
869-229-XXXXBasseterreBasseterre0Cable Wireless An
869-236-XXXXBasseterreBasseterre0Cable Wireless An
869-361-XXXXBasseterreBasseterre0Caribbean Cable Communications
869-362-XXXXBasseterreBasseterre0Caribbean Cable Communications
869-363-XXXXBasseterreBasseterre0Caribbean Cable Communications
869-465-XXXXBasseterreBasseterre0St Kits Nevis Tel Ki
869-466-XXXXBasseterreBasseterre0St Kits Nevis Tel Ki
869-467-XXXXBasseterreBasseterre0St Kits Nevis Tel Ki
869-468-XXXXBasseterreBasseterre0St Kits Nevis Tel Ki
869-469-XXXXNew CastleNew Castle0St Kits Nevis Tel Ni
869-470-XXXXBasseterreBasseterre0Cable Wireless An
869-556-XXXXBasseterreBasseterre0Cariglobe St Kitts
869-557-XXXXBasseterreBasseterre0Cariglobe St Kitts
869-558-XXXXBasseterreBasseterre0Cariglobe St Kitts
869-565-XXXXBasseterreBasseterre0Cable Wireless An
869-566-XXXXBasseterreBasseterre0Cable Wireless An
869-567-XXXXBasseterreBasseterre0Cable Wireless An
869-660-XXXXBasseterreBasseterre0St Kits Nevis Tel Ki
869-661-XXXXBasseterreBasseterre0St Kits Nevis Tel Ki
869-662-XXXXBasseterreBasseterre0St Kits Nevis Tel Ki
869-663-XXXXBasseterreBasseterre0St Kits Nevis Tel Ki
869-664-XXXXBasseterreBasseterre0St Kits Nevis Tel Ki
869-665-XXXXBasseterreBasseterre0St Kits Nevis Tel Ki
869-667-XXXXNew CastleNew Castle0St Kits Nevis Tel Ni
869-668-XXXXNew CastleNew Castle0St Kits Nevis Tel Ni
869-669-XXXXNew CastleNew Castle0St Kits Nevis Tel Ni
869-762-XXXXBasseterreBasseterre0Aws Caribbean Svcs
869-763-XXXXBasseterreBasseterre0Aws Caribbean Svcs
869-764-XXXXBasseterreBasseterre0Aws Caribbean Svcs
869-765-XXXXBasseterreBasseterre0Aws Caribbean Svcs


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