Area Code is covered under 849 Santo Domingo

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Details on Area Code 849

  • State: Santo Domingo
  • Statewide Area Codes: 809, 829, 849
  • Cities: Santo Domingo
  • Counties: Santo Domingo
  • Time Zone:

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Most Recent Comments

Apr 29, 2016
849-127-8459 04:30am Apr 29, 2016

Call 4/28/16 from 849-127-8459 with a new "spoofed variety' from foreign Microsoft "fix your computer " imposter spammer. I will record to FTC.

Aug 9, 2012
849-963-3226 07:15pm Aug 9, 2012

This mother f.... are locals freaking head hunters.,,,savages irrespective of just how much you dont solution they keep calling 1-849-963-3226 head hunters butt lickers.

Aug 9, 2012
849-963-3223 05:15pm Aug 9, 2012

Received a phone call a short time ago from your range. N Republic Buzz was said by it... I never answer calls that I don't understand. let them head to the ans. If they have a message and machine they will abandon it but many all hang up the phone. Oh well.

Aug 9, 2012
849-963-3226 04:32pm Aug 9, 2012

Phone - they put up to be picked up by operate

Aug 9, 2012
849-963-3223 04:31pm Aug 9, 2012

Once the telephone is answered by you, nobody says something. These are very annoying.

Aug 9, 2012
849-963-3226 02:15pm Aug 9, 2012

no Response

Aug 8, 2012
849-963-3226 05:15pm Aug 8, 2012

I blocked them also. I take advantage of Google Style which will be free. Simply ring both numbers with a parallel ring - household mobile and Bing Voice. Make sure the voice mail athome responses first (after 4 rings.) They left no message, I examined the decision at 800notes subsequently blocked it within the Google Style/Background. ...

Aug 8, 2012
849-963-3226 03:18pm Aug 8, 2012


Aug 8, 2012
849-963-3226 01:34pm Aug 8, 2012

Suggests Label Unavailable on caller-id,will not keep message.I,will not answer unfamiliar numbers.Nor will I return calls without meaning being left.

Aug 8, 2012
849-963-3226 10:31am Aug 8, 2012

Can't understand why I keep getting unwanted handset calls. I assumed registering with Don't Phone Call they'd stop but they have really gotten worse. As generally the US government is doing a great work.

Telephone Code 849

Area Interchange City County Population Network Operator
849-222-XXXXSanto DomingoSanto Domingo0Codetel


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