Area Code is covered under 845 New York

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Details on Area Code 845

  • State: New York
  • Statewide Area Codes: 212, 315, 347, 458, 516, 518, 585, 607, 631, 646, 716, 718, 845, 914, 917, 929
  • Cities: Amenia, Andes, Barryville, Beacon, Bloomingburg, Brewster, Callicoon, Carmel, Chester, Circleville
  • Counties: Brewster, Columbia, Delaware, Dover Pl, Dutchess, New York, Orange, Putnam, Rockland, Suffolk
  • Time Zone: UTC-5

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Most Recent Comments

Jan 18, 2020
845-185-4909 12:31pm Jan 18, 2020

A robocall from UN-known - some type of scam - A search shows this number to be outside of the USA. They keep calling using a different new number after being told to remove my number from their call list and blocked.

Jan 18, 2020
845-170-4035 12:25pm Jan 18, 2020

A robocall from UN-known - some type of scam - A search shows this number to be outside of the USA. They keep calling using a different new number after being told to remove my number from their call list and blocked.

Jan 18, 2020
845-153-5297 12:23pm Jan 18, 2020

A robocall from UN-known - some type of scam - A search shows this number to be outside of the USA. They keep calling using a different new number after being told to remove my number from their call list and blocked.

Apr 2, 2019
845-857-5663 06:21pm Apr 2, 2019

This guy is an arrogant dirty crack head alcoholic he's a thief in the night watch his every move

Nov 5, 2018
845-450-1294 01:33pm Nov 5, 2018

Spam. Data collector.

Jul 11, 2018
845-445-1923 01:26pm Jul 11, 2018

Automated voicemail says there are charges against me and to call back as soon as possible to avoid charges......Called the number back and the person who answered the phone said "thank you for calling the Internal Revenue Service" You cannot reach the real IRS without waiting on hold for at minimum 10 minutes. Total SCAM! do not give these people any information!

Jul 11, 2018
845-445-1923 01:26pm Jul 11, 2018

Automated voicemail says there are charges against me and to call back as soon as possible to avoid charges......Called the number back and the person who answered the phone said "thank you for calling the Internal Revenue Service" You cannot reach the real IRS without waiting on hold for at minimum 10 minutes. Total SCAM! do not give these people any information!

Feb 3, 2018
845-478-9925 04:30am Feb 3, 2018

Scam. Caller Message: We encounter some hijacking issues going on with your windows computer. It seems to be our Microsoft security is not working and got expired. Please call 845-478-9925 right now or press one to speak with technical expert now. Please ignore if we called you by mistake.

Jan 31, 2018
845-797-9067 04:30am Jan 31, 2018

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Jan 30, 2018
845-215-8451 04:30am Jan 30, 2018

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Telephone Code 845

Area Interchange City County Population Network Operator
845-200-XXXXHawthorneWestchester949113Metro Pcs
845-201-XXXXPearl RiverRockland311687Brooks Fiber Of New York, Inc.
845-202-XXXXPoughkeepsieDutchess297488Bandwidth Com Clec
845-204-XXXXPoughkeepsieDutchess297488Cablevision Lightpath
845-205-XXXXNew YorkNew York1385108Level 3 Communications, Llc - Ny
845-206-XXXXPoughkeepsieDutchess297488Kmc Telecom V, Inc.-Ny
845-207-XXXXBrewsterPutnam99710Brooks Fiber Of New York, Inc.
845-208-XXXXMahopacPutnam99710Brooks Fiber Of New York, Inc.
845-209-XXXXRed HookDutchess297488Frontier Communications Of America,
845-210-XXXXEllenvilleUlster182493Paetec Communications, Inc. - Ny
845-213-XXXXWest NyackRockland311687Level 3 Communications
845-214-XXXXPoughkeepsieDutchess297488Cstc, Llc - Ny
845-215-XXXXNanuetRockland311687Brooks Fiber Of New York, Inc.
845-216-XXXXMahopacPutnam99710Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
845-217-XXXXPoughkeepsieDutchess297488Bandwidth Com Clec
845-218-XXXXPoughkeepsieDutchess297488Bandwidth Com Clec
845-219-XXXXPoughkeepsieDutchess297488Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon
845-220-XXXXNewburghOrange372813Frontier Communications Of America,
845-221-XXXXHopewell JctDutchess297488Frontier Communications Of Sylvan L
845-222-XXXXSpring ValleyRockland311687Nextel Communications, Inc.
845-223-XXXXLa GrangeDutchess297488Frontier Communications Of Sylvan L
845-224-XXXXPoughkeepsieDutchess297488Teleport Communications New York
845-225-XXXXCarmelPutnam99710Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-226-XXXXHopewell JctDutchess297488Frontier Communications Of Sylvan L
845-227-XXXXHopewell JctDutchess297488Frontier Communications Of Sylvan L
845-228-XXXXCarmelPutnam99710Level 3 Communications, Llc - Ny
845-229-XXXXHyde ParkDutchess297488Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-230-XXXXBrewsterPutnam99710Paetec Communications, Inc. - Ny
845-231-XXXXPoughkeepsieDutchess297488Paetec Communications, Inc. - Ny
845-232-XXXXPoughkeepsieDutchess297488Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon
845-233-XXXXHyde ParkDutchess297488Frontier Communications Of America,
845-234-XXXXNewburghOrange372813Omnipoint Communications, Inc. - Ny
845-235-XXXXPoughkeepsieDutchess297488Mid-Hudson Communications, Inc.
845-236-XXXXMarlboroUlster182493Paetec Communications, Inc. - Ny
845-237-XXXXWarwickOrange372813Warwick Valley Telephone Compa
845-238-XXXXMonroeOrange372813Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
845-239-XXXXMiddletownOrange372813Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
845-240-XXXXPoughkeepsieDutchess297488Paetec Communications, Inc. - Ny
845-241-XXXXNew YorkNew York1385108Bandwidth Com Clec
845-242-XXXXPoughkeepsieDutchess297488Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
845-244-XXXXPoughkeepsieDutchess297488Bandwidth Com Clec
845-245-XXXXPoughkeepsieDutchess297488Time Warner Rescom Of New York
845-246-XXXXSaugertiesUlster182493Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-247-XXXXSaugertiesUlster182493Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-248-XXXXMonroeOrange372813Omnipoint Communications, Inc. - Ny
845-249-XXXXPoughkeepsieDutchess297488Brooks Fiber Of New York, Inc.
845-250-XXXXPoughkeepsieDutchess297488Time Warner Rescom Of New York
845-251-XXXXPoughkeepsieDutchess297488Time Warner Rescom Of New York
845-252-XXXXNarrowsburgSullivan77547Citizens Tel. Co. Of Ny Dba Frontie
845-253-XXXXPoughkeepsieDutchess297488Time Warner Rescom Of New York
845-254-XXXXFleischmannsDelaware47980Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-255-XXXXNew PaltzUlster182493Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-256-XXXXNew PaltzUlster182493Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-257-XXXXKingstonUlster182493Paetec Communications, Inc. - Ny
845-258-XXXXPine IslandOrange372813Warwick Valley Tel Co - Ny
845-259-XXXXBrewsterPutnam99710Brooks Fiber Of New York, Inc.
845-264-XXXXPoughkeepsieDutchess297488Allegiance Telecom, Inc. - Ny
845-265-XXXXCold SpringPutnam99710Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-266-XXXXClinton CrnDutchess297488Frontier Communications Of America,
845-267-XXXXCongersRockland311687Broadwing Communications, Llc - Ny
845-268-XXXXCongersRockland311687Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-269-XXXXHaverstrawRockland311687Ctc Communications Corp. - Ny
845-270-XXXXHaverstrawRockland311687Brooks Fiber Of New York, Inc.
845-271-XXXXNew YorkNew York1385108Time Warner Rescom Of New York
845-276-XXXXPurdysWestchester949113Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-277-XXXXPurdysWestchester949113Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-278-XXXXBrewsterPutnam99710Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-279-XXXXBrewsterPutnam99710Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-282-XXXXCarmelPutnam99710Brooks Fiber Of New York, Inc.
845-283-XXXXMiddletownOrange372813American Cellular Corporation
845-284-XXXXMohegan LakeWestchester949113Brooks Fiber Of New York, Inc.
845-290-XXXXSpring ValleyRockland311687Paetec Communications, Inc. - Ny
845-291-XXXXGoshenOrange372813Frontier Communications Of New York
845-292-XXXXLibertySullivan77547Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-294-XXXXGoshenOrange372813Frontier Communications Of New York
845-295-XXXXLibertySullivan77547Paetec Communications, Inc. - Ny
845-296-XXXXWappingers FallsDutchess297488Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-297-XXXXWappingers FallsDutchess297488Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-298-XXXXWappingers FallsDutchess297488Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-300-XXXXSpring ValleyRockland311687Omnipoint Communications, Inc. - Ny
845-304-XXXXNew CityRockland311687Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
845-306-XXXXCarmelPutnam99710Broadwing Communications, Llc - Ny
845-308-XXXXSpring ValleyRockland311687Dial-A-Beeper, Inc.
845-309-XXXXPoughkeepsieDutchess297488Omnipoint Communications, Inc. - Ny
845-313-XXXXMiddletownOrange372813Sprint Spectrum L.P.- Ny
845-314-XXXXNyackRockland311687Allegiance Telecom, Inc. - Ny
845-316-XXXXPoughkeepsieDutchess297488Nextel Communications, Inc.
845-318-XXXXNew YorkNew York1385108Allegiance Telecom, Inc. - Ny
845-319-XXXXPattersonPutnam99710Brooks Fiber Of New York, Inc.
845-321-XXXXMiddletownOrange372813Omnipoint Communications, Inc. - Ny
845-323-XXXXNew CityRockland311687Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
845-325-XXXXMonroeOrange372813Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
845-326-XXXXMiddletownOrange372813Brooks Fiber Of New York, Inc.
845-327-XXXXSpring ValleyRockland311687Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-331-XXXXKingstonUlster182493Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-332-XXXXPoughkeepsieDutchess297488Allegiance Telecom
845-333-XXXXMiddletownOrange372813Citizens Tel Co Of Ny Dba Fron
845-334-XXXXKingstonUlster182493Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-335-XXXXMelvilleSuffolk1493350Citizens Tel Co Of Ny Dba Fron
845-336-XXXXKingstonUlster182493Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-337-XXXXPoughkeepsieDutchess297488Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
845-338-XXXXKingstonUlster182493Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-339-XXXXKingstonUlster182493Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-340-XXXXKingstonUlster182493Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-341-XXXXMiddletownOrange372813Citizens Tel. Co. Of Ny Dba Frontie
845-342-XXXXMiddletownOrange372813Citizens Tel. Co. Of Ny Dba Frontie
845-343-XXXXMiddletownOrange372813Citizens Tel. Co. Of Ny Dba Frontie
845-344-XXXXMiddletownOrange372813Citizens Tel. Co. Of Ny Dba Frontie
845-345-XXXXPoughkeepsieDutchess297488Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon
845-346-XXXXMiddletownOrange372813Citizens Tel. Co. Of Ny Dba Frontie
845-348-XXXXNyackRockland311687Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-350-XXXXPawlingDutchess297488Paetec Communications, Inc. - Ny
845-351-XXXXTuxedoOrange372813Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-352-XXXXSpring ValleyRockland311687Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-353-XXXXNyackRockland311687Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-354-XXXXSpring ValleyRockland311687Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-355-XXXXSlate HillOrange372813Citizens Tel. Co. Of Ny Dba Frontie
845-356-XXXXSpring ValleyRockland311687Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-357-XXXXSuffernRockland311687Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-358-XXXXNyackRockland311687Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-359-XXXXPiermontRockland311687Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-360-XXXXGoshenOrange372813Paetec Communications, Inc. - Ny
845-361-XXXXCirclevilleOrange372813Citizens Tel. Co. Of Ny Dba Frontie
845-362-XXXXSpring ValleyRockland311687Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-363-XXXXBrewsterPutnam99710Level 3 Communications, Llc - Ny
845-364-XXXXSpring ValleyRockland311687Teleport Communications New York
845-365-XXXXPiermontRockland311687Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-367-XXXXNanuetRockland311687Pwt Of New York, Inc. - Ny
845-368-XXXXSuffernRockland311687Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-369-XXXXSuffernRockland311687Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-371-XXXXSpring ValleyRockland311687Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-373-XXXXAmeniaDutchess297488Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-374-XXXXNew HamptonOrange372813Citizens Tel. Co. Of Ny Dba Frontie
845-377-XXXXPoughkeepsieDutchess297488Bandwidth Com Clec
845-378-XXXXMiddletownOrange372813Frontier Communications Of America,
845-379-XXXXPoughkeepsieDutchess297488Bandwidth Com Clec
845-380-XXXXPoughkeepsieDutchess297488Sprint Spectrum L.P.- Ny
845-381-XXXXMiddletownOrange372813Sprint Communications Company
845-382-XXXXKingstonUlster182493Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-383-XXXXKingstonUlster182493Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-384-XXXXKingstonUlster182493Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-385-XXXXKingstonUlster182493Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-386-XXXXOtisvilleOrange372813Citizens Tel. Co. Of Ny Dba Frontie
845-387-XXXXPoughkeepsieDutchess297488Arch Wireless Holdings, Inc.
845-389-XXXXKingstonUlster182493American Cellular Corporation
845-391-XXXXPoughkeepsieDutchess297488Mnipoint Communications
845-392-XXXXPoughkeepsieDutchess297488Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-393-XXXXPoughkeepsieDutchess297488Bandwidth Com Clec
845-395-XXXXMonroeOrange372813Warwick Valley Telephone Compa
845-397-XXXXPoughkeepsieDutchess297488Warwick Valley Telephone Compa
845-398-XXXXPiermontRockland311687Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-399-XXXXKingstonUlster182493American Cellular Corporation
845-401-XXXXNewburghOrange372813Wireless, Lp Dba Independent Wirele
845-402-XXXXPeekskillWestchester949113Pwt Of New York, Inc. - Ny
845-405-XXXXNanuetRockland311687Sprint Spectrum L.P.
845-406-XXXXSpring ValleyRockland311687Brooks Fiber Of New York, Inc.
845-408-XXXXMiddletownOrange372813American Messaging (Am), Inc.
845-412-XXXXOtisvilleOrange372813Frontier Communications Of America,
845-415-XXXXDover PlDover Pl0At&t - Local
845-416-XXXXPoughkeepsieDutchess297488At&t - Local - Ny
845-417-XXXXKingstonUlster182493Frontier Communications Of America,
845-418-XXXXPoughkeepsieDutchess297488Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon
845-419-XXXXPoughkeepsieDutchess297488Mnipoint Communications
845-421-XXXXMiddletownOrange372813Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon
845-423-XXXXPoughkeepsieDutchess297488Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon
845-424-XXXXGarrisonPutnam99710Pwt Of New York, Inc. - Ny
845-425-XXXXSpring ValleyRockland311687Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-426-XXXXSpring ValleyRockland311687Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-427-XXXXMaybrookOrange372813Frontier Communications Of New York
845-428-XXXXPoughkeepsieDutchess297488Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon
845-429-XXXXHaverstrawRockland311687Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-430-XXXXKingstonUlster182493Sprint Spectrum L.P.- Ny
845-431-XXXXPoughkeepsieDutchess297488Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-432-XXXXPoughkeepsieDutchess297488Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-433-XXXXPoughkeepsieDutchess297488Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-434-XXXXFallsburgSullivan77547Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-435-XXXXPoughkeepsieDutchess297488Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-436-XXXXFallsburgSullivan77547Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-437-XXXXPoughkeepsieDutchess297488Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-438-XXXXNewburghOrange372813Arch Wireless Holdings, Inc.
845-439-XXXXLivingston ManorSullivan77547Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-440-XXXXBeaconDutchess297488Frontier Communications Of America,
845-441-XXXXCongersRockland311687Coretel New York, Inc. - Ny
845-442-XXXXPoughkeepsieDutchess297488Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon
845-444-XXXXPoughkeepsieDutchess297488New Cingular Wireless Pcs
845-445-XXXXNew YorkNew York1385108New Cingular Wireless Pcs
845-446-XXXXHighland FallsOrange372813Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-447-XXXXMiddletownOrange372813Cablevision Lightpath
845-449-XXXXPoughkeepsieDutchess297488Arch Wireless Holdings, Inc.
845-450-XXXXWhite PlainsWestchester949113Cablevision Lightpath
845-451-XXXXPoughkeepsieDutchess297488Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-452-XXXXPoughkeepsieDutchess297488Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-453-XXXXPoughkeepsieDutchess297488American Cellular Corporation
845-454-XXXXPoughkeepsieDutchess297488Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-455-XXXXPoughkeepsieDutchess297488American Messaging (Am), Inc.
845-456-XXXXMiddletownOrange372813Frontier Communications Of America,
845-457-XXXXMontgomeryOrange372813Frontier Communications Of New York
845-458-XXXXBrewsterPutnam99710Frontier Communications Of America,
845-459-XXXXNew YorkNew York1385108Mnipoint Communications
845-460-XXXXHighland MillsOrange372813Frontier Communications Of America,
845-461-XXXXNew CityRockland311687Sprint Spectrum L.P.
845-462-XXXXPoughkeepsieDutchess297488Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-463-XXXXPoughkeepsieDutchess297488Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-464-XXXXPoughkeepsieDutchess297488American Cellular Corporation
845-465-XXXXPoughkeepsieDutchess297488American Messaging (Am), Inc.
845-467-XXXXMiddletownOrange372813Mnipoint Communications
845-468-XXXXFallsburgSullivan77547Paetec Communications, Inc. - Ny
845-469-XXXXChesterOrange372813Frontier Communications Of New York
845-470-XXXXNew YorkNew York1385108Mnipoint Communications
845-471-XXXXPoughkeepsieDutchess297488Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-473-XXXXPoughkeepsieDutchess297488Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-474-XXXXNew YorkNew York1385108Mnipoint Communications
845-475-XXXXPoughkeepsieDutchess297488Mnipoint Communications
845-476-XXXXNewburghOrange372813Mnipoint Communications
845-477-XXXXGreenwood LakeOrange372813Brooks Fiber Of New York, Inc.
845-478-XXXXLagrangevilleDutchess297488Level 3 Communications, Llc - Ma
845-480-XXXXNyackRockland311687Brooks Fiber Of New York, Inc.
845-481-XXXXPoughkeepsieDutchess297488Mnipoint Communications
845-482-XXXXJeffersonvilleSullivan77547Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-483-XXXXPoughkeepsieDutchess297488Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-484-XXXXPoughkeepsieDutchess297488Preferred Networks
845-485-XXXXPoughkeepsieDutchess297488Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-486-XXXXPoughkeepsieDutchess297488Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-487-XXXXPoughkeepsieDutchess297488Arch Wireless Holdings, Inc.
845-488-XXXXPoughkeepsieDutchess297488Arch Wireless Holdings, Inc.
845-489-XXXXPoughkeepsieDutchess297488Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-490-XXXXWest NyackRockland311687Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon
845-491-XXXXPoughkeepsieDutchess297488Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-492-XXXXMonroeOrange372813Frontier Communications Of New York
845-493-XXXXPoughkeepsieDutchess297488Comcast Phone Of New York
845-494-XXXXSpring ValleyRockland311687Nextel Communications, Inc.
845-495-XXXXNew YorkNew York1385108Comcast Phone Of New York
845-496-XXXXWashingtonvilleOrange372813Frontier Communications Of New York
845-497-XXXXWashingtonvilleOrange372813Frontier Communications Of New York
845-498-XXXXWurtsboroSullivan77547Citizens Tel. Co. Of Ny Dba Frontie
845-499-XXXXWest NyackRockland311687Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon
845-500-XXXXMonroeOrange372813Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon
845-501-XXXXNanuetRockland311687Pwt Of New York, Inc. - Ny
845-503-XXXXSpring ValleyRockland311687Broadview Networks, Inc. - Ny
845-504-XXXXSuffernRockland311687Brooks Fiber Of New York, Inc.
845-505-XXXXPoughkeepsieDutchess297488American Cellular Corporation
845-507-XXXXNanuetRockland311687Teleport Communications New York
845-508-XXXXFloridaOrange372813Cablevision Lightpath, Inc. - Ny
845-510-XXXXCongersRockland311687Broadwing Communications, Llc - Ny
845-512-XXXXWhite PlainsWestchester949113Global Crossing Local Services, Inc
845-513-XXXXPoughkeepsieDutchess297488Paetec Communications
845-514-XXXXWarwickOrange372813Paetec Communications
845-515-XXXXHighland FallsOrange372813Paetec Communications, Inc. - Ny
845-516-XXXXRhinebeckDutchess297488Frontier Communications Of America,
845-517-XXXXWhite PlainsWestchester949113Cablevision Lightpath, Inc. - Ny
845-518-XXXXPoughkeepsieDutchess297488American Cellular Corporation
845-519-XXXXMahopacPutnam99710Brooks Fiber Of New York, Inc.
845-520-XXXXNew YorkNew York1385108Cablevision Lightpath
845-521-XXXXWest NyackRockland311687Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
845-522-XXXXPoughkeepsieDutchess297488Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon
845-523-XXXXNew YorkNew York1385108Xo New York, Inc.
845-524-XXXXPoughkeepsieDutchess297488Sprint Communications Company, L.P.
845-525-XXXXHighland FallsOrange372813Coretel New York, Inc. - Ny
845-526-XXXXPutnam ValleyPutnam99710Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-527-XXXXNewburghOrange372813Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
845-528-XXXXPutnam ValleyPutnam99710Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-529-XXXXMahopacPutnam99710American Messaging (Am), Inc.
845-530-XXXXPattersonPutnam99710American Network, Inc.
845-531-XXXXCarmelPutnam99710Brooks Fiber Of New York, Inc.
845-532-XXXXKingstonUlster182493Alexandra Cellular Corporation
845-534-XXXXCornwallOrange372813Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-535-XXXXWhite PlainsWestchester949113Level 3 Communications, Llc - Ny
845-536-XXXXNanuetRockland311687Omnipoint Communications, Inc. - Ny
845-537-XXXXMonroeOrange372813American Cellular Corporation
845-538-XXXXNew YorkNew York1385108Level 3 Communications, Llc - Ny
845-540-XXXXPoughkeepsieDutchess297488Verizon New York, Inc.
845-541-XXXXNewburghOrange372813American Cellular Corporation
845-542-XXXXNewburghOrange372813American Cellular Corporation
845-543-XXXXPoughkeepsieDutchess297488The Beeper People Inc. Dba Airpage
845-544-XXXXWarwickOrange372813American Cellular Corporation
845-545-XXXXMiddletownOrange372813Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon
845-546-XXXXPoughkeepsieDutchess297488American Cellular Corporation
845-547-XXXXNew YorkNew York1385108Level 3 Communications, Llc - Ny
845-548-XXXXNew CityRockland311687Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
845-549-XXXXPoughkeepsieDutchess297488Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
845-550-XXXXNew YorkNew York1385108Verizon New York, Inc.
845-551-XXXXMiddletownOrange372813Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
845-553-XXXXNew YorkNew York1385108Pwt Of New York, Inc. - Ny
845-554-XXXXPoughkeepsieDutchess297488Bandwidth Com Clec
845-555-XXXXElmsfordWestchester949113Verizon New York, Inc.
845-556-XXXXSpring ValleyRockland311687Arch Wireless Holdings, Inc.
845-557-XXXXBarryvilleSullivan77547Citizens Tel. Co. Of Ny Dba Frontie
845-558-XXXXNew CityRockland311687Brooks Fiber Of New York, Inc.
845-559-XXXXPoughkeepsieDutchess297488Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-561-XXXXNewburghOrange372813Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-562-XXXXNewburghOrange372813Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-563-XXXXNewburghOrange372813Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-564-XXXXNewburghOrange372813Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-565-XXXXNewburghOrange372813Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-566-XXXXNewburghOrange372813Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-567-XXXXNewburghOrange372813Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-568-XXXXNewburghOrange372813Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-569-XXXXNewburghOrange372813Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-570-XXXXWest NyackRockland311687Verizon New York
845-571-XXXXSpring ValleyRockland311687American Network, Inc.
845-572-XXXXChesterOrange372813Frontier Communications Of America,
845-573-XXXXSpring ValleyRockland311687Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-574-XXXXSpring ValleyRockland311687Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-575-XXXXPoughkeepsieDutchess297488Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-576-XXXXNew YorkNew York1385108Verizon New York
845-577-XXXXSpring ValleyRockland311687Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-578-XXXXSpring ValleyRockland311687Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-579-XXXXSpring ValleyRockland311687Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-580-XXXXNew YorkNew York1385108Verizon New York
845-582-XXXXWhite PlainsWestchester949113Verizon New York
845-583-XXXXWhite LakeSullivan77547Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-584-XXXXNew YorkNew York1385108Verizon New York
845-586-XXXXMargaretvilleDelaware47980Margaretville Tel Co Inc
845-588-XXXXNarrowsburgSullivan77547Frontier Communications Of America,
845-589-XXXXWhite PlainsWestchester949113Brooks Fiber Of New York, Inc.
845-590-XXXXNewburghOrange372813Nextel Communications, Inc.
845-591-XXXXNewburghOrange372813Omnipoint Communications, Inc. - Ny
845-592-XXXXHopewell JctDutchess297488Brooks Fiber Of New York, Inc.
845-593-XXXXPawlingDutchess297488Brooks Fiber Of New York, Inc.
845-594-XXXXKingstonUlster182493Kmc Data Llc - Ny
845-595-XXXXGreenwood LakeOrange372813Pwt Of New York, Inc. - Ny
845-596-XXXXNew CityRockland311687Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
845-597-XXXXNewburghOrange372813Nextel Communications, Inc.
845-598-XXXXNanuetRockland311687Blue Licenses Holding, Llc
845-601-XXXXNewburghOrange372813American Messaging (Am), Inc.
845-602-XXXXPearl RiverRockland311687Broadwing Communications, Llc - Nj
845-603-XXXXMohegan LakeWestchester949113Teleport Communications New York
845-605-XXXXMillbrookDutchess297488Level 3 Communications, Llc - Ma
845-606-XXXXNew HamptonOrange372813Frontier Communications Of America,
845-608-XXXXWest NyackRockland311687Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon
845-609-XXXXCirclevilleOrange372813Frontier Communications Of America,
845-610-XXXXChesterOrange372813Paetec Communications, Inc. - Ny
845-612-XXXXBrewsterPutnam99710Teleport Communications New York
845-613-XXXXPiermontRockland311687Brooks Fiber Of New York, Inc.
845-614-XXXXWashingtonvilleOrange372813Frontier Communications Of America,
845-615-XXXXGoshenOrange372813Frontier Communications Of New York
845-616-XXXXKingstonUlster182493Sprint Spectrum L.P.- Ny
845-617-XXXXSomersWestchester949113Brooks Fiber Of New York, Inc.
845-618-XXXXSloatsburgRockland311687Teleport Communications New York
845-619-XXXXPearl RiverRockland311687Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-620-XXXXPearl RiverRockland311687Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-621-XXXXMahopacPutnam99710Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-622-XXXXSomersWestchester949113Global Naps, Inc. - Ny
845-623-XXXXNanuetRockland311687Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-624-XXXXNanuetRockland311687Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-625-XXXXPoughkeepsieDutchess297488Choice One Communications, Inc. - N
845-626-XXXXKerhonksonUlster182493Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-627-XXXXNanuetRockland311687Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-628-XXXXMahopacPutnam99710Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-629-XXXXNewburghOrange372813Nextel Communications, Inc.
845-632-XXXXWappingers FallsDutchess297488At&t - Local - Ny
845-633-XXXXNew PaltzUlster182493Frontier Communications Of America,
845-634-XXXXNew CityRockland311687Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-635-XXXXPleasant ValleyDutchess297488Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-636-XXXXMaybrookOrange372813Frontier Communications Of America,
845-637-XXXXMonroeOrange372813Level 3 Communications, Llc - Ma
845-638-XXXXNew CityRockland311687Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-639-XXXXNew CityRockland311687Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-641-XXXXNew CityRockland311687Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
845-642-XXXXNew CityRockland311687Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
845-644-XXXXWurtsboroSullivan77547Level 3 Communications, Llc - Ma
845-645-XXXXMonroeOrange372813Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon
845-647-XXXXEllenvilleUlster182493Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-648-XXXXMonroeOrange372813Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon
845-649-XXXXMiddletownOrange372813Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
845-650-XXXXMonticelloSullivan77547American Messaging (Am), Inc.
845-651-XXXXFloridaOrange372813Warwick Valley Tel Co - Ny
845-652-XXXXPearl RiverRockland311687Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-653-XXXXPearl RiverRockland311687Sprint Spectrum L.P.
845-655-XXXXMonroeOrange372813Frontier Communications Of New
845-656-XXXXPoughkeepsieDutchess297488Nextel Communications, Inc.
845-657-XXXXShokanUlster182493Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-658-XXXXRosendaleUlster182493Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-659-XXXXSpring ValleyRockland311687Sprint Spectrum L.P.
845-661-XXXXMahopacPutnam99710Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
845-662-XXXXMonroeOrange372813Sprint Spectrum L.P.- Ny
845-663-XXXXMiddletownOrange372813Frontier Communications Of America,
845-664-XXXXPearl RiverRockland311687Broadwing Communications, Llc - Ny
845-665-XXXXMonticelloSullivan77547Sprint Spectrum L.P.- Ny
845-666-XXXXNew YorkNew York1385108Broadview Networks
845-667-XXXXTuxedoOrange372813Brooks Fiber Of New York, Inc.
845-669-XXXXNorth SalemWestchester949113Brooks Fiber Of New York, Inc.
845-671-XXXXNanuetRockland311687Omnipoint Communications, Inc. - Ny
845-672-XXXXPort JervisOrange372813Frontier Communications Of America,
845-673-XXXXMiddletownOrange372813Frontier Communications Of America,
845-674-XXXXNewburghOrange372813Brooks Fiber Of New York, Inc.
845-675-XXXXNyackRockland311687Teleport Communications New York
845-676-XXXXAndesDelaware47980Margaretville Tel Co Inc
845-677-XXXXMillbrookDutchess297488Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-678-XXXXSpring ValleyRockland311687Xo New York, Inc.
845-679-XXXXWoodstockUlster182493Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-680-XXXXPiermontRockland311687Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-683-XXXXWesttownOrange372813Cablevision Lightpath, Inc. - Ny
845-684-XXXXWoodstockUlster182493Level 3 Communications, Llc - Ma
845-685-XXXXSpring ValleyRockland311687Arch Wireless Holdings, Inc.
845-687-XXXXHigh FallsUlster182493Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-688-XXXXPhoeniciaUlster182493Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-689-XXXXNyackRockland311687Broadwing Communications, Llc - Ny
845-691-XXXXHighlandUlster182493Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-692-XXXXMiddletownOrange372813Citizens Tel. Co. Of Ny Dba Frontie
845-693-XXXXFallsburgSullivan77547Sprint Communications Company, L.P.
845-694-XXXXSpring ValleyRockland311687Pwt Of New York, Inc. - Ny
845-695-XXXXMiddletownOrange372813Citizens Tel. Co. Of Ny Dba Frontie
845-697-XXXXSlate HillOrange372813Paetec Communications, Inc. - Ny
845-698-XXXXHyde ParkDutchess297488Paetec Communications, Inc. - Ny
845-699-XXXXMiddletownOrange372813Sprint Spectrum L.P.- Ny
845-701-XXXXMonticelloSullivan77547Frontier Communications Of America,
845-702-XXXXPoughkeepsieDutchess297488Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
845-703-XXXXMiddletownOrange372813Warwick Valley Telephone Company -
845-704-XXXXCarmelPutnam99710Pwt Of New York, Inc. - Ny
845-705-XXXXPoughkeepsieDutchess297488Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
845-706-XXXXKingstonUlster182493American Cellular Corporation
845-707-XXXXMonticelloSullivan77547Nextel Partners Operating Corp.
845-708-XXXXNew CityRockland311687Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-709-XXXXNew CityRockland311687Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
845-712-XXXXSloatsburgRockland311687Brooks Fiber Of New York, Inc.
845-713-XXXXWaldenOrange372813Frontier Communications Of America,
845-721-XXXXSpring ValleyRockland311687Nextel Communications, Inc.
845-722-XXXXNyackRockland311687Scarsdale Security Systems, Inc.
845-723-XXXXPleasant ValleyDutchess297488Level 3 Communications, Llc - Ma
845-724-XXXXPoughquagDutchess297488Frontier Communications Of America,
845-725-XXXXNewburghOrange372813Paetec Communications, Inc. - Ny
845-726-XXXXWesttownOrange372813Citizens Tel. Co. Of Ny Dba Frontie
845-727-XXXXNyackRockland311687Pwt Of New York, Inc. - Ny
845-728-XXXXNewburghOrange372813American Cellular Corporation
845-729-XXXXNanuetRockland311687Blue Licenses Holding, Llc
845-731-XXXXPearl RiverRockland311687Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-732-XXXXPearl RiverRockland311687Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-733-XXXXBloomingburgSullivan77547Citizens Tel. Co. Of Ny Dba Frontie
845-734-XXXXPeekskillWestchester949113Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-735-XXXXPearl RiverRockland311687Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-736-XXXXPeekskillWestchester949113Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-737-XXXXPeekskillWestchester949113Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-738-XXXXSuffernRockland311687Pwt Of New York, Inc. - Ny
845-739-XXXXPeekskillWestchester949113Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-741-XXXXMiddletownOrange372813Level 3 Communications, Llc - Ma
845-742-XXXXNewburghOrange372813Nextel Communications, Inc.
845-744-XXXXPine BushOrange372813Frontier Communications Of New York
845-746-XXXXSpring ValleyRockland311687Ctc Communications Corp. - Ny
845-747-XXXXLibertySullivan77547Sprint Communications Company, L.P.
845-750-XXXXKingstonUlster182493Paetec Communications, Inc. - Ny
845-751-XXXXMonroeOrange372813Paetec Communications, Inc. - Ny
845-752-XXXXRed HookDutchess297488Citizens Tel. Co. Of Ny Dba Frontie
845-753-XXXXNew CityRockland311687Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-754-XXXXCuddebackvilleOrange372813Citizens Tel. Co. Of Ny Dba Frontie
845-756-XXXXElizavilleColumbia63096Citizens Tel. Co. Of Ny Dba Frontie
845-757-XXXXTivoliDutchess297488Citizens Tel. Co. Of Ny Dba Frontie
845-758-XXXXRed HookDutchess297488Citizens Tel. Co. Of Ny Dba Frontie
845-759-XXXXNew CityRockland311687Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-764-XXXXNewburghOrange372813Omnipoint Communications, Inc. - Ny
845-765-XXXXBeaconDutchess297488Brooks Fiber Of New York, Inc.
845-769-XXXXMontgomeryOrange372813Frontier Communications Of America,
845-770-XXXXNyackRockland311687Pwt Of New York, Inc. - Ny
845-772-XXXXPine IslandOrange372813American Cellular Corporation
845-773-XXXXStaatsburgDutchess297488Frontier Communications Of America,
845-774-XXXXMonroeOrange372813Frontier Communications Of New York
845-775-XXXXMiddletownOrange372813Frontier Communications Of America,
845-776-XXXXMonroeOrange372813Frontier Communications Of America,
845-778-XXXXWaldenOrange372813Frontier Communications Of New York
845-781-XXXXMonroeOrange372813Frontier Communications Of New York
845-782-XXXXMonroeOrange372813Frontier Communications Of New York
845-783-XXXXMonroeOrange372813Frontier Communications Of New York
845-784-XXXXNewburghOrange372813Paetec Communications, Inc. - Ny
845-786-XXXXHaverstrawRockland311687Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-787-XXXXNewburghOrange372813Nextel Communications, Inc.
845-788-XXXXPeekskillWestchester949113Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-789-XXXXAmeniaDutchess297488Level 3 Communications, Llc - Ma
845-790-XXXXPoughkeepsieDutchess297488Paetec Communications, Inc. - Ny
845-791-XXXXMonticelloSullivan77547Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-794-XXXXMonticelloSullivan77547Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-795-XXXXMiltonUlster182493Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-796-XXXXMonticelloSullivan77547Paetec Communications, Inc. - Ny
845-797-XXXXPoughkeepsieDutchess297488Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
845-798-XXXXMonticelloSullivan77547American Cellular Corporation
845-800-XXXXMiddletownOrange372813American Cellular Corporation
845-802-XXXXKingstonUlster182493Paetec Communications, Inc. - Ny
845-803-XXXXMahopacPutnam99710Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
845-806-XXXXMonroeOrange372813Nextel Communications, Inc.
845-807-XXXXMonticelloSullivan77547At&t - Local - Ny
845-808-XXXXBrewsterPutnam99710Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-809-XXXXCold SpringPutnam99710Pwt Of New York, Inc. - Ny
845-810-XXXXWoodstockUlster182493Paetec Communications, Inc. - Ny
845-818-XXXXNyackRockland311687Global Naps, Inc. - Ny
845-819-XXXXCarmelPutnam99710Broadwing Communications, Llc - Ny
845-820-XXXXMiddletownOrange372813Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
845-821-XXXXSpring ValleyRockland311687Omnipoint Communications, Inc. - Ny
845-823-XXXXMohegan LakeWestchester949113Teleport Communications New York
845-825-XXXXNew CityRockland311687Broadwing Communications, Llc - Ny
845-826-XXXXNew CityRockland311687Pwt Of New York, Inc. - Ny
845-827-XXXXHighland MillsOrange372813Cablevision Lightpath, Inc. - Ny
845-831-XXXXBeaconDutchess297488Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-832-XXXXWingdaleDutchess297488Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-834-XXXXHighlandUlster182493Level 3 Communications, Llc - Ma
845-835-XXXXRed HookDutchess297488Cablevision Lightpath, Inc. - Ny
845-837-XXXXMonroeOrange372813Cingular Wireless Llc - Ny
845-838-XXXXBeaconDutchess297488Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-839-XXXXHighland FallsOrange372813Pwt Of New York, Inc. - Ny
845-844-XXXXPoughkeepsieDutchess297488Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-848-XXXXPiermontRockland311687Pwt Of New York, Inc. - Ny
845-849-XXXXPoughkeepsieDutchess297488At&t - Local - Ny
845-851-XXXXWallkillUlster182493Frontier Communications Of America,
845-853-XXXXKingstonUlster182493Choice One Communications, Inc. - N
845-855-XXXXPawlingDutchess297488Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-856-XXXXPort JervisOrange372813Citizens Tel. Co. Of Ny Dba Frontie
845-857-XXXXNewburghOrange372813Cingular Wireless Llc - Ny
845-858-XXXXPort JervisOrange372813Citizens Tel. Co. Of Ny Dba Frontie
845-859-XXXXHighland FallsOrange372813Pwt Of New York, Inc. - Ny
845-863-XXXXNewburghOrange372813At&t - Local - Ny
845-866-XXXXMonticelloSullivan77547American Cellular Corporation
845-867-XXXXPoughkeepsieDutchess297488Global Naps, Inc. - Ny
845-868-XXXXStanfordvilleDutchess297488Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-871-XXXXRhinebeckDutchess297488Citizens Tel. Co. Of Ny Dba Frontie
845-874-XXXXHyde ParkDutchess297488Southwestern Bell Mobile Systems, L
845-875-XXXXNyackRockland311687Ctc Communications Corp. - Ny
845-876-XXXXRhinebeckDutchess297488Citizens Tel. Co. Of Ny Dba Frontie
845-877-XXXXDover PlainsDutchess297488At&t - Local - Ny
845-878-XXXXPattersonPutnam99710Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-879-XXXXNewburghOrange372813The Beeper People Inc. Dba Airpage
845-883-XXXXClintondaleUlster182493Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-884-XXXXKingstonUlster182493American Messaging (Am), Inc.
845-886-XXXXSpring ValleyRockland311687Broadwing Communications, Llc - Ny
845-887-XXXXCallicoonSullivan77547At&t - Local - Ny
845-888-XXXXWurtsboroSullivan77547Citizens Tel. Co. Of Ny Dba Frontie
845-889-XXXXStaatsburgDutchess297488Citizens Tel. Co. Of Ny Dba Frontie
845-890-XXXXYonkersWestchester949113Citizens Tel Co Of Ny Dba Fron
845-891-XXXXPoughkeepsieDutchess297488Warwick Valley Telephone Company
845-892-XXXXBeaconDutchess297488Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-893-XXXXNew CityRockland311687Sprint Spectrum L.P.
845-894-XXXXFishkillDutchess297488Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-895-XXXXWallkillUlster182493Frontier Communications Of New York
845-896-XXXXFishkillDutchess297488Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-897-XXXXFishkillDutchess297488Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-901-XXXXKingstonUlster182493Allegiance Telecom, Inc. - Ny
845-902-XXXXPoughkeepsieDutchess297488Frontier Communications Of America,
845-905-XXXXPoughkeepsieDutchess297488Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-913-XXXXNewburghOrange372813Choice One Communications, Inc. - N
845-915-XXXXTuxedoOrange372813Pwt Of New York, Inc. - Ny
845-918-XXXXSuffernRockland311687Pwt Of New York, Inc. - Ny
845-920-XXXXPearl RiverRockland311687Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-926-XXXXNewburghOrange372813Paetec Communications, Inc. - Ny
845-928-XXXXHighland MillsOrange372813Frontier Communications Of New York
845-932-XXXXLake HuntingtonSullivan77547Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-938-XXXXHighland FallsOrange372813Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-940-XXXXBrewsterPutnam99710Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-942-XXXXHaverstrawRockland311687Teleport Communications New York
845-943-XXXXKingstonUlster182493Paetec Communications, Inc. - Ny
845-947-XXXXHaverstrawRockland311687Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-956-XXXXMiddletownOrange372813Warwick Valley Telephone Company -
845-970-XXXXBrewsterBrewster99710Verizon New York, Inc.
845-975-XXXXMiddletownOrange372813Arch Wireless Holdings, Inc.
845-976-XXXXBrewsterPutnam99710Rcn Telecom Services, Inc. - Ny
845-977-XXXXHighland FallsOrange372813Level 3 Communications, Llc - Ny
845-978-XXXXMiddletownOrange372813American Cellular Corporation
845-981-XXXXPine IslandOrange372813Cablevision Lightpath, Inc. - Ny
845-985-XXXXGrahamsvilleUlster182493Verizon New York, Inc. - Ny
845-986-XXXXWarwickOrange372813Warwick Valley Tel Co - Ny
845-987-XXXXWarwickOrange372813Warwick Valley Tel Co - Ny
845-988-XXXXWarwickOrange372813Warwick Valley Tel Co - Ny
845-262-XXXXSPRING VALLEYRockland311687Cablevision Lightpath Inc - NY
845-263-XXXXNEW CITYRockland311687Cellco Partnership dba Verizon Wireless - NY CLEC LLC - NY
845-443-XXXXKINGSTONUlster182493Cellco Partnership dba Verizon Wireless - NY
845-260-XXXXNEW YORK METROPutnam99710Telengy LLC - NY
845-600-XXXXNEW YORK METROPutnam99710Cellco Partnership dba Verizon Wireless - NY CLEC LLC - NY
845-301-XXXXNEW YORK METRORockland311687Peerless Network of New York LLC - NY CLEC LLC - NY



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