Area Code is covered under 785 Kansas

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Details on Area Code 785

State Kansas
Statewide Area Codes 316, 620, 785, 913
Cities Abilene, Agenda, Agra, Alexander, Alma, Almena, Alton, Arnold, Assaria, Atwood
Counties Anderson, Atchison, Brown, Cheyenne, Clay, Cloud, Coffey, Decatur, Denton, Dickinson
Time Zone UTC-6

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Telephone Code 785

Area Interchange City County Population Network Operator
785-200-XXXXAbileneDickinson19754Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
785-201-XXXXSalinaSaline55606Centurytel Acquisition, Llc Dba Kmc
785-202-XXXXNortonNorton5671Alltel Kansas Lp - Ks
785-203-XXXXPlainvilleRooks5181Rcc Holdings, Inc.
785-204-XXXXGarnettAnderson8102United Tel Co Of Kansas
785-205-XXXXStocktonRooks5181Rcc Holdings, Inc.
785-206-XXXXMorrillBrown9984Dobson Cellular Systems, Inc.
785-207-XXXXTopekaShawnee544179Alltel Kansas Lp - Ks
785-208-XXXXPhillipsburgPhillips5642Rcc Holdings, Inc.
785-209-XXXXJunction CityGeary34362Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
785-210-XXXXJunction CityGeary34362United Tel Co Of Kansas
785-212-XXXXLindsborgMcpherson29180Alltel Kansas Lp - Ks
785-213-XXXXTopekaShawnee544179Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
785-214-XXXXOttawaFranklin25992Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
785-215-XXXXTopekaShawnee544179Cox Kansas Telcom, Llc - Ks
785-216-XXXXHill CityGraham2597Alltel Kansas Lp - Ks
785-217-XXXXTopekaShawnee544179At&t - Local - Ks
785-218-XXXXLawrenceDouglas110826Sprint Spectrum L.P.
785-219-XXXXOsage CityOsage16295Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
785-220-XXXXTopekaShawnee544179Kansas City Smsa Limited Partnershi
785-221-XXXXTopekaShawnee544179Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
785-222-XXXXLa CrosseRush3307Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
785-223-XXXXJunction CityGeary34362United Tel Co Of Kansas
785-224-XXXXTopekaShawnee544179Kansas City Smsa Limited Partnershi
785-225-XXXXBrookvilleSaline55606Wilson Tel Co Inc
785-226-XXXXJunction CityGeary34362Aerial Communications
785-227-XXXXLindsborgMcpherson29180Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
785-228-XXXXTopekaShawnee544179Southwestern Bell - Ks
785-229-XXXXOttawaFranklin25992Southwestern Bell - Ks
785-230-XXXXTopekaShawnee544179Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
785-231-XXXXTopekaShawnee544179Southwestern Bell - Ks
785-232-XXXXTopekaShawnee544179Southwestern Bell - Ks
785-233-XXXXTopekaShawnee544179Southwestern Bell - Ks
785-234-XXXXTopekaShawnee544179Southwestern Bell - Ks
785-235-XXXXTopekaShawnee544179Southwestern Bell - Ks
785-236-XXXXManhattanRiley71115Sprint Spectrum L.P.- Ks
785-237-XXXXRepublicRepublic4980Great Plains Communications Inc
785-238-XXXXJunction CityGeary34362United Tel Co Of Kansas
785-239-XXXXJunction CityGeary34362United Tel Co Of Kansas
785-240-XXXXJunction CityGeary34362United Tel Co Of Kansas
785-241-XXXXOttawaFranklin25992United States Cellular Corp. - Kans
785-242-XXXXOttawaFranklin25992Southwestern Bell - Ks
785-243-XXXXConcordiaCloud9533Southwestern Bell - Ks
785-244-XXXXHomeMarshall10117Blue Valley Tele-Communications, In
785-245-XXXXHaddamWashington5799J.B.N. Tel Co Inc
785-246-XXXXTopekaShawnee544179Southwestern Bell - Ks
785-248-XXXXOttawaFranklin25992Sprint Spectrum L.P.
785-249-XXXXTopekaShawnee544179Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
785-250-XXXXTopekaShawnee544179Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
785-252-XXXXHolyroodEllsworth6497H & B Communications Inc
785-253-XXXXTopekaShawnee544179Westar Communications Inc.
785-254-XXXXGypsumSaline55606Home Tel Co Inc
785-255-XXXXOttawaFranklin25992United Telephone Company Of Eastern
785-256-XXXXTopekaShawnee544179Southwestern Bell - Ks
785-257-XXXXWoodbineDickinson19754Tri-County Tel Assn Inc
785-258-XXXXHeringtonDickinson19754Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
785-259-XXXXHaysEllis28452Alltel Kansas Lp - Ks
785-260-XXXXQuinterGove2695Rcc Holdings, Inc.
785-261-XXXXHaysEllis28452Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
785-262-XXXXConcordiaCloud9533Southwestern Bell - Ks
785-263-XXXXAbileneDickinson19754Southwestern Bell - Ks
785-264-XXXXAgraPhillips5642Citizens Tel. Co. Of Nebraska, Llc
785-265-XXXXMorrowvilleWashington5799J.B.N. Tel Co Inc
785-266-XXXXTopekaShawnee544179Southwestern Bell - Ks
785-267-XXXXTopekaShawnee544179Southwestern Bell - Ks
785-268-XXXXMarysvilleMarshall10117United States Cellular Corp. - Kans
785-269-XXXXColbyThomas7900Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
785-270-XXXXTopekaShawnee544179Southwestern Bell - Ks
785-271-XXXXTopekaShawnee544179Southwestern Bell - Ks
785-272-XXXXTopekaShawnee544179Southwestern Bell - Ks
785-273-XXXXTopekaShawnee544179Southwestern Bell - Ks
785-274-XXXXTopekaShawnee544179Southwestern Bell - Ks
785-275-XXXXConcordiaCloud9533Southwestern Bell - Ks
785-276-XXXXTopekaShawnee544179Southwestern Bell - Ks
785-277-XXXXSylvan GroveLincoln3241Wilson Tel Co Inc
785-278-XXXXWebberJewell3077Windstream Nebraska, Inc.
785-279-XXXXLa CrosseRush3307Rcc Holdings, Inc.
785-280-XXXXHopeDickinson19754Alltel Kansas Lp - Ks
785-282-XXXXSmith CenterSmith3853Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
785-283-XXXXTescottOttawa25992Twin Valley Tel Inc
785-284-XXXXSabethaNemaha10178Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
785-285-XXXXSabethaNemaha10178Alltel Kansas Lp - Ks
785-286-XXXXTopekaShawnee544179Southwestern Bell - Ks
785-288-XXXXHiawathaBrown9984Alltel Kansas Lp - Ks
785-289-XXXXTopekaShawnee544179United States Cellular Corp. - Kans
785-290-XXXXTopekaShawnee544179Centurytel Acquisition, Llc Dba Kmc
785-291-XXXXTopekaShawnee544179Southwestern Bell - Ks
785-292-XXXXFrankfortMarshall10117Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
785-293-XXXXLeonardvilleRiley71115Twin Valley Tel Inc
785-294-XXXXSenecaNemaha10178Alltel Kansas Lp - Ks
785-295-XXXXTopekaShawnee544179Southwestern Bell - Ks
785-296-XXXXTopekaShawnee544179Southwestern Bell - Ks
785-297-XXXXTopekaShawnee544179Southwestern Bell - Ks
785-298-XXXXSaint FrancisCheyenne2726Hartman Tel Exch Inc
785-299-XXXXQuinterGove2695Alltel Kansas Lp - Ks
785-300-XXXXCambridgeMiddlesex36311Carson Communications, Llc - Ks
785-301-XXXXTopekaShawnee544179Big River Telephone Company
785-302-XXXXPhillipsburgPhillips5642Alltel Kansas Lp - Ks
785-303-XXXXPalcoRooks5181Alltel Kansas Lp - Ks
785-304-XXXXGarnettAnderson8102Aerial Communications
785-305-XXXXHoltonJackson13462United Tel Co Of Kansas
785-307-XXXXJunction CityGeary34362Centurytel Acquisition, Llc Dba Kmc
785-308-XXXXPowhattanBrown9984Level 3 Communications, Llc - Ks
785-309-XXXXSalinaSaline55606Southwestern Bell - Ks
785-310-XXXXLyndonOsage16295Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
785-312-XXXXLawrenceDouglas110826Southwestern Bell - Ks
785-313-XXXXManhattanRiley71115United States Cellular Corp. - Kans
785-314-XXXXOsborneOsborne3858Rcc Holdings, Inc.
785-317-XXXXManhattanRiley71115Aerial Communications
785-318-XXXXLecomptonShawnee544179Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
785-320-XXXXManhattanRiley71115Cox Kansas Telcom, Llc - Ks
785-321-XXXXSt MarysPottawatomie21604Wtc Communications, Inc. - Ks
785-322-XXXXHerndonRawlins2519Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
785-323-XXXXManhattanRiley71115Southwestern Bell - Ks
785-324-XXXXRussellRussell6970Alltel Kansas Lp - Ks
785-325-XXXXWashingtonWashington5799Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
785-326-XXXXMundenRepublic4980Great Plains Communications Inc
785-328-XXXXHoltonJackson13462Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
785-330-XXXXLawrenceDouglas110826Southwestern Bell - Ks
785-331-XXXXLawrenceDouglas110826Southwestern Bell - Ks
785-332-XXXXSt FrancisCheyenne2726Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
785-334-XXXXEverestBrown9984Carson Communications, Llc - Ks
785-335-XXXXScandiaRepublic4980Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
785-336-XXXXSenecaNemaha10178Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
785-337-XXXXHanoverWashington5799Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
785-338-XXXXTopekaShawnee544179Brooks Fiber Communications - Ks
785-339-XXXXTopekaShawnee544179Centurytel Acquisition, Llc Dba Kmc
785-340-XXXXManhattanRiley71115Southwestern Bell - Ks
785-341-XXXXManhattanRiley71115Sprint Spectrum L.P.- Ks
785-342-XXXXSalinaSaline55606Sprint Spectrum L.P.- Ks
785-343-XXXXAlexanderRush3307Golden Belt Tel Assn Inc
785-344-XXXXLawrenceDouglas110826Centurytel Acquisition, Llc Dba Kmc
785-345-XXXXOsborneOsborne3858Rural Tel Service Co Inc
785-346-XXXXOsborneOsborne3858Rural Tel Service Co Inc
785-347-XXXXNorcaturDecatur2961Citizens Tel. Co. Of Nebraska, Llc
785-348-XXXXLinnWashington5799Blue Valley Tele-Communications, In
785-349-XXXXWhite CityMorris5923Tri-County Tel Assn Inc
785-350-XXXXTopekaShawnee544179Southwestern Bell - Ks
785-351-XXXXLa CrosseRush3307Westlink Communications, Llc
785-353-XXXXHomeMarshall10117Blue Valley Tele-Communications, In
785-354-XXXXTopekaShawnee544179Southwestern Bell - Ks
785-355-XXXXBisonRush3307Golden Belt Tel Assn Inc
785-356-XXXXBisonRush3307Golden Belt Tel Assn Inc
785-357-XXXXTopekaShawnee544179Southwestern Bell - Ks
785-358-XXXXMundenRepublic4980J.B.N. Tel Co Inc
785-359-XXXXKincaidAnderson8102Rainbow Telecommunications Associat
785-361-XXXXRepublicRepublic4980Rural Tel Service Co Inc
785-362-XXXXWetmoreNemaha10178Giant Communications, Inc. - Ks
785-363-XXXXBlue RapidsMarshall10117Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
785-364-XXXXHoltonJackson13462United Tel Co Of Kansas
785-365-XXXXHaysEllis28452Westlink Communications, Llc
785-366-XXXXHopeDickinson19754Tri-County Tel Assn Inc
785-367-XXXXOsage CityOsage16295Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
785-368-XXXXTopekaShawnee544179Southwestern Bell - Ks
785-370-XXXXManhattanRiley71115Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
785-371-XXXXLawrenceDouglas110826Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
785-372-XXXXBazineNess3107Golden Belt Tel Assn Inc
785-373-XXXXTiptonMitchell6373Wilson Tel Co Inc
785-374-XXXXCourtlandRepublic4980Rural Tel Service Co Inc
785-375-XXXXJunction CityGeary34362Sprint Spectrum L.P.- Ks
785-376-XXXXSalinaSaline55606Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
785-377-XXXXTopekaShawnee544179Centurytel Acquisition, Llc Dba Kmc
785-378-XXXXMankatoJewell3077Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
785-379-XXXXTopekaShawnee544179Southwestern Bell - Ks
785-380-XXXXTopekaShawnee544179Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
785-381-XXXXHaysEllis28452Nex Tech Wireless
785-382-XXXXCentraliaNemaha10178Blue Valley Tele-Communications, In
785-383-XXXXTopekaShawnee544179Aerial Communications
785-384-XXXXLincolnLincoln3241United States Cellular Corp. - Kans
785-385-XXXXRussellRussell6970Rural Tel Service Co Inc
785-386-XXXXSeldenSheridan2556Rural Tel Service Co Inc
785-387-XXXXOtisRush3307Golden Belt Tel Assn Inc
785-388-XXXXMiltonvaleCloud9533Twin Valley Tel Inc
785-389-XXXXLebanonSmith3853Rural Tel Service Co Inc
785-391-XXXXUticaNess3107Golden Belt Tel Assn Inc
785-392-XXXXMinneapolisOttawa25992Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
785-393-XXXXLawrenceDouglas110826Kansas City Smsa Limited Partnershi
785-394-XXXXAlexanderRush3307Golden Belt Tel Assn Inc
785-395-XXXXManhattanRiley71115Southwestern Bell - Ks
785-396-XXXXOnagaPottawatomie21604Blue Valley Tele-Communications, In
785-398-XXXXAlexanderRush3307Golden Belt Tel Assn Inc
785-399-XXXXKanoradoSherman6010S & T Tel Coop Assn
785-401-XXXXHaysEllis28452Nex Tech Wireless
785-403-XXXXMeridenJefferson19126Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
785-404-XXXXSalinaSaline55606Cox Kansas Telcom, Llc - Ks
785-405-XXXXSalinaSaline55606Nex Tech Wireless
785-406-XXXXSalinaSaline55606Verizon Wireless
785-407-XXXXSalinaSaline55606Bandwidth Com Clec
785-408-XXXXTopekaShawnee544179Aerial Communications
785-409-XXXXTopekaShawnee544179New Cingular Wireless Pcs
785-410-XXXXManhattanRiley71115Alltel Kansas Lp - Ks
785-412-XXXXSalinaSaline55606Verizon Wireless
785-413-XXXXSalinaSaline55606Verizon Wireless
785-415-XXXXVictoriaEllis28452Centurytel Acquisition, Llc Dba Kmc
785-416-XXXXSalinaSaline55606Verizon Wireless
785-418-XXXXOttawaFranklin25992Aerial Communications
785-419-XXXXHaysEllis28452Nex Tech Wireless
785-420-XXXXSalinaSaline55606Verizon Wireless
785-421-XXXXHill CityGraham2597Rural Tel Service Co Inc
785-422-XXXXTopekaShawnee544179Southwestern Bell
785-423-XXXXLawrenceDouglas110826Nextel Communications, Inc.
785-424-XXXXLawrenceDouglas110826At&t - Local - Ks
785-425-XXXXStocktonRooks5181Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
785-426-XXXXMc DonaldRawlins2519Benkelman Tel Co Inc
785-427-XXXXMiltonvaleCloud9533Twin Valley Tel Inc
785-428-XXXXJewellJewell3077Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
785-429-XXXXKensingtonSmith3853Citizens Tel. Co. Of Nebraska, Llc
785-430-XXXXTopekaShawnee544179Southwestern Bell - Ks
785-431-XXXXTopekaShawnee544179Southwestern Bell - Ks
785-432-XXXXHaysEllis28452Rcc Holdings, Inc.
785-433-XXXXGarnettAnderson8102Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
785-434-XXXXPlainvilleRooks5181Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
785-435-XXXXTopekaShawnee544179Southwestern Bell - Ks
785-436-XXXXBeverlyLincoln3241Twin Valley Tel Inc
785-437-XXXXSt MarysPottawatomie21604United Telephone Company Of Eastern
785-438-XXXXTopekaShawnee544179Southwestern Bell - Ks
785-439-XXXXJamestownCloud9533Cunningham Tel Co Inc
785-440-XXXXTopekaShawnee544179Centurytel Acquisition, Llc Dba Kmc
785-441-XXXXRussellRussell6970Rural Tel Service Co Inc
785-442-XXXXHighlandDoniphan7945United Tel Co Of Kansas
785-443-XXXXColbyThomas7900Alltel Kansas Lp - Ks
785-444-XXXXEverestBrown9984Carson Communications, Llc - Ks
785-445-XXXXRussellRussell6970Rural Tel Service Co Inc
785-446-XXXXClydeCloud9533Twin Valley Tel Inc
785-447-XXXXClay CenterClay8535Alltel Kansas Lp - Ks
785-448-XXXXGarnettAnderson8102United Tel Co Of Kansas
785-449-XXXXEskridgeWabaunsee7053United Tel Co Of Kansas
785-451-XXXXSalinaSaline55606Verizon Wireless
785-452-XXXXSalinaSaline55606Southwestern Bell - Ks
785-453-XXXXPomonaFranklin25992United Telephone Company Of Eastern
785-454-XXXXDownsOsborne3858Rural Tel Service Co Inc
785-455-XXXXCliftonWashington5799Twin Valley Tel Inc
785-456-XXXXWamegoPottawatomie21604Wamego Tel Co Inc
785-457-XXXXWestmorelandPottawatomie21604Blue Valley Tele-Communications, In
785-458-XXXXWamegoPottawatomie21604Wamego Tel Co Inc
785-459-XXXXMorrillBrown9984United Tel Co Of Kansas
785-460-XXXXColbyThomas7900S & T Communications, Inc. - Ks
785-461-XXXXWakefieldClay8535Twin Valley Tel Inc
785-462-XXXXColbyThomas7900Southwestern Bell - Ks
785-463-XXXXMilfordGeary34362Twin Valley Tel Inc
785-464-XXXXMiltonvaleCloud9533Twin Valley Tel Inc
785-465-XXXXColbyThomas7900Southwestern Bell - Ks
785-466-XXXXWilseyMorris5923Tri-County Tel Assn Inc
785-467-XXXXFairviewBrown9984J.B.N. Tel Co Inc
785-468-XXXXOlsburgPottawatomie21604Twin Valley Tel Inc
785-469-XXXXHaysEllis28452Nex Tech Wireless
785-470-XXXXOberlinDecatur2961Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
785-471-XXXXEllisEllis28452Westlink Communications, Llc
785-472-XXXXEllsworthEllsworth6497Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
785-473-XXXXTopekaShawnee544179Sbc Internet Services
785-474-XXXXPowhattanBrown9984United Tel Co Of Kansas
785-475-XXXXOberlinDecatur2961Southwestern Bell - Ks
785-476-XXXXKensingtonSmith3853Rural Tel Service Co Inc
785-477-XXXXTopekaShawnee544179Alltel Kansas Lp - Ks
785-478-XXXXTopekaShawnee544179Southwestern Bell - Ks
785-479-XXXXHopeDickinson19754Tri-County Tel Assn Inc
785-481-XXXXArnoldNess3107Golden Belt Tel Assn Inc
785-482-XXXXWhite CityMorris5923Tri-County Tel Assn Inc
785-483-XXXXRussellRussell6970Rural Tel Service Co Inc
785-484-XXXXMeridenJefferson19126United Telephone Company Of Eastern
785-485-XXXXRileyRiley71115Twin Valley Tel Inc
785-486-XXXXHortonBrown9984United Tel Co Of Kansas
785-487-XXXXEverestBrown9984Carson Communications, Llc - Ks
785-488-XXXXBenningtonOttawa25992Twin Valley Tel Inc
785-489-XXXXWestphaliaAnderson8102United Tel Co Of Kansas
785-492-XXXXTopekaShawnee544179New Cingular Wireless Pcs
785-493-XXXXSalinaSaline55606Southwestern Bell - Ks
785-494-XXXXSt GeorgePottawatomie21604Wamego Tel Co Inc
785-497-XXXXWilseyMorris5923Tri-County Tel Assn Inc
785-498-XXXXSalinaSaline55606New Cingular Wireless Pcs
785-499-XXXXWhite CityMorris5923United Telephone Company Of Eastern
785-500-XXXXHaysEllis28452Nex Tech Wireless
785-501-XXXXBuhlerReno64511Wildflower Telecommunications
785-502-XXXXSalinaSaline55606Wildflower Telecommunications
785-504-XXXXGarnettAnderson8102Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
785-505-XXXXLawrenceDouglas110826Centurytel Acquisition, Llc Dba Kmc
785-506-XXXXTopekaShawnee544179Centurytel Acquisition, Llc Dba Kmc
785-510-XXXXHomeMarshall10117One Point Technologies
785-512-XXXXSalinaSaline55606Verizon Wireless
785-513-XXXXHaysEllis28452Verizon Wireless
785-514-XXXXRush CenterRush3307Gbt Communications
785-515-XXXXSalinaSaline55606Golden Belt Tel Assn Inc
785-522-XXXXCirclevilleJackson13462Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
785-523-XXXXDelphosOttawa25992Twin Valley Tel Inc
785-524-XXXXLincolnLincoln3241Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
785-525-XXXXLucasRussell6970Wilson Tel Co Inc
785-526-XXXXSylvan GroveLincoln3241Wilson Tel Co Inc
785-527-XXXXBellevilleRepublic4980Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
785-528-XXXXOsage CityOsage16295United Telephone Company Of Eastern
785-529-XXXXHunterMitchell6373Wilson Tel Co Inc
785-530-XXXXJunction CityGeary34362Golden Belt Tel Assn Inc
785-531-XXXXEllsworthEllsworth6497Alltel Kansas Lp - Ks
785-532-XXXXManhattanRiley71115Southwestern Bell - Ks
785-533-XXXXPhillipsburgPhillips5642Nex-Tech Wireless, Llc
785-534-XXXXBeloitMitchell6373Alltel Kansas Lp - Ks
785-535-XXXXEmmettPottawatomie21604United Telephone Company Of Eastern
785-536-XXXXGypsumSaline55606Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
785-537-XXXXManhattanRiley71115Southwestern Bell - Ks
785-538-XXXXMc DonaldRawlins2519Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
785-539-XXXXManhattanRiley71115Southwestern Bell - Ks
785-540-XXXXPhillipsburgPhillips5642Rural Tel Service Co Inc
785-541-XXXXWashingtonWashington5799United States Cellular Corp. - Kans
785-542-XXXXEudoraDouglas110826Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
785-543-XXXXPhillipsburgPhillips5642Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
785-544-XXXXRobinsonBrown9984Rainbow Telecommunications Associat
785-545-XXXXGlen ElderMitchell6373Cunningham Tel Co Inc
785-546-XXXXMarquetteMcpherson29180Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
785-547-XXXXHortonBrown9984Rainbow Telecommunications Associat
785-548-XXXXEverestBrown9984Rainbow Telecommunications Associat
785-549-XXXXMelvernOsage16295United Tel Co Of Kansas
785-550-XXXXLawrenceDouglas110826Sprint Spectrum L.P.
785-554-XXXXTopekaShawnee544179Sprint Spectrum L.P.
785-555-XXXXTopekaShawnee544179Southwestern Bell
785-556-XXXXManhattanRiley71115United States Cellular Corp. - Kans
785-557-XXXXGlen ElderMitchell6373Cunningham Communications, Inc. - K
785-558-XXXXManhattanRiley71115Centurytel Acquisition, Llc Dba Kmc
785-559-XXXXTopekaShawnee544179Southwestern Bell - Ks
785-560-XXXXManhattanRiley71115Southwestern Bell - Ks
785-561-XXXXSalinaSaline55606Alltel Kansas Lp - Ks
785-562-XXXXMarysvilleMarshall10117Southwestern Bell - Ks
785-564-XXXXManhattanRiley71115Southwestern Bell - Ks
785-565-XXXXManhattanRiley71115Southwestern Bell - Ks
785-566-XXXXPomonaFranklin25992Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
785-567-XXXXLenoraNorton5671Rural Tel Service Co Inc
785-568-XXXXGlascoCloud9533Twin Valley Tel Inc
785-569-XXXXBeloitMitchell6373Southwestern Bell - Ks
785-571-XXXXSaint LouisSaint Louis City0Verizon Wireless
785-572-XXXXTopekaShawnee544179Sbc Internet Services
785-575-XXXXTopekaShawnee544179Southwestern Bell - Ks
785-577-XXXXSalinaSaline55606Alltel Kansas Lp - Ks
785-579-XXXXJunction CityGeary34362Sbc Internet Services
785-580-XXXXTopekaShawnee544179Southwestern Bell - Ks
785-581-XXXXTopekaShawnee544179Sbc Internet Services
785-582-XXXXSilver LakeShawnee544179United Telephone Company Of Eastern
785-584-XXXXRossvilleShawnee544179United Telephone Company Of Eastern
785-586-XXXXLevantThomas7900S & T Tel Coop Assn
785-587-XXXXManhattanRiley71115Southwestern Bell - Ks
785-588-XXXXRossvilleShawnee544179United Telephone Company Of Eastern
785-589-XXXXHarveyvilleWabaunsee7053United Telephone Company Of Eastern
785-593-XXXXGlascoCloud9533Cunningham Tel Co Inc
785-594-XXXXBaldwinDouglas110826Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
785-595-XXXXWhite CloudDoniphan7945United Tel Co Of Kansas
785-597-XXXXPerryJefferson19126United Telephone Company Of Eastern
785-598-XXXXAuroraCloud9533Tri-County Tel Assn Inc
785-599-XXXXTopekaTopeka177934Centurytel Acquisition, Llc Dba Kmc
785-608-XXXXTopekaShawnee544179Sprint Spectrum L.P.
785-614-XXXXConcordiaCloud9533Alltel Kansas Lp - Ks
785-615-XXXXEudoraDouglas110826Kansas City Smsa Limited Partnershi
785-616-XXXXTopekaTopeka177934Centurytel Solutions, Llc - Ks
785-617-XXXXWamegoPottawatomie21604United States Cellular Corp. - Kans
785-619-XXXXHomeMarshall10117One Point Technologies
785-620-XXXXSmith CenterSmith3853Nex-Tech Wireless, Llc
785-621-XXXXHaysEllis28452Rural Tel Service Co Inc
785-622-XXXXLenoraNorton5671Rural Tel Service Co Inc
785-623-XXXXHaysEllis28452Southwestern Bell - Ks
785-624-XXXXHaysEllis28452Southwestern Bell - Ks
785-625-XXXXHaysEllis28452Southwestern Bell - Ks
785-626-XXXXAtwoodRawlins2519Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
785-627-XXXXMorlandGraham2597Rural Tel Service Co Inc
785-628-XXXXHaysEllis28452Southwestern Bell - Ks
785-629-XXXXMarysvilleMarshall10117Southwestern Bell - Ks
785-630-XXXXClay CenterClay8535Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
785-631-XXXXOakleyLogan5642Westlink Communications, Llc
785-632-XXXXClay CenterClay8535Southwestern Bell - Ks
785-633-XXXXTopekaShawnee544179Kansas City Smsa Limited Partnershi
785-634-XXXXColbyThomas7900Westlink Communications, Llc
785-635-XXXXHaysEllis28452Rcc Holdings, Inc.
785-636-XXXXPaxicoWabaunsee7053Wamego Tel Co Inc
785-637-XXXXGorhamRussell6970Gorham Tel Co Inc
785-638-XXXXAgraPhillips5642Rural Tel Service Co Inc
785-639-XXXXHaysEllis28452Nex-Tech Wireless, Llc
785-640-XXXXTopekaShawnee544179Kansas City Smsa Limited Partnershi
785-643-XXXXSalinaSaline55606Alltel Kansas Lp - Ks
785-644-XXXXSaint LouisSaint Louis City0Level 3 Communications, Llc - Ks
785-647-XXXXBurr OakJewell3077Rural Tel Service Co Inc
785-648-XXXXMankatoJewell3077United States Cellular Corp. - Kans
785-650-XXXXHaysEllis28452Southwestern Bell - Ks
785-653-XXXXLong IslandPhillips5642Rural Tel Service Co Inc
785-654-XXXXBurlingameOsage16295United Tel Co Of Kansas
785-655-XXXXSolomonDickinson19754Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
785-656-XXXXHaysEllis28452Centurytel Acquisition, Llc Dba Kmc
785-657-XXXXHoxieSheridan2556Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
785-658-XXXXWilsonEllsworth6497Wilson Tel Co Inc
785-662-XXXXPalcoRooks5181Rural Tel Service Co Inc
785-664-XXXXAlmenaNorton5671Rural Tel Service Co Inc
785-665-XXXXOverbrookOsage16295United Telephone Company Of Eastern
785-666-XXXXBunker HillRussell6970H & B Communications Inc
785-667-XXXXAssariaSaline55606Home Tel Co Inc
785-668-XXXXFalunSaline55606Home Tel Co Inc
785-669-XXXXAlmenaNorton5671Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
785-670-XXXXTopekaShawnee544179Southwestern Bell - Ks
785-671-XXXXOakleyLogan5642S & T Communications, Inc. - Ks
785-672-XXXXOakleyLogan5642Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
785-673-XXXXGrainfieldGove2695Rural Tel Service Co Inc
785-674-XXXXHill CityGraham2597Rural Tel Service Co Inc
785-675-XXXXHoxieSheridan2556Southwestern Bell - Ks
785-676-XXXXTopekaShawnee544179Southwestern Bell - Ks
785-677-XXXXVictoriaEllis28452Nex Tech
785-678-XXXXJenningsDecatur2961Rural Tel Service Co Inc
785-679-XXXXOketoMarshall10117Windstream Nebraska, Inc.
785-680-XXXXQuinterGove2695Westlink Communications, Llc
785-685-XXXXHiawathaBrown9984Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
785-686-XXXXSmith CenterSmith3853Rural Tel Service Co Inc
785-687-XXXXRexfordThomas7900Rural Tel Service Co Inc
785-688-XXXXPlainvilleRooks5181Rural Tel Service Co Inc
785-689-XXXXLoganPhillips5642Rural Tel Service Co Inc
785-690-XXXXEudoraDouglas110826Worldnet, Llc Dba Sunflower Cablevi
785-691-XXXXLawrenceDouglas110826Southwestern Bell - Ks
785-692-XXXXPalmerWashington5799Blue Valley Tele-Communications, In
785-693-XXXXNorcaturDecatur2961Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
785-694-XXXXBrewsterThomas7900S & T Tel Coop Assn
785-695-XXXXKensingtonSmith3853Rural Tel Service Co Inc
785-696-XXXXHarveyvilleWabaunsee7053Centurytel Acquisition, Llc Dba Kmc
785-697-XXXXGaylordSmith3853Rural Tel Service Co Inc
785-698-XXXXLurayRussell6970Gorham Tel Co Inc
785-699-XXXXOketoMarshall10117Windstream Nebraska, Inc.
785-706-XXXXManhattanRiley71115Centurytel Acquisition, Llc Dba Kmc
785-707-XXXXWakefieldClay8535Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
785-709-XXXXSalinaSaline55606Verizon Wireless
785-712-XXXXManhattanRiley71115Nextel Communications, Inc.
785-713-XXXXMarysvilleMarshall10117Alltel Kansas Lp - Ks
785-714-XXXXSalinaSaline55606Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
785-717-XXXXJunction CityGeary34362United Tel Co Of Kansas
785-718-XXXXTroyDoniphan7945Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
785-721-XXXXWa KeeneyTrego3001Westlink Communications, Llc
785-724-XXXXTopekaShawnee544179Southwestern Bell
785-725-XXXXCedarSmith3853Rural Tel Service Co Inc
785-726-XXXXEllisEllis28452Golden Belt Tel Assn Inc
785-727-XXXXLawrenceDouglas110826Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
785-728-XXXXGoodlandSherman6010Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
785-729-XXXXAgendaRepublic4980J.B.N. Tel Co Inc
785-730-XXXXTopekaShawnee544179Southwestern Bell - Ks
785-731-XXXXArnoldNess3107Golden Belt Tel Assn Inc
785-732-XXXXAgendaRepublic4980J.B.N. Tel Co Inc
785-733-XXXXWaverlyCoffey8601United Tel Co Of Kansas
785-734-XXXXBird CityCheyenne2726Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
785-735-XXXXVictoriaEllis28452Rural Tel Service Co Inc
785-736-XXXXHomeMarshall10117Blue Valley Tele-Communications, In
785-737-XXXXPalcoRooks5181Rural Tel Service Co Inc
785-738-XXXXBeloitMitchell6373Southwestern Bell - Ks
785-739-XXXXRandallJewell3077Cunningham Tel Co Inc
785-740-XXXXEverestBrown9984Carson Communications, Llc - Ks
785-741-XXXXHiawathaBrown9984Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
785-742-XXXXHiawathaBrown9984United Tel Co Of Kansas
785-743-XXXXWa KeeneyTrego3001Rural Tel Service Co Inc
785-744-XXXXHomeMarshall10117Blue Valley Tele-Communications, In
785-745-XXXXBurr OakJewell3077Great Plains Communications Inc
785-746-XXXXWilliamsburgFranklin25992Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
785-747-XXXXGreenleafWashington5799Twin Valley Tel Inc
785-748-XXXXLawrenceDouglas110826Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
785-749-XXXXLawrenceDouglas110826Southwestern Bell - Ks
785-751-XXXXWinonaLogan5642S & T Tel Coop Assn
785-753-XXXXWebberJewell3077Rural Tel Service Co Inc
785-754-XXXXQuinterGove2695Rural Tel Service Co Inc
785-756-XXXXLyndonOsage16295Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
785-759-XXXXQuenemoOsage16295United Tel Co Of Kansas
785-760-XXXXLawrenceDouglas110826Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
785-761-XXXXJunction CityGeary34362United Tel Co Of Kansas
785-762-XXXXJunction CityGeary34362United Tel Co Of Kansas
785-763-XXXXBarnesWashington5799J.B.N. Tel Co Inc
785-764-XXXXLawrenceDouglas110826Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
785-765-XXXXAlmaWabaunsee7053United Tel Co Of Kansas
785-766-XXXXLawrenceDouglas110826Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
785-767-XXXXHanoverWashington5799Diller Tel Co
785-769-XXXXCollyerTrego3001Rural Tel Service Co Inc
785-770-XXXXManhattanRiley71115Southwestern Bell - Ks
785-771-XXXXDeliaJackson13462United Telephone Company Of Eastern
785-772-XXXXSt FrancisCheyenne2726Nex-Tech Wireless, Llc
785-776-XXXXManhattanRiley71115Southwestern Bell - Ks
785-777-XXXXClay CenterClay8535Twin Valley Communications
785-778-XXXXHaddamWashington5799J.B.N. Tel Co Inc
785-779-XXXXKensingtonSmith3853Citizens Tel. Co. Of Nebraska, Llc
785-781-XXXXCawker CityMitchell6373Cunningham Tel Co Inc
785-783-XXXXTopekaShawnee544179Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
785-784-XXXXJunction CityGeary34362United Tel Co Of Kansas
785-786-XXXXEsbonJewell3077Rural Tel Service Co Inc
785-787-XXXXSalinaSaline55606Aerial Communications
785-789-XXXXManhattanRiley71115Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
785-791-XXXXRussellRussell6970Level 3 Communications
785-792-XXXXBarnardLincoln3241Twin Valley Tel Inc
785-793-XXXXScrantonOsage16295S & A Tel Co Inc
785-794-XXXXFormosoJewell3077Cunningham Tel Co Inc
785-797-XXXXLong IslandPhillips5642Citizens Tel. Co. Of Nebraska, Llc
785-798-XXXXNess CityNess3107Golden Belt Tel Assn Inc
785-799-XXXXHomeMarshall10117Blue Valley Tele-Communications, In
785-806-XXXXTopekaShawnee544179Kansas City Smsa Limited Partnershi
785-810-XXXXHaysEllis28452Nex Tech Wireless
785-812-XXXXLawrenceDouglas110826Southwestern Bell - Ks
785-813-XXXXLawrenceDouglas110826Southwestern Bell
785-814-XXXXWa KeeneyTrego3001Centurytel Acquisition, Llc Dba Kmc
785-815-XXXXCirclevilleJackson13462Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
785-816-XXXXWellsvilleFranklin25992Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
785-817-XXXXTopekaShawnee544179Kansas City Smsa Limited Partnershi
785-818-XXXXConcordiaCloud9533Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
785-819-XXXXSalinaSaline55606United States Cellular Corp. - Kans
785-820-XXXXSalinaSaline55606Southwestern Bell - Ks
785-821-XXXXGoodlandSherman6010Alltel Kansas Lp - Ks
785-822-XXXXSalinaSaline55606Southwestern Bell - Ks
785-823-XXXXSalinaSaline55606Southwestern Bell - Ks
785-824-XXXXGrinnellGove2695S & T Tel Coop Assn
785-825-XXXXSalinaSaline55606Southwestern Bell - Ks
785-826-XXXXSalinaSaline55606Southwestern Bell - Ks
785-827-XXXXSalinaSaline55606Southwestern Bell - Ks
785-828-XXXXLyndonOsage16295United Tel Co Of Kansas
785-829-XXXXSalinaSaline55606At&t - Local - Ks
785-830-XXXXLawrenceDouglas110826Southwestern Bell - Ks
785-831-XXXXBeloitMitchell6373Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
785-832-XXXXLawrenceDouglas110826Southwestern Bell - Ks
785-833-XXXXVictoriaEllis28452Nex Tech
785-834-XXXXSoldierJackson13462J.B.N. Tel Co Inc
785-835-XXXXRichmondFranklin25992United Telephone Company Of Eastern
785-836-XXXXCarbondaleOsage16295Southwestern Bell - Ks
785-838-XXXXLawrenceDouglas110826Southwestern Bell - Ks
785-839-XXXXDamarRooks5181Rural Tel Service Co Inc
785-840-XXXXLawrenceDouglas110826Southwestern Bell - Ks
785-841-XXXXLawrenceDouglas110826Southwestern Bell - Ks
785-842-XXXXLawrenceDouglas110826Southwestern Bell - Ks
785-843-XXXXLawrenceDouglas110826Southwestern Bell - Ks
785-844-XXXXWamegoPottawatomie21604Alltel Kansas Lp - Ks
785-845-XXXXTopekaShawnee544179Sprint Spectrum L.P.
785-846-XXXXWinonaLogan5642S & T Tel Coop Assn
785-847-XXXXHuronAtchison16924Rainbow Telecommunications Associat
785-848-XXXXUticaNess3107Golden Belt Tel Assn Inc
785-850-XXXXTroyDoniphan7945Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
785-851-XXXXHoltonJackson13462Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
785-852-XXXXSharon SpgsWallace1485Sunflower Tel Co Inc - Ks
785-853-XXXXAxtellMarshall10117Windstream Nebraska, Inc.
785-854-XXXXLong IslandPhillips5642Rural Tel Service Co Inc
785-855-XXXXRexfordThomas7900S & T Tel Coop Assn
785-856-XXXXLawrenceDouglas110826Worldnet, Llc Dba Sunflower Cablevi
785-857-XXXXCentraliaNemaha10178Blue Valley Tele-Communications, In
785-858-XXXXBernNemaha10178Windstream Nebraska, Inc.
785-859-XXXXMarysvilleMarshall10117Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
785-861-XXXXPaulineShawnee544179Southwestern Bell - Ks
785-862-XXXXPaulineShawnee544179Southwestern Bell - Ks
785-863-XXXXOskaloosaJefferson19126United Tel Co Of Kansas
785-864-XXXXLawrenceDouglas110826Southwestern Bell - Ks
785-865-XXXXLawrenceDouglas110826Southwestern Bell - Ks
785-866-XXXXWetmoreNemaha10178J.B.N. Tel Co Inc
785-867-XXXXGreeleyAnderson8102United Telephone Company Of Eastern
785-868-XXXXCorningNemaha10178J.B.N. Tel Co Inc
785-869-XXXXLaneFranklin25992United Telephone Company Of Eastern
785-871-XXXXNortonNorton5671Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
785-872-XXXXMuscotahAtchison16924Rainbow Telecommunications Associat
785-873-XXXXWhitingJackson13462Rainbow Telecommunications Associat
785-874-XXXXNortonNorton5671Rural Tel Service Co Inc
785-875-XXXXWebberJewell3077Windstream Nebraska, Inc.
785-876-XXXXOzawkieJefferson19126United Telephone Company Of Eastern
785-877-XXXXNortonNorton5671Southwestern Bell - Ks
785-878-XXXXRantoulFranklin25992Mo-Kan Dial Inc - Ks
785-879-XXXXPowhattanBrown9984Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
785-883-XXXXWellsvilleFranklin25992United Telephone Company Of Eastern
785-884-XXXXFort WorthTarrant0Southwestern Bell
785-885-XXXXNatomaOsborne3858Rural Tel Service Co Inc
785-886-XXXXDentonDenton7945Icg Choice Com, L.P. - Tx
785-887-XXXXLecomptonShawnee544179Southwestern Bell - Ks
785-889-XXXXOnagaPottawatomie21604Blue Valley Tele-Communications, In
785-890-XXXXGoodlandSherman6010S & T Communications, Inc. - Ks
785-891-XXXXWallaceWallace1485Sunflower Tel Co Inc - Ks
785-893-XXXXOttawaFranklin25992Alltel Kansas Lp - Ks
785-896-XXXXOberlinDecatur2961Hartman Tel Exch Inc
785-899-XXXXGoodlandSherman6010Southwestern Bell - Ks
785-906-XXXXLindsborgMcpherson29180United States Cellular Corp. - Kans
785-914-XXXXSalinaSaline55606Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
785-915-XXXXOttawaFranklin25992Level 3 Communications, Llc - Co
785-917-XXXXLawrenceDouglas110826Sprint Spectrum L.P.
785-922-XXXXChapmanDickinson19754Southwestern Bell - Ks
785-923-XXXXLong IslandPhillips5642Citizens Tel. Co. Of Nebraska, Llc
785-924-XXXXCirclevilleJackson13462United Telephone Company Of Eastern
785-925-XXXXTopekaShawnee544179Nextel Communications, Inc.
785-926-XXXXMorganvilleClay8535Twin Valley Tel Inc
785-927-XXXXTopekaShawnee544179Alltel Kansas Lp - Ks
785-933-XXXXNetawakaJackson13462J.B.N. Tel Co Inc
785-935-XXXXDenisonJackson13462United Telephone Company Of Eastern
785-937-XXXXPrincetonFranklin25992United Telephone Company Of Eastern
785-938-XXXXGoveGove2695Rural Tel Service Co Inc
785-939-XXXXGoffNemaha10178J.B.N. Tel Co Inc
785-942-XXXXWaldoRussell6970Gorham Tel Co Inc
785-943-XXXXWeskanWallace1485Sunflower Tel Co Inc - Ks
785-944-XXXXGreenClay8535Twin Valley Tel Inc
785-945-XXXXValley FallsJefferson19126United Tel Co Of Kansas
785-948-XXXXHavensvillePottawatomie21604J.B.N. Tel Co Inc
785-949-XXXXGypsumSaline55606Tri-County Tel Assn Inc
785-952-XXXXRussellRussell6970New Cingular Wireless Pcs
785-953-XXXXOakleyLogan5642Alltel Kansas Lp - Ks
785-955-XXXXBellevilleRepublic4980Alltel Kansas Lp - Ks
785-965-XXXXTampaMarion12660Tri-County Tel Assn Inc
785-966-XXXXMayettaJackson13462United Telephone Company Of Eastern
785-969-XXXXTopekaShawnee544179Aerial Communications
785-973-XXXXPrairie ViewPhillips5642Rural Tel Service Co Inc
785-979-XXXXLawrenceDouglas110826Aerial Communications
785-982-XXXXEverestBrown9984Carson Communications, Llc - Ks
785-983-XXXXBurdickMorris5923Tri-County Tel Assn Inc
785-984-XXXXAltonOsborne3858Rural Tel Service Co Inc
785-985-XXXXTroyDoniphan7945United Tel Co Of Kansas
785-986-XXXXHoytJackson13462United Telephone Company Of Eastern
785-987-XXXXMundenRepublic4980J.B.N. Tel Co Inc
785-988-XXXXBendenaDoniphan7945Rainbow Telecommunications Associat
785-989-XXXXWathenaDoniphan7945United Tel Co Of Kansas
785-990-XXXXEverestBrown9984Carson Communications, Llc - Ks
785-991-XXXXHortonBrown9984Alltel Kansas Lp - Ks
785-992-XXXXPomonaFranklin25992Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
785-994-XXXXWoodstonRooks5181Rural Tel Service Co Inc
785-995-XXXXGoodlandSherman6010N E Colorado Cellular
785-996-XXXXWakefieldClay8535Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
785-998-XXXXDorranceRussell6970Gorham Tel Co Inc