Area Code is covered under 775 Nevada

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Details on Area Code 775

  • State: Nevada
  • Statewide Area Codes: 702, 775
  • Cities: Alamo, Amargosa Valley, Austin, Baker, Battle Mountain, Calpine, Carlin, Carson City, Cottonwood Creek, Crescent Valley
  • Counties: Carson City, Churchill, Douglas, Elko, Esmeralda, Eureka, Humboldt, Lander, Lincoln, Los Angeles
  • Time Zone: UTC-8

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Most Recent Comments

Sep 16, 2021
775-363-0206 08:23pm Sep 16, 2021

A robocall from UN-known - NON-WORKING NUMBER - scam - A search shows this number to be an inactive number from Battle Mountain, NV. A land line using ONVOY, LLC - NV. They keep calling using a different new number after being told to remove my number from their call list and blocked.

Aug 11, 2021
775-277-6768 04:08pm Aug 11, 2021


Jun 12, 2021
775-979-1100 12:11pm Jun 12, 2021

A robocall from UN-known - some type of scam - A search shows this number to be from Lovelock, NV. A land line using LEVEL 3 COMMUNICATIONS, LLC - NV. They keep calling using a different new number after being told to remove my number from their call list and blocked.

Sep 23, 2020
775-243-8777 12:54pm Sep 23, 2020

A robocall from UN-known - auto warranty scam - A search shows this number to be from Fort Battle Mountain, NV. A land line using ONVOY, LLC NV. They keep calling using a different new number after being told to remove my number from their call list and blocked.

Jun 9, 2020
775-404-7686 03:23pm Jun 9, 2020

Received a call from this number stating that cell service was canceled and asked for PIN number

Jan 20, 2020
775-253-3071 12:22pm Jan 20, 2020

Scam caller

Sep 8, 2019
775-553-6300 12:57pm Sep 8, 2019


Apr 3, 2019
775-229-8506 08:01pm Apr 3, 2019

Robo call to block:
; unwanted

Feb 21, 2019
775-316-9883 04:16pm Feb 21, 2019

numerous calls no caller ID and wont leave a voice mail

Sep 6, 2018
775-571-1538 01:33pm Sep 6, 2018

constant calls without leaving a message. annoying

Telephone Code 775

Area Interchange City County Population Network Operator
775-200-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon
775-201-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Nv
775-202-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Nevada Bell - Nv
775-205-XXXXAustinLander5775Liberty Telecom Llc
775-206-XXXXBakerWhite Pine10030Liberty Telecom Llc
775-207-XXXXYeringtonLyon51980Wpti Telecom, Llc - Nv
775-209-XXXXPahrumpNye43946Nextel Communications, Inc.
775-211-XXXXWendoverTooele0Central Telcom Svcs Dba Centra
775-212-XXXXElyWhite Pine10030Wpti Telecom, Llc - Nv
775-213-XXXXBattle MountainLander5775Liberty Telecom Llc
775-214-XXXXLovelockPershing6753Wpti Telecom, Llc - Nv
775-215-XXXXGardnervilleDouglas46997Wpti Telecom, Llc - Nv
775-216-XXXXSmithLyon51980Wpti Telecom, Llc - Nv
775-217-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Western Wireless Corporation-Nv
775-218-XXXXSilver SpringsLyon51980Liberty Telecom Llc
775-219-XXXXRenoWashoe421407T-Mobile Usa, Inc.
775-220-XXXXCarson CityCarson City55274Blue Licenses Holding, Llc
775-221-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Airpeak Communications, Llc
775-222-XXXXCarson CityCarson City55274Wpti Telecom, Llc - Nv
775-223-XXXXRenoWashoe421407T-Mobile Usa, Inc.
775-224-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
775-225-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
775-226-XXXXImlayPershing6753Wpti Telecom, Llc - Nv
775-227-XXXXCarson CityCarson City55274Liberty Telecom Llc
775-228-XXXXHawthorneMineral4772Wpti Telecom, Llc - Nv
775-229-XXXXRenoWashoe421407T-Mobile Usa, Inc.
775-230-XXXXCarson CityCarson City55274Blue Licenses Holding, Llc
775-231-XXXXDyerEsmeralda783Wpti Telecom, Llc - Nv
775-232-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Sprint Spectrum L.P. - Nv
775-233-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Blue Licenses Holding, Llc
775-234-XXXXBakerWhite Pine10030Nevada Bell - Nv
775-235-XXXXElyWhite Pine10030Nevada Bell - Nv
775-236-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Wpti Telecom, Llc - Nv
775-237-XXXXEurekaEureka1987Nevada Bell - Nv
775-238-XXXXElyWhite Pine10030Nevada Bell - Nv
775-239-XXXXAustinLander5775Liberty Telecom Llc
775-240-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Blue Licenses Holding, Llc
775-241-XXXXDaytonLyon51980Nevada Bell - Nv
775-242-XXXXBakerWhite Pine10030Liberty Telecom Llc
775-243-XXXXBattle MountainLander5775Liberty Telecom Llc
775-244-XXXXBattle MountainLander5775Liberty Telecom Llc
775-245-XXXXCarson CityCarson City55274Liberty Telecom Llc
775-246-XXXXCarson CityCarson City55274Nevada Bell - Nv
775-247-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Kmc Telecom V, Inc. - Nv
775-248-XXXXCottonwood CreekWashoe421407Liberty Telecom Llc
775-249-XXXXIncline VillageWashoe421407Liberty Telecom Llc
775-250-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Sprint Spectrum L.P. - Nv
775-251-XXXXElyWhite Pine10030Liberty Telecom Llc
775-252-XXXXLovelockPershing6753Liberty Telecom Llc
775-253-XXXXPahrumpNye43946Blue Licenses Holding, Llc
775-254-XXXXEurekaEureka1987Liberty Telecom Llc
775-255-XXXXFernleyLyon51980Liberty Telecom Llc
775-256-XXXXDyerEsmeralda783Liberty Telecom Llc
775-257-XXXXLuningMineral4772Liberty Telecom Llc
775-258-XXXXHawthorneMineral4772Liberty Telecom Llc
775-259-XXXXImlayPershing6753Liberty Telecom Llc
775-260-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Liberty Telecom Llc
775-261-XXXXYeringtonLyon51980Liberty Telecom Llc
775-262-XXXXSilver SpringsLyon51980Liberty Telecom Llc
775-263-XXXXLovelockPershing6753Liberty Telecom Llc
775-264-XXXXOrovadaHumboldt16528Liberty Telecom Llc
775-265-XXXXGardnervilleDouglas46997Verizon California Inc. - Nv
775-266-XXXXWellingtonLyon51980Verizon California Inc. - Nv
775-267-XXXXJacks ValleyCarson City55274Verizon California Inc. - Nv
775-268-XXXXWellsElko48818Western Wireless Corporation-Nv
775-269-XXXXElyWhite Pine10030Liberty Telecom Llc
775-270-XXXXEurekaEureka1987Wpti Telecom, Llc - Nv
775-271-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Acertion Connect
775-272-XXXXOrovadaHumboldt16528Humboldt Telephone Company
775-273-XXXXLovelockPershing6753Nevada Bell - Nv
775-274-XXXXElyWhite Pine10030Wpti Telecom, Llc - Nv
775-275-XXXXDeethElko48818Western Wireless Corporation-Nv
775-277-XXXXGoldfieldEsmeralda783Western Wireless Corporation-Nv
775-278-XXXXSilver SpringsLyon51980Liberty Telecom Llc
775-279-XXXXBattle MountainLander5775Wpti Telecom, Llc - Nv
775-280-XXXXElyWhite Pine10030Wpti Telecom, Llc - Nv
775-281-XXXXCrescent ValleyEureka1987Wpti Telecom, Llc - Nv
775-282-XXXXWinnemuccaHumboldt16528Wpti Telecom, Llc - Nv
775-283-XXXXCarson CityCarson City55274Advanced Telcom Group, Inc. - Nv
775-284-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Advanced Telcom Group, Inc. - Nv
775-285-XXXXLuningMineral4772Nevada Bell - Nv
775-286-XXXXYeringtonLyon51980Wpti Telecom, Llc - Nv
775-287-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Sprint Spectrum L.P. - Nv
775-288-XXXXLovelockPershing6753Liberty Telecom Llc
775-289-XXXXElyWhite Pine10030Nevada Bell
775-290-XXXXLuningMineral4772Wpti Telecom, Llc - Nv
775-291-XXXXCarson CityCarson City55274T-Mobile Usa, Inc.
775-292-XXXXGardnervilleDouglas46997T-Mobile Usa, Inc.
775-293-XXXXElyWhite Pine10030Level 3 Communications, Llc - Ca
775-294-XXXXFallonChurchill24877Nextel Communications, Inc.
775-295-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Liberty Telecom Llc
775-296-XXXXElyWhite Pine10030Western Wireless Corporation-Nv
775-297-XXXXCarson CityCarson City55274T-Mobile Usa, Inc.
775-298-XXXXIncline VillageWashoe421407Brooks Fiber Communications Of Neva
775-299-XXXXElkoElko48818Level 3 Communications, Llc - Ca
775-302-XXXXFernleyLyon51980Nextel Communications, Inc.
775-303-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Leap Wireless Intl, Inc. Dba Cricke
775-304-XXXXWinnemuccaHumboldt16528Western Wireless Corporation-Nv
775-305-XXXXCarson CityCarson City55274Liberty Telecom Llc
775-306-XXXXCarson CityCarson City55274Liberty Telecom Llc
775-307-XXXXBakerWhite Pine10030Liberty Telecom Llc
775-308-XXXXBakerWhite Pine10030Wpti Telecom, Llc - Nv
775-309-XXXXGardnervilleDouglas46997T-Mobile Usa, Inc.
775-310-XXXXElyWhite Pine10030Liberty Telecom Llc
775-311-XXXXWendoverTooele0Central Telcom Svcs Dba Centra
775-312-XXXXHawthorneMineral4772Western Wireless Corporation-Nv
775-313-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Nv
775-314-XXXXCottonwood CreekWashoe421407Liberty Telecom Llc
775-315-XXXXCarson CityCarson City55274Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
775-316-XXXXHawthorneMineral4772Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
775-317-XXXXHawthorneMineral4772Liberty Telecom Llc
775-318-XXXXEurekaEureka1987Western Wireless Corporation-Nv
775-319-XXXXDyerEsmeralda783Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Nv
775-320-XXXXLuningMineral4772Liberty Telecom Llc
775-321-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Nevada Bell - Nv
775-322-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Nevada Bell - Nv
775-323-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Nevada Bell - Nv
775-324-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Nevada Bell - Nv
775-325-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Nevada Bell - Nv
775-326-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Nevada Bell - Nv
775-327-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Nevada Bell - Nv
775-328-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Nevada Bell - Nv
775-329-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Nevada Bell - Nv
775-330-XXXXDyerEsmeralda783Liberty Telecom Llc
775-331-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Nevada Bell - Nv
775-332-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Brooks Fiber Communications Of Neva
775-333-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Nevada Bell - Nv
775-334-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Nevada Bell - Nv
775-335-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Brooks Fiber Communications Of Neva
775-336-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Advanced Telcom Group, Inc. - Nv
775-337-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Nevada Bell - Nv
775-338-XXXXRenoWashoe421407T-Mobile Usa, Inc.
775-339-XXXXGlenbrookDouglas46997Brooks Fiber Communications Of Neva
775-340-XXXXElkoElko48818Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
775-341-XXXXHawthorneMineral4772Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Nv
775-342-XXXXSparksWashoe421407Nevada Bell - Nv
775-343-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Nevada Bell - Nv
775-344-XXXXYeringtonLyon51980Brooks Fiber Communications Of Neva
775-345-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Nevada Bell - Nv
775-346-XXXXRound MountainNye43946Level 3 Communications, Llc - Ca
775-347-XXXXIncline VillageWashoe421407Liberty Telecom Llc
775-348-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Nevada Bell - Nv
775-349-XXXXAustinLander5775Liberty Telecom Llc
775-350-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Airpeak Communications, Llc
775-351-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Nevada Bell - Nv
775-352-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Nevada Bell - Nv
775-353-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Nevada Bell - Nv
775-354-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Nevada Bell - Nv
775-355-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Nevada Bell - Nv
775-356-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Nevada Bell - Nv
775-357-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Nevada Bell - Nv
775-358-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Nevada Bell - Nv
775-359-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Nevada Bell - Nv
775-360-XXXXSmithLyon51980Airpeak Communications, Llc
775-361-XXXXAustinLander5775Liberty Telecom Llc
775-362-XXXXCarson CityCarson City55274Liberty Telecom Llc
775-363-XXXXBattle MountainLander5775Liberty Telecom Llc
775-364-XXXXGardnervilleDouglas46997Level 3 Communications, Llc - Nv
775-365-XXXXBakerWhite Pine10030Liberty Telecom Llc
775-366-XXXXFernleyLyon51980Liberty Telecom Llc
775-367-XXXXEurekaEureka1987Liberty Telecom Llc
775-368-XXXXElyWhite Pine10030Liberty Telecom Llc
775-369-XXXXImlayPershing6753Liberty Telecom Llc
775-370-XXXXOrovadaHumboldt16528Liberty Telecom Llc
775-371-XXXXLovelockPershing6753Liberty Telecom Llc
775-372-XXXXAmargosa ValleyNye43946Nevada Bell - Nv
775-373-XXXXYeringtonLyon51980Liberty Telecom Llc
775-374-XXXXBattle MountainLander5775Western Wireless Corporation-Nv
775-375-XXXXGlenbrookDouglas46997Airpeak Communications, Llc
775-376-XXXXRenoWashoe421407T-Mobile Usa, Inc.
775-377-XXXXRound MountainNye43946Nevada Bell - Nv
775-378-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Leap Wireless Intl, Inc. Dba Cricke
775-379-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Leap Wireless Intl, Inc. Dba Cricke
775-382-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Commnet Wireless
775-383-XXXXLovelockPershing6753Liberty Telecom Llc
775-384-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Neutral Tandem Nevada
775-385-XXXXCalpineSierra0Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
775-387-XXXXCottonwood CreekWashoe421407Liberty Telecom Llc
775-388-XXXXElkoElko48818Western Wireless Corporation-Nv
775-389-XXXXElkoElko48818Western Wireless Corporation N
775-390-XXXXAlamoLincoln5345Lincoln County Tel System Inc
775-391-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Bandwidth Com Clec
775-392-XXXXGardnervilleDouglas46997Charter Fiberlink Nv Ccvii
775-393-XXXXRenoWashoe421407U S Telepacific Corp Nv
775-397-XXXXElkoElko48818Western Wireless Corporation-Nv
775-398-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Mpower Communications Corp Nv
775-400-XXXXRenoWashoe421407T Mobile Usa
775-401-XXXXRenoWashoe421407T Mobile Usa
775-402-XXXXElyWhite Pine10030Liberty Telecom Llc
775-403-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Commnet Wireless
775-406-XXXXDaytonLyon51980Liberty Telecom Llc
775-407-XXXXRenoWashoe421407New Cingular Wireless Pcs
775-408-XXXXSalt Lake CitySalt Lake0New Cingular Wireless Pcs
775-410-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Ymax Communications Corp Nv
775-411-XXXXWendoverTooele0Central Telcom Svcs Dba Centra
775-412-XXXXRenoWashoe421407At&t - Local - Nv
775-413-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Central Telcom Svcs Dba Centra
775-414-XXXXCottonwood CreekWashoe421407Liberty Telecom Llc
775-415-XXXXIncline VillageWashoe421407Liberty Telecom Llc
775-416-XXXXElyWhite Pine10030Liberty Telecom Llc
775-417-XXXXIncline VillageWashoe421407Liberty Telecom Llc
775-418-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Liberty Telecom Llc
775-420-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Halo Wireless
775-421-XXXXWinnemuccaHumboldt16528Churchill County Telephone Dba Cc C
775-422-XXXXLovelockPershing6753Churchill County Telephone Dba Cc C
775-423-XXXXFallonChurchill24877Churchill County Telephone Dba Cc C
775-424-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Nevada Bell - Nv
775-425-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Nevada Bell - Nv
775-426-XXXXFallonChurchill24877Churchill County Telephone Dba Cc C
775-427-XXXXFallonChurchill24877Churchill County Telephone Dba Cc C
775-428-XXXXFallonChurchill24877Churchill County Telephone Dba Cc C
775-429-XXXXElyWhite Pine10030Liberty Telecom Llc
775-434-XXXXLos AngelesLos Angeles0Halo Wireless
775-442-XXXXLovelockPershing6753Western Wireless Corporation-Nv
775-443-XXXXCarson CityCarson City55274Leap Wireless Intl, Inc. Dba Cricke
775-444-XXXXElyWhite Pine10030All American Telephone Company
775-445-XXXXCarson CityCarson City55274Nevada Bell - Nv
775-448-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Nevada Bell - Nv
775-450-XXXXGardnervilleDouglas46997Sprint Spectrum L.P. - Nv
775-453-XXXXRenoWashoe421407All American Telephone Company
775-455-XXXXBattle MountainLander5775At&t - Local - Nv
775-458-XXXXWinnemuccaHumboldt16528Liberty Telecom Llc
775-459-XXXXCottonwood CreekWashoe421407Liberty Telecom Llc
775-461-XXXXRenoWashoe421407All American Telephone Company
775-463-XXXXYeringtonLyon51980Verizon California Inc. - Nv
775-464-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Sbc Internet Services
775-465-XXXXWellingtonLyon51980Verizon California Inc. - Nv
775-467-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Nv
775-468-XXXXCrescent ValleyEureka1987Nevada Bell - Nv
775-472-XXXXDeethElko48818Beehive Telephone Co. Inc., Nevada
775-473-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Commpartners, Llc - Nv
775-475-XXXXCottonwood CreekWashoe421407Nevada Bell - Nv
775-476-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Nevada Bell - Nv
775-478-XXXXWellsElko48818Beehive Telephone Co. Inc., Nevada
775-482-XXXXTonopahNye43946Citizens Tel. Co. Of Nv Dba Frontie
775-483-XXXXWellsElko48818Beehive Telephone Co. Inc., Nevada
775-485-XXXXGoldfieldEsmeralda783Citizens Tel. Co. Of Nv Dba Frontie
775-487-XXXXRound MountainNye43946Citizens Tel. Co. Of Nv Dba Frontie
775-488-XXXXMountain CityElko48818Rural Tel Co - Nv
775-489-XXXXWellsElko48818Beehive Telephone Co. Inc., Nevada
775-490-XXXXAmargosa ValleyNye43946Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Nv
775-499-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Global Naps, Inc. - Nv
775-511-XXXXWendoverTooele0Central Telcom Svcs Dba Centra
775-513-XXXXPahrumpNye43946Blue Licenses Holding, Llc
775-514-XXXXHawthorneMineral4772Liberty Telecom Llc
775-521-XXXXLovelockPershing6753Liberty Telecom Llc
775-522-XXXXEurekaEureka1987Liberty Telecom Llc
775-525-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Electric Lightwave
775-526-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Charter Fiberlink Nv Ccvii
775-527-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Blue Licenses Holding, Llc
775-529-XXXXGolcondaHumboldt16528Humboldt Telephone Company
775-530-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
775-532-XXXXOrovadaHumboldt16528Humboldt Telephone Company
775-533-XXXXBakerWhite Pine10030Beehive Telephone Co. Inc., Nevada
775-534-XXXXWellsElko48818Beehive Telephone Co. Inc., Nevada
775-535-XXXXLuningMineral4772Liberty Telecom Llc
775-536-XXXXElyWhite Pine10030Beehive Telephone Co. Inc., Nevada
775-537-XXXXPahrumpNye43946Nevada Bell - Nv
775-538-XXXXImlayPershing6753Nevada Bell - Nv
775-539-XXXXBattle MountainLander5775Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Nv
775-540-XXXXLathrop WellsNye43946Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Nv
775-542-XXXXFernleyLyon51980Liberty Telecom Llc
775-544-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Blue Licenses Holding, Llc
775-545-XXXXSmithLyon51980Verizon California Inc. - Nv
775-546-XXXXCarson CityCarson City55274Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Nv
775-548-XXXXIncline VillageWashoe421407Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Nv
775-549-XXXXElyWhite Pine10030Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Nv
775-550-XXXXWendoverTooele0Central Telcom Svcs Dba Centra
775-551-XXXXEurekaEureka1987Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Nv
775-552-XXXXGardnervilleDouglas46997Brooks Fiber Communications Of Neva
775-553-XXXXAmargosa ValleyNye43946Nevada Bell - Nv
775-554-XXXXGlenbrookDouglas46997Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Nv
775-555-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Nevada Bell
775-556-XXXXDyerEsmeralda783Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Nv
775-557-XXXXLovelockPershing6753Nevada Bell - Nv
775-560-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
775-561-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Nv
775-562-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Nv
775-570-XXXXDyerEsmeralda783Verizon California Inc. - Nv
775-572-XXXXDyerEsmeralda783Nevada Bell - Nv
775-573-XXXXLuningMineral4772Nevada Bell - Nv
775-574-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Nevada Bell - Nv
775-575-XXXXFernleyLyon51980Nevada Bell - Nv
775-576-XXXXSmithLyon51980Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Nv
775-577-XXXXSilver SpringsLyon51980Nevada Bell - Nv
775-578-XXXXOrovadaHumboldt16528Humboldt Telephone Company
775-580-XXXXGlenbrookDouglas46997Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Nv
775-581-XXXXWellingtonLyon51980Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Nv
775-582-XXXXPahrumpNye43946Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Nv
775-583-XXXXDaytonLyon51980Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Nv
775-586-XXXXGlenbrookDouglas46997Verizon California Inc. - Nv
775-587-XXXXWinnemuccaHumboldt16528Liberty Telecom Llc
775-588-XXXXGlenbrookDouglas46997Verizon California Inc. - Nv
775-589-XXXXGlenbrookDouglas46997Verizon California Inc. - Nv
775-591-XXXXElyWhite Pine10030Level 3 Communications, Llc - Ca
775-593-XXXXDaytonLyon51980Liberty Telecom Llc
775-599-XXXXDyerEsmeralda783Liberty Telecom Llc
775-600-XXXXWendoverWendover0Central Telcom Svcs Dba Centracom I
775-611-XXXXWendoverTooele0Central Telcom Svcs Dba Centra
775-618-XXXXFernleyLyon51980Liberty Telecom Llc
775-620-XXXXWinnemuccaWinnemucca16528Nevada Bell - Nv
775-621-XXXXWinnemuccaHumboldt16528Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Nv
775-622-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Charter Fiberlink Nv - Ccvii, Llc -
775-623-XXXXWinnemuccaHumboldt16528Nevada Bell - Nv
775-624-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Nevada Bell - Nv
775-625-XXXXWinnemuccaHumboldt16528Nevada Bell - Nv
775-626-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Nevada Bell - Nv
775-627-XXXXYeringtonLyon51980Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Nv
775-628-XXXXDyerEsmeralda783Liberty Telecom Llc
775-629-XXXXStagecoachLyon51980Nevada Bell - Nv
775-635-XXXXBattle MountainLander5775Nevada Bell - Nv
775-636-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Idacomm, Inc. - Nv
775-637-XXXXLuningMineral4772Liberty Telecom Llc
775-640-XXXXEurekaEureka1987Liberty Telecom Llc
775-655-XXXXRound MountainNye43946Liberty Telecom Llc
775-657-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Nevada Bell
775-659-XXXXHawthorneMineral4772Liberty Telecom Llc
775-663-XXXXWendoverTooele0Central Telcom Svcs Dba Centracom I
775-664-XXXXWellsElko48818Citizens Tel. Co. Of Nv Dba Frontie
775-665-XXXXSilver SpringsLyon51980Liberty Telecom Llc
775-667-XXXXElyWhite Pine10030Liberty Telecom Llc
775-671-XXXXCarson CityCarson City55274Brooks Fiber Communications Of Neva
775-673-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Nevada Bell - Nv
775-674-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Nevada Bell - Nv
775-677-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Nevada Bell - Nv
775-682-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Nevada Bell
775-684-XXXXCarson CityCarson City55274Nevada Bell - Nv
775-685-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Nevada Bell - Nv
775-686-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Nevada Bell - Nv
775-687-XXXXCarson CityCarson City55274Nevada Bell - Nv
775-688-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Nevada Bell - Nv
775-689-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Nevada Bell - Nv
775-690-XXXXCarson CityCarson City55274Nextel Communications, Inc.
775-691-XXXXCarson CityCarson City55274Nextel Communications, Inc.
775-700-XXXXWendoverTooele0Central Telcom Svcs Dba Centra
775-702-XXXXWendoverTooele0Central Telcom Svcs Dba Centra
775-703-XXXXOrovadaHumboldt16528Liberty Telecom Llc
775-711-XXXXWendoverTooele0Central Telcom Svcs Dba Centra
775-719-XXXXYeringtonLyon51980Liberty Telecom Llc
775-720-XXXXCarson CityCarson City55274Blue Licenses Holding, Llc
775-721-XXXXCarson CityCarson City55274Blue Licenses Holding, Llc
775-722-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
775-724-XXXXPiocheLincoln5345Lincoln County Tel System Inc
775-725-XXXXAlamoLincoln5345Lincoln County Tel System Inc
775-726-XXXXPiocheLincoln5345Lincoln County Tel System Inc
775-727-XXXXPahrumpNye43946Nevada Bell - Nv
775-728-XXXXPiocheLincoln5345Lincoln County Tel System Inc
775-729-XXXXHikoLincoln5345Lincoln County Tel System Inc
775-737-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Utility Telephone
775-738-XXXXElkoElko48818Citizens Tel. Co. Of Nv Dba Frontie
775-741-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
775-742-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Blue Licenses Holding, Llc
775-743-XXXXImlayPershing6753Liberty Telecom Llc
775-744-XXXXSpring CreekElko48818Citizens Tel. Co. Of Nv Dba Frontie
775-745-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Nextel Communications, Inc.
775-746-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Nevada Bell - Nv
775-747-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Nevada Bell - Nv
775-748-XXXXElkoElko48818Citizens Tel. Co. Of Nv Dba Frontie
775-749-XXXXGlenbrookDouglas46997Verizon California Inc. - Nv
775-750-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
775-751-XXXXPahrumpNye43946Nevada Bell - Nv
775-752-XXXXDeethElko48818Citizens Tel. Co. Of Nv Dba Frontie
775-753-XXXXElkoElko48818Citizens Tel. Co. Of Nv Dba Frontie
775-754-XXXXCarlinElko48818Citizens Tel. Co. Of Nv Dba Frontie
775-755-XXXXJackpotElko48818Filer Mutual Tel Co - Nv
775-756-XXXXTuscaroraElko48818Rural Tel Co - Nv
775-757-XXXXMountain CityElko48818Centurytel Of The Gem State, Inc. -
775-758-XXXXMountain CityElko48818Rural Tel Co - Nv
775-760-XXXXWendoverTooele0Central Telcom Svcs Dba Centra
775-761-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Western Wireless Corporation-Nv
775-762-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Blue Licenses Holding, Llc
775-763-XXXXMountain CityElko48818Centurytel Of The Gem State, Inc. -
775-764-XXXXPahrumpNye43946Western Wireless Corporation-Nv
775-766-XXXXLovelockPershing6753Liberty Telecom Llc
775-770-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Nevada Bell - Nv
775-771-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Blue Licenses Holding, Llc
775-772-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Blue Licenses Holding, Llc
775-773-XXXXHawthorneMineral4772Nevada Bell - Nv
775-775-XXXXWendoverTooele0Central Telcom Svcs Dba Centra
775-776-XXXXWellsElko48818Citizens Tel. Co. Of Nv Dba Frontie
775-777-XXXXElkoElko48818Citizens Tel. Co. Of Nv Dba Frontie
775-778-XXXXElkoElko48818Citizens Tel. Co. Of Nv Dba Frontie
775-779-XXXXRuby ValleyElko48818Citizens Tel. Co. Of Nv Dba Frontie
775-780-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Arch Wireless Holdings
775-781-XXXXGardnervilleDouglas46997Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
775-782-XXXXGardnervilleDouglas46997Verizon California Inc. - Nv
775-783-XXXXGardnervilleDouglas46997Verizon California Inc. - Nv
775-784-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Nevada Bell - Nv
775-785-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Nevada Bell - Nv
775-786-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Nevada Bell - Nv
775-787-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Nevada Bell - Nv
775-788-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Nevada Bell - Nv
775-789-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Nevada Bell - Nv
775-790-XXXXGardnervilleDouglas46997Blue Licenses Holding, Llc
775-793-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Nevada Bell - Nv
775-796-XXXXLovelockPershing6753Liberty Telecom Llc
775-806-XXXXImlayPershing6753Liberty Telecom Llc
775-811-XXXXWendoverTooele0Central Telcom Svcs Dba Centra
775-813-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Blue Licenses Holding, Llc
775-815-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Blue Licenses Holding, Llc
775-820-XXXXCarson CityCarson City55274Arch Wireless Holdings
775-822-XXXXYeringtonLyon51980Liberty Telecom Llc
775-823-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Nevada Bell - Nv
775-824-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Nevada Bell - Nv
775-825-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Nevada Bell - Nv
775-826-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Nevada Bell - Nv
775-827-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Nevada Bell - Nv
775-828-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Nevada Bell - Nv
775-829-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Nevada Bell - Nv
775-830-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Blue Licenses Holding, Llc
775-831-XXXXIncline VillageWashoe421407Nevada Bell - Nv
775-832-XXXXIncline VillageWashoe421407Nevada Bell - Nv
775-833-XXXXIncline VillageWashoe421407Nevada Bell - Nv
775-834-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Brooks Fiber Communications Of Neva
775-835-XXXXFernleyLyon51980Nevada Bell - Nv
775-841-XXXXCarson CityCarson City55274Nevada Bell - Nv
775-842-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
775-843-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Blue Licenses Holding, Llc
775-844-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Nevada Bell - Nv
775-845-XXXXElyWhite Pine10030Liberty Telecom Llc
775-846-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Blue Licenses Holding, Llc
775-847-XXXXDaytonLyon51980Nevada Bell - Nv
775-848-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Blue Licenses Holding, Llc
775-849-XXXXWashoe ValleyWashoe421407Nevada Bell - Nv
775-850-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Nevada Bell - Nv
775-851-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Nevada Bell - Nv
775-852-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Nevada Bell - Nv
775-853-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Nevada Bell - Nv
775-854-XXXXOrovadaHumboldt16528Liberty Telecom Llc
775-855-XXXXElyWhite Pine10030Liberty Telecom Llc
775-856-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Nevada Bell - Nv
775-857-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Nevada Bell - Nv
775-858-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Nevada Bell - Nv
775-859-XXXXOrovadaHumboldt16528Humboldt Telephone Company
775-860-XXXXRound MountainNye43946Liberty Telecom Llc
775-861-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Nevada Bell - Nv
775-862-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Liberty Telecom Llc
775-863-XXXXEurekaEureka1987Nevada Bell - Nv
775-867-XXXXFallonChurchill24877Churchill County Telephone Dba Cc C
775-871-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Liberty Telecom Llc
775-878-XXXXLuningMineral4772Liberty Telecom Llc
775-881-XXXXCarson CityCarson City55274Nevada Bell - Nv
775-882-XXXXCarson CityCarson City55274Nevada Bell - Nv
775-883-XXXXCarson CityCarson City55274Nevada Bell - Nv
775-884-XXXXCarson CityCarson City55274Nevada Bell - Nv
775-885-XXXXCarson CityCarson City55274Nevada Bell - Nv
775-886-XXXXCarson CityCarson City55274Nevada Bell - Nv
775-887-XXXXCarson CityCarson City55274Nevada Bell - Nv
775-888-XXXXCarson CityCarson City55274Nevada Bell - Nv
775-890-XXXXRound MountainNye43946Liberty Telecom Llc
775-898-XXXXWinnemuccaHumboldt16528Liberty Telecom Llc
775-901-XXXXGardnervilleDouglas46997Blue Licenses Holding, Llc
775-908-XXXXDaytonLyon51980Liberty Telecom Llc
775-909-XXXXSilver SpgsLyon51980Level 3 Communications, Llc - Ca
775-910-XXXXPahrumpNye43946Sprint Spectrum L.P.
775-911-XXXXWendoverTooele0Central Telcom Svcs Dba Centra
775-923-XXXXLuningMineral4772Liberty Telecom Llc
775-924-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Liberty Telecom Llc
775-929-XXXXWendoverWendover0Central Telcom Svcs Dba Centracom I
775-931-XXXXBattle MountainLander5775Nevada Bell - Nv
775-934-XXXXElkoElko48818Western Wireless Corporation-Nv
775-936-XXXXRenoReno421407Nevada Bell - Nv
775-937-XXXXGoldfieldEsmeralda783Citizens Tel. Co. Of Nv Dba Frontie
775-941-XXXXOrovadaHumboldt16528Humboldt Telephone Company
775-942-XXXXElyWhite Pine10030Liberty Telecom Llc
775-945-XXXXHawthorneMineral4772Nevada Bell - Nv
775-950-XXXXWendoverTooele0Central Telcom Svcs Dba Centra
775-954-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Brooks Fiber Communications Of Neva
775-958-XXXXWendoverTooele0Central Telcom Svcs Dba Centra
775-959-XXXXWendoverTooele0Central Telcom Svcs Dba Centra
775-960-XXXXWendoverWendover0Central Telcom Svcs Dba Centracom I
775-962-XXXXPiocheLincoln5345Lincoln County Tel System Inc
775-964-XXXXAustinLander5775Nevada Bell - Nv
775-969-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Rural Tel Co - Nv
775-970-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Central Telcom Svcs Dba Centracom I
775-971-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Nevada Bell - Nv
775-972-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Nevada Bell - Nv
775-976-XXXXWendoverTooele0Central Telcom Svcs Dba Centra
775-979-XXXXLovelockPershing6753Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Nv
775-980-XXXXFernleyLyon51980Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Nv
775-981-XXXXAustinLander5775Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Nv
775-982-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Nevada Bell - Nv
775-983-XXXXBakerWhite Pine10030Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Nv
775-984-XXXXDaytonLyon51980Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Nv
775-986-XXXXLovelockPershing6753Central Telcom Svcs Dba Centracom I
775-990-XXXXPahrumpNye43946Level 3 Communications, Llc - Ca
775-993-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Liberty Telecom Llc
775-996-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Nv
775-997-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Nv
775-999-XXXXRenoWashoe421407Nevada Bell - Nv
775-301-XXXXCARSON CITYLyon51980Cellco Partnership dba Verizon Wireless - NV
775-800-XXXXRENOWashoe421407CF Communications LLC dba Telekenex - NV CLEC LLC - NV
775-870-XXXXRENOWashoe421407Charter Fiberlink NV - CCVII LLC - NV
775-404-XXXXRENOLyon51980MCImetro Access Transmission Services LLC - NV
775-203-XXXXRENOWashoe421407Sprint Spectrum LP
775-666-XXXXRENOChurchill24877CF Communications LLC dba Telekenex - NV
775-644-XXXXRENOWhite Pine10030Level 3 Communications LLC - NV



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