Area Code is covered under 712 Iowa

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Details on Area Code 712

State Iowa
Statewide Area Codes 319, 515, 563, 641, 712
Cities Akron, Albert City, Alta, Alton, Alvord, Anita, Anthon, Arcadia, Archer, Armstrong
Counties Adams, Audubon, Brayton, Buena Vista, Calhoun, Carroll, Cass, Cherokee, Clay, Cook
Time Zone UTC-6

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Telephone Code 712

Area Interchange City County Population Network Operator
712-200-XXXXAltaBuena Vista20260Alta Municipal Utilities - Ia
712-202-XXXXSioux CityWoodbury102172Mcleodusa Telecommunication Service
712-203-XXXXSioux CityWoodbury102172Nextel Partners Operating Corp.
712-204-XXXXSioux CityWoodbury102172Brookings Municipal Utilities
712-207-XXXXShelbyPottawattamie93158Walnut Telephone Company, Inc. - Ia
712-208-XXXXMapletonMonona18129Western Wireless Corporation-Ia
712-209-XXXXEsthervilleEmmet10302Midwest Wireless Communication Llc
712-210-XXXXCarrollCarroll20816United States Cellular Corp. - Iowa
712-212-XXXXSioux CityWoodbury102172Miscellaneous Exchange Carrier Ba Da
712-213-XXXXStorm LakeBuena Vista20260Prairiewave Communications, Inc. -
712-215-XXXXShenandoahPage15932United States Cellular Corp. - Iowa
712-216-XXXXLoganHarrison14928Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
712-219-XXXXOnawaMonona18129Western Wireless Corporation-Ia
712-220-XXXXOmahaDouglas9243Marne & Elk Horn Tel Co
712-221-XXXXCherokeeCherokee12072Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
712-222-XXXXSioux CityWoodbury102172Long Lines Metro, Llc - Sd
712-223-XXXXSioux CityWoodbury102172Western Wireless Corporation-Ia
712-224-XXXXSioux CityWoodbury102172Fibercomm, L.C.
712-225-XXXXCherokeeCherokee12072Qwest Corporation - Ia
712-226-XXXXSioux CityWoodbury102172Fibercomm, L.C.
712-227-XXXXCrescentPottawattamie93158Cox Iowa Telcom, Llc
712-228-XXXXSergeant BluffWoodbury102172Northwest Iowa Tel Co Inc
712-229-XXXXCherokeeCherokee12072Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
712-230-XXXXHospersSioux33704Midwest Wireless Communication Llc
712-231-XXXXHospersSioux33704Midwest Wireless Communication Llc
712-232-XXXXSioux CityWoodbury102172Qwest Corporation
712-233-XXXXSioux CityWoodbury102172Qwest Corporation - Ia
712-234-XXXXSioux CityWoodbury102172Qwest Corporation - Ia
712-235-XXXXHarlanShelby93158Farmers Mutual Cooperative Telephon
712-236-XXXXHarlanShelby93158Farmers Mutual Cooperative Telephon
712-237-XXXXSergeant BluffWoodbury102172Northwest Iowa Tel Co Inc
712-238-XXXXSioux CityWoodbury102172Long Lines Metro, Llc - Sd
712-239-XXXXSioux CityWoodbury102172Qwest Corporation - Ia
712-240-XXXXSpencerClay16667Great Lakes Of Iowa, Inc. Dba Cellu
712-242-XXXXCarter LakePottawattamie93158Alltel Communications Of The Midwes
712-243-XXXXAtlanticCass13956Qwest Corporation - Ia
712-244-XXXXSioux CityWoodbury102172Long Lines Metro, Llc - Sd
712-246-XXXXShenandoahPage15932Qwest Corporation - Ia
712-247-XXXXSergeant BluffWoodbury102172Northwest Iowa Tel Co Inc
712-248-XXXXCarter LakePottawattamie93158Mcleodusa Telecommunication Service
712-249-XXXXAtlanticCass13956Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
712-250-XXXXAtlanticCass13956United States Cellular Corp. - Iowa
712-251-XXXXSioux CityWoodbury102172Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
712-252-XXXXSioux CityWoodbury102172Qwest Corporation - Ia
712-253-XXXXSioux CityWoodbury102172Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
712-254-XXXXAtlanticCass13956United States Cellular Corp. - Iowa
712-255-XXXXSioux CityWoodbury102172Qwest Corporation - Ia
712-256-XXXXCouncil BluffsPottawattamie93158Cox Iowa Telcom, Llc
712-257-XXXXSergeant BluffWoodbury102172Northwest Iowa Tel Co Inc
712-258-XXXXSioux CityWoodbury102172Qwest Corporation - Ia
712-259-XXXXSioux CityWoodbury102172Western Wireless Corporation-Ia
712-260-XXXXSpencerClay16667Midwest Wireless Communication Llc
712-261-XXXXCherokeeCherokee12072United States Cellular Corp. - Iowa
712-262-XXXXSpencerClay16667Qwest Corporation - Ia
712-263-XXXXDenisonCrawford17096Frontier Communications Of Iowa
712-264-XXXXSpencerClay16667Qwest Corporation - Ia
712-265-XXXXDenisonCrawford17096Frontier Communications Of Iowa
712-266-XXXXSioux CityWoodbury102172Qwest Corporation - Ia
712-267-XXXXDenisonCrawford17096Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
712-268-XXXXExiraAudubon6119Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
712-269-XXXXDenisonCrawford17096Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
712-270-XXXXSpencerClay16667Great Lakes Of Iowa, Inc. Dba Cellu
712-271-XXXXSergeant BluffWoodbury102172Northwest Iowa Tel Co Inc
712-272-XXXXNewellBuena Vista20260Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
712-273-XXXXEarlySac10350Frontier Communications Of Iowa
712-274-XXXXSioux CityWoodbury102172Qwest Corporation - Ia
712-275-XXXXSchallerSac10350Schaller Tel Co
712-276-XXXXSioux CityWoodbury102172Qwest Corporation - Ia
712-277-XXXXSioux CityWoodbury102172Qwest Corporation - Ia
712-278-XXXXIretonSioux33704Heartland Telecommunications Compan
712-279-XXXXSioux CityWoodbury102172Qwest Corporation - Ia
712-281-XXXXSioux CityWoodbury102172Western Wireless Corporation-Ia
712-282-XXXXGalvaIda7089Schaller Tel Co
712-283-XXXXSioux RapidsBuena Vista20260Qwest Corporation - Ia
712-284-XXXXStorm LakeBuena Vista20260Qwest Corporation - Ia
712-285-XXXXSergeant BluffWoodbury102172Northwest Iowa Tel Co Inc
712-286-XXXXRembrandtBuena Vista20260Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
712-287-XXXXBedfordTaylor6317Embarq Missouri, Inc.
712-288-XXXXFondaPocahontas7310Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
712-289-XXXXMarathonBuena Vista20260Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
712-291-XXXXStorm LakeBuena Vista20260Midwest Wireless Communication Llc
712-292-XXXXCarrollCarroll20816Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
712-293-XXXXSioux CityWoodbury102172Qwest Corporation - Ia
712-294-XXXXSioux CityWoodbury102172Qwest Corporation - Ia
712-295-XXXXPetersonClay16667Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
712-296-XXXXLinn GroveBuena Vista20260Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
712-297-XXXXRockwell CityCalhoun9670Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
712-298-XXXXSioux CityWoodbury102172Midwest Wireless Communication Llc
712-299-XXXXStorm LakeBuena Vista20260Midwest Wireless Communication Llc
712-300-XXXXIda GroveIda7089Advanced Network Communications, Ll
712-301-XXXXSioux CityWoodbury102172Sprint Communications Company, L.P.
712-302-XXXXShenandoahPage15932Iamo Wireless, Inc.
712-303-XXXXClarindaPage15932Rsa 1 Limited Partnership Dba Cellu
712-304-XXXXExiraAudubon6119Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
712-305-XXXXLe MarsPlymouth44151Nextel Partners Operating Corp.
712-307-XXXXAvocaPottawattamie93158Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
712-308-XXXXCouncil BluffsPottawattamie93158At&t - Local - Ia
712-309-XXXXCouncil BluffsPottawattamie93158Mcleodusa Telecommunication Service
712-310-XXXXCouncil BluffsPottawattamie93158Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
712-312-XXXXBuffaloErie919040Level 3 Communications, Llc - Ny
712-313-XXXXSidneyFremont22381Rsa 1 Limited Partnership Dba Cellu
712-314-XXXXCouncil BluffsPottawattamie93158Sprint Spectrum L.P.
712-318-XXXXMarneMarne13956Marne & Elk Horn Tel Co
712-320-XXXXSpirit LakeDickinson16667Great Lakes Of Iowa, Inc. Dba Cellu
712-322-XXXXCouncil BluffsPottawattamie93158Qwest Corporation - Ia
712-323-XXXXCouncil BluffsPottawattamie93158Qwest Corporation - Ia
712-324-XXXXSheldonO'brien14398Qwest Corporation - Ia
712-325-XXXXCouncil BluffsPottawattamie93158Qwest Corporation - Ia
712-326-XXXXCouncil BluffsPottawattamie93158Qwest Corporation - Ia
712-327-XXXXRed OakMontgomery10740Rsa 1 Limited Partnership Dba Cellu
712-328-XXXXCouncil BluffsPottawattamie93158Qwest Corporation - Ia
712-329-XXXXCouncil BluffsPottawattamie93158Qwest Corporation - Ia
712-330-XXXXSpirit LakeDickinson16667Midwest Wireless Communication Llc
712-331-XXXXSergeant BluffWoodbury102172Long Lines Wireless, Llc
712-332-XXXXArnolds ParkDickinson16667Qwest Corporation - Ia
712-333-XXXXSergeant BluffWoodbury102172Long Lines Wireless, Llc
712-334-XXXXSioux RapidsBuena Vista20260Midwest Wireless Communication Llc
712-335-XXXXPocahontasPocahontas7310Qwest Corporation - Ia
712-336-XXXXSpirit LakeDickinson16667Qwest Corporation - Ia
712-337-XXXXArnolds ParkDickinson16667Qwest Corporation - Ia
712-338-XXXXMilfordDickinson16667Qwest Corporation - Ia
712-339-XXXXSpirit LakeDickinson16667Midwest Wireless Communication Llc
712-341-XXXXBoydenSioux33704Midwest Wireless Communication Llc
712-342-XXXXCorrectionvilleWoodbury102172Advanced Network Communications, Ll
712-343-XXXXAvocaPottawattamie93158Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
712-344-XXXXSergeant BluffWoodbury102172Long Lines Wireless, Llc
712-346-XXXXSpencerClay16667At&t - Local - Ia
712-347-XXXXCarter LakePottawattamie93158Qwest Corporation - Ne
712-348-XXXXBoydenSioux33704Midwest Wireless Communication Llc
712-349-XXXXHarrisOsceola9286Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
712-350-XXXXHamburgFremont22381United States Cellular Corp. - Iowa
712-351-XXXXHavelockPocahontas7310Midwest Wireless Communication Llc
712-352-XXXXCouncil BluffsPottawattamie93158Qwest Corporation - Ia
712-353-XXXXCastanaMonona18129Western Iowa Tel Assn
712-355-XXXXCouncil BluffsPottawattamie93158United States Cellular Corp. - Iowa
712-357-XXXXRed OakMontgomery10740Long Lines Wireless
712-358-XXXXHavelockPocahontas7310Midwest Wireless Communication Llc
712-359-XXXXPalmerPocahontas7310Palmer Mutual Tel Co
712-360-XXXXOrange CitySioux33704Midwest Wireless Communication Llc
712-362-XXXXEsthervilleEmmet10302Qwest Corporation - Ia
712-363-XXXXSpencerClay16667Midwest Wireless Communication Llc
712-364-XXXXIda GroveIda7089Frontier Communications Of Iowa
712-365-XXXXBattle CreekIda7089Frontier Communications Of Iowa
712-366-XXXXCouncil BluffsPottawattamie93158Qwest Corporation - Ia
712-367-XXXXArthurIda7089Sac County Mutual Tel Co
712-368-XXXXHolsteinIda7089Frontier Communications Of Iowa
712-369-XXXXIda GroveIda7089Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
712-370-XXXXRed OakMontgomery10740Rsa 1 Limited Partnership Dba Cellu
712-371-XXXXIda GroveIda7089Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
712-372-XXXXCorrectionvilleWoodbury102172Qwest Corporation - Ia
712-373-XXXXAnthonWoodbury102172Qwest Corporation - Ia
712-374-XXXXSidneyFremont22381Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
712-375-XXXXPiersonWoodbury102172Frontier Communications Of Iowa
712-376-XXXXMarcusCherokee12072West Iowa Tel Co
712-377-XXXXBraytonBrayton6119Marne & Elk Horn Tel Co
712-378-XXXXKingsleyPlymouth44151Frontier Communications Of Iowa
712-379-XXXXEssexPage15932Farmers Tel Co
712-380-XXXXEsthervilleEmmet10302Great Lakes Of Iowa, Inc. Dba Cellu
712-382-XXXXHamburgFremont22381Qwest Corporation - Ia
712-383-XXXXSioux CityWoodbury102172Qwest Corporation
712-384-XXXXCushingWoodbury102172Schaller Tel Co
712-385-XXXXFarragutFremont22381Prairie Tel Co Inc
712-386-XXXXHastingsMills15059Southwest Tel Exch Inc
712-387-XXXXImogeneFremont22381Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
712-388-XXXXCouncil BluffsPottawattamie93158Qwest Corporation - Ia
712-389-XXXXSioux CityWoodbury102172At&t - Local - Ia
712-390-XXXXSioux RapidsBuena Vista20260Great Lakes Of Iowa, Inc. Dba Cellu
712-392-XXXXSergeant BluffWoodbury102172Long Lines Wireless, Llc
712-393-XXXXArcadiaCarroll20816Monarc Technologies
712-395-XXXXOrange CitySioux33704United States Cellular Corp. - Iowa
712-396-XXXXCouncil BluffsPottawattamie93158Qwest Corporation - Ia
712-400-XXXXSergeant BluffWoodbury102172Long Lines Wireless, Llc
712-404-XXXXHarlanShelby93158Western Wireless Corporation-Ia
712-407-XXXXMindenPottawattamie93158Walnut Telephone Company, Inc. - Ia
712-415-XXXXRockwell CityCalhoun9670Mcc Telephony Of Iowa
712-420-XXXXOnawaMonona18129Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
712-421-XXXXSloanWoodbury102172Northwest Iowa Tel Co Inc
712-423-XXXXOnawaMonona18129Qwest Corporation - Ia
712-424-XXXXCylinderPalo Alto9421Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
712-425-XXXXMallardPalo Alto9421Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
712-426-XXXXAyrshirePalo Alto9421Ayrshire Farmers Mutual Tel Co
712-427-XXXXBedfordTaylor6317Rsa 1 Limited Partnership Dba Cellu
712-428-XXXXSloanWoodbury102172Northwest Iowa Tel Co Inc
712-429-XXXXSioux CityWoodbury102172Aventure Communication Technology L
712-431-XXXXOnawaMonona18129Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
712-432-XXXXLake ParkDickinson16667Great Lakes Communication Corp. - I
712-433-XXXXOnawaMonona18129Commchoice Of Iowa, Llc
712-434-XXXXAureliaCherokee12072Peoples Tel Co
712-435-XXXXCouncil BluffsPottawattamie93158Sprint Spectrum L.P.
712-436-XXXXCleghornCherokee12072C-M-L Tel Coop Assn Of Meriden Iowa
712-437-XXXXLarrabeeCherokee12072C-M-L Tel Coop Assn Of Meriden Iowa
712-438-XXXXClarindaPage15932Sprint Communications Company, L.P.
712-439-XXXXHullSioux33704Heartland Telecommunications Compan
712-441-XXXXSioux CenterSioux33704Midwest Wireless Communication Llc
712-442-XXXXMarneMarne13956Marne & Elk Horn Tel Co
712-443-XXXXMeridenCherokee12072C-M-L Tel Coop Assn Of Meriden Iowa
712-444-XXXXSergeant BluffWoodbury102172Long Lines Wireless
712-445-XXXXQuimbyCherokee12072West Iowa Tel Co
712-446-XXXXSutherlandO'brien14398West Iowa Tel Co
712-447-XXXXWashtaCherokee12072Frontier Communications Of Iowa
712-448-XXXXPaullinaO'brien14398Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
712-449-XXXXSioux CenterSioux33704Midwest Wireless Communication Llc
712-450-XXXXLaurensPocahontas7310Great Lakes Of Iowa, Inc. Dba Cellu
712-451-XXXXHullSioux33704Premier Communications, Inc. - Ia
712-452-XXXXBlencoeMonona18129Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
712-453-XXXXOmahaDouglas9243Sprint Communications Company, L.P.
712-454-XXXXSioux CityWoodbury102172Sprint Communications Company
712-455-XXXXWhitingMonona18129Commchoice Of Iowa, Llc
712-456-XXXXLittle SiouxHarrison14928Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
712-458-XXXXWhitingMonona18129Qwest Corporation - Ia
712-460-XXXXRock ValleySioux33704Midwest Wireless Communication Llc
712-461-XXXXSibleyOsceola9286Midwest Wireless Communication Llc
712-463-XXXXSioux CenterSioux33704Crystal Communications
712-464-XXXXLake CityCalhoun9670Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
712-465-XXXXLohrvilleCalhoun9670Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
712-466-XXXXLyttonCalhoun9670Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
712-468-XXXXPomeroyCalhoun9670Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
712-469-XXXXMansonCalhoun9670Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
712-470-XXXXRock ValleySioux33704Midwest Wireless Communication Llc
712-472-XXXXRock RapidsLyon11581Heartland Telecommunications Compan
712-473-XXXXAlvordLyon11581Hills Tel Co Inc - Ia
712-475-XXXXGeorgeLyon11581Frontier Communications Of Iowa
712-476-XXXXRock ValleySioux33704Heartland Telecommunications Compan
712-477-XXXXLarchwoodLyon11581Hills Tel Co Inc - Ia
712-478-XXXXAlvordLyon11581Hills Tel Co Inc - Ia
712-479-XXXXLittle RockLyon11581Northern Iowa Tel Co
712-480-XXXXEmmetsburgPalo Alto9421Great Lakes Of Iowa, Inc. Dba Cellu
712-482-XXXXOaklandPottawattamie93158Frontier Communications Of Iowa
712-483-XXXXMindenPottawattamie93158Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
712-484-XXXXCarsonPottawattamie93158Frontier Communications Of Iowa
712-485-XXXXNeolaPottawattamie93158Qwest Corporation - Ia
712-486-XXXXMacedoniaPottawattamie93158Breda Tel Corp
712-487-XXXXMc ClellandPottawattamie93158Frontier Communications Of Iowa
712-488-XXXXPortsmouthShelby93158Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
712-489-XXXXPanamaShelby93158Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
712-490-XXXXSioux CityWoodbury102172Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
712-497-XXXXAudubonAudubon6119Marne & Elk Horn Tel Co
712-500-XXXXLe MarsPlymouth44151Long Lines Metro, Llc - Sd
712-501-XXXXSergeant BluffWoodbury102172Long Lines Wireless, Llc
712-520-XXXXGlenwoodMills15059United States Cellular Corp. - Iowa
712-522-XXXXSioux CityWoodbury102172New Cingular Wireless Pcs
712-523-XXXXBedfordTaylor6317Frontier Communications Of Iowa
712-525-XXXXGlenwoodMills15059Qwest Corporation - Ia
712-526-XXXXGlenwoodMills15059Qwest Corporation - Ia
712-527-XXXXGlenwoodMills15059Qwest Corporation - Ia
712-529-XXXXThurmanFremont22381Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
712-533-XXXXLe MarsPlymouth44151Frontier Communications Of Iowa
712-534-XXXXNorthboroPage15932Iamo Tel Co - Ia
712-535-XXXXMarneMarne13956Marne & Elk Horn Tel Co
712-537-XXXXGravityTaylor6317Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
712-539-XXXXLe MarsPlymouth44151United States Cellular Corp. - Iowa
712-540-XXXXLe MarsPlymouth44151Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
712-541-XXXXLe MarsPlymouth44151Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
712-542-XXXXClarindaPage15932Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
712-544-XXXXShelbyPottawattamie93158Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
712-545-XXXXCrescentPottawattamie93158Qwest Corporation - Ia
712-546-XXXXLe MarsPlymouth44151Frontier Communications Of Iowa
712-548-XXXXLe MarsPlymouth44151Frontier Communications Of Iowa
712-549-XXXXBraytonAudubon6119Marne & Elk Horn Tel Co
712-550-XXXXSergeant BluffWoodbury102172Long Lines Wireless, Llc
712-551-XXXXHawardenSioux33704Hawarden Municipal Utilities
712-552-XXXXHawardenSioux33704Heartland Telecommunications Compan
712-555-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Qwest Corporation - Ia
712-560-XXXXChicagoCook0Level 3 Communications, Llc - Il
712-562-XXXXMauriceSioux33704Frontier Communications Of Iowa
712-563-XXXXAudubonAudubon6119Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
712-566-XXXXUnderwoodPottawattamie93158Cox Iowa Telcom, Llc
712-567-XXXXMauriceSioux33704Northern Iowa Tel Co
712-568-XXXXAkronPlymouth44151Heartland Telecommunications Compan
712-571-XXXXPanamaShelby93158Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
712-574-XXXXSioux CityWoodbury102172Blue Licenses Holding, Llc
712-577-XXXXSioux CityWoodbury102172Iowa Wireless Services, Lp
712-578-XXXXSioux CityWoodbury102172Iowa Wireless Services
712-579-XXXXPanamaShelby93158Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
712-580-XXXXSpencerClay16667Spencer Municipal Communication Uti
712-581-XXXXShenandoahPage15932Nextel Partners Operating Corp.
712-582-XXXXBlanchardPage15932Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
712-583-XXXXCoinPage15932Iamo Tel Co - Ia
712-584-XXXXSpencerClay16667Sprint Communications Company, L.P.
712-585-XXXXNew MarketTaylor6317Farmers Mutual Tel Co
712-586-XXXXClarindaPage15932Farmers Mutual Tel Co
712-587-XXXXMassenaCass13956Farmers Mutual Tel Co
712-588-XXXXAudubonAudubon6119Marne & Elk Horn Tel Co
712-589-XXXXBraddyvillePage15932Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
712-590-XXXXMassenaCass13956Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon
712-592-XXXXWoodbineHarrison14928Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
712-600-XXXXMissouri ValleyHarrison14928Long Lines Metro, Llc - Sd
712-607-XXXXWalnutPottawattamie93158Walnut Telephone Company
712-621-XXXXRed OakMontgomery10740United States Cellular Corp. - Iowa
712-622-XXXXPacific JunctionMills15059Prairie Tel Co Inc
712-623-XXXXRed OakMontgomery10740Qwest Corporation - Ia
712-624-XXXXMalvernMills15059Qwest Corporation - Ia
712-625-XXXXTaborFremont22381Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
712-626-XXXXMarneMarne13956Marne & Elk Horn Tel Co
712-627-XXXXPanamaShelby93158Farmers Mutual Coop. Tel. Co.
712-628-XXXXThurmanFremont22381Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
712-629-XXXXTaborFremont22381Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
712-630-XXXXSergeant BluffWoodbury102172Long Lines Wireless, Llc
712-631-XXXXSioux CityWoodbury102172Long Lines Wireless
712-635-XXXXSioux CityWoodbury102172Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon
712-636-XXXXNemahaSac10350Frontier Communications Of Iowa
712-642-XXXXMissouri ValleyHarrison14928Qwest Corporation - Ia
712-643-XXXXDunlapHarrison14928Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
712-644-XXXXLoganHarrison14928Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
712-645-XXXXMissouri ValleyHarrison14928Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
712-646-XXXXLittle SiouxHarrison14928Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
712-647-XXXXWoodbineHarrison14928Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
712-648-XXXXLoganHarrison14928Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
712-649-XXXXLittle SiouxHarrison14928Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
712-650-XXXXSergeant BluffWoodbury102172Long Lines Wireless, Llc
712-651-XXXXBayardGuthrie10954Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
712-652-XXXXScrantonGreene14867Scranton Tel Co
712-653-XXXXManningCarroll20816Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
712-654-XXXXManillaCrawford17096Farmers Mutual Coop. Tel. Co.
712-655-XXXXManningCarroll20816Manning Municipal Comm And Telvsn S
712-656-XXXXLake CityCalhoun9670Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
712-657-XXXXLake ViewSac10350Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
712-658-XXXXArcadiaCarroll20816Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
712-659-XXXXGliddenCarroll20816Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
712-660-XXXXEarlySac10350Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
712-661-XXXXEarlySac10350Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
712-662-XXXXSac CitySac10350Frontier Communications Of Iowa
712-663-XXXXWestsideCrawford17096Westside Indep Tel Co
712-664-XXXXWall LakeSac10350Corn Belt Tel Co
712-665-XXXXLake ViewSac10350Corn Belt Communications, Inc. - Ia
712-667-XXXXScrantonGreene14867Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
712-668-XXXXOdeboltSac10350Sac County Mutual Tel Co
712-669-XXXXTempletonCarroll20816Templeton Tel Co
712-673-XXXXBredaCarroll20816Breda Tel Corp
712-674-XXXXDow CityCrawford17096Frontier Communications Of Iowa
712-675-XXXXKironCrawford17096Schaller Tel Co
712-676-XXXXSchleswigCrawford17096Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
712-677-XXXXVailCrawford17096Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
712-678-XXXXCharter OakCrawford17096Frontier Communications Of Iowa
712-679-XXXXCharter OakCrawford17096Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
712-682-XXXXSibleyOsceola9286Citizens Tel. Co. Of Mn, Llc Dba Fr
712-683-XXXXDedhamCarroll20816Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
712-684-XXXXCoon RapidsCarroll20816Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
712-688-XXXXAuburnSac10350Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
712-689-XXXXArcadiaCarroll20816Arcadia Tel Coop
712-692-XXXXBraytonBrayton6119Marne & Elk Horn Tel Co
712-693-XXXXSac CitySac10350Sprint Communications Company, L.P.
712-707-XXXXOrange CitySioux33704Orange City Communications, Llp - I
712-720-XXXXSioux CityWoodbury102172New Cingular Wireless Pcs
712-722-XXXXSioux CenterSioux33704Mutual Tel Co
712-723-XXXXArcherO'brien14398C-M-L Tel Coop Assn Of Meriden Iowa
712-724-XXXXAshtonOsceola9286Frontier Communications Of Iowa
712-725-XXXXBoydenSioux33704Heartland Telecommunications Compan
712-726-XXXXDoonLyon11581Heartland Telecommunications Compan
712-727-XXXXGranvilleSioux33704Northern Iowa Tel Co
712-728-XXXXHartleyO'brien14398Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
712-729-XXXXSanbornO'brien14398Northern Iowa Tel Co
712-730-XXXXStorm LakeBuena Vista20260Great Lakes Of Iowa, Inc. Dba Cellu
712-732-XXXXStorm LakeBuena Vista20260Qwest Corporation - Ia
712-733-XXXXHarlanShelby93158Harlan Municipal Utility-Ia
712-735-XXXXMelvinOsceola9286Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
712-736-XXXXMelvinOsceola9286Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
712-737-XXXXOrange CitySioux33704Frontier Communications Of Iowa
712-738-XXXXBoydenSioux33704Northern Iowa Tel Co
712-739-XXXXBraytonBrayton6119Marne & Elk Horn Tel Co
712-741-XXXXHancockPottawattamie93158Farmers Mutual Coop. Tel. Co.
712-743-XXXXPortsmouthShelby93158Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
712-744-XXXXHarlanShelby93158Farmers Mutual Coop. Tel. Co.
712-746-XXXXLarchwoodLyon11581Qwest Corporation - Sd
712-747-XXXXEarlingShelby93158Farmers Mutual Coop. Tel. Co.
712-748-XXXXDefianceShelby93158Farmers Mutual Coop. Tel. Co.
712-749-XXXXStorm LakeBuena Vista20260Qwest Corporation - Ia
712-750-XXXXSibleyOsceola9286Hospers Telephone Exchange
712-752-XXXXHospersSioux33704Hospers Tel Exch Inc
712-753-XXXXInwoodLyon11581Hills Tel Co Inc - Ia
712-754-XXXXSibleyOsceola9286Heartland Telecommunications Compan
712-755-XXXXHarlanShelby93158Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
712-756-XXXXAltonSioux33704West Iowa Tel Co
712-757-XXXXPrimgharO'brien14398Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
712-758-XXXXOcheyedanOsceola9286Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
712-759-XXXXSioux CityWoodbury102172Mcc Telephony Of Iowa
712-762-XXXXAnitaCass13956West Iowa Tel Co
712-763-XXXXGriswoldCass13956Griswold Coop Tel Co
712-764-XXXXElk HornShelby93158Marne & Elk Horn Tel Co
712-766-XXXXKirkmanShelby93158Farmers Mutual Coop. Tel. Co.
712-767-XXXXElliottMontgomery10740Griswold Coop Tel Co
712-769-XXXXLewisCass13956Griswold Coop Tel Co
712-773-XXXXKimballtonAudubon6119Marne & Elk Horn Tel Co
712-774-XXXXCumberlandCass13956Cumberland Tel Co
712-775-XXXXCarrollCarroll20816Btc, Inc.
712-776-XXXXHavelockPocahontas7310Northwest Tel Coop Assn
712-777-XXXXLarchwoodLyon11581Hills Telephone Company, Inc. - Sd
712-778-XXXXLewisCass13956Griswold Coop Tel Co
712-779-XXXXMassenaCass13956Massena Tel Co
712-781-XXXXMarneCass13956Marne & Elk Horn Tel Co
712-782-XXXXIrwinShelby93158Farmers Mutual Coop. Tel. Co.
712-783-XXXXWiotaCass13956Massena Tel Co
712-784-XXXXWalnutPottawattamie93158Walnut Tel Co
712-785-XXXXNodawayAdams4029Villisca Farmers Tel Co
712-786-XXXXRemsenPlymouth44151West Iowa Tel Co
712-789-XXXXLewisCass13956Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
712-790-XXXXCarrollCarroll20816Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
712-792-XXXXCarrollCarroll20816Qwest Corporation - Ia
712-794-XXXXCarrollCarroll20816Qwest Corporation - Ia
712-797-XXXXWall LakeSac10350Iowa Wireless Services, Lp
712-799-XXXXKimballtonAudubon6119Farmers Mutual Coop. Tel. Co.
712-800-XXXXOmahaDouglas9243Windstream Communications Of T
712-821-XXXXSioux CityWoodbury102172Sprint Spectrum L P
712-822-XXXXGliddenCarroll20816Breda Tel Corp
712-823-XXXXChicagoCook0Sprint Spectrum L P
712-824-XXXXEmersonMills15059Southwest Tel Exch Inc
712-825-XXXXHendersonMills15059Southwest Tel Exch Inc
712-826-XXXXVilliscaMontgomery10740Villisca Farmers Tel Co
712-827-XXXXOtoWoodbury102172Western Iowa Telephone Association
712-828-XXXXLoganHarrison14928It Communications
712-829-XXXXStantonMontgomery10740Farmers Mutual Tel Co
712-830-XXXXCarrollCarroll20816United States Cellular Corp. - Iowa
712-832-XXXXLake ParkDickinson16667Qwest Corporation - Ia
712-834-XXXXEverlyClay16667United Farmers Tel Co
712-835-XXXXGreenvilleClay16667Ayrshire Farmers Mutual Tel Co
712-836-XXXXDickensClay16667Webb-Dickens Tel Corp
712-837-XXXXRuthvenPalo Alto9421Ruthven Tel Exch Co
712-838-XXXXWebbClay16667Webb-Dickens Tel Corp
712-839-XXXXSioux CityWoodbury102172Qwest Corporation
712-840-XXXXMapletonMonona18129Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
712-841-XXXXLaurensPocahontas7310Laurens Municipal Communications Ut
712-843-XXXXAlbert CityBuena Vista20260Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
712-844-XXXXSioux CityWoodbury102172Qwest Corporation
712-845-XXXXLaurensPocahontas7310Qwest Corporation - Ia
712-847-XXXXCarter LakePottawattamie93158Cox Iowa Telcom, Llc
712-848-XXXXRolfePocahontas7310Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
712-850-XXXXClarindaPage15932Mcc Telephony Of Iowa
712-851-XXXXRock RapidsLyon11581Hills Tel Co Inc - Mn
712-852-XXXXEmmetsburgPalo Alto9421Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
712-853-XXXXTerrilDickinson16667Terril Telephone Cooperative
712-854-XXXXDenisonCrawford17096Sprint Communications Company, L.P.
712-855-XXXXCurlewPalo Alto9421Northwest Tel Coop Assn
712-856-XXXXSioux CityWoodbury102172Qwest Corporation
712-857-XXXXMallardPalo Alto9421Northwest Tel Coop Assn
712-858-XXXXEsthervilleEmmet10302Superior Tel Coop
712-859-XXXXGraettingerPalo Alto9421River Valley Telecommunications Coo
712-862-XXXXSioux CityWoodbury102172Qwest Corporation
712-864-XXXXArmstrongEmmet10302Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
712-865-XXXXDolliverEmmet10302Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
712-866-XXXXRingstedEmmet10302Ringsted Tel Co
712-867-XXXXWallingfordEmmet10302River Valley Telecommunications Coo
712-868-XXXXArmstrongEmmet10302Independent Networks, L.L.C.
712-869-XXXXSioux CityWoodbury102172New Cingular Wireless Pcs
712-870-XXXXMovilleWoodbury102172Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
712-872-XXXXSioux CityWoodbury102172Aventure Communication Technology L
712-873-XXXXMovilleWoodbury102172Western Iowa Tel Assn
712-874-XXXXHornickWoodbury102172Western Iowa Tel Assn
712-876-XXXXHornickWoodbury102172Western Iowa Tel Assn
712-880-XXXXMapletonMonona18129Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
712-881-XXXXMapletonMonona18129Mapleton Communications Utility - I
712-882-XXXXMapletonMonona18129Qwest Corporation - Ia
712-883-XXXXDanburyWoodbury102172Qwest Corporation - Ia
712-884-XXXXSoldierMonona18129Jordan-Soldier Valley Telephone Com
712-885-XXXXUteMonona18129Iowa Telecomm Svcs Dba Iowa Telecom
712-886-XXXXMoorheadMonona18129Jordan-Soldier Valley Telephone Com
712-887-XXXXRockwell CityCalhoun9670Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
712-889-XXXXSmithlandWoodbury102172Western Iowa Tel Assn
712-890-XXXXCouncil BluffsPottawattamie93158Teleport Commun Group - Omaha
712-893-XXXXDanburyWoodbury102172Commchoice Of Iowa, Llc
712-898-XXXXSioux CityWoodbury102172Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
712-899-XXXXSioux CityWoodbury102172Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
712-904-XXXXSioux CityWoodbury102172Iowa Wireless Services
712-922-XXXXSpencerClay16667Sprint Communications Company, L.P.
712-923-XXXXSergeant BluffWoodbury102172Northwest Iowa Tel Co Inc
712-924-XXXXSergeant BluffWoodbury102172Northwest Iowa Tel Co Inc
712-928-XXXXHartleyO'brien14398Community Cable Tv Agcy O'brien Co.
712-930-XXXXSanbornO'brien14398Community Cable Tv Agcy O'brien Co.
712-933-XXXXRoyalClay16667Royal Tel Co
712-934-XXXXSergeant BluffWoodbury102172Northwest Iowa Tel Co Inc
712-938-XXXXMerrillPlymouth44151Qwest Corporation - Ia
712-939-XXXXOmahaDouglas9243Sprint Communications Company, L.P.
712-941-XXXXSioux CityWoodbury102172Aventure Communication Technology L
712-942-XXXXSergeant BluffWoodbury102172Northwest Iowa Tel Co Inc
712-943-XXXXSergeant BluffWoodbury102172Northwest Iowa Tel Co Inc
712-944-XXXXLawtonWoodbury102172Western Iowa Tel Assn
712-945-XXXXSioux CityWoodbury102172Aventure Communication Technology L
712-946-XXXXSalixWoodbury102172Northwest Iowa Tel Co Inc
712-947-XXXXHintonPlymouth44151Northern Iowa Tel Co
712-948-XXXXBronsonWoodbury102172Western Iowa Tel Assn
712-949-XXXXPaullinaO'brien14398Community Cable Tv Agcy O'brien Co.
712-951-XXXXHintonHinton24986Aventure Communication Technology L
712-957-XXXXPrimgharO'brien14398Community Cable Tv Agcy O'brien Co.
712-958-XXXXSioux CityWoodbury102172Miscellaneous Exchange Carrier
712-959-XXXXSioux CityWoodbury102172Miscellaneous Exchange Carrier
712-963-XXXXLittle RockLyon11581Frontier Communications Of Minnesot
712-964-XXXXLarchwoodLyon11581Hills Tel Co Inc - Mn
712-973-XXXXHamburgFremont22381Windstream Nebraska, Inc.
712-975-XXXXSergeant BluffWoodbury102172Long Lines Wireless
712-976-XXXXSioux CityWoodbury102172Miscellaneous Exchange Carrier
712-982-XXXXRock ValleySioux33704Alliance Communications Cooperative
712-986-XXXXInwoodLyon11581Qwest Corporation - Sd
712-999-XXXXCoon RapidsCarroll20816Coon Rapids Municipal Utility


  • Iowa references: Iowa