Area Code is covered under 670 Saipan

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Details on Area Code 670

State Saipan
Statewide Area Codes 670
Cities Rota, Saipan, Tinian
Counties Rota, Saipan, Tinian
Time Zone UTC+10*

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Telephone Code 670

Area Interchange City County Population Network Operator
670-233-XXXXSaipanSaipan0Micronesian Telecommunications Corp
670-234-XXXXSaipanSaipan0Micronesian Telecommunications Corp
670-235-XXXXSaipanSaipan0Micronesian Telecommunications Corp
670-236-XXXXSaipanSaipan0Micronesian Telecommunications Corp
670-237-XXXXSaipanSaipan0Micronesian Telecommunications Corp
670-256-XXXXSaipanSaipan0Micronesian Telecommunications Corp
670-285-XXXXSaipanSaipan0Gte Pacifica, Inc. Dba Verizon Paci
670-286-XXXXSaipanSaipan0Gte Pacifica, Inc. Dba Verizon Paci
670-287-XXXXSaipanSaipan0Gte Pacifica, Inc. Dba Verizon Paci
670-288-XXXXSaipanSaipan0Micronesian Telecommunications Corp
670-321-XXXXSaipanSaipan0Micronesian Telecommunications Corp
670-322-XXXXSaipanSaipan0Micronesian Telecommunications Corp
670-323-XXXXSaipanSaipan0Micronesian Telecommunications Corp
670-328-XXXXSaipanSaipan0Micronesian Telecommunications Corp
670-433-XXXXTinianTinian0Micronesian Telecommunications Corp
670-483-XXXXSaipanSaipan0Guam Cell & Paging Dba Saipan Cellu
670-484-XXXXSaipanSaipan0Guam Cell & Paging Dba Saipan Cellu
670-488-XXXXTinianTinian0Guam Cell & Paging Dba Saipan Cellu
670-532-XXXXRotaRota0Micronesian Telecommunications Corp
670-555-XXXXSaipanSaipan0Micronesian Telecommunications Corp
670-588-XXXXRotaRota0Guam Cell & Paging Dba Saipan Cellu
670-664-XXXXSaipanSaipan0Micronesian Telecommunications Corp
670-682-XXXXSaipanSaipan0Micronesian Telecommunications Corp
670-785-XXXXSaipanSaipan0Pti Pacifica Inc
670-788-XXXXSaipanSaipan0Gte Pacifica, Inc. Dba Verizon Paci
670-789-XXXXSaipanSaipan0Pti Pacifica Inc
670-838-XXXXSaipanSaipan0Wave Runner, Llc
670-848-XXXXSaipanSaipan0Wave Runner
670-858-XXXXSaipanSaipan0Wave Runner
670-868-XXXXSaipanSaipan0Choice Phone Llc Dba Iconn
670-878-XXXXSaipanSaipan0Choice Phone Llc Dba Iconn
670-888-XXXXSaipanSaipan0Choice Phone Llc Dba Iconn
670-898-XXXXSaipanSaipan0Choice Phone Llc Dba Iconn
670-989-XXXXSaipanSaipan0Guam Wireless Telephone Company, L.


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