Area Code is covered under 670 Saipan

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Details on Area Code 670

  • State: Saipan
  • Statewide Area Codes: 670
  • Cities: Rota, Saipan, Tinian
  • Counties: Rota, Saipan, Tinian
  • Time Zone: UTC+10*

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Most Recent Comments

Feb 10, 2017
670-689-0006 04:30am Feb 10, 2017

A robocall - from unknown. A search shows this is an incorrect range, furthermore suggests this number is outside of the United States. No additional information can be obtained.

Nov 26, 2016
670-399-2032 04:30am Nov 26, 2016

Have already been rec'ing calls from this amount for a couple days. Voice that is registered claims they've been following my credit use concerning my Lender of America wrinkles of credit which I qualify to receive 0% interest due to my conscientious handling of my finances. Ignored requires several days then chose to' press 1' to speak to anyone to learn facts. Went from being 6th 'inline' to having my phone answered in about 30 seconds. There got a guy on the point and explained 'Hello my name is Gary (?) can you are helped by me? I replied that I'd rec about qualifying for 0% rate of interest on my bank cards, 'd a call from their store. He hung up. That is all that happened. I attempted to call the 670 # again and got a 'this variety is disconnected/no further in-service' saving. Really unusual. What would be the point-of this?

Jul 27, 2016
670-237-3647 04:30am Jul 27, 2016

Quite frustrating and incredibly irritating.

Jul 27, 2016
670-237-3677 04:30am Jul 27, 2016

Ventura Key was to the caller ID.

Jul 27, 2016
670-237-3607 04:30am Jul 27, 2016


Jul 1, 2016
670-237-3637 04:30am Jul 1, 2016

Keep calling applying various cell phone numbers trying to sell an alarm system.

Jul 1, 2016
670-237-3667 04:30am Jul 1, 2016

Merely claimed they have a money making opportunity

Jul 1, 2016
670-237-3617 04:30am Jul 1, 2016

Just needed to sit through a presentation on timeshares and needed to provide a credit card number for income verification.

Mar 25, 2016
670-483-0090 04:30am Mar 25, 2016

All nights, all situations of day.

Mar 22, 2015
670-785-7323 01:23am Mar 22, 2015

Received unsolicited phone call.

Telephone Code 670

Area Interchange City County Population Network Operator
670-233-XXXXSaipanSaipan0Micronesian Telecommunications Corp
670-234-XXXXSaipanSaipan0Micronesian Telecommunications Corp
670-235-XXXXSaipanSaipan0Micronesian Telecommunications Corp
670-236-XXXXSaipanSaipan0Micronesian Telecommunications Corp
670-237-XXXXSaipanSaipan0Micronesian Telecommunications Corp
670-256-XXXXSaipanSaipan0Micronesian Telecommunications Corp
670-285-XXXXSaipanSaipan0Gte Pacifica, Inc. Dba Verizon Paci
670-286-XXXXSaipanSaipan0Gte Pacifica, Inc. Dba Verizon Paci
670-287-XXXXSaipanSaipan0Gte Pacifica, Inc. Dba Verizon Paci
670-288-XXXXSaipanSaipan0Micronesian Telecommunications Corp
670-321-XXXXSaipanSaipan0Micronesian Telecommunications Corp
670-322-XXXXSaipanSaipan0Micronesian Telecommunications Corp
670-323-XXXXSaipanSaipan0Micronesian Telecommunications Corp
670-328-XXXXSaipanSaipan0Micronesian Telecommunications Corp
670-433-XXXXTinianTinian0Micronesian Telecommunications Corp
670-483-XXXXSaipanSaipan0Guam Cell & Paging Dba Saipan Cellu
670-484-XXXXSaipanSaipan0Guam Cell & Paging Dba Saipan Cellu
670-488-XXXXTinianTinian0Guam Cell & Paging Dba Saipan Cellu
670-532-XXXXRotaRota0Micronesian Telecommunications Corp
670-555-XXXXSaipanSaipan0Micronesian Telecommunications Corp
670-588-XXXXRotaRota0Guam Cell & Paging Dba Saipan Cellu
670-664-XXXXSaipanSaipan0Micronesian Telecommunications Corp
670-682-XXXXSaipanSaipan0Micronesian Telecommunications Corp
670-785-XXXXSaipanSaipan0Pti Pacifica Inc
670-788-XXXXSaipanSaipan0Gte Pacifica, Inc. Dba Verizon Paci
670-789-XXXXSaipanSaipan0Pti Pacifica Inc
670-838-XXXXSaipanSaipan0Wave Runner, Llc
670-848-XXXXSaipanSaipan0Wave Runner
670-858-XXXXSaipanSaipan0Wave Runner
670-868-XXXXSaipanSaipan0Choice Phone Llc Dba Iconn
670-878-XXXXSaipanSaipan0Choice Phone Llc Dba Iconn
670-888-XXXXSaipanSaipan0Choice Phone Llc Dba Iconn
670-898-XXXXSaipanSaipan0Choice Phone Llc Dba Iconn
670-989-XXXXSaipanSaipan0Guam Wireless Telephone Company, L.


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