Area Code is covered under 620 Kansas

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Details on Area Code 620

State Kansas
Statewide Area Codes 316, 620, 785, 913
Cities Abbyville, Albert, Allen, Altamont, Altoona, Americus, Anthony, Arcadia, Argonia, Arkansas City
Counties Allen, Anderson, Barber, Barton, Bourbon, Butler, Chase, Chautauqua, Cherokee, Clark
Time Zone UTC-6

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Telephone Code 620

Area Interchange City County Population Network Operator
620-200-XXXXHutchinsonReno64511Alltel Kansas Lp - Ks
620-201-XXXXCimarronGray6006Brooks Fiber Communications - Ks
620-202-XXXXGalenaCherokee39134Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
620-203-XXXXBurlingtonCoffey8601Alltel Kansas Lp - Ks
620-204-XXXXSterlingRice10083Alltel Kansas Lp - Ks
620-205-XXXXIndependenceMontgomery35471United States Cellular Corp. - Kans
620-206-XXXXCedar ValeChautauqua3669Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
620-207-XXXXNickersonReno64511United States Cellular Corp. - Kans
620-209-XXXXPretty PrairieReno64511Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
620-210-XXXXBaxter SpgsCherokee39134Kansas City Smsa Limited Partnershi
620-212-XXXXChanuteNeosho16512Alltel Kansas Lp - Ks
620-213-XXXXMedicine LodgeBarber4861Alltel Kansas Lp - Ks
620-214-XXXXScott CityScott4936Alltel Kansas Lp - Ks
620-215-XXXXFort ScottBourbon15173Alltel Kansas Lp - Ks
620-216-XXXXSedanChautauqua3669Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
620-217-XXXXHesstonHarvey34684Sprint Spectrum L.P.
620-218-XXXXWinfieldCowley36311Alltel Kansas Lp - Ks
620-220-XXXXCottonwood FallsChase10083United States Cellular Corp. - Kans
620-221-XXXXWinfieldCowley36311Southwestern Bell - Ks
620-222-XXXXWinfieldCowley36311Southwestern Bell - Ks
620-223-XXXXFort ScottBourbon15173Southwestern Bell - Ks
620-224-XXXXFort ScottBourbon15173Southwestern Bell - Ks
620-225-XXXXDodge CityFord33848Southwestern Bell - Ks
620-226-XXXXBartlettLabette21607Craw-Kan Tel Coop Inc - Ks
620-227-XXXXDodge CityFord33848Southwestern Bell - Ks
620-228-XXXXIolaAllen33690Alltel Kansas Lp - Ks
620-229-XXXXWinfieldCowley36311Southwestern Bell - Ks
620-230-XXXXPittsburgCrawford39134Southwestern Bell - Ks
620-231-XXXXPittsburgCrawford39134Southwestern Bell - Ks
620-232-XXXXPittsburgCrawford39134Southwestern Bell - Ks
620-233-XXXXKinsleyEdwards3037Rcc Holdings, Inc.
620-234-XXXXStaffordStafford4437Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
620-235-XXXXPittsburgCrawford39134Southwestern Bell - Ks
620-236-XXXXChetopaLabette21607Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
620-237-XXXXMoranAllen33690United Tel Co Of Kansas
620-238-XXXXGirardCrawford39134Alltel Kansas Lp - Ks
620-239-XXXXHazeltonBarber4861South Central Tel Assn Inc - Ks
620-240-XXXXPittsburgCrawford39134Southwestern Bell - Ks
620-241-XXXXMcphersonMcpherson29180Southwestern Bell - Ks
620-242-XXXXMcphersonMcpherson29180Southwestern Bell - Ks
620-243-XXXXZendaKingman7858Zenda Tel Co Inc
620-244-XXXXErieNeosho16512Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
620-245-XXXXMcphersonMcpherson29180Southwestern Bell - Ks
620-246-XXXXIsabelBarber4861Haviland Tel Co Inc
620-247-XXXXLake CityBarber4861Southwestern Bell
620-248-XXXXSun CityBarber4861South Central Tel Assn Inc - Ks
620-249-XXXXPittsburgCrawford39134United States Cellular Corp. - Kans
620-250-XXXXPlainsMeade4575Elkhart Tel Co Inc
620-251-XXXXCoffeyvilleMontgomery35471Southwestern Bell
620-252-XXXXCoffeyvilleMontgomery35471Southwestern Bell - Ks
620-253-XXXXDodge CityFord33848Alltel Kansas Lp - Ks
620-254-XXXXAtticaHarper6034Southwestern Bell - Ks
620-255-XXXXDodge CityFord33848Alltel Kansas Lp - Ks
620-256-XXXXLeboCoffey8601United Telephone Company Of Eastern
620-257-XXXXLyonsRice10083Southwestern Bell - Ks
620-258-XXXXPretty PrairieReno64511Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
620-259-XXXXHutchinsonReno64511Cox Kansas Telcom, Llc - Ks
620-260-XXXXGarden CityFinney36776Southwestern Bell - Ks
620-262-XXXXWinfieldCowley36311Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
620-263-XXXXBurlingtonCoffey8601Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
620-264-XXXXLarnedPawnee6973Rcc Holdings, Inc.
620-266-XXXXHillsboroMarion12660Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
620-267-XXXXPeabodyMarion12660Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
620-268-XXXXStaffordStafford4437Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
620-269-XXXXCedar ValeChautauqua3669Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
620-270-XXXXCaneyMontgomery35471Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
620-271-XXXXGarden CityFinney36776Southwestern Bell - Ks
620-272-XXXXGarden CityFinney36776Southwestern Bell - Ks
620-273-XXXXCottonwood FallsChase10083Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
620-274-XXXXCedar PointChase10083Bluestem Telephone Company
620-275-XXXXGarden CityFinney36776Southwestern Bell - Ks
620-276-XXXXGarden CityFinney36776Southwestern Bell - Ks
620-277-XXXXHolcombFinney36776Southwestern Bell - Ks
620-278-XXXXSterlingRice10083United Telephone Company Of Eastern
620-279-XXXXStrong CityChase10083Bluestem Telephone Company
620-280-XXXXLeotiWichita498365Rcc Holdings, Inc.
620-281-XXXXWinfieldWinfield36311Southwestern Bell
620-282-XXXXGreat BendBarton27674Alltel Kansas Lp - Ks
620-283-XXXXDodge CityFord33848United Wireless Communications, Inc
620-285-XXXXLarnedPawnee6973Southwestern Bell - Ks
620-286-XXXXAbbyvilleReno64511United Telephone Company Of Eastern
620-287-XXXXGarden CityFinney36776Rcc Holdings, Inc.
620-288-XXXXFredoniaWilson6497Alltel Kansas Lp - Ks
620-289-XXXXCaneyMontgomery35471Totah Communications, Inc. - Ks
620-290-XXXXGarden CityFinney36776Alltel Kansas Lp - Ks
620-292-XXXXHoisingtonBarton27674Nex-Tech Wireless, Llc
620-294-XXXXSharonBarber4861South Central Tel Assn Inc - Ks
620-295-XXXXMoundridgeMcpherson29180Verizon Wireless
620-296-XXXXHardtnerBarber4861Kanokla Tel Assn - Ks
620-297-XXXXMurdockKingman7858United Telephone Company Of Eastern
620-298-XXXXCunninghamKingman7858United Telephone Company Of Eastern
620-300-XXXXFort MorganMorgan7900N E Colorado Cellular
620-304-XXXXBaxter SpgsCherokee39134Sprint Spectrum L.P.- Ks
620-305-XXXXChanuteNeosho16512United States Cellular Corp. - Kans
620-306-XXXXCaneyMontgomery35471Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
620-307-XXXXArkansas CityCowley36311Telcove Investment, Llc - Ks
620-308-XXXXParsonsLabette21607N E Colorado Cellular
620-309-XXXXLiberalSeward4437Southwestern Bell - Ks
620-310-XXXXCoffeyvilleMontgomery35471Prairie Stream Communications, Inc.
620-313-XXXXLibertyMontgomery35471Alltel Kansas Lp - Ks
620-314-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684New Cingular Wireless Pcs
620-318-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684New Cingular Wireless Pcs
620-319-XXXXSedanChautauqua3669Telcove Investment, Llc - Ks
620-320-XXXXMacksvilleStafford4437Gbt Communications
620-321-XXXXMoundridgeMcpherson29180Verizon Wireless
620-322-XXXXHutchinsonReno64511Prairie Stream Communications, Inc.
620-323-XXXXMoundridgeMcpherson29180Verizon Wireless
620-324-XXXXLewisEdwards3037Golden Belt Tel Assn Inc
620-325-XXXXNeodeshaWilson6497Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
620-326-XXXXWellingtonSumner24132Southwestern Bell - Ks
620-327-XXXXHesstonHarvey34684United Telephone Company Of Eastern
620-328-XXXXMound ValleyLabette21607United Tel Co Of Kansas
620-329-XXXXElk FallsElk2882Southern Kansas Tel Co Inc
620-330-XXXXIndependenceMontgomery35471Southwestern Bell - Ks
620-331-XXXXIndependenceMontgomery35471Southwestern Bell - Ks
620-332-XXXXIndependenceMontgomery35471Southwestern Bell - Ks
620-333-XXXXWinfieldWinfield36311Southwestern Bell
620-334-XXXXMoundridgeMcpherson29180Verizon Wireless
620-335-XXXXIngallsGray6006United Tel Assn Inc
620-336-XXXXCherryvaleMontgomery35471Southwestern Bell - Ks
620-337-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Sbc Internet Services
620-338-XXXXDodge CityFord33848Southwestern Bell - Ks
620-339-XXXXDodge CityFord33848Southwestern Bell - Ks
620-340-XXXXEmporiaLyon33690Southwestern Bell - Ks
620-341-XXXXEmporiaLyon33690Southwestern Bell - Ks
620-342-XXXXEmporiaLyon33690Southwestern Bell - Ks
620-343-XXXXEmporiaLyon33690Southwestern Bell - Ks
620-344-XXXXEmporiaLyon33690United States Cellular Corp. - Kans
620-345-XXXXMoundridgeMcpherson29180Moundridge Tel Co
620-346-XXXXSedanChautauqua3669Totah Communications, Inc. - Ks
620-347-XXXXArmaCrawford39134Craw-Kan Tel Coop Inc - Ks
620-348-XXXXMacksvilleStafford4437United Telephone Company Of Eastern
620-349-XXXXHavilandKiowa4861Giant Communications, Inc. - Ks
620-350-XXXXGalvaMcpherson29180Home Communications
620-351-XXXXDodge CityFord33848United Wireless Communications, Inc
620-352-XXXXMoundridgeMcpherson29180Verizon Wireless
620-353-XXXXUlyssesGrant7829Pioneer Tel Assn Inc
620-354-XXXXWalnutCrawford39134Craw-Kan Tel Coop Inc - Ks
620-355-XXXXLakinKearny3977Pioneer Tel Assn Inc
620-356-XXXXUlyssesGrant7829Pioneer Tel Assn Inc
620-357-XXXXJetmoreHodgeman1916Sunflower Tel Co Inc - Ks
620-358-XXXXGrenolaElk2882Southern Kansas Tel Co Inc
620-359-XXXXWellingtonSumner24132Southwestern Bell - Ks
620-360-XXXXElkhartMorton3233Elkhart Tel Co Inc
620-361-XXXXIndependenceMontgomery35471Prairie Stream Communications, Inc.
620-362-XXXXFarlingtonCrawford39134Craw-Kan Tel Coop Inc - Ks
620-363-XXXXIolaAllen33690United States Cellular Corp. - Kans
620-364-XXXXBurlingtonCoffey8601United Tel Co Of Kansas
620-365-XXXXIolaAllen33690Southwestern Bell - Ks
620-366-XXXXEmporiaLyon33690United States Cellular Corp. - Kans
620-367-XXXXHesstonHarvey34684Moundridge Tel Co
620-368-XXXXHeplerCrawford39134Craw-Kan Tel Coop Inc - Ks
620-369-XXXXFordFord33848United Tel Assn Inc
620-370-XXXXLiberalSeward4437Elkhart Tel Co Inc
620-371-XXXXClaflinBarton27674Verizon Wireless
620-372-XXXXSyracuseHamilton6689Pioneer Tel Assn Inc
620-373-XXXXKendallHamilton6689Pioneer Tel Assn Inc
620-374-XXXXHowardElk2882Southwestern Bell - Ks
620-375-XXXXLeotiWichita498365Sunflower Tel Co Inc - Ks
620-376-XXXXTribuneGreeley8102Sunflower Tel Co Inc - Ks
620-377-XXXXSt JohnStafford4437Nex-Tech Wireless, Llc
620-378-XXXXFredoniaWilson6497United Tel Co Of Kansas
620-379-XXXXMarienthalWichita498365Sunflower Tel Co Inc - Ks
620-380-XXXXIolaAllen33690Southwestern Bell - Ks
620-381-XXXXMarionMarion12660Southwestern Bell - Ks
620-382-XXXXMarionMarion12660Southwestern Bell - Ks
620-383-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Mcc Telephony Of The Midwest
620-384-XXXXSyracuseHamilton6689Pioneer Tel Assn Inc
620-385-XXXXSpearvilleFord33848United Tel Assn Inc
620-386-XXXXMoundridgeMcpherson29180Moundridge Tel Co
620-387-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Verizon Wireless
620-388-XXXXPrattPratt9656Alltel Kansas Lp - Ks
620-389-XXXXRivertonCherokee39134Craw-Kan Tel Coop Inc - Ks
620-390-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684New Cingular Wireless Pcs
620-391-XXXXLiberalSeward4437Rcc Holdings, Inc.
620-392-XXXXHartfordLyon33690Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
620-393-XXXXDodge CityFord33848United Wireless Communications, Inc
620-394-XXXXBurdenCowley36311Southern Kansas Tel Co Inc
620-395-XXXXArcadiaCrawford39134Craw-Kan Tel Coop Inc - Ks
620-396-XXXXWeirCherokee39134Craw-Kan Tel Coop Inc - Ks
620-397-XXXXDightonLane25992S & T Tel Coop Assn
620-398-XXXXHealyLane25992S & T Tel Coop Assn
620-399-XXXXWellingtonSumner24132Southwestern Bell - Ks
620-400-XXXXGreat BendBarton27674Southwestern Bell
620-401-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684New Cingular Wireless Pcs
620-402-XXXXWinfieldCowley36311Telcove Investment, Llc - Ks
620-403-XXXXCaneyMontgomery35471Telcove Investment, Llc - Ks
620-404-XXXXPittsburgCrawford39134United States Cellular Corp. - Kans
620-405-XXXXParsonsLabette21607Verizon Wireless
620-406-XXXXMeadeMeade4575At&t - Local - Ks
620-408-XXXXDodge CityFord33848Southwestern Bell - Ks
620-409-XXXXMoundridgeMcpherson29180Verizon Wireless
620-410-XXXXGreat BendBarton27674Nex Tech Wireless
620-412-XXXXEmporiaLyon33690Southwestern Bell - Ks
620-414-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Nex Tech Wireless
620-415-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Cellular Network Partnership
620-417-XXXXLiberalSeward4437Cellular Network Partnership
620-421-XXXXParsonsLabette21607Southwestern Bell - Ks
620-422-XXXXNickersonReno64511Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
620-423-XXXXParsonsLabette21607Southwestern Bell - Ks
620-424-XXXXUlyssesGrant7829Pioneer Tel Assn Inc
620-425-XXXXCoffeyvilleMontgomery35471Cellular Network Partnership
620-426-XXXXDeerfieldKearny3977Pioneer Tel Assn Inc
620-427-XXXXMadisonGreenwood6689Madison Telephone, Llc - Ks
620-428-XXXXHugotonStevens5724Pioneer Tel Assn Inc
620-429-XXXXColumbusCherokee39134Columbus Tel Co
620-430-XXXXDodge CityFord33848Rcc Holdings, Inc.
620-431-XXXXChanuteNeosho16512Southwestern Bell - Ks
620-432-XXXXChanuteNeosho16512Southwestern Bell - Ks
620-433-XXXXChanuteNeosho16512Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
620-434-XXXXMayfieldSumner24132Kanokla Tel Assn - Ks
620-435-XXXXArgoniaSumner24132Haviland Tel Co Inc
620-436-XXXXDodge CityFord33848United Wireless Communications, Inc
620-437-XXXXMadisonGreenwood6689Madison Telephone, Llc - Ks
620-438-XXXXBurdenCowley36311Southern Kansas Tel Co Inc
620-439-XXXXBlue MoundLinn5799United Tel Co Of Kansas
620-440-XXXXWellingtonSumner24132Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
620-441-XXXXArkansas CityCowley36311Southwestern Bell - Ks
620-442-XXXXArkansas CityCowley36311Southwestern Bell - Ks
620-443-XXXXAmericusLyon33690Bluestem Telephone Company
620-446-XXXXArkansas CityCowley36311Southwestern Bell
620-447-XXXXGeuda SpringsSumner24132Kanokla Tel Assn - Ks
620-449-XXXXSt PaulNeosho16512Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
620-450-XXXXPrattPratt9656Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
620-451-XXXXMoundridgeMcpherson29180Alltel Kansas Lp - Ks
620-452-XXXXMoundridgeMcpherson29180Verizon Wireless
620-453-XXXXHugotonStevens5724Alltel Kansas Lp - Ks
620-454-XXXXIndependenceMontgomery35471Airphone, Inc.
620-455-XXXXOxfordSumner24132United Telephone Company Of Eastern
620-456-XXXXConway SpringsSumner24132Haviland Tel Co Inc
620-457-XXXXCherokeeCrawford39134Craw-Kan Tel Coop Inc - Ks
620-458-XXXXHudsonStafford4437United Telephone Company Of Eastern
620-459-XXXXPretty PrairieReno64511United Telephone Company Of Eastern
620-462-XXXXGreat BendBarton27674Nex Tech Wireless
620-463-XXXXBurrtonHarvey34684United Tel Co Of Kansas
620-464-XXXXCoffeyvilleMontgomery35471Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
620-465-XXXXHavenReno64511United Tel Co Of Kansas
620-467-XXXXCambridgeCowley36311Southern Kansas Tel Co Inc
620-468-XXXXIolaAllen33690United Telephone Company Of Eastern
620-473-XXXXHumboldtAllen33690Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
620-474-XXXXHutchinsonReno64511Sprint Spectrum L.P.
620-475-XXXXOlpeLyon33690Wheat State Tel Inc
620-476-XXXXRosaliaButler65880Southern Kansas Tel Co Inc
620-478-XXXXNorwichKingman7858Haviland Tel Co Inc
620-479-XXXXScammonCherokee39134Embarq Missouri, Inc. - Ks
620-480-XXXXMcphersonMcpherson29180Sprint Spectrum L.P.- Ks
620-481-XXXXEmporiaLyon33690Sprint Spectrum L.P.- Ks
620-482-XXXXLiberalSeward4437Southwestern Bell - Ks
620-483-XXXXLehighMarion12660United Telephone Company Of Eastern
620-485-XXXXLibertyMontgomery35471Totah Communications, Inc. - Ks
620-486-XXXXSylviaReno64511United Telephone Company Of Eastern
620-487-XXXXEmporiaLyon33690At&t - Local - Ks
620-488-XXXXBelle PlaineSumner24132United Telephone Company Of Eastern
620-489-XXXXWindomMcpherson29180United Telephone Company Of Eastern
620-490-XXXXBurlingtonCoffey8601United States Cellular Corp. - Kans
620-491-XXXXKingmanKingman7858Alltel Kansas Lp - Ks
620-492-XXXXJohnsonStanton2235Pioneer Tel Assn Inc
620-493-XXXXManterStanton2235Pioneer Tel Assn Inc
620-495-XXXXJohnsonStanton2235Pioneer Tel Assn Inc
620-496-XXXXLa HarpeAllen33690La Harpe Tel Co Inc
620-497-XXXXTuronReno64511South Central Tel Assn Inc - Ks
620-499-XXXXSyracuseHamilton6689Pioneer Tel Assn Inc
620-500-XXXXBuhlerReno64511Wildflower Telecommunications
620-501-XXXXMedicine LodgeBarber4861Southwestern Bell
620-504-XXXXMcphersonMcpherson29180Southwestern Bell
620-505-XXXXCoffeyvilleMontgomery35471United States Cellular Corp. - Kans
620-506-XXXXArkansas CityCowley36311Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
620-507-XXXXWellingtonSumner24132Southwestern Bell
620-508-XXXXPrattPratt9656Southwestern Bell
620-509-XXXXLyonsRice10083Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
620-510-XXXXSubletteHaskell4256Southwestern Bell
620-513-XXXXHutchinsonReno64511At&t - Local - Ks
620-514-XXXXWellingtonSumner24132Telcove Investment, Llc - Ks
620-515-XXXXCoffeyvilleMontgomery35471United States Cellular Corp. - Kans
620-516-XXXXGreat BendBarton27674Nex Tech Wireless
620-517-XXXXMoundridgeMcpherson29180Verizon Wireless
620-518-XXXXDodge CityFord33848Verizon Wireless
620-521-XXXXGarden CityFinney36776Rcc Holdings, Inc.
620-525-XXXXHanstonHodgeman1916Golden Belt Tel Assn Inc
620-527-XXXXLarnedPawnee6973Golden Belt Tel Assn Inc
620-528-XXXXAllenLyon33690S & A Tel Co Inc
620-530-XXXXClearwaterSedgwick34684Skt, Inc. - Ks
620-532-XXXXKingmanKingman7858Southwestern Bell - Ks
620-534-XXXXSterlingRice10083United Telephone Company Of Eastern
620-537-XXXXBuffaloWilson6497United Telephone Company Of Eastern
620-538-XXXXArlingtonReno64511United Telephone Company Of Eastern
620-539-XXXXAshlandClark2215United Tel Assn Inc
620-541-XXXXDodge CityFord33848United Wireless Communications, Inc
620-543-XXXXBuhlerReno64511United Tel Co Of Kansas
620-544-XXXXHugotonStevens5724Pioneer Tel Assn Inc
620-545-XXXXClearwaterSedgwick34684Southern Kansas Tel Co Inc
620-546-XXXXIukaPratt9656South Central Tel Assn Inc - Ks
620-547-XXXXHeplerCrawford39134Craw-Kan Tel Coop Inc - Ks
620-548-XXXXMullinvilleKiowa4861Haviland Tel Co Inc
620-549-XXXXSt JohnStafford4437United Telephone Company Of Eastern
620-550-XXXXIndependenceMontgomery35471Cellular Network Partnership
620-553-XXXXKingmanKingman7858Southwestern Bell
620-554-XXXXDodge CityFord33848United Wireless Communications, Inc
620-560-XXXXHutchinsonReno64511Southwestern Bell - Ks
620-561-XXXXDodge CityFord33848Westlink Communications, Llc
620-562-XXXXBushtonRice10083H & B Communications Inc
620-563-XXXXPlainsMeade4575Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
620-564-XXXXEllinwoodBarton27674United Tel Co Of Kansas
620-565-XXXXCedar ValeChautauqua3669Totah Communications, Inc. - Ks
620-566-XXXXEllinwoodBarton27674Nex-Tech Wireless, Llc
620-567-XXXXPartridgeReno64511United Telephone Company Of Eastern
620-568-XXXXAltoonaWilson6497United Telephone Company Of Eastern
620-569-XXXXLarnedPawnee6973Golden Belt Tel Assn Inc
620-570-XXXXWinfieldWinfield36311Southwestern Bell
620-575-XXXXUlyssesGrant7829Pioneer Tel Assn Inc
620-577-XXXXIndependenceMontgomery35471Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
620-581-XXXXDodge CityDodge City33848Centurytel Acquisition, Llc Dba Kmc
620-582-XXXXColdwaterComanche1891Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
620-583-XXXXEurekaGreenwood6689Southwestern Bell
620-584-XXXXClearwaterSedgwick34684Southern Kansas Tel Co Inc
620-585-XXXXInmanMcpherson29180Southwestern Bell
620-586-XXXXOlmitzBarton27674Rural Tel Service Co Inc
620-587-XXXXClaflinBarton27674United Telephone Company Of Eastern
620-588-XXXXClaflinBarton27674H & B Cable Service, Inc. - Ks
620-591-XXXXEmporiaLyon33690Nextel Communications, Inc.
620-592-XXXXRichfieldMorton3233Pioneer Tel Assn Inc
620-593-XXXXRollaMorton3233Pioneer Tel Assn Inc
620-594-XXXXSawyerPratt9656Haviland Tel Co Inc
620-595-XXXXDodge CityFord33848United Wireless Communications, Inc
620-596-XXXXTuronReno64511United Telephone Company Of Eastern
620-597-XXXXOswegoLabette21607Craw-Kan Tel Coop Inc - Ks
620-598-XXXXMoscowStevens5724Pioneer Tel Assn Inc
620-600-XXXXDodge CityFord33848United Wireless Communications
620-603-XXXXGreat BendBarton27674Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
620-604-XXXXLiberalSeward4437Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
620-605-XXXXParsonsLabette21607United States Cellular Corp. - Kans
620-607-XXXXFredoniaWilson6497Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
620-608-XXXXNeodeshaWilson6497Telcove Investment, Llc - Ks
620-614-XXXXMacksvilleStafford4437Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
620-615-XXXXHutchinsonReno64511Nextel Communications, Inc.
620-617-XXXXGreat BendBarton27674Alltel Kansas Lp - Ks
620-621-XXXXLiberalSeward4437Rcc Holdings, Inc.
620-622-XXXXProtectionComanche1891Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
620-623-XXXXHanstonHodgeman1916United Tel Assn Inc
620-624-XXXXLiberalSeward4437Southwestern Bell - Ks
620-625-XXXXYates CenterWoodson3309Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
620-626-XXXXLiberalSeward4437Southwestern Bell - Ks
620-627-XXXXElk CityMontgomery35471Totah Communications, Inc. - Ks
620-628-XXXXCantonMcpherson29180Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
620-629-XXXXLiberalSeward4437Southwestern Bell - Ks
620-632-XXXXMc CuneCrawford39134Craw-Kan Tel Coop Inc - Ks
620-633-XXXXElk CityMontgomery35471United Telephone Company Of Eastern
620-635-XXXXAshlandClark2215United Tel Assn Inc
620-636-XXXXFredoniaWilson6497Dobson Cellular Systems, Inc.
620-637-XXXXTorontoWoodson3309United Telephone Company Of Eastern
620-638-XXXXGarlandBourbon15173Craw-Kan Tel Coop Inc - Ks
620-639-XXXXGreat BendBarton27674Nex-Tech Wireless, Llc
620-640-XXXXGarden CityFinney36776Alltel Kansas Lp - Ks
620-642-XXXXLongtonElk2882Southern Kansas Tel Co Inc
620-643-XXXXWeirCherokee39134Craw-Kan Tel Coop Inc - Mo
620-644-XXXXFort ScottBourbon15173Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
620-645-XXXXTorontoWoodson3309United Telephone Company Of Eastern
620-646-XXXXFowlerMeade4575Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
620-647-XXXXMolineElk2882Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
620-649-XXXXSatantaHaskell4256Pioneer Tel Assn Inc
620-651-XXXXDodge CityFord33848United Wireless Communications, Inc
620-652-XXXXFredoniaWilson6497Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
620-653-XXXXHoisingtonBarton27674United Telephone Company Of Eastern
620-654-XXXXGalvaMcpherson29180Home Tel Co Inc
620-655-XXXXLiberalSeward4437Alltel Kansas Lp - Ks
620-656-XXXXTuronReno64511United Telephone Company Of Eastern
620-657-XXXXSatantaHaskell4256Pioneer Tel Assn Inc
620-658-XXXXFall RiverGreenwood6689United Telephone Company Of Eastern
620-659-XXXXKinsleyEdwards3037Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
620-660-XXXXArkansas CityCowley36311Alltel Kansas Lp - Ks
620-662-XXXXHutchinsonReno64511Southwestern Bell - Ks
620-663-XXXXHutchinsonReno64511Southwestern Bell - Ks
620-664-XXXXHutchinsonReno64511Southwestern Bell - Ks
620-665-XXXXHutchinsonReno64511Southwestern Bell - Ks
620-668-XXXXCopelandGray6006United Tel Assn Inc
620-669-XXXXHutchinsonReno64511Southwestern Bell - Ks
620-670-XXXXPittsburgCrawford39134Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
620-672-XXXXPrattPratt9656Southwestern Bell - Ks
620-673-XXXXHavanaMontgomery35471Totah Communications, Inc. - Ks
620-674-XXXXColumbusCherokee39134Craw-Kan Tel Coop Inc - Ks
620-675-XXXXSubletteHaskell4256Southwestern Bell - Ks
620-678-XXXXHamiltonGreenwood6689Southwestern Bell - Ks
620-679-XXXXTreeceCherokee39134Southwestern Bell - Ok
620-680-XXXXLyonsRice10083Alltel Kansas Lp - Ks
620-682-XXXXDodge CityFord33848Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
620-687-XXXXPittsburgCrawford39134Alltel Kansas Lp - Ks
620-688-XXXXCoffeyvilleMontgomery35471Alltel Kansas Lp - Ks
620-690-XXXXLiberalSeward4437Panhandle Telecommunications System
620-692-XXXXTorontoWoodson3309United Telephone Company Of Eastern
620-693-XXXXBluff CityHarper6034Kanokla Tel Assn - Ks
620-694-XXXXHutchinsonReno64511Southwestern Bell - Ks
620-697-XXXXElkhartMorton3233Elkhart Tel Co Inc
620-698-XXXXFredoniaWilson6497United Telephone Company Of Eastern
620-699-XXXXEmporiaLyon33690Southwestern Bell - Ks
620-702-XXXXCherryvaleMontgomery35471Southwestern Bell
620-704-XXXXPittsburgCrawford39134Kansas City Smsa Limited Partnershi
620-705-XXXXWinfieldCowley36311Southwestern Bell
620-708-XXXXHutchinsonReno64511Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
620-709-XXXXCoffeyvilleMontgomery35471Southwestern Bell
620-710-XXXXSedanChautauqua3669Southwestern Bell
620-712-XXXXInmanMcpherson29180Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
620-714-XXXXIndependenceMontgomery35471Kansas City Smsa Limited Partnershi
620-715-XXXXIndependenceMontgomery35471Telcove Investment, Llc - Ks
620-716-XXXXNeodeshaWilson6497Southwestern Bell
620-717-XXXXParsonsLabette21607Kansas City Smsa Limited Partnershi
620-718-XXXXMcphersonMcpherson29180Telcove Investment, Llc - Ks
620-719-XXXXPittsburgCrawford39134Aerial Communications
620-720-XXXXPawnee RockBarton27674Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
620-723-XXXXGreensburgKiowa4861Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
620-724-XXXXGirardCrawford39134Craw-Kan Tel Coop Inc - Ks
620-725-XXXXSedanChautauqua3669Southwestern Bell - Ks
620-726-XXXXBurnsMarion12660Southwestern Bell - Ks
620-727-XXXXHutchinsonReno64511Southwestern Bell - Ks
620-728-XXXXHutchinsonReno64511Southwestern Bell - Ks
620-731-XXXXTorontoWoodson3309United Telephone Company Of Eastern
620-732-XXXXTampaMarion12660United Telephone Company Of Eastern
620-735-XXXXMatfield GreenChase10083Wheat State Tel Inc
620-736-XXXXSeveryGreenwood6689Southwestern Bell - Ks
620-738-XXXXWilmoreComanche1891Haviland Tel Co Inc
620-739-XXXXIsabelBarber4861Haviland Tel Co Inc
620-740-XXXXHarperHarper6034United States Cellular Corp. - Kans
620-741-XXXXArkansas CityCowley36311Southwestern Bell - Ks
620-742-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Sprint Communications Company, L.P.
620-743-XXXXMapletonBourbon15173United Telephone Company Of Eastern
620-746-XXXXDodge CityFord33848United Wireless Communications, Inc
620-747-XXXXMoundridgeMcpherson29180Alltel Kansas Lp - Ks
620-750-XXXXEurekaGreenwood6689United States Cellular Corp. - Kans
620-752-XXXXPotwinButler65880Wheat State Tel Inc
620-753-XXXXMatfield GreenChase10083Wheat State Tel Inc
620-754-XXXXSavonburgAllen33690Craw-Kan Tel Coop Inc - Ks
620-755-XXXXMcphersonMcpherson29180Alltel Kansas Lp - Ks
620-756-XXXXUniontownBourbon15173Craw-Kan Tel Coop Inc - Ks
620-757-XXXXEmporiaLyon33690Aerial Communications
620-758-XXXXCedar ValeChautauqua3669Southwestern Bell - Ks
620-762-XXXXColumbusCherokee39134United States Cellular Corp. - Kans
620-763-XXXXGalesburgNeosho16512Craw-Kan Tel Coop Inc - Ks
620-764-XXXXMulberryCrawford39134Craw-Kan Tel Coop Inc - Ks
620-765-XXXXGarden CityFinney36776Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
620-766-XXXXCouncil GroveMorris5923Kansas Personal Communication Servi
620-767-XXXXCouncil GroveMorris5923Council Grove Tel Co
620-768-XXXXFort ScottBourbon15173Southwestern Bell - Ks
620-770-XXXXPrattPratt9656Southwestern Bell - Ks
620-772-XXXXInmanMcpherson29180Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
620-778-XXXXParsonsLabette21607Alltel Kansas Lp - Ks
620-779-XXXXIndependenceMontgomery35471Alltel Kansas Lp - Ks
620-781-XXXXScott CityScott4936Westlink Communications, Llc
620-782-XXXXUdallCowley36311Wheat State Tel Inc
620-783-XXXXGalenaCherokee39134Embarq Missouri, Inc. - Ks
620-784-XXXXAltamontLabette21607United Tel Co Of Kansas
620-786-XXXXGreat BendBarton27674Southwestern Bell - Ks
620-787-XXXXAmericusLyon33690Tri-County Tel Assn Inc
620-789-XXXXDodge CityFord33848United Wireless Communications, Inc
620-790-XXXXBelle PlaineSumner24132United Telephone Company Of Eastern
620-791-XXXXGreat BendBarton27674Southwestern Bell - Ks
620-792-XXXXGreat BendBarton27674Southwestern Bell - Ks
620-793-XXXXGreat BendBarton27674Southwestern Bell - Ks
620-794-XXXXEmporiaLyon33690Alltel Kansas Lp - Ks
620-795-XXXXOswegoLabette21607United Tel Co Of Kansas
620-796-XXXXVictoriaEllis28452Nex Tech
620-797-XXXXGreat BendBarton27674Rcc Holdings, Inc.
620-798-XXXXMcphersonMcpherson29180At&t - Local - Ks
620-801-XXXXDodge CityFord33848Centurytel Acquisition, Llc Dba Kmc
620-802-XXXXHutchinsonReno64511Southwestern Bell
620-803-XXXXEmporiaLyon33690Centurytel Acquisition, Llc Dba Kmc
620-804-XXXXLarnedPawnee6973Alltel Kansas Lp - Ks
620-805-XXXXGarden CityFinney36776Centurytel Acquisition, Llc Dba Kmc
620-808-XXXXCoffeyvilleMontgomery35471Telcove Investment, Llc - Ks
620-820-XXXXParsonsLabette21607Southwestern Bell - Ks
620-822-XXXXMurdockKingman7858Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
620-824-XXXXGeneseoRice10083Home Tel Co Inc
620-825-XXXXKiowaBarber4861South Central Tel Assn Inc - Ks
620-826-XXXXBucklinFord33848Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
620-827-XXXXScammonCherokee39134Craw-Kan Tel Coop Inc - Ks
620-829-XXXXRedfieldBourbon15173Craw-Kan Tel Coop Inc - Ks
620-834-XXXXMcphersonMcpherson29180United Telephone Company Of Eastern
620-835-XXXXDodge CityFord33848United Wireless Communications, Inc
620-836-XXXXGridleyCoffey8601United Telephone Company Of Eastern
620-837-XXXXWaltonHarvey34684United Telephone Company Of Eastern
620-839-XXXXThayerNeosho16512United Telephone Company Of Eastern
620-840-XXXXHarperHarper6034Southwestern Bell
620-842-XXXXAnthonyHarper6034Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
620-843-XXXXLathamButler65880Southern Kansas Tel Co Inc
620-845-XXXXCaldwellSumner24132Kanokla Tel Assn - Ks
620-846-XXXXMontezumaGray6006United Tel Assn Inc
620-848-XXXXRivertonCherokee39134Embarq Missouri, Inc. - Ks
620-851-XXXXLarnedPawnee6973Westlink Communications, Llc
620-852-XXXXWeldaAnderson8102Craw-Kan Tel Coop Inc - Ks
620-853-XXXXEurekaGreenwood6689Southern Kansas Tel Co Inc
620-855-XXXXCimarronGray6006United Tel Assn Inc
620-856-XXXXBaxter SpgsCherokee39134Embarq Missouri, Inc. - Ks
620-857-XXXXFultonBourbon15173Craw-Kan Tel Coop Inc - Ks
620-860-XXXXHutchinsonReno64511Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
620-861-XXXXSubletteHaskell4256Westlink Communications, Llc
620-862-XXXXHavilandKiowa4861Haviland Tel Co Inc
620-863-XXXXCorbinSumner24132Kanokla Tel Assn - Ks
620-864-XXXXSouth HavenSumner24132Southern Kansas Tel Co Inc
620-865-XXXXEnsignGray6006United Tel Assn Inc
620-867-XXXXBelle PlaineSumner24132Haviland Tel Co Inc
620-868-XXXXGreat BendBarton27674Westlink Communications, Llc
620-869-XXXXHesstonHarvey34684Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
620-870-XXXXCoffeyvilleMontgomery35471Kansas City Smsa Limited Partnershi
620-872-XXXXScott CityScott4936Southwestern Bell - Ks
620-873-XXXXMeadeMeade4575Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
620-874-XXXXScott CityScott4936Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
620-875-XXXXPittsburgCrawford39134Sprint Spectrum L.P.- Ks
620-876-XXXXDexterCowley36311Southern Kansas Tel Co Inc
620-877-XXXXHillsboroMarion12660Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
620-878-XXXXFlorenceMarion12660Southwestern Bell - Ks
620-879-XXXXCaneyMontgomery35471Southwestern Bell - Ks
620-884-XXXXLe RoyCoffey8601United Telephone Company Of Eastern
620-885-XXXXMinneolaClark2215Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
620-886-XXXXMedicine LodgeBarber4861Southwestern Bell - Ks
620-887-XXXXMedicine LodgeBarber4861Southwestern Bell - Ks
620-891-XXXXCherryvaleMontgomery35471Dobson Cellular Systems, Inc.
620-892-XXXXCaldwellSumner24132Southwestern Bell
620-893-XXXXCoatsPratt9656Haviland Tel Co Inc
620-894-XXXXLyonsRice10083United States Cellular Corp. - Kans
620-895-XXXXPrattPratt9656Haviland Tel Co Inc
620-896-XXXXHarperHarper6034Southwestern Bell - Ks
620-897-XXXXLittle RiverRice10083Mutual Tel Co
620-899-XXXXHutchinsonReno64511Alltel Kansas Lp - Ks
620-901-XXXXIolaAllen33690Southwestern Bell
620-902-XXXXChanuteNeosho16512Southwestern Bell
620-903-XXXXCherryvaleMontgomery35471Telcove Investment, Llc - Ks
620-904-XXXXSterlingRice10083Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
620-908-XXXXCaneyMontgomery35471Southwestern Bell
620-909-XXXXScott CityScott4936Southwestern Bell
620-910-XXXXLarnedPawnee6973Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
620-912-XXXXErieNeosho16512Southwestern Bell
620-914-XXXXAnthonyHarper6034South Central Wireless, Dba Sc Telc
620-915-XXXXSharonBarber4861South Central Wireless, Dba Sc Telc
620-916-XXXXHarperHarper6034South Central Wireless, Dba Sc Telc
620-917-XXXXKingmanKingman7858South Central Wireless, Dba Sc Telc
620-919-XXXXWellingtonSumner24132South Central Wireless, Dba Sc Telc
620-920-XXXXNeodeshaWilson6497Dobson Cellular Systems, Inc.
620-921-XXXXHutchinsonReno64511Southwestern Bell - Ks
620-922-XXXXEdnaLabette21607Craw-Kan Tel Coop Inc - Ks
620-923-XXXXAlbertBarton27674Golden Belt Tel Assn Inc
620-924-XXXXBurdickMorris5923Tri-County Tel Assn Inc
620-926-XXXXIndependenceMontgomery35471Dobson Cellular Systems, Inc.
620-927-XXXXDodge CityFord33848Alltel Kansas Lp - Ks
620-930-XXXXSharonBarber4861South Central Wireless, Dba Sc Telc
620-931-XXXXHutchinsonReno64511South Central Wireless, Dba Sc Telc
620-933-XXXXPrattPratt9656South Central Wireless, Dba Sc Telc
620-934-XXXXPawnee RockBarton27674Westlink Communications, Llc
620-935-XXXXOtisRush3307Rural Tel Service Co Inc
620-936-XXXXWinfieldWinfield36311Southwestern Bell
620-937-XXXXGarden CityFinney36776Westlink Communications, Llc
620-938-XXXXChaseRice10083Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
620-939-XXXXBronsonBourbon15173Craw-Kan Tel Coop Inc - Ks
620-940-XXXXChaseRice10083H & B Cable Service, Inc. - Ks
620-947-XXXXHillsboroMarion12660United Tel Co Of Kansas
620-948-XXXXCoffeyvilleMontgomery35471Southwestern Bell - Ks
620-951-XXXXHesstonHarvey34684Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
620-952-XXXXUlyssesGrant7829Alltel Kansas Lp - Ks
620-953-XXXXEurekaGreenwood6689Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
620-954-XXXXWinfieldWinfield36311Southwestern Bell
620-955-XXXXKingmanKingman7858Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
620-956-XXXXHowardElk2882Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
620-957-XXXXMarionMarion12660Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
620-960-XXXXHutchinsonReno64511Southwestern Bell
620-962-XXXXFreeportHarper6034Kanokla Tel Assn - Ks
620-963-XXXXLe RoyCoffey8601United Telephone Company Of Eastern
620-964-XXXXLe RoyCoffey8601United Telephone Company Of Eastern
620-965-XXXXLathamButler65880Southern Kansas Tel Co Inc
620-966-XXXXHutchinsonReno64511Sprint Spectrum L.P.
620-967-XXXXCaldwellSumner24132Kanokla Tel Assn - Ks
620-968-XXXXWellingtonSumner24132Southwestern Bell - Ks
620-970-XXXXWinfieldWinfield36311Southwestern Bell
620-976-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Southwestern Bell
620-979-XXXXTreeceCherokee39134Southwestern Bell
620-982-XXXXPawnee RockBarton27674Southwestern Bell - Ks
620-983-XXXXPeabodyMarion12660Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
620-984-XXXXHazeltonBarber4861Kanokla Tel Assn - Ks
620-986-XXXXRockCowley36311Wheat State Tel Inc
620-988-XXXXCoffeyvilleMontgomery35471Dobson Cellular Systems, Inc.
620-992-XXXXClaflinBarton27674Nex-Tech Wireless, Llc
620-995-XXXXMacksvilleStafford4437United Telephone Company Of Eastern
620-996-XXXXBartlettLabette21607Craw Kan Tel Coop Inc Ks