Area Code is covered under 618 Illinois

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Details on Area Code 618

State Illinois
Statewide Area Codes 217, 224, 309, 312, 331, 618, 630, 708, 773, 779, 815, 847, 872
Cities Albers, Albion, Alhambra, Allendale, Altamont, Alton, Anna, Annapolis, Ashley, Ava
Counties Alexander, Bond, Breese, Calhoun, Cape Girardeau, Clay, Clinton, Cook, Crawford, Edwards
Time Zone UTC-6

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  • 602-647-2941
    Anonymous : Jul 26, 2017 at 04:30 am Received scam call from (602)-647-2941 Verizon Wireless Mobile at Phoenix, AZ on Mon. 7/24/17 @ 5:15pm & harasser called back @ 5:59pm that didn't leave a message in my unlisted telephone - do not answer undesirable harassing calls & then received yet another spoofed similar phone (602)-647-6616 on Mon. 7/24/17 @ 9:13pm and received yet another scam similar telephone (647)-121-8507 on Mon. 7/24/17 @ 9:42pm that didn't leave a message - because this is an obvious harassing scam. Reported to DONOTCALL.GOV & FCC.GOV.
  • 602-647-6616
    Anonymous : Jul 26, 2017 at 04:30 am Received scam call from (602)-647-6616 Verizon Wireless Mobile at Phoenix, AZ on Mon. 7/24/17 @ 9:13pm that didn't leave a message in my unlisted telephone - do not answer undesirable harassing calls & then obtained another spoofed similar telephone (602)-647-2941 on Mon. 7/24/17 @ 5:15pm & harasser called again @ 5:59pm and received yet another scam similar telephone (647)-121-8507 on Mon. 7/24/17 @ 9:42pm that didn't leave a message - because this is an obvious Donating scam. Reported to DONOTCALL.GOV & FCC.GOV.
  • 647-121-8507
    Anonymous : Jul 26, 2017 at 04:30 am <p>Received scam call from (647)-121-8507 on Mon. 7/24/17 @ 9:42pm (subscriber number for the given number is invalid)</p> That did not leave a message on my mobile phone - don't answer unwanted harassing calls after which received a second spoofed similar phone (602)-647-2941 on Mon. 7/24/17 @ 5:15pm & harasser called back @ 5:59pm & also received yet another scam similar telephone (602)-647-6616 Verizon Wireless Mobile in Phoenix, AZ on Mon. 7/24/17 @ 9:13pm- - because this is an obvious harassing scam. Reported to DONOTCALL.GOV & FCC.GOV.
  • 646-432-4523
    Anonymous : Jul 26, 2017 at 04:30 am Another medicare scam caller, they all should be put in prison for life.
  • 970-218-0830
    Anonymous : Jul 26, 2017 at 04:30 am sends nasty notes
  • 718-674-0637
    Anonymous : Jul 26, 2017 at 04:30 am They call every hour no material is left. When I finally picked up a foreign voice That I could barely knows calls me sir, asks for my last name as my first and says they are from a school specialization (doesn't apply) SOLICITOR
  • 530-589-8924
    Anonymous : Jul 26, 2017 at 04:30 am Calls numerous times. No msg left.
  • 202-810-1884
    Anonymous : Jul 26, 2017 at 04:30 am They called saying we had been selected for a 9000 grant from the gov't because of our good reputation with the gov't. Plus they could give us the cash via Western Union or cash gram Or into our bank accounts. . uh huh... sure...
  • 386-986-6341
    Anonymous : Jul 26, 2017 at 04:30 am Received a number but failed to leave message when tried to number back just got busy signal. This really is a scam and tired of getting calls and neglecting to leave message.
  • 386-986-1095
    Anonymous : Jul 26, 2017 at 04:30 am Tired of having calls and failure to leave a message when tried to number back it seemed like a fax line that does this only scamers

Telephone Code 618

Area Interchange City County Population Network Operator
618-200-XXXXCarbondaleJackson60218Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon
618-201-XXXXCarbondaleJackson60218Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
618-203-XXXXCarbondaleJackson60218Sprint Spectrum L.P.- Il
618-204-XXXXMount VernonJefferson38827Sprint Spectrum L.P.- Il
618-205-XXXXCollinsvilleMadison269282Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
618-206-XXXXCollinsvilleMadison269282Mcleodusa Telecommunication Service
618-207-XXXXBellevilleSaint Clair270056T-Mobile Usa, Inc.
618-208-XXXXAltonMadison269282Mcleodusa Telecommunication Service
618-209-XXXXHarrisburgSaline24913Aero Communications, Inc. - Il
618-210-XXXXCollinsvilleMadison269282Swb Mobile Systems - Mo
618-212-XXXXCollinsvilleMadison269282Nuvox Communications Of Illinois, I
618-213-XXXXCollinsvilleMadison269282At&t - Local - Il
618-214-XXXXMount VernonJefferson38827Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
618-215-XXXXCollinsvilleMadison269282Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
618-216-XXXXCollinsvilleMadison269282Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
618-218-XXXXBentonFranklin39561Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
618-219-XXXXCollinsvilleMadison269282Mcleodusa Telecommunication Service
618-220-XXXXBellevilleSaint Clair270056Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon
618-221-XXXXCarbondaleJackson60218Arch Wireless Holdings, Inc.
618-222-XXXXBellevilleSaint Clair270056Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
618-223-XXXXCollinsvilleMadison269282Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
618-224-XXXXTrentonClinton16561Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
618-225-XXXXGranite CityMadison269282Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
618-226-XXXXSandovalMarion12582Citizens Tel. Co. Of Il Dba Frontie
618-227-XXXXHoffmanClinton16561Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Il
618-228-XXXXTrentonClinton16561Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Il
618-229-XXXXBellevilleSaint Clair270056Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
618-230-XXXXDupoSaint Clair270056American Messaging (Am), Inc.
618-231-XXXXCentraliaMarion12582Southern Illinois Rsa Partnership
618-232-XXXXHamburgCalhoun5089Citizens Tel. Co. Of Il Dba Frontie
618-233-XXXXBellevilleSaint Clair270056Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
618-234-XXXXBellevilleSaint Clair270056Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
618-235-XXXXBellevilleSaint Clair270056Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
618-236-XXXXBellevilleSaint Clair270056Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
618-237-XXXXCentraliaMarion12582Southern Illinois Rsa Partnership
618-238-XXXXEdgewoodEffingham34242Citizens Tel. Co. Of Il Dba Frontie
618-239-XXXXBellevilleSaint Clair270056Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
618-240-XXXXMt CarmellWabash11947Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
618-241-XXXXMount VernonJefferson38827Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
618-242-XXXXMount VernonJefferson38827Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
618-243-XXXXOkawvilleWashington135394Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
618-244-XXXXMount VernonJefferson38827Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
618-245-XXXXFarinaFayette22140Citizens Tel. Co. Of Il Dba Frontie
618-246-XXXXMount VernonJefferson38827Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
618-247-XXXXSandovalMarion12582Citizens Tel. Co. Of Il Dba Frontie
618-248-XXXXAlbersClinton16561Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
618-249-XXXXRichviewWashington135394Citizens Tel. Co. Of Il Dba Frontie
618-250-XXXXCollinsvilleMadison269282Leap Wireless Intl
618-251-XXXXWood RiverMadison269282Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
618-252-XXXXHarrisburgSaline24913Verizon North Inc. - Il
618-253-XXXXHarrisburgSaline24913Verizon North Inc. - Il
618-254-XXXXWood RiverMadison269282Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
618-255-XXXXWood RiverMadison269282Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
618-256-XXXXBellevilleSaint Clair270056Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
618-257-XXXXBellevilleSaint Clair270056Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
618-258-XXXXWood RiverMadison269282Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
618-259-XXXXWood RiverMadison269282Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
618-260-XXXXRaleighSaline24913Aero Communications, Inc. - Il
618-261-XXXXE St LouisSaint Clair270056Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
618-262-XXXXMt CarmellWabash11947Verizon North Inc. - Il
618-263-XXXXMt CarmellWabash11947Verizon North Inc. - Il
618-264-XXXXHerodPope4470Shawnee Tel Co
618-265-XXXXNew HavenGallatin5589Verizon North Inc. - Il
618-266-XXXXKellMarion12582Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
618-267-XXXXCentraliaMarion12582Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
618-268-XXXXRaleighSaline24913Verizon North Inc. - Il
618-269-XXXXShawneetownGallatin5589Verizon North Inc. - Il
618-271-XXXXE St LouisSaint Clair270056Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
618-272-XXXXRidgwayGallatin5589Verizon North Inc. - Il
618-273-XXXXEldoradoSaline24913Verizon North Inc. - Il
618-274-XXXXE St LouisSaint Clair270056Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
618-275-XXXXJunctionGallatin5589Shawnee Tel Co
618-276-XXXXEqualityGallatin5589Shawnee Tel Co
618-277-XXXXBellevilleSaint Clair270056Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
618-278-XXXXWoodburnMacoupin47765Frontier Communications-Midland, In
618-279-XXXXWaltonvilleJefferson38827Citizens Tel. Co. Of Il Dba Frontie
618-280-XXXXShawneetownGallatin5589Aero Communications, Inc. - Il
618-281-XXXXColumbiaMonroe32957Harrisonville Tel Co
618-282-XXXXRed BudRandolph33476Harrisonville Tel Co
618-283-XXXXVandaliaFayette22140Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
618-284-XXXXPrairie Du RocherRandolph33476Harrisonville Tel Co
618-285-XXXXRosiclareHardin4320Shawnee Tel Co
618-286-XXXXDupoSaint Clair270056Harrisonville Tel Co
618-287-XXXXElizabethtownHardin4320Shawnee Tel Co
618-288-XXXXGlen CarbonMadison269282Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
618-289-XXXXCave In RockHardin4320Shawnee Tel Co
618-291-XXXXCarbondaleJackson60218American Messaging (Am), Inc.
618-292-XXXXCentraliaMarion12582Southwestern Bell Mobile Systems, L
618-293-XXXXEast Saint LouisSaint Clair270056Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
618-294-XXXXBellevilleSaint Clair270056Delta Comms, Llc Dba Clearwave Comm
618-295-XXXXMarissaSaint Clair270056Verizon North Inc. - Il
618-296-XXXXEdwardsvilleMadison269282Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
618-297-XXXXEldoradoSaline24913Level 3 Communications, Llc - Il
618-298-XXXXMount CarmelWabash11947Verizon North Inc. - Il
618-299-XXXXAllendaleWabash11947Verizon North Inc. - Il
618-300-XXXXCollinsvilleMadison269282Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
618-301-XXXXCollinsvilleMadison269282Mcleodusa Telecommunication Service
618-302-XXXXAlbionEdwards6721Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
618-303-XXXXCarbondaleJackson60218Swb Mobile Systems - Mo
618-304-XXXXCollinsvilleMadison269282Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
618-305-XXXXCarbondaleJackson60218At&t - Local - Il
618-306-XXXXCairoAlexander8238Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
618-307-XXXXCollinsvilleMadison269282Mcleodusa Telecommunication Service
618-308-XXXXMc LeansboroHamilton19104Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
618-309-XXXXMetropolisMassac15429Level 3 Communications, Llc - Il
618-310-XXXXBellevilleSaint Clair270056Mcleodusa Telecommunication Service
618-313-XXXXRidgwayGallatin5589Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
618-314-XXXXNashvilleWashington135394Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
618-315-XXXXMount VernonJefferson38827Blue Licenses Holding, Llc
618-316-XXXXMount VernonJefferson38827At&t - Local - Il
618-317-XXXXSpartaRandolph33476Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
618-318-XXXXPinckneyvillePerry22350Level 3 Communications, Llc - Il
618-319-XXXXCarbondaleJackson60218Level 3 Communications, Llc - Il
618-320-XXXXCollinsvilleMadison269282Arch Wireless Holdings, Inc.
618-321-XXXXCollinsvilleMadison269282Ameritech Cellular Services - Misso
618-322-XXXXCentraliaMarion12582Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
618-323-XXXXIukaMarion12582Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
618-324-XXXXCollinsvilleMadison269282Ameritech Cellular Services - Misso
618-325-XXXXCollinsvilleMadison269282Ameritech Cellular Services - Misso
618-326-XXXXMulberry GroveBond17768Citizens Tel. Co. Of Il Dba Frontie
618-327-XXXXNashvilleWashington135394Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
618-328-XXXXDowJersey22985Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
618-329-XXXXOakdaleWashington135394Egyptian Tel Coop Assn
618-330-XXXXVilla RidgePulaski6161Aero Communications, Inc. - Il
618-331-XXXXCarbondaleJackson60218Mci Metro Ats, Inc. - Il
618-332-XXXXE St LouisSaint Clair270056Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
618-333-XXXXHerrinWilliamson66357Novacom, Inc.
618-334-XXXXCollinsvilleMadison269282Swb Mobile Systems - Mo
618-335-XXXXCentraliaMarion12582Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
618-336-XXXXPinckneyvillePerry22350Egyptian Tel Coop Assn
618-337-XXXXE St LouisSaint Clair270056Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
618-338-XXXXCollinsvilleMadison269282Ameritech Cellular Services - Misso
618-339-XXXXCentraliaMarion12582Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
618-340-XXXXRed BudRandolph33476Swb Mobile Systems - Mo
618-341-XXXXCollinsvilleMadison269282Ameritech Cellular Services - Misso
618-342-XXXXVilla RidgePulaski6161Verizon North Inc. - Il
618-343-XXXXCollinsvilleMadison269282Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
618-344-XXXXCollinsvilleMadison269282Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
618-345-XXXXCollinsvilleMadison269282Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
618-346-XXXXCollinsvilleMadison269282Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
618-347-XXXXBrownstownFayette22140Frontier Communications-Midland, In
618-348-XXXXBentonFranklin39561Aero Communications, Inc. - Il
618-349-XXXXSt PeterFayette22140Citizens Tel. Co. Of Il Dba Frontie
618-350-XXXXCarbondaleJackson60218Aero Communications, Inc. - Il
618-351-XXXXCarbondaleJackson60218Verizon North Inc. - Il
618-352-XXXXCentraliaMarion12582Southern Illinois Rsa Partnership
618-353-XXXXCarbondaleJackson60218Southern Illinois Rsa Partnership
618-354-XXXXOlneyRichland16233Southern Illinois Rsa Partnership
618-355-XXXXBellevilleSaint Clair270056Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
618-356-XXXXBunker HillMacoupin47765Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
618-357-XXXXPinckneyvillePerry22350Verizon North Inc. - Il
618-358-XXXXPinckneyvillePerry22350Aero Communications, Inc. - Il
618-359-XXXXCentraliaMarion12582Southern Illinois Rsa Partnership
618-360-XXXXBlufordJefferson38827Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
618-361-XXXXAltonMadison269282American Messaging (Am), Inc.
618-362-XXXXDorchesterMacoupin47765Frontier Communications-Midland, In
618-363-XXXXCollinsvilleMadison269282Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
618-364-XXXXMarionWilliamson66357Level 3 Communications, Llc - Il
618-365-XXXXCollinsvilleMadison269282Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
618-366-XXXXChesterRandolph33476Southwestern Bell
618-367-XXXXCentraliaMarion12582Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
618-368-XXXXHardinCalhoun5089Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
618-369-XXXXCollinsvilleMadison269282American Messaging (Am), Inc.
618-370-XXXXMedoraJersey22985Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
618-371-XXXXTamaroaPerry22350Sprint Communications Company, L.P.
618-372-XXXXBrightonMacoupin47765Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
618-373-XXXXEldoradoSaline24913Aero Communications, Inc. - Il
618-374-XXXXElsahJersey22985At&t - Local - Il
618-375-XXXXGrayvilleWhite14665Verizon North Inc. - Il
618-376-XXXXFieldonJersey22985Citizens Tel. Co. Of Il Dba Frontie
618-377-XXXXBethaltoMadison269282Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
618-378-XXXXNorris CityWhite14665Verizon North Inc. - Il
618-379-XXXXNorris CityWhite14665Delta Comms, Llc Dba Clearwave Comm
618-380-XXXXCarmiWhite14665Level 3 Communications, Llc - Il
618-381-XXXXCollinsvilleMadison269282Intermedia Communications, Inc. - I
618-382-XXXXCarmiWhite14665Verizon North Inc. - Il
618-383-XXXXCarmiWhite14665Southern Illinois Rsa Partnership
618-384-XXXXCarmiWhite14665Verizon North Inc. - Il
618-385-XXXXTamaroaPerry22350Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
618-386-XXXXDe SotoJackson60218Sprint Communications Company, L.P.
618-387-XXXXCarmiWhite14665Level 3 Communications, Llc - Il
618-388-XXXXOlneyRichland16233Bitwise Communications, Inc. - Il
618-389-XXXXAshleyWashington135394Sprint Communications Company, L.P.
618-390-XXXXWoodlawnJefferson38827Sprint Communications Company, L.P.
618-391-XXXXGlen CarbonMadison269282Leap Wireless Intl
618-392-XXXXOlneyRichland16233Verizon North Inc. - Il
618-393-XXXXOlneyRichland16233Verizon North Inc. - Il
618-394-XXXXEast Saint LouisSaint Clair270056Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
618-395-XXXXOlneyRichland16233Verizon North Inc. - Il
618-396-XXXXBatchtownCalhoun5089Citizens Tel. Co. Of Il Dba Frontie
618-397-XXXXEast Saint LouisSaint Clair270056Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
618-398-XXXXEast Saint LouisSaint Clair270056Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
618-399-XXXXEast Saint LouisSaint Clair270056Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
618-401-XXXXCollinsvilleMadison269282Swb Mobile Systems - Mo
618-402-XXXXCollinsvilleMadison269282Swb Mobile Systems - Mo
618-403-XXXXCollinsvilleMadison269282Arch Wireless Holdings, Inc.
618-404-XXXXAnnaUnion17808Globaleyes Telecommunications, Inc.
618-405-XXXXNew AthensSaint Clair270056Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Il
618-406-XXXXCollinsvilleMadison269282Swb Mobile Systems - Mo
618-407-XXXXCollinsvilleMadison269282Swb Mobile Systems - Mo
618-409-XXXXCollinsvilleMadison269282Swb Mobile Systems - Mo
618-410-XXXXCollinsvilleMadison269282Nextel Communications, Inc.
618-412-XXXXCarbondaleJackson60218Nextel Partners Operating Corp.
618-413-XXXXCairoAlexander8238Globaleyes Telecommunications, Inc.
618-414-XXXXCollinsvilleMadison269282Ameritech Cellular Services - Misso
618-415-XXXXAvaJackson60218Aero Communications, Inc. - Il
618-416-XXXXBellevilleSaint Clair270056Charter Fiberlink - Illinois, Llc -
618-418-XXXXCarbondaleJackson60218Globaleyes Telecommunications, Inc.
618-420-XXXXCollinsvilleMadison269282Swb Mobile Systems - Mo
618-421-XXXXCarbondaleJackson60218Level 3 Communications, Llc - Il
618-422-XXXXCollinsvilleMadison269282American Messaging (Am), Inc.
618-423-XXXXRamseyFayette22140Citizens Tel. Co. Of Il Dba Frontie
618-424-XXXXOkawvilleWashington135394Citizens Tel. Co. Of Il Dba Frontie
618-425-XXXXMulberry GroveBond17768Citizens Tel. Co. Of Il Dba Frontie
618-426-XXXXAvaJackson60218Level 3 Communications, Llc - Il
618-427-XXXXBrownstownFayette22140Citizens Tel. Co. Of Il Dba Frontie
618-428-XXXXHerrickShelby22363Frontier Communications-Midland, In
618-429-XXXXCollinsvilleMadison269282American Messaging (Am), Inc.
618-430-XXXXCentraliaMarion12582Mediacom Telephony Of Illinois
618-431-XXXXCape GirardeauCape Girardeau0Big River Telephone Company
618-432-XXXXPatokaMarion12582Citizens Tel. Co. Of Il Dba Frontie
618-433-XXXXAltonMadison269282Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
618-434-XXXXMurphysboroJackson60218Globaleyes Telecommunications, Inc.
618-435-XXXXBentonFranklin39561Verizon North Inc. - Il
618-436-XXXXCentraliaMarion12582Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
618-437-XXXXInaJefferson38827Citizens Telecom Co Illinois-Frontier Citizens -Il
618-438-XXXXBentonFranklin39561Verizon North Inc. - Il
618-439-XXXXBentonFranklin39561Verizon North Inc. - Il
618-440-XXXXJohnston CityWilliamson66357Globaleyes Telecommunications, Inc.
618-441-XXXXAshleyWashington135394Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
618-442-XXXXParkersburgRichland16233Verizon North Inc. - Il
618-443-XXXXSpartaRandolph33476Verizon North Inc. - Il
618-444-XXXXCollinsvilleMadison269282Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
618-445-XXXXAlbionEdwards6721Level 3 Communications, Llc - Il
618-446-XXXXBrownsEdwards6721Wabash Tel Coop Inc
618-447-XXXXCollinsvilleMadison269282United States Cellular Corp. - Illi
618-448-XXXXMount VernonJefferson38827Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Il
618-449-XXXXSpartaRandolph33476Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Il
618-450-XXXXOlneyRichland16233Big River Telephone Company
618-451-XXXXGranite CityMadison269282Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
618-452-XXXXGranite CityMadison269282Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
618-453-XXXXCarbondaleJackson60218Verizon North Inc. - Il
618-454-XXXXOlneyRichland16233Sprint Communications Company, L.P.
618-455-XXXXWillow HillJasper9698Verizon North Inc. - Il
618-456-XXXXWest SalemEdwards6721Verizon North Inc. - Il
618-457-XXXXCarbondaleJackson60218Verizon North Inc. - Il
618-458-XXXXFultsMonroe32957Harrisonville Tel Co
618-459-XXXXWordenMadison269282Madison Tel Co
618-460-XXXXCentraliaMarion12582Mediacom Telephony Of Illinois
618-461-XXXXCentraliaMarion12582Mediacom Telephony Of Illinois
618-462-XXXXAltonMadison269282Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
618-463-XXXXAltonMadison269282Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
618-464-XXXXFairview HeightsSaint Clair270056Charter Fiberlink - Illinois, Llc -
618-465-XXXXAltonMadison269282Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
618-466-XXXXAltonMadison269282Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
618-467-XXXXAltonMadison269282Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
618-468-XXXXAltonMadison269282Intermedia Communications, Inc. - I
618-469-XXXXOlneyRichland16233Mediacom Telephony Of Illinois
618-470-XXXXCollinsvilleMadison269282Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
618-472-XXXXMount VernonJefferson38827Southern Illinois Rsa Partners
618-473-XXXXNew AthensSaint Clair270056Verizon North Inc. - Il
618-474-XXXXAltonMadison269282Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
618-475-XXXXNew AthensSaint Clair270056Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
618-476-XXXXMillstadtSaint Clair270056Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
618-477-XXXXCollinsvilleMadison269282Aero Communications, Inc. - Il
618-478-XXXXHoyletonWashington135394Citizens Tel. Co. Of Il Dba Frontie
618-479-XXXXSaint LouisSaint Louis City0Aero Communications
618-480-XXXXOlneyRichland16233Mediacom Telephony Of Illinois
618-482-XXXXE St LouisSaint Clair270056Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
618-483-XXXXAltamontEffingham34242Citizens Tel. Co. Of Il Dba Frontie
618-484-XXXXBellevilleSaint Clair270056American Messaging (Am), Inc.
618-485-XXXXAshleyWashington135394Citizens Tel. Co. Of Il Dba Frontie
618-487-XXXXBeecher CityEffingham34242Citizens Tel. Co. Of Il Dba Frontie
618-488-XXXXAlhambraMadison269282Alhambra-Grantfork Tel Co
618-489-XXXXEast Saint LouisSaint Clair270056Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
618-490-XXXXCarbondaleJackson60218Mediacom Telephony Of Illinois
618-493-XXXXHoyletonWashington135394Citizens Tel. Co. Of Il Dba Frontie
618-494-XXXXJerseyvilleJersey22985Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
618-495-XXXXHoyletonWashington135394Citizens Tel. Co. Of Il Dba Frontie
618-496-XXXXTamaroaPerry22350Citizens Tel. Co. Of Il Dba Frontie
618-497-XXXXPercyRandolph33476Verizon North Inc. - Il
618-498-XXXXJerseyvilleJersey22985Citizens Tel. Co. Of Il Dba Frontie
618-499-XXXXHarrisburgSaline24913Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
618-503-XXXXCarbondaleJackson60218Level 3 Communications, Llc - Il
618-504-XXXXMaryland HeightsSaint Louis0T Mobile Usa
618-505-XXXXTroyMadison269282Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
618-507-XXXXWoodlawnJefferson38827Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
618-508-XXXXFloraClay13815Level 3 Communications, Llc - Il
618-509-XXXXBellevilleSaint Clair270056Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
618-510-XXXXSt ElmoFayette22140Sprint Communications Company, L.P.
618-512-XXXXGranite CityMadison269282Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
618-513-XXXXBentonFranklin39561Swb Mobile Systems - Mo
618-514-XXXXCollinsvilleMadison269282T-Mobile Usa, Inc.
618-516-XXXXFairfieldWayne16760Southern Illinois Rsa Partnership
618-518-XXXXHarrisburgSaline24913Blue Licenses Holding, Llc
618-519-XXXXCarbondaleJackson60218Delta Comms, Llc Dba Clearwave Comm
618-520-XXXXCollinsvilleMadison269282Swb Mobile Systems - Mo
618-521-XXXXCarbondaleJackson60218Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
618-522-XXXXMetropolisMassac15429Aero Communications, Inc. - Il
618-523-XXXXGermantownClinton16561Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
618-524-XXXXMetropolisMassac15429Verizon North Inc. - Il
618-525-XXXXCarbondaleJackson60218Southern Illinois Rsa Partnership
618-526-XXXXBreeseClinton16561Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
618-527-XXXXCarbondaleJackson60218Southern Illinois Rsa Partnership
618-528-XXXXCarbondaleJackson60218Southern Illinois Rsa Partnership
618-529-XXXXCarbondaleJackson60218Verizon North Inc. - Il
618-530-XXXXCollinsvilleMadison269282Sprint Spectrum L.P.
618-531-XXXXCollinsvilleMadison269282Sprint Spectrum L.P.
618-532-XXXXCentraliaMarion12582Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
618-533-XXXXCentraliaMarion12582Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
618-534-XXXXCarbondaleJackson60218Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
618-535-XXXXJerseyvilleJersey22985United States Cellular Corp. - Illi
618-536-XXXXCarbondaleJackson60218Verizon North Inc. - Il
618-537-XXXXLebanonSaint Clair270056Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
618-538-XXXXMillstadtSaint Clair270056Verizon North Inc. - Il
618-539-XXXXFreeburgSaint Clair270056Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
618-540-XXXXCollinsvilleMadison269282Swb Mobile Systems - Mo
618-541-XXXXCollinsvilleMadison269282Swb Mobile Systems - Mo
618-542-XXXXDu QuoinPerry22350Verizon North Inc. - Il
618-543-XXXXMetropolisMassac15429Verizon North Inc. - Il
618-544-XXXXRobinsonCrawford19817Verizon North Inc. - Il
618-545-XXXXCentraliaMarion12582Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
618-546-XXXXRobinsonCrawford19817Verizon North Inc. - Il
618-547-XXXXKinmundyMarion12582Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
618-548-XXXXSalemMarion12582Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
618-549-XXXXCarbondaleJackson60218Verizon North Inc. - Il
618-550-XXXXCollinsvilleMadison269282Swb Mobile Systems - Mo
618-551-XXXXChicagoCook5194675Peerless Network Of Illinois
618-552-XXXXBrookportMassac15429Aero Communications, Inc. - Il
618-553-XXXXRobinsonCrawford19817Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
618-554-XXXXRobinsonCrawford19817Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
618-555-XXXXCollinsvilleMadison269282Illinois Bell Tel Co
618-556-XXXXJerseyvilleJersey22985United States Cellular Corp. - Illi
618-557-XXXXRobinsonCrawford19817Verizon North Inc. - Il
618-558-XXXXCollinsvilleMadison269282Sprint Spectrum L.P.
618-559-XXXXCarbondaleJackson60218Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
618-560-XXXXCollinsvilleMadison269282Swb Mobile Systems - Mo
618-561-XXXXCarbondaleJackson60218Southern Illinois Rsa Partnership
618-562-XXXXAnnapolisCrawford19817Cellular Properties, Inc.
618-563-XXXXHutsonvilleCrawford19817Verizon North Inc. - Il
618-564-XXXXBrookportMassac15429Verizon North Inc. - Il
618-565-XXXXMurphysboroJackson60218Verizon North Inc. - Il
618-566-XXXXMascoutahSaint Clair270056Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
618-567-XXXXCollinsvilleMadison269282Sprint Spectrum L.P.
618-568-XXXXElkvilleJackson60218Verizon North Inc. - Il
618-569-XXXXAnnapolisCrawford19817Verizon North Inc. - Il
618-570-XXXXCollinsvilleMadison269282Swb Mobile Systems - Mo
618-571-XXXXCarbondaleJackson60218Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon
618-572-XXXXFloraClay13815At&t - Local - Il
618-574-XXXXCollinsvilleMadison269282Sbc Internet Services
618-575-XXXXElkvilleJackson60218Aero Communications, Inc. - Il
618-576-XXXXHardinCalhoun5089Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
618-578-XXXXCollinsvilleMadison269282Swb Mobile Systems - Mo
618-579-XXXXMarionWilliamson66357Sprint Spectrum L.P.- Il
618-580-XXXXCollinsvilleMadison269282Sprint Spectrum L.P.
618-581-XXXXCollinsvilleMadison269282Sprint Spectrum L.P.
618-582-XXXXBreeseBreese37762Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Il
618-583-XXXXE St LouisSaint Clair270056Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
618-584-XXXXFlat RockCrawford19817Flat Rock Tel Co-Op Inc.
618-585-XXXXBunker HillMacoupin47765Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
618-586-XXXXPalestineCrawford19817Verizon North Inc. - Il
618-587-XXXXCoultervilleRandolph33476Verizon North Inc. - Il
618-588-XXXXNew BadenClinton16561Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
618-589-XXXXCollinsvilleMadison269282At&t - Local - Il
618-592-XXXXOblongCrawford19817Odin Tel Exch Inc
618-593-XXXXCollinsvilleMadison269282Sprint Spectrum L.P.
618-594-XXXXCarlyleClinton16561Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
618-595-XXXXZeiglerFranklin39561Aero Communications, Inc. - Il
618-596-XXXXZeiglerFranklin39561Verizon North Inc. - Il
618-597-XXXXCentraliaMarion12582American Messaging (Am), Inc.
618-598-XXXXCentraliaMarion12582Globaleyes Telecommunications, Inc.
618-599-XXXXFairfieldWayne16760Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
618-604-XXXXCollinsvilleMadison269282Swb Mobile Systems - Mo
618-606-XXXXHazelwoodSaint Louis0Sbc Internet Services
618-610-XXXXMadisonMadison269282Swb Mobile Systems - Mo
618-613-XXXXHoffmanClinton16561Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
618-614-XXXXAnnaUnion17808Level 3 Communications, Llc - Il
618-615-XXXXChesterRandolph33476Level 3 Communications, Llc - Il
618-616-XXXXCollinsvilleMadison269282Swb Mobile Systems - Mo
618-617-XXXXThompsonvilleFranklin39561Aero Communications, Inc. - Il
618-620-XXXXSesserFranklin39561Aero Communications, Inc. - Il
618-621-XXXXEwingFranklin39561Aero Communications, Inc. - Il
618-622-XXXXO FallonSaint Clair270056Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
618-623-XXXXCollinsvilleMadison269282Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
618-624-XXXXO FallonSaint Clair270056Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
618-625-XXXXSesserFranklin39561Verizon North Inc. - Il
618-626-XXXXCollinsvilleMadison269282Alton Celltelco Cellular Corporatio
618-627-XXXXThompsonvilleFranklin39561Verizon North Inc. - Il
618-628-XXXXO FallonSaint Clair270056Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
618-629-XXXXEwingFranklin39561Verizon North Inc. - Il
618-632-XXXXO FallonSaint Clair270056Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
618-633-XXXXWordenMadison269282Madison Tel Co
618-634-XXXXKarnakPulaski6161Verizon North Inc. - Il
618-635-XXXXStauntonMacoupin47765Madison Tel Co
618-636-XXXXKarnakPulaski6161Aero Communications, Inc. - Il
618-637-XXXXStauntonMacoupin47765Madison Tel Co
618-638-XXXXMetropolisMassac15429Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
618-639-XXXXJerseyvilleJersey22985Grafton Technologies, Inc. - Il
618-641-XXXXBellevilleSaint Clair270056Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
618-642-XXXXDu QuoinPerry22350Aero Communications, Inc. - Il
618-643-XXXXMc LeansboroHamilton19104Verizon North Inc. - Il
618-644-XXXXSaint JacobMadison269282Home Tel Co
618-645-XXXXMetropolisMassac15429Blue Licenses Holding, Llc
618-646-XXXXE St LouisSaint Clair270056Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
618-647-XXXXBroughtonHamilton19104Hamilton County Telephone Co-Op
618-648-XXXXDahlgrenHamilton19104Hamilton County Telephone Co-Op
618-649-XXXXMoundsPulaski6161Level 3 Communications, Llc - Il
618-650-XXXXEdwardsvilleMadison269282Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
618-651-XXXXHighlandMadison269282Verizon North Inc. - Il
618-652-XXXXViennaJohnson12582Aero Communications, Inc. - Il
618-653-XXXXKampsvilleCalhoun5089Citizens Tel. Co. Of Il Dba Frontie
618-654-XXXXHighlandMadison269282Verizon North Inc. - Il
618-655-XXXXEdwardsvilleMadison269282Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
618-656-XXXXEdwardsvilleMadison269282Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
618-657-XXXXCypressJohnson12582Verizon North Inc. - Il
618-658-XXXXViennaJohnson12582Verizon North Inc. - Il
618-659-XXXXEdwardsvilleMadison269282Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
618-660-XXXXCollinsvilleMadison269282Swb Mobile Systems - Mo
618-661-XXXXMc ClureAlexander8238Southwestern Bell - Mo
618-662-XXXXFloraClay13815Verizon North Inc. - Il
618-663-XXXXBentonFranklin39561Level 3 Communications, Llc - Il
618-664-XXXXGreenvilleBond17768Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
618-665-XXXXLouisvilleClay13815Wabash Tel Coop Inc
618-667-XXXXTroyMadison269282Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
618-668-XXXXPocahontasBond17768Frontier Communications-Midland, In
618-669-XXXXPocahontasBond17768Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
618-670-XXXXCollinsvilleMadison269282Sprint Spectrum L.P.
618-671-XXXXCollinsvilleMadison269282Sprint Communications Company, L.P.
618-672-XXXXEddyvillePope4470Shawnee Tel Co
618-673-XXXXCisneWayne16760Wabash Tel Coop Inc
618-674-XXXXCarriers MillsSaline24913Level 3 Communications, Llc - Il
618-675-XXXXAlhambraMadison269282Alhambra-Grantfork Tel Co
618-676-XXXXClay CityClay13815Verizon North Inc. - Il
618-677-XXXXLenzburgSaint Clair270056Verizon North Inc. - Il
618-678-XXXXJohnsonvilleWayne16760Wabash Tel Coop Inc
618-679-XXXXMc ClureAlexander8238Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
618-680-XXXXRidgwayGallatin5589Aero Communications, Inc. - Il
618-681-XXXXCartervilleWilliamson66357Southern Illinois Rsa Partnership
618-682-XXXXGolcondaPope4470Aero Communications, Inc. - Il
618-683-XXXXGolcondaPope4470Verizon North Inc. - Il
618-684-XXXXMurphysboroJackson60218Verizon North Inc. - Il
618-685-XXXXMurphysboroJackson60218Aero Communications, Inc. - Il
618-686-XXXXIngrahamClay13815Wabash Tel Coop Inc
618-687-XXXXMurphysboroJackson60218Verizon North Inc. - Il
618-688-XXXXEast Saint LouisSaint Clair270056Mcleodusa Telecommunication Service
618-689-XXXXClay CityClay13815Verizon North Inc. - Il
618-690-XXXXGreenvilleBond17768Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
618-691-XXXXCollinsvilleMadison269282Swb Mobile Systems - Mo
618-692-XXXXEdwardsvilleMadison269282Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
618-694-XXXXMarionWilliamson66357Southern Illinois Rsa Partnership
618-695-XXXXSimpsonJohnson12582Shawnee Tel Co
618-696-XXXXCollinsvilleMadison269282T-Mobile Usa, Inc.
618-697-XXXXAnnaUnion17808Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
618-698-XXXXBellevilleSaint Clair270056T-Mobile Usa, Inc.
618-699-XXXXVandaliaFayette22140Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
618-703-XXXXHoyletonWashington135394Globaleyes Telecommunications, Inc.
618-704-XXXXVandaliaFayette22140Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Il
618-707-XXXXLawrencevilleLawrence16833Level 3 Communications, Llc - Il
618-708-XXXXSpartaRandolph33476Level 3 Communications, Llc - Il
618-709-XXXXMadisonMadison269282T-Mobile Usa, Inc.
618-710-XXXXFreeburgSaint Clair270056Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
618-712-XXXXThebesAlexander8238Level 3 Communications, Llc - Il
618-713-XXXXCarbondaleJackson60218Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
618-715-XXXXHarrisburgSaline24913Level 3 Communications, Llc - Il
618-716-XXXXSandovalMarion12582Globaleyes Telecommunications, Inc.
618-717-XXXXBethaltoMadison269282Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
618-718-XXXXAltamontEffingham34242Globaleyes Telecommunications, Inc.
618-719-XXXXColumbiaMonroe32957Sprint Spectrum L.P.
618-721-XXXXDe SotoJackson60218Aero Communications, Inc. - Il
618-722-XXXXBellevilleSaint Clair270056Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Il
618-723-XXXXNobleRichland16233Verizon North Inc. - Il
618-724-XXXXChristopherFranklin39561Verizon North Inc. - Il
618-725-XXXXChristopherFranklin39561Aero Communications, Inc. - Il
618-726-XXXXCollinsvilleMadison269282Sbc Internet Services, Inc.
618-727-XXXXHerrinWilliamson66357Swb Mobile Systems - Mo
618-728-XXXXMacedoniaHamilton19104Hamilton County Telephone Co-Op
618-729-XXXXMedoraJersey22985Citizens Tel. Co. Of Il Dba Frontie
618-731-XXXXCollinsvilleMadison269282Sbc Internet Services
618-732-XXXXBlufordJefferson38827Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Il
618-733-XXXXCartervilleWilliamson66357Sprint Communications Company, L.P.
618-734-XXXXCairoAlexander8238Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
618-735-XXXXWaltonvilleJefferson38827Citizens Tel. Co. Of Il Dba Frontie
618-736-XXXXBelle RiveJefferson38827Hamilton County Telephone Co-Op
618-737-XXXXCollinsvilleMadison269282Arch Wireless Holdings, Inc.
618-738-XXXXCollinsvilleMadison269282Arch Wireless Holdings, Inc.
618-739-XXXXMarionWilliamson66357Sprint Spectrum L P
618-740-XXXXSalemMarion12582Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
618-741-XXXXCollinsvilleMadison269282Sprint Spectrum L.P.
618-742-XXXXOlmstedPulaski6161Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
618-743-XXXXMetropolisMassac15429Aero Communications, Inc. - Il
618-744-XXXXBellevilleSaint Clair270056Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
618-745-XXXXMoundsPulaski6161Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
618-746-XXXXBellevilleSaint Clair270056Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
618-747-XXXXTammsAlexander8238Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
618-748-XXXXMound CityPulaski6161Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
618-749-XXXXKeyesportClinton16561Citizens Tel. Co. Of Il Dba Frontie
618-751-XXXXMarionWilliamson66357Swb Mobile Systems - Mo
618-752-XXXXIngrahamClay13815Verizon North Inc. - Il
618-753-XXXXChesterfieldMacoupin47765Citizens Tel. Co. Of Il Dba Frontie
618-754-XXXXDundasRichland16233Verizon North Inc. - Il
618-755-XXXXBlufordJefferson38827Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
618-756-XXXXBelle RiveJefferson38827Hamilton County Telephone Co-Op
618-757-XXXXSpringertonWhite14665Hamilton County Telephone Co-Op
618-758-XXXXCoultervilleRandolph33476Verizon North Inc. - Il
618-759-XXXXSesserFranklin39561Southern Illinois Rsa Partners
618-762-XXXXMount VernonJefferson38827Delta Comms
618-763-XXXXJacobJackson60218Egyptian Tel Coop Assn
618-764-XXXXThebesAlexander8238Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
618-765-XXXXBartelsoClinton16561Citizens Tel. Co. Of Il Dba Frontie
618-767-XXXXSaint LouisSaint Louis City0Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
618-768-XXXXLenzburgSaint Clair270056Egyptian Tel Coop Assn
618-770-XXXXHutsonvilleCrawford19817Sprint Communications Company, L.P.
618-771-XXXXViennaJohnson12582Level 3 Communications, Llc - Il
618-772-XXXXCollinsvilleMadison269282Swb Mobile Systems - Mo
618-773-XXXXBroughtonHamilton19104Hamilton County Telephone Co-Op
618-774-XXXXWalshRandolph33476Egyptian Tel Coop Assn
618-775-XXXXOdinMarion12582Odin Tel Exch Inc
618-776-XXXXOlive BranchAlexander8238Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
618-777-XXXXStonefortSaline24913Verizon North Inc. - Il
618-778-XXXXHettickMacoupin47765Citizens Tel. Co. Of Il Dba Frontie
618-779-XXXXCollinsvilleMadison269282Nextel Communications, Inc.
618-780-XXXXCentraliaMarion12582Southwestern Bell Mobile Systems, L
618-781-XXXXCollinsvilleMadison269282Nextel Communications, Inc.
618-782-XXXXCollinsvilleMadison269282American Messaging (Am), Inc.
618-783-XXXXNewtonJasper9698Verizon North Inc. - Il
618-784-XXXXCollinsvilleMadison269282American Messaging (Am), Inc.
618-785-XXXXBaldwinRandolph33476Egyptian Tel Coop Assn
618-786-XXXXGraftonJersey22985Grafton Tel Co
618-787-XXXXDu BoisWashington135394Citizens Tel. Co. Of Il Dba Frontie
618-788-XXXXStonefortSaline24913Aero Communications, Inc. - Il
618-789-XXXXCollinsvilleMadison269282T-Mobile Usa, Inc.
618-790-XXXXDu QuoinPerry22350Level 3 Communications, Llc - Il
618-791-XXXXCollinsvilleMadison269282Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
618-792-XXXXCollinsvilleMadison269282Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
618-793-XXXXRose HillJasper9698Verizon North Inc. - Il
618-795-XXXXCollinsvilleMadison269282Swb Mobile Systems - Mo
618-796-XXXXAnnaUnion17808Aero Communications, Inc. - Il
618-797-XXXXGranite CityMadison269282Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
618-798-XXXXGranite CityMadison269282Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
618-799-XXXXCollinsvilleMadison269282Swb Mobile Systems - Mo
618-803-XXXXCollinsvilleMadison269282Swb Mobile Systems - Mo
618-806-XXXXCollinsvilleMadison269282Swb Mobile Systems - Mo
618-808-XXXXLebanonSaint Clair270056Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Il
618-816-XXXXBellevilleSaint Clair270056Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Il
618-821-XXXXOlneyRichland16233Sprint Communications Company
618-822-XXXXKellMarion12582Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
618-823-XXXXHazelwoodSaint Louis0Sprint Communications Company
618-824-XXXXVenedyWashington135394Egyptian Tel Coop Assn
618-825-XXXXBellevilleSaint Clair270056Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
618-826-XXXXChesterRandolph33476Verizon North Inc. - Il
618-827-XXXXDongolaUnion17808Verizon North Inc. - Il
618-829-XXXXSt ElmoFayette22140Citizens Tel. Co. Of Il Dba Frontie
618-830-XXXXCollinsvilleMadison269282Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
618-833-XXXXAnnaUnion17808Verizon North Inc. - Il
618-835-XXXXOrchardvilleWayne16760Wabash Tel Coop Inc
618-836-XXXXShipmanMacoupin47765Frontier Communications-Midland, In
618-837-XXXXOlneyRichland16233Southern Illinois Rsa Partnership
618-838-XXXXOlneyRichland16233Southern Illinois Rsa Partnership
618-839-XXXXOlneyRichland16233Southern Illinois Rsa Partnership
618-841-XXXXHarrisburgSaline24913Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
618-842-XXXXFairfieldWayne16760Verizon North Inc. - Il
618-843-XXXXOlneyRichland16233Cellular Properties, Inc.
618-844-XXXXBellevilleSaint Clair270056Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
618-845-XXXXUllinPulaski6161Verizon North Inc. - Il
618-846-XXXXShobonierFayette22140Odin Tel Exch Inc
618-847-XXXXFairfieldWayne16760Verizon North Inc. - Il
618-853-XXXXEvansvilleRandolph33476Verizon North Inc. - Il
618-854-XXXXMount ErieWayne16760Wabash Tel Coop Inc
618-855-XXXXSaint LouisSaint Louis City0Neutral Tandem Missouri
618-856-XXXXCarbondaleJackson60218Nextel Communications, Inc.
618-857-XXXXCollinsvilleMadison269282Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Il
618-858-XXXXCollinsvilleMadison269282Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
618-859-XXXXEllis GroveRandolph33476Verizon North Inc. - Il
618-861-XXXXChesterRandolph33476Level 3 Communications, Llc - Il
618-863-XXXXCalhounRichland16233Verizon North Inc. - Il
618-867-XXXXDe SotoJackson60218Verizon North Inc. - Il
618-869-XXXXClaremontRichland16233Verizon North Inc. - Il
618-871-XXXXOlneyRichland16233Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Mo
618-873-XXXXMarionWilliamson66357Aero Communications, Inc. - Il
618-874-XXXXE St LouisSaint Clair270056Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
618-875-XXXXE St LouisSaint Clair270056Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
618-876-XXXXGranite CityMadison269282Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
618-877-XXXXGranite CityMadison269282Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
618-878-XXXXOlneyRichland16233New Cingular Wireless Pcs
618-879-XXXXOlneyRichland16233Verizon North Inc. - Il
618-881-XXXXAltamontEffingham34242Sprint Communications Company, L.P.
618-882-XXXXHighlandMadison269282Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
618-883-XXXXBrusselsCalhoun5089Citizens Tel. Co. Of Il Dba Frontie
618-884-XXXXFlat RockCrawford19817Verizon North Inc. - Il
618-885-XXXXDowJersey22985Citizens Telecom Co Illinois-Frontier Citizens -Il
618-886-XXXXCreal SpringsWilliamson66357Aero Communications, Inc. - Il
618-887-XXXXMarineMadison269282Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
618-888-XXXXPrairietownMadison269282Madison Tel Co
618-889-XXXXMarionWilliamson66357Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
618-891-XXXXTammsAlexander8238Level 3 Communications, Llc - Il
618-892-XXXXFarinaFayette22140Sprint Communications Company, L.P.
618-893-XXXXCobdenUnion17808Verizon North Inc. - Il
618-894-XXXXRoyaltonFranklin39561Aero Communications, Inc. - Il
618-895-XXXXWayne CityWayne16760Verizon North Inc. - Il
618-896-XXXXMill ShoalsWhite14665Verizon North Inc. - Il
618-897-XXXXGeffWayne16760Wabash Tel Coop Inc
618-898-XXXXSimsWayne16760Wabash Tel Coop Inc
618-899-XXXXBellevilleSaint Clair270056New Cingular Wireless Pcs
618-901-XXXXUllinPulaski6161Aero Communications, Inc. - Il
618-902-XXXXDongolaUnion17808Aero Communications, Inc. - Il
618-903-XXXXCypressJohnson12582Aero Communications, Inc. - Il
618-904-XXXXCobdenUnion17808Aero Communications, Inc. - Il
618-905-XXXXSpartaRandolph33476Aero Communications, Inc. - Il
618-906-XXXXCoultervilleRandolph33476Aero Communications, Inc. - Il
618-907-XXXXEllis GroveRandolph33476Aero Communications, Inc. - Il
618-908-XXXXEvansvilleRandolph33476Aero Communications, Inc. - Il
618-909-XXXXMarissaSaint Clair270056Aero Communications, Inc. - Il
618-910-XXXXCollinsvilleMadison269282Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
618-912-XXXXBridgeportLawrence16833Level 3 Communications, Llc - Il
618-913-XXXXChesterRandolph33476Aero Communications, Inc. - Il
618-914-XXXXPercyRandolph33476Aero Communications, Inc. - Il
618-915-XXXXCoultervilleRandolph33476Aero Communications, Inc. - Il
618-917-XXXXWood RiverMadison269282T-Mobile Usa, Inc.
618-918-XXXXCentraliaMarion12582Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Il
618-919-XXXXFairfieldWayne16760Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
618-920-XXXXCollinsvilleMadison269282Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
618-921-XXXXMetropolisMassac15429Southern Illinois Rsa Partnership
618-922-XXXXMarionWilliamson66357Southern Illinois Rsa Partnership
618-923-XXXXWest FrankfortFranklin39561Southern Illinois Rsa Partnership
618-924-XXXXMurphysboroJackson60218Southern Illinois Rsa Partnership
618-925-XXXXHerrinWilliamson66357Southern Illinois Rsa Partnership
618-926-XXXXHarrisburgSaline24913Southern Illinois Rsa Partnership
618-927-XXXXBentonFranklin39561Southern Illinois Rsa Partnership
618-928-XXXXFlat RockCrawford19817Verizon North Inc. - Il
618-929-XXXXBellevilleSaint Clair270056Globaleyes Telecommunications, Inc.
618-931-XXXXGranite CityMadison269282Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
618-932-XXXXWest FrankfortFranklin39561Verizon North Inc. - Il
618-933-XXXXWest FrankfortFranklin39561Aero Communications, Inc. - Il
618-934-XXXXLebanonSaint Clair270056Verizon North Inc. - Il
618-935-XXXXValmeyerMonroe32957Harrisonville Tel Co
618-936-XXXXSumnerLawrence16833Verizon North Inc. - Il
618-937-XXXXWest FrankfortFranklin39561Verizon North Inc. - Il
618-938-XXXXWaterlooMonroe32957Harrisonville Tel Co
618-939-XXXXWaterlooMonroe32957Harrisonville Tel Co
618-940-XXXXCarbondaleJackson60218Comcast Phone Of Illinois
618-941-XXXXHerrinWilliamson66357Aero Communications, Inc. - Il
618-942-XXXXHerrinWilliamson66357Verizon North Inc. - Il
618-943-XXXXLawrencevilleLawrence16833Verizon North Inc. - Il
618-944-XXXXSesserFranklin39561Comcast Phone Of Illinois
618-945-XXXXBridgeportLawrence16833Verizon North Inc. - Il
618-946-XXXXJerseyvilleJersey22985Swb Mobile Systems - Mo
618-947-XXXXClaremontRichland16233Verizon North Inc. - Il
618-948-XXXXSt FrancisvilleLawrence16833Verizon North Inc. - Il
618-949-XXXXGrantsburgJohnson12582Shawnee Tel Co
618-952-XXXXJohnston CityWilliamson66357Level 3 Communications, Llc - Il
618-954-XXXXCollinsvilleMadison269282Swb Mobile Systems - Mo
618-955-XXXXGorevilleJohnson12582Aero Communications, Inc. - Il
618-956-XXXXCartervilleWilliamson66357Delta Comms, Llc Dba Clearwave Comm
618-958-XXXXCollinsvilleMadison269282Illinois Bell Tel Co
618-959-XXXXCollinsvilleMadison269282Illinois Bell Tel Co
618-960-XXXXCollinsvilleMadison269282Sprint Spectrum L.P.
618-962-XXXXOmahaGallatin5589Verizon North Inc. - Il
618-963-XXXXEnfieldWhite14665Verizon North Inc. - Il
618-964-XXXXMarionWilliamson66357Verizon North Inc. - Il
618-965-XXXXSteelevilleRandolph33476Verizon North Inc. - Il
618-966-XXXXCrossvilleWhite14665Crossville Tel Co
618-967-XXXXCarbondaleJackson60218Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
618-968-XXXXCarmiWhite14665Verizon North Inc. - Il
618-969-XXXXMarionWilliamson66357Delta Comms, Llc Dba Clearwave Comm
618-970-XXXXPittsburgWilliamson66357Aero Communications, Inc. - Il
618-971-XXXXCollinsvilleMadison269282Swb Mobile Systems - Mo
618-972-XXXXCollinsvilleMadison269282Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
618-973-XXXXCollinsvilleMadison269282Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
618-974-XXXXCollinsvilleMadison269282Swb Mobile Systems - Mo
618-975-XXXXCollinsvilleMadison269282Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
618-977-XXXXCollinsvilleMadison269282Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
618-978-XXXXCollinsvilleMadison269282Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
618-979-XXXXCollinsvilleMadison269282Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
618-980-XXXXCollinsvilleMadison269282Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
618-981-XXXXCartervilleWilliamson66357Aero Communications, Inc. - Il
618-982-XXXXPittsburgWilliamson66357Verizon North Inc. - Il
618-983-XXXXJohnston CityWilliamson66357Verizon North Inc. - Il
618-984-XXXXRoyaltonFranklin39561Verizon North Inc. - Il
618-985-XXXXCartervilleWilliamson66357Verizon North Inc. - Il
618-986-XXXXRoyaltonFranklin39561Aero Communications, Inc. - Il
618-987-XXXXRoyaltonFranklin39561Verizon North Inc. - Il
618-988-XXXXHerrinWilliamson66357Verizon North Inc. - Il
618-989-XXXXJohnston CityWilliamson66357Aero Communications, Inc. - Il
618-990-XXXXCarriers MillsSaline24913Aero Communications, Inc. - Il
618-992-XXXXMarionWilliamson66357Aero Communications, Inc. - Il
618-993-XXXXMarionWilliamson66357Verizon North Inc. - Il
618-994-XXXXCarriers MillsSaline24913Verizon North Inc. - Il
618-995-XXXXGorevilleJohnson12582Verizon North Inc. - Il
618-996-XXXXCreal SpringsWilliamson66357Verizon North Inc. - Il
618-997-XXXXMarionWilliamson66357Verizon North Inc. - Il
618-998-XXXXMarionWilliamson66357Verizon North Inc. - Il