Area Code is covered under 575 New Mexico

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Details on Area Code 575

State New Mexico
Statewide Area Codes 505, 575
Cities Alamogordo, Albuquerque, Animas, Anthony, Anton Chico, Arroyo Seco, Artesia, Bayard, Bernalillo, Broadview
Counties Albuquerque, Bernalillo, Catron, Chaves, Cochise, Colfax, Cuba, Curry, De Baca, Dona Ana
Time Zone UTC-7

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Telephone Code 575

Area Interchange City County Population Network Operator
575-200-XXXXClovisCurry48376Plateau Telecommunications
575-201-XXXXAlbuquerqueBernalillo662564Plateau Telecommunications
575-202-XXXXRoswellChaves65645Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon
575-203-XXXXAlamogordoOtero63797Mfg Services
575-204-XXXXAlamogordoOtero63797Mfg Services
575-207-XXXXClovisCurry48376Plateau Telecommunications
575-208-XXXXAlbuquerqueBernalillo662564Plateau Telecommunications
575-209-XXXXFarmingtonSan Juan130044Alltel Communications
575-212-XXXXAlamogordoOtero63797Mfg Services
575-217-XXXXAlamogordoOtero63797Mfg Services
575-218-XXXXAlbuquerqueBernalillo662564Verizon Wireless
575-219-XXXXAlbuquerqueBernalillo662564Verizon Wireless
575-224-XXXXCastle RockDouglas0Commnet Wireless
575-225-XXXXJalLea64727Leaco Rural Tel Coop Inc
575-226-XXXXPortalesRoosevelt19846Yucca Telecomm Systems
575-227-XXXXAlamogordoOtero63797Mfg Services
575-229-XXXXAlbuquerqueBernalillo662564Sprint Communications Company
575-230-XXXXAlamogordoOtero63797Mfg Services
575-233-XXXXLa MesaDona Ana0Mfg Services
575-234-XXXXCarlsbadEddy53829Valor Telecomm Of Texas
575-235-XXXXAlbuquerqueBernalillo662564Cyber Mesa Computer Systems
575-236-XXXXCarlsbadEddy53829Valor Telecomm Of Texas
575-238-XXXXAlamogordoOtero63797Mfg Services
575-239-XXXXAlamogordoOtero63797Mfg Services
575-253-XXXXMelroseCurry48376Roosevelt County Rural Tel Coo
575-257-XXXXRuidosoLincoln20497Valor Telecomm Of Texas
575-258-XXXXRuidosoLincoln20497Valor Telecomm Of Texas
575-263-XXXXHobbsLea64727Valor Telecomm Of Texas
575-267-XXXXHatchDona Ana0Valor Telecomm Of Texas
575-268-XXXXAlbuquerqueBernalillo662564Valor Telecomm Of Texas
575-272-XXXXAlamogordoOtero63797Mfg Services
575-273-XXXXRogersRoosevelt19846Roosevelt County Rural Tel Coo
575-274-XXXXElidaRoosevelt19846Roosevelt County Rural Tel Coo
575-275-XXXXAlamogordoOtero63797Mfg Services
575-276-XXXXPortalesRoosevelt19846Roosevelt County Rural Tel Coo
575-278-XXXXDes MoinesUnion4549Baca Valley Tel Co Inc
575-279-XXXXHouseQuay9041E N M R Tel Coop Nm
575-289-XXXXCubaCuba131561Valor Telecomm Of Texas
575-297-XXXXAlbuquerqueBernalillo662564Sprint Communications Company
575-300-XXXXPhoenixMaricopa0Sprint Communications Company
575-302-XXXXRoswellChaves65645Sprint Spectrum L P
575-303-XXXXAlbuquerqueBernalillo662564Sprint Spectrum L P
575-305-XXXXAlbuquerqueBernalillo662564Nextel Communications
575-308-XXXXPhoenixMaricopa0Nextel Communications
575-309-XXXXClovisCurry48376Plateau Telecommunications
575-310-XXXXSanta FeSanta Fe144170T-Mobile Usa, Inc.
575-312-XXXXLas CrucesDona Ana0Sprint Spectrum L P
575-313-XXXXRoswellChaves65645Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon
575-317-XXXXAlbuquerqueBernalillo662564Sprint Spectrum L P
575-318-XXXXAlbuquerqueBernalillo662564Sprint Spectrum L P
575-322-XXXXAlbuquerqueBernalillo662564Sprint Spectrum L P
575-323-XXXXRoswellChaves65645Sprint Spectrum L P
575-330-XXXXAlamogordoOtero63797Mfg Services
575-332-XXXXAlbuquerqueBernalillo662564Time Warner Cable Information
575-336-XXXXRuidosoLincoln20497Valor Telecomm Of Texas
575-337-XXXXHobbsLea64727Valor Telecomm Of Texas
575-339-XXXXHobbsLea64727Holsum Baking Co Dba Caprock C
575-343-XXXXRoswellChaves65645Verizon Wireless
575-347-XXXXRoswellChaves65645Verizon Wireless
575-353-XXXXAlamogordoOtero63797Mfg Services
575-354-XXXXCapitanLincoln20497Valor Telecomm Of Texas
575-355-XXXXFort SumnerDe Baca2022E N M R Tel Coop Nm
575-356-XXXXPortalesRoosevelt19846Qwest Corporation Nm
575-357-XXXXGradyCurry48376E N M R Tel Coop Nm
575-358-XXXXDuncanGreenlee0Copper Valley Telephone
575-359-XXXXPortalesRoosevelt19846Copper Valley Telephone
575-361-XXXXTatumLea64727Plateau Telecommunications
575-363-XXXXAlbuquerqueAlbuquerque662564T-Mobile Usa, Inc.
575-364-XXXXArtesiaEddy53829Penasco Valley Tel Coop Inc
575-365-XXXXArtesiaEddy53829Penasco Valley Tel Coop Inc
575-369-XXXXHobbsLea64727New Mexico Rsa 6 Iii Partnersh
575-370-XXXXHobbsLea64727New Mexico Rsa 6 Iii Partnersh
575-372-XXXXMelroseCurry48376E N M R Tel Coop Nm
575-373-XXXXLas CrucesDona Ana0E N M R Tel Coop Nm
575-374-XXXXClaytonUnion4549E N M R Tel Coop Nm
575-375-XXXXMaxwellColfax13750Baca Valley Tel Co Inc
575-376-XXXXCimarronColfax13750Baca Valley Tel Co Inc
575-377-XXXXCimarronColfax13750Baca Valley Tel Co Inc
575-378-XXXXRuidosoLincoln20497Valor Telecomm Of Texas
575-382-XXXXLas CrucesDona Ana0Qwest Corporation Nm
575-383-XXXXCastle RockDouglas0Commnet Wireless
575-386-XXXXLas CrucesDona Ana0Churchill County Telephone Dba
575-387-XXXXMoraMora4881La Jicarita Rural Tel Coop Inc
575-388-XXXXSilver CityGrant29514Qwest Corporation Nm
575-389-XXXXClovisCurry48376Qwest Corporation
575-390-XXXXHobbsLea64727Western Wireless Corporation N
575-391-XXXXHobbsLea64727Valor Telecomm Of Texas
575-392-XXXXHobbsLea64727Valor Telecomm Of Texas
575-393-XXXXHobbsLea64727Valor Telecomm Of Texas
575-394-XXXXEuniceLea64727Valor Telecomm Of Texas
575-395-XXXXJalLea64727Valor Telecomm Of Texas
575-396-XXXXLovingtonLea64727Valor Telecomm Of Texas
575-397-XXXXHobbsLea64727Valor Telecomm Of Texas
575-398-XXXXTatumLea64727Leaco Rural Tel Coop Inc
575-399-XXXXHobbsLea64727New Mexico Rsa 6 Iii Partnersh
575-403-XXXXClovisCurry48376Plateau Telecommunications
575-405-XXXXLas CrucesDona Ana0Plateau Telecommunications
575-408-XXXXHobbsLea64727Plateau Telecommunications
575-413-XXXXMescaleroOtero63797I570elero Apache Telecom
575-415-XXXXAlamogordoOtero63797I570elero Apache Telecom
575-416-XXXXHobbsLea64727New Mexico Rsa 6 Iii Partnersh
575-418-XXXXAlbuquerqueBernalillo662564New Mexico Rsa 6 Iii Partnersh
575-420-XXXXRoswellChaves65645Western Wireless Corporation N
575-421-XXXXRiberaSan Miguel29393E N M R Tel Coop Nm
575-422-XXXXBernalilloSandoval131561E N M R Tel Coop Nm
575-423-XXXXSocorroSocorro17866E N M R Tel Coop Nm
575-427-XXXXAnton ChicoGuadalupe4687E N M R Tel Coop Nm
575-430-XXXXAlamogordoOtero63797Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon
575-433-XXXXHobbsLea64727Leaco Rural Telephone Cooperat
575-434-XXXXAlamogordoOtero63797Qwest Corporation Nm
575-436-XXXXAnimasHidalgo4894Valley Tel Coop Inc Nm
575-437-XXXXAlamogordoOtero63797Qwest Corporation Nm
575-439-XXXXAlamogordoOtero63797Qwest Corporation Nm
575-440-XXXXAlbuquerqueAlbuquerque662564T-Mobile Usa, Inc.
575-441-XXXXHobbsLea64727Western Wireless Corporation N
575-442-XXXXAlbuquerqueBernalillo662564Western Wireless Corporation N
575-443-XXXXAlamogordoOtero63797Western Wireless Corporation N
575-444-XXXXMescaleroOtero63797Western Wireless Corporation N
575-445-XXXXRatonColfax13750Qwest Corporation Nm
575-446-XXXXAlamogordoOtero63797Qwest Corporation Nm
575-447-XXXXRatonColfax13750Plateau Telecommunications
575-448-XXXXAlbuquerqueBernalillo662564Plateau Telecommunications
575-450-XXXXAlbuquerqueAlbuquerque662564T-Mobile Usa, Inc.
575-456-XXXXBroadviewCurry48376E N M R Tel Coop Nm
575-457-XXXXArtesiaEddy53829Penasco Valley Tel Coop Inc
575-458-XXXXMelroseCurry48376E N M R Tel Coop Nm
575-459-XXXXAlbuquerqueAlbuquerque662564T-Mobile Usa, Inc.
575-461-XXXXTucumcariQuay9041Qwest Corporation Nm
575-464-XXXXMescaleroOtero63797Mescalero Apache Telecom
575-472-XXXXSanta RosaGuadalupe4687E N M R Tel Coop Nm
575-475-XXXXHolloman Air Force BaseOtero63797Qwest Corporation Nm
575-477-XXXXDoraRoosevelt19846Roosevelt County Rural Tel Coo
575-478-XXXXPortalesRoosevelt19846Roosevelt County Rural Tel Coo
575-479-XXXXHolloman Air Force BaseOtero63797Roosevelt County Rural Tel Coo
575-480-XXXXAlbuquerqueAlbuquerque662564T-Mobile Usa, Inc.
575-482-XXXXTexicoCurry48376Roosevelt County Rural Tel Coo
575-483-XXXXSpringerColfax13750Roosevelt County Rural Tel Coo
575-484-XXXXHopeEddy53829Penasco Valley Tel Coop Inc
575-485-XXXXRoyHarding695E N M R Tel Coop Nm
575-487-XXXXLoganQuay9041E N M R Tel Coop Nm
575-491-XXXXAlamogordoOtero63797Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon
575-492-XXXXHobbsLea64727Valor Telecomm Of Texas
575-493-XXXXAlbuquerqueBernalillo662564Sprint Spectrum L P
575-494-XXXXRoswellChaves65645Sprint Spectrum L P
575-495-XXXXAlbuquerqueBernalillo662564T Mobile Usa
575-496-XXXXLas CrucesDona Ana0Sprint Spectrum L P
575-497-XXXXAlbuquerqueBernalillo662564Sprint Spectrum L P
575-498-XXXXMescaleroOtero63797I570elero Apache Telecom
575-499-XXXXMescaleroOtero63797I570elero Apache Telecom
575-502-XXXXAlbuquerqueBernalillo662564Sprint Communications Company
575-507-XXXXAlbuquerqueAlbuquerque662564T-Mobile Usa, Inc.
575-509-XXXXMescaleroOtero63797I570elero Apache Telecom
575-512-XXXXClovisCurry48376Plateau Telecommunications
575-513-XXXXRoswellChaves65645Plateau Telecommunications
575-517-XXXXAlbuquerqueBernalillo662564Plateau Telecommunications
575-518-XXXXMescaleroOtero63797Plateau Telecommunications
575-519-XXXXRoswellChaves65645Plateau Telecommunications
575-520-XXXXAlbuquerqueBernalillo662564New Cingular Wireless Pcs
575-521-XXXXLas CrucesDona Ana0Qwest Corporation Nm
575-522-XXXXLas CrucesDona Ana0Qwest Corporation Nm
575-523-XXXXLas CrucesDona Ana0Qwest Corporation Nm
575-524-XXXXLas CrucesDona Ana0Qwest Corporation Nm
575-525-XXXXLas CrucesDona Ana0Qwest Corporation Nm
575-526-XXXXLas CrucesDona Ana0Qwest Corporation Nm
575-527-XXXXLas CrucesDona Ana0Qwest Corporation Nm
575-528-XXXXLas CrucesDona Ana0Qwest Corporation Nm
575-531-XXXXDemingLuna25095Valley Tel Coop Inc Nm
575-532-XXXXLas CrucesDona Ana0Qwest Corporation Nm
575-533-XXXXReserveCatron3725Western New Mexico Tel Co Inc
575-534-XXXXSilver CityGrant29514Qwest Corporation Nm
575-535-XXXXBuckhornGrant29514Western New Mexico Tel Co Inc
575-536-XXXXMimbresGrant29514Western New Mexico Tel Co Inc
575-537-XXXXBayardGrant29514Western New Mexico Tel Co Inc
575-538-XXXXSilver CityGrant29514Western New Mexico Tel Co Inc
575-539-XXXXGlenwoodCatron3725Western New Mexico Tel Co Inc
575-541-XXXXLas CrucesDona Ana0Western New Mexico Tel Co Inc
575-542-XXXXLordsburgHidalgo4894Western New Mexico Tel Co Inc
575-543-XXXXDemingLuna25095Western New Mexico Tel Co Inc
575-544-XXXXDemingLuna25095Qwest Corporation Nm
575-545-XXXXRoswellChaves65645Qwest Corporation Nm
575-546-XXXXDemingLuna25095Qwest Corporation Nm
575-547-XXXXLunaCatron3725Western New Mexico Tel Co Inc
575-548-XXXXLordsburgHidalgo4894Valley Tel Coop Inc Nm
575-549-XXXXDemingLuna25095Valley Tel Coop Inc Nm
575-550-XXXXAlbuquerqueAlbuquerque662564T-Mobile Usa, Inc.
575-551-XXXXAlamogordoOtero63797Valley Tel Coop Inc Nm
575-555-XXXXMoraMora4881Miscellaneous Exchange Carrier
575-556-XXXXLas CrucesDona Ana0Miscellaneous Exchange Carrier
575-557-XXXXSan SimonCochise0Valley Tel Coop Inc Nm
575-562-XXXXPortalesRoosevelt19846Valley Tel Coop Inc Nm
575-568-XXXXDulceRio Arriba40246Valor Telecomm Of Texas
575-570-XXXXSanta FeSanta Fe144170T-Mobile Usa, Inc.
575-571-XXXXAlbuquerqueBernalillo662564Valor Telecomm Of Texas
575-572-XXXXAlamogordoOtero63797Qwest Corporation Nm
575-573-XXXXAlbuquerqueAlbuquerque662564T-Mobile Usa, Inc.
575-574-XXXXSilver CityGrant29514Qwest Corporation Nm
575-576-XXXXSan JonQuay9041E N M R Tel Coop Nm
575-578-XXXXAlbuquerqueBernalillo662564E N M R Tel Coop Nm
575-581-XXXXEl RitoRio Arriba40246Valor Telecomm Of Texas
575-582-XXXXVallecitosRio Arriba40246Valor Telecomm Of Texas
575-584-XXXXVaughnGuadalupe4687E N M R Tel Coop Nm
575-585-XXXXTularosaOtero63797Tularosa Basin Telephone Co
575-586-XXXXQuestaTaos32937Tularosa Basin Telephone Co
575-587-XXXXPenascoTaos32937Tularosa Basin Telephone Co
575-588-XXXXTierra AmarillaRio Arriba40246Valor Telecomm Of Texas
575-589-XXXXSanta TeresaDona Ana0Valor Telecomm Of Texas
575-590-XXXXLas CrucesDona Ana0Alltel Communications
575-595-XXXXClovisCurry48376Plateau Telecommunications
575-597-XXXXSilver CityGrant29514Interactive Networks Corporati
575-601-XXXXArtesiaEddy53829Pvt Networks
575-602-XXXXHobbsLea64727Pvt Networks
575-605-XXXXHobbsLea64727Western Wireless Corporation N
575-607-XXXXClovisCurry48376Plateau Telecommunications
575-610-XXXXAlbuquerqueAlbuquerque662564T-Mobile Usa, Inc.
575-613-XXXXAlbuquerqueBernalillo662564Plateau Telecommunications
575-615-XXXXAlbuquerqueAlbuquerque662564T-Mobile Usa, Inc.
575-616-XXXXAlbuquerqueBernalillo662564Plateau Telecommunications
575-618-XXXXAlbuquerqueBernalillo662564Alltel Communications
575-619-XXXXAlbuquerqueBernalillo662564Alltel Communications
575-620-XXXXAlbuquerqueAlbuquerque662564T-Mobile Usa, Inc.
575-621-XXXXAlbuquerqueBernalillo662564T Mobile Usa
575-622-XXXXRoswellChaves65645Qwest Corporation Nm
575-623-XXXXRoswellChaves65645Qwest Corporation Nm
575-624-XXXXRoswellChaves65645Qwest Corporation Nm
575-625-XXXXRoswellChaves65645Qwest Corporation Nm
575-626-XXXXRoswellChaves65645Plateau Telecommunications
575-627-XXXXRoswellChaves65645Qwest Corporation Nm
575-628-XXXXCarlsbadEddy53829Valor Telecomm Of Texas
575-630-XXXXRuidosoLincoln20497Valor Telecomm Of Texas
575-631-XXXXHobbsLea64727Western Wireless Corporation N
575-633-XXXXNara VisaQuay9041E N M R Tel Coop Nm
575-635-XXXXAlbuquerqueBernalillo662564E N M R Tel Coop Nm
575-636-XXXXLas CrucesDona Ana0E N M R Tel Coop Nm
575-637-XXXXRoswellChaves65645E N M R Tel Coop Nm
575-638-XXXXGallinaRio Arriba40246Valor Telecomm Of Texas
575-639-XXXXLas CrucesDona Ana0Alltel Communications
575-640-XXXXRoswellChaves65645Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon
575-641-XXXXGaritaSan Miguel29393E N M R Tel Coop Nm
575-642-XXXXAlbuquerqueBernalillo662564Alltel Communications
575-643-XXXXClovisCurry48376Plateau Telecommunications
575-644-XXXXRoswellChaves65645Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon
575-645-XXXXLas CrucesDona Ana0Qwest Corporation Nm
575-646-XXXXLas CrucesDona Ana0Qwest Corporation Nm
575-647-XXXXLas CrucesDona Ana0Qwest Corporation Nm
575-648-XXXXCarrizozoLincoln20497Tularosa Basin Telephone Co
575-649-XXXXRoswellChaves65645Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon
575-650-XXXXAlbuquerqueBernalillo662564T Mobile Usa
575-651-XXXXAlbuquerqueBernalillo662564Sprint Communications Company
575-652-XXXXAlbuquerqueBernalillo662564New Cingular Wireless Pcs
575-653-XXXXSan PatricioLincoln20497Penasco Valley Tel Coop Inc
575-654-XXXXRoswellChaves65645Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon
575-666-XXXXWagon MoundMora4881La Jicarita Rural Tel Coop Inc
575-668-XXXXWagon MoundMora4881La Jicarita Rural Tel Coop Inc
575-671-XXXXRuidosoLincoln20497Valor Telecomm Of Texas
575-673-XXXXMosqueroHarding695E N M R Tel Coop Nm
575-674-XXXXLas CrucesDona Ana0Qwest Corporation Nm
575-675-XXXXPepRoosevelt19846Roosevelt County Rural Tel Coo
575-676-XXXXMaljamarLea64727Leaco Rural Tel Coop Inc
575-677-XXXXArtesiaEddy53829Penasco Valley Tel Coop Inc
575-678-XXXXLas CrucesDona Ana0Qwest Corporation Nm
575-679-XXXXLas CrucesDona Ana0Qwest Corporation Nm
575-680-XXXXAlbuquerqueBernalillo662564Qwest Corporation Nm
575-682-XXXXCloudcroftOtero63797Tularosa Basin Telephone Co
575-683-XXXXClovisCurry48376E N M R Tel Coop Nm
575-684-XXXXTierra AmarillaRio Arriba40246Valor Telecomm Of Texas
575-687-XXXXMayhillOtero63797Penasco Valley Tel Coop Inc
575-691-XXXXMescaleroOtero63797Penasco Valley Tel Coop Inc
575-693-XXXXAlbuquerqueBernalillo662564Sprint Spectrum L P
575-694-XXXXRoswellChaves65645Sprint Spectrum L P
575-703-XXXXRoswellChaves65645Plateau Telecommunications
575-704-XXXXRoswellChaves65645Sprint Spectrum L P
575-706-XXXXCarlsbadEddy53829Western Wireless Corporation N
575-707-XXXXAlbuquerqueBernalillo662564Verizon Wireless
575-708-XXXXAlbuquerqueBernalillo662564Verizon Wireless
575-714-XXXXClovisCurry48376Plateau Telecommunications
575-719-XXXXAlbuquerqueBernalillo662564Sprint Communications Company
575-720-XXXXAlbuquerqueAlbuquerque662564T-Mobile Usa, Inc.
575-725-XXXXCarlsbadEddy53829Western Wireless Corporation N
575-729-XXXXAlbuquerqueBernalillo662564Sprint Communications Company
575-730-XXXXAlbuquerqueAlbuquerque662564T-Mobile Usa, Inc.
575-734-XXXXDexterChaves65645Leaco Rural Tel Coop Inc
575-736-XXXXArtesiaEddy53829Pvt Networks
575-737-XXXXTaosTaos32937Pvt Networks
575-738-XXXXHobbsLea64727Valor Telecomm Of Texas
575-739-XXXXLovingtonLea64727Leaco Rural Telephone Cooperat
575-740-XXXXTruth Or ConsequencesSierra11988Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon
575-741-XXXXSanta FeSanta Fe144170Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon
575-742-XXXXClovisCurry48376Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon
575-743-XXXXTruth Or ConsequencesSierra11988Valor Telecomm Of Texas
575-744-XXXXTruth Or ConsequencesSierra11988Valor Telecomm Of Texas
575-745-XXXXLovingEddy53829Valor Telecomm Of Texas
575-746-XXXXArtesiaEddy53829Valor Telecomm Of Texas
575-748-XXXXArtesiaEddy53829Valor Telecomm Of Texas
575-749-XXXXAlbuquerqueBernalillo662564Verizon Wireless
575-751-XXXXTaosTaos32937Verizon Wireless
575-752-XXXXHagermanChaves65645Leaco Rural Tel Coop Inc
575-754-XXXXRed RiverTaos32937Leaco Rural Tel Coop Inc
575-755-XXXXClovisCurry48376Plateau Telecommunications
575-756-XXXXChamaRio Arriba40246Valor Telecomm Of Texas
575-758-XXXXTaosTaos32937Qwest Corporation Nm
575-759-XXXXDulceRio Arriba40246Valor Telecomm Of Texas
575-760-XXXXClovisCurry48376Plateau Telecommunications
575-762-XXXXClovisCurry48376Qwest Corporation Nm
575-763-XXXXClovisCurry48376Qwest Corporation Nm
575-769-XXXXClovisCurry48376Qwest Corporation Nm
575-770-XXXXOjo CalienteTaos32937Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon
575-772-XXXXDatilCatron3725Western New Mexico Tel Co Inc
575-773-XXXXPie TownCatron3725Western New Mexico Tel Co Inc
575-774-XXXXLindrithRio Arriba40246Valor Telecomm Of Texas
575-776-XXXXArroyo SecoTaos32937Valor Telecomm Of Texas
575-777-XXXXAlbuquerqueBernalillo662564Flat Wireless
575-779-XXXXOjo CalienteTaos32937Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon
575-781-XXXXAnton ChicoGuadalupe4687Verizon Wireless
575-784-XXXXCannon AfbCurry48376Qwest Corporation Nm
575-785-XXXXCarlsbadEddy53829Valor Telecomm Of Texas
575-791-XXXXCannon AfbCurry48376Valor Telecomm Of Texas
575-799-XXXXClovisCurry48376Plateau Telecommunications
575-802-XXXXMescaleroOtero63797Plateau Telecommunications
575-805-XXXXLas CrucesDona Ana0Cricket Communications
575-808-XXXXRuidosoLincoln20497Cricket Communications
575-810-XXXXMescaleroOtero63797I570elero Apache Telecom
575-812-XXXXMescaleroOtero63797I570elero Apache Telecom
575-813-XXXXMescaleroOtero63797I570elero Apache Telecom
575-815-XXXXAlbuquerqueBernalillo662564Sprint Spectrum L P
575-817-XXXXCarlsbadEddy53829Leaco Rural Telephone Cooperat
575-824-XXXXChaparralDona Ana0Leaco Rural Telephone Cooperat
575-825-XXXXAlbuquerqueBernalillo662564Verizon Wireless
575-826-XXXXDell CityHudspeth0Dell Tel Corp Inc Nm
575-829-XXXXJemez SpringsSandoval131561Valor Telecomm Of Texas
575-834-XXXXSan YsidroSandoval131561Valor Telecomm Of Texas
575-835-XXXXSocorroSocorro17866Qwest Corporation Nm
575-838-XXXXSocorroSocorro17866Qwest Corporation Nm
575-840-XXXXRoswellChaves65645Plateau Telecommunications
575-849-XXXXCoronaLincoln20497E N M R Tel Coop Nm
575-854-XXXXMagdalenaSocorro17866Western New Mexico Tel Co Inc
575-859-XXXXPhoenixMaricopa0Level 3 Communications, Llc - Az
575-868-XXXXConchas DamSan Miguel29393E N M R Tel Coop Nm
575-874-XXXXSanta TeresaDona Ana0E N M R Tel Coop Nm
575-882-XXXXAnthonyEl Paso0Qwest Corporation Nm
575-885-XXXXCarlsbadEddy53829Valor Telecomm Of Texas
575-887-XXXXCarlsbadEddy53829Valor Telecomm Of Texas
575-894-XXXXTruth Or ConsequencesSierra11988Valor Telecomm Of Texas
575-895-XXXXCaballoSierra11988Valor Telecomm Of Texas
575-904-XXXXAlbuquerqueBernalillo662564Valor Telecomm Of Texas
575-909-XXXXHobbsLea64727New Mexico Rsa 6 Iii Partnersh
575-910-XXXXRoswellChaves65645Western Wireless Corporation N
575-912-XXXXBayardGrant29514Western Wireless Corporation N
575-914-XXXXRoswellChaves65645Western Wireless Corporation N
575-915-XXXXLas CrucesDona Ana0Western Wireless Corporation N
575-920-XXXXSanta FeSanta Fe144170T-Mobile Usa, Inc.
575-921-XXXXHolloman Air Force BaseOtero63797Western Wireless Corporation N
575-930-XXXXSanta FeSanta Fe144170T-Mobile Usa, Inc.
575-932-XXXXMescaleroOtero63797Western Wireless Corporation N
575-935-XXXXClovisCurry48376Plateau Telecommunications
575-936-XXXXRoswellChaves65645Plateau Telecommunications
575-937-XXXXRoswellChaves65645Sprint Spectrum L P
575-940-XXXXAlbuquerqueBernalillo662564Sprint Communications Company
575-941-XXXXArtesiaEddy53829Pvt Networks
575-942-XXXXHobbsLea64727Big River Telephone Company
575-952-XXXXRoswellChaves65645Verizon Wireless
575-956-XXXXSilver CityGrant29514Verizon Wireless
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575-993-XXXXAlbuquerqueBernalillo662564Dell Tel Corp Inc Tx
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