Area Code is covered under 563 Iowa

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Details on Area Code 563

  • State: Iowa
  • Statewide Area Codes: 319, 515, 563, 641, 712
  • Cities: Alpha, Arlington, Atalissa, Baldwin, Bellevue, Bennett, Bernard, Bettendorf, Blue Grass, Calamus
  • Counties: Allamakee, Blue Earth, Bremer, Buchanan, Cedar, Chickasaw, Clayton, Clinton, Cook, Delaware
  • Time Zone: UTC-6

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Most Recent Comments

Jun 21, 2021
563-526-1354 02:36pm Jun 21, 2021

A robocall from UN-known - package delivery scam - A search shows this number to be from Davenport, IA. A land line number using VONAGE AMERICA, LLC. They keep calling using a different new number after being told to remove my number from their call list and blocked.

Jan 30, 2018
563-260-6345 04:30am Jan 30, 2018

<p>Interest rate scam</p>

Jan 20, 2018
563-650-4505 04:30am Jan 20, 2018

Resorts telemarketing. Caller Message: With us at our partner resorts and you earned enough points to secure you an amazingly drastically vacation. So I am just gonna give all of the details really fast is okay to you. Well you have been chosen for a weeks vacation to Orlando Florida right next to Disney and you'll also get a 3 day two night stay on a beach in the Bahamas where we will also supply you with the cruise to get one to the island and back. This promotion will be offered to you at a hotel employee rate that has never been done before and you and your loved ones will get an whole vacation for 75 percent off the retail rate and you can select your travel dates anytime within the next 18 weeks and if this wasn't good enough qualified Travelers will be given a complementary bonus gift too. So I need to ask a few questions to find out if you qualify. Okay. Oh I'm so sorry I simply didn't hear that part I need to ask you a couple of questions to see if you qualify. Is that fine. I need to ask a few questions to find out if you qualify. Okay. Thank you for your time and have a wonderful day.

Nov 30, 2017
563-468-9427 04:30am Nov 30, 2017

Keeps calling using numbers that are different. Asked them to stop calling and they won't stop . Your document: Before we closes and your warranty expires. Do you like to speak about reinstating the warranty of your car.

Nov 28, 2017
563-823-4687 04:30am Nov 28, 2017

<p>Sales people</p>

Nov 23, 2017
563-555-0192 04:30am Nov 23, 2017

Constantly calling bothering me.

Nov 16, 2017
563-564-3604 04:30am Nov 16, 2017

<p>Ex boyfried</p>

May 18, 2017
563-213-5996 04:41am May 18, 2017

I used to be told there was case against from the IRS from the above phone number. There's no way. Quit calling me.

May 10, 2017
563-449-3242 04:43am May 10, 2017

I recently got a call out of this variety and Ive had this same individual range for 8 years today. I reply he claims he can reduce my creditcard I explained which credit card he suggests visa I DONT POSSESS A CHARGE I stated whats my name he claims Jessica I claimed no and I have no idea any Jessica he screams OHHHHH CRAP but he cussed alternatively and he weighs up. The quantity is called by me back it suggests no longer operating. I called qwest (centurylink) and so they said hes spoofing the caller-id with amounts that were fake that qwest is NOT this scammers home provider.HES A LOW DOWN FILTHY LAZY SCAMMER indicating he lives in Davenport, IA which he doesn't! Should really be thrown in jail!!!

Mar 2, 2017
563-748-2357 04:30am Mar 2, 2017

Con phone asking "is it possible to hear me okay? Don't answer hangup

Telephone Code 563

Area Interchange City County Population Network Operator
563-203-XXXXCrescoHoward9566Midwest Wireless Communication Llc
563-209-XXXXDavenportScott165224Miscellaneous Exchange Carrier Ba Da
563-210-XXXXDavenportScott165224United States Cellular Corp. - Iowa
563-212-XXXXClintonClinton49116United States Cellular Corp. - Iowa
563-213-XXXXDubuqueDubuque93653Miscellaneous Exchange Carrier Ba Da
563-217-XXXXChicagoCook0Sprint Communications Company
563-219-XXXXClintonClinton49116At&t - Local - Ia
563-220-XXXXBettendorfScott165224Sprint Communications Company, L.P.
563-221-XXXXBettendorfScott165224Sprint Communications Company, L.P.
563-222-XXXXWyomingJones20638Wyoming Mutual Tel Co
563-223-XXXXBettendorfScott165224Wyoming Mutual Tel Co
563-225-XXXXLong GroveScott165224Central Scott Tel
563-232-XXXXWest UnionWest Union20880Qwest Corporation
563-233-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226Sprint Communications Company, L.P.
563-237-XXXXFredericksburgChickasaw12439Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
563-238-XXXXLawlerChickasaw12439Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
563-241-XXXXClintonClinton49116Qwest Corporation - Ia
563-242-XXXXClintonClinton49116Qwest Corporation - Ia
563-243-XXXXClintonClinton49116Qwest Corporation - Ia
563-244-XXXXClintonClinton49116Qwest Corporation - Ia
563-245-XXXXElkaderClayton18129Alpine Communications, L.C.
563-246-XXXXCalamusClinton49116Farmers' And Business Mens' Telepho
563-249-XXXXClintonClinton49116Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
563-252-XXXXGuttenbergClayton18129Alpine Communications, L.C.
563-255-XXXXGuttenbergClayton18129Alpine Communications, L.C.
563-259-XXXXCamancheClinton49116Qwest Corporation - Ia
563-260-XXXXMuscatineMuscatine42745Mediapolis Tel Co
563-262-XXXXMuscatineMuscatine42745Qwest Corporation - Ia
563-263-XXXXMuscatineMuscatine42745Qwest Corporation - Ia
563-264-XXXXMuscatineMuscatine42745Qwest Corporation - Ia
563-265-XXXXChicagoCook0Sprint Communications Company
563-271-XXXXDavenportScott165224Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
563-272-XXXXMuscatineMuscatine42745Qwest Corporation - Ia
563-275-XXXXDavenportScott165224It Communications
563-277-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226Mcc Telephony Of Iowa
563-280-XXXXDavenportScott165224Arch Wireless Holdings, Inc.
563-281-XXXXDavenportScott165224Arch Wireless Holdings, Inc.
563-282-XXXXDonahueScott165224Central Scott Tel
563-284-XXXXWalcottScott165224Qwest Corporation - Ia
563-285-XXXXEldridgeScott165224Central Scott Tel
563-288-XXXXMuscatineMuscatine42745Qwest Corporation - Ia
563-289-XXXXLe ClaireScott165224Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
563-299-XXXXMuscatineMuscatine42745Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
563-308-XXXXPrestonJackson19848Mcc Telephony Of Iowa
563-311-XXXXWest UnionWest Union20880Qwest Corporation
563-320-XXXXDavenportScott165224United States Cellular Corp. - Iowa
563-321-XXXXClintonClinton49116Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
563-322-XXXXDavenportScott165224Qwest Corporation - Ia
563-323-XXXXDavenportScott165224Qwest Corporation - Ia
563-324-XXXXDavenportScott165224Qwest Corporation - Ia
563-326-XXXXDavenportScott165224Qwest Corporation - Ia
563-327-XXXXDavenportScott165224Qwest Corporation - Ia
563-328-XXXXDavenportScott165224Qwest Corporation - Ia
563-329-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226United States Cellular Corp Io
563-332-XXXXDavenportScott165224Qwest Corporation - Ia
563-333-XXXXDavenportScott165224Qwest Corporation - Ia
563-336-XXXXDavenportScott165224Qwest Corporation - Ia
563-340-XXXXDavenportScott165224Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
563-343-XXXXDavenportScott165224Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
563-344-XXXXDavenportScott165224Qwest Corporation - Ia
563-345-XXXXDavenportScott165224Cs Technologies, Inc. - Ia
563-349-XXXXDavenportScott165224United States Cellular Corp. - Iowa
563-355-XXXXDavenportScott165224Qwest Corporation - Ia
563-357-XXXXClintonClinton49116United States Cellular Corp. - Iowa
563-358-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226Sprint Communications Company, L.P.
563-359-XXXXDavenportScott165224Qwest Corporation - Ia
563-369-XXXXWyomingJones20638Wyoming Mutual Tel Co
563-370-XXXXDavenportScott165224United States Cellular Corp. - Iowa
563-374-XXXXWheatlandClinton49116Farmers' And Business Mens' Telepho
563-379-XXXXDecorahWinneshiek21056United States Cellular Corp. - Iowa
563-380-XXXXDecorahWinneshiek21056United States Cellular Corp. - Iowa
563-381-XXXXBlue GrassScott165224Qwest Corporation - Ia
563-382-XXXXDecorahWinneshiek21056Qwest Corporation - Ia
563-383-XXXXDavenportScott165224Qwest Corporation
563-386-XXXXDavenportScott165224Qwest Corporation - Ia
563-387-XXXXDecorahWinneshiek21056Qwest Corporation - Ia
563-388-XXXXDavenportScott165224Qwest Corporation - Ia
563-391-XXXXDavenportScott165224Qwest Corporation - Ia
563-405-XXXXWyomingJones20638Wyoming Mutual Tel Co
563-406-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226At&t - Local - Ia
563-412-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226Mcc Telephony Of Iowa
563-419-XXXXDecorahWinneshiek21056Midwest Wireless Communication Llc
563-420-XXXXWest UnionFayette20880Qwest Corporation
563-421-XXXXDavenportScott165224Qwest Corporation - Ia
563-422-XXXXWest UnionFayette20880Qwest Corporation - Ia
563-423-XXXXClermontFayette20880Ace Tel Assn - Ia
563-424-XXXXBettendorfScott165224Mcc Telephony Of Iowa
563-425-XXXXFayetteFayette20880Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
563-426-XXXXElginFayette20880Alpine Communications, L.C.
563-427-XXXXHawkeyeFayette20880Hawkeye Tel Co
563-428-XXXXRandaliaFayette20880Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
563-429-XXXXAlphaFayette20880Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
563-430-XXXXLa MotteJackson19848La Motte Tel Co
563-431-XXXXLa MotteJackson19848La Motte Tel Co
563-432-XXXXMechanicsvilleCedar18499Mechanicsville Tel Co
563-433-XXXXLa MotteJackson19848La Motte Tel Co
563-434-XXXXLa MotteJackson19848La Motte Tel Co
563-435-XXXXLa MotteJackson19848La Motte Tel Co
563-436-XXXXLa MotteJackson19848La Motte Tel Co
563-437-XXXXLa MotteJackson19848La Motte Tel Co
563-438-XXXXLa MotteJackson19848La Motte Tel Co
563-439-XXXXLa MotteJackson19848La Motte Tel Co
563-441-XXXXDavenportScott165224Qwest Corporation - Ia
563-445-XXXXDavenportScott165224Qwest Corporation - Ia
563-447-XXXXDavenportScott165224Nextel Communications, Inc.
563-449-XXXXDavenportScott165224Qwest Corporation - Ia
563-451-XXXXDubuqueDubuque93653At&t - Local - Ia
563-452-XXXXClarenceCedar18499Clarence Tel Co Inc
563-454-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226Nextel Communications
563-456-XXXXWyomingJones20638Wyoming Mutual Tel Co
563-459-XXXXDavenportScott165224Qwest Corporation - Ia
563-468-XXXXDavenportScott165224Qwest Corporation - Ia
563-484-XXXXDavenportScott165224Wyoming Mutual Tel Co
563-485-XXXXOnslowJones20638Onslow Coop Tel Assn
563-486-XXXXOxford JctJones20638Lost Nation-Elwood Tel Co
563-487-XXXXCenter JctJones20638Center Junction Tel Co
563-488-XXXXWyomingJones20638Wyoming Mutual Tel Co
563-492-XXXXDorchesterAllamakee14330Spring Grove Coop Tel Co
563-495-XXXXDubuqueDubuque93653Iowa Wireless Services, Lp
563-496-XXXXDorchesterAllamakee14330Mabel Tel Coop Co - Mn
563-497-XXXXDorchesterAllamakee14330Ace Tel Assn - Mn
563-499-XXXXDavenportScott165224At&t - Local - Ia
563-503-XXXXClintonClinton49116Sprint Spectrum L.P.- Ia
563-505-XXXXDavenportScott165224Sprint Spectrum L.P.- Ia
563-506-XXXXMuscatineMuscatine42745Nextel Partners Operating Corp.
563-508-XXXXDavenportScott165224Blue Licenses Holding, Llc
563-513-XXXXDubuqueDubuque93653Sprint Communications Company, L.P.
563-514-XXXXDavenportScott165224Sprint Communications Company, L.P.
563-516-XXXXElkaderClayton18129Iowa Wireless Services, Lp
563-517-XXXXDecorahWinneshiek21056Iowa Wireless Services, Lp
563-518-XXXXWest UnionFayette20880Iowa Wireless Services, Lp
563-519-XXXXClintonClinton49116Mcleodusa Telecommunication Service
563-522-XXXXCamancheClinton49116Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
563-528-XXXXDavenportScott165224Nextel Partners Operating Corp.
563-529-XXXXDavenportScott165224Nextel Partners Operating Corp.
563-532-XXXXOssianWinneshiek21056Ace Tel Assn - Ia
563-534-XXXXFort AtkinsonWinneshiek21056Ace Tel Assn - Ia
563-535-XXXXWatervilleAllamakee14330Ace Tel Assn - Ia
563-536-XXXXSaint OlafClayton18129Northeast Iowa Tel Co
563-537-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226Iowa Wireless Services, Lp
563-538-XXXXLansingAllamakee14330Qwest Corporation - Ia
563-539-XXXXMononaClayton18129Northeast Iowa Tel Co
563-542-XXXXDubuqueDubuque93653United States Cellular Corp. - Iowa
563-543-XXXXDubuqueDubuque93653United States Cellular Corp. - Iowa
563-544-XXXXNew AlbinAllamakee14330Ace Tel Assn - Ia
563-545-XXXXWyomingJones20638Wyoming Mutual Tel Co
563-546-XXXXDorchesterAllamakee14330Ace Tel Assn - Ia
563-547-XXXXCrescoHoward9566Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
563-549-XXXXBettendorfScott165224Wyoming Mutual Tel Co
563-552-XXXXSherrillDubuque93653Qwest Corporation - Ia
563-554-XXXXMuscatineMuscatine42745Sprint Spectrum L.P.- Ia
563-555-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Qwest Corporation - Ia
563-556-XXXXDubuqueDubuque93653Qwest Corporation - Ia
563-557-XXXXDubuqueDubuque93653Qwest Corporation - Ia
563-559-XXXXClintonClinton49116Nextel Partners Operating Corp.
563-562-XXXXCalmarWinneshiek21056Qwest Corporation - Ia
563-564-XXXXDubuqueDubuque93653Sprint Spectrum L.P.- Ia
563-565-XXXXChesterHoward9566Centurytel Of Chester, Inc.
563-566-XXXXLime SpringsHoward9566Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
563-567-XXXXOssianWinneshiek21056Ace Tel Assn - Ia
563-568-XXXXWaukonAllamakee14330Qwest Corporation - Ia
563-569-XXXXLawlerChickasaw12439Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
563-570-XXXXDavenportScott165224Iowa Wireless Services, Lp
563-571-XXXXMuscatineMuscatine42745Iowa Wireless Services, Lp
563-574-XXXXDelmarClinton49116Farmers & Business Men's Telephone
563-577-XXXXGoose LakeClinton49116Preston Tel Co
563-578-XXXXSumnerBremer24276Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
563-579-XXXXDavenportScott165224Iowa Wireless Services, Lp
563-580-XXXXDubuqueDubuque93653Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
563-581-XXXXDubuqueDubuque93653Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
563-582-XXXXDubuqueDubuque93653Qwest Corporation - Ia
563-583-XXXXDubuqueDubuque93653Qwest Corporation - Ia
563-584-XXXXDubuqueDubuque93653Qwest Corporation - Ia
563-585-XXXXDubuqueDubuque93653Qwest Corporation - Ia
563-586-XXXXHarpers FerryAllamakee14330Ace Tel Assn - Ia
563-587-XXXXDubuqueDubuque93653Qwest Corporation - Ia
563-588-XXXXDubuqueDubuque93653Qwest Corporation - Ia
563-589-XXXXDubuqueDubuque93653Qwest Corporation - Ia
563-590-XXXXDubuqueDubuque93653United States Cellular Corp. - Iowa
563-593-XXXXClintonClinton49116Iowa Wireless Services, Lp
563-594-XXXXDavenportScott165224Ymax Communications Corp Ia
563-599-XXXXDubuqueDubuque93653United States Cellular Corp. - Iowa
563-604-XXXXDubuqueDubuque93653Airadigm Communications Inc
563-605-XXXXPostvilleAllamakee14330Iowa Rsa #12, Llc
563-607-XXXXMuscatineMuscatine42745Blue Licenses Holding, Llc
563-608-XXXXManchesterDelaware17764United States Cellular Corp. - Iowa
563-611-XXXXWest UnionWest Union20880Qwest Corporation
563-613-XXXXCamancheClinton49116Blue Licenses Holding, Llc
563-630-XXXXWyomingJones20638Wyoming Mutual Tel Co
563-633-XXXXArlingtonFayette20880Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
563-637-XXXXMaynardFayette20880Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
563-639-XXXXDavenportScott165224New Cingular Wireless Pcs
563-649-XXXXAtalissaMuscatine42745Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
563-650-XXXXDavenportScott165224Sprint Spectrum L.P.- Ia
563-651-XXXXBettendorfScott165224Sprint Communications Company, L.P.
563-652-XXXXMaquoketaJackson19848Qwest Corporation - Ia
563-657-XXXXWalcottScott165224Sprint Communications Company, L.P.
563-659-XXXXDe WittClinton49116Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
563-663-XXXXDubuqueDubuque93653Blue Licenses Holding, Llc
563-672-XXXXMaquoketaJackson19848Andrew Tel Co Inc
563-673-XXXXBaldwinJackson19848Baldwin Nashville Tel Co Inc
563-674-XXXXDelmarClinton49116Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
563-676-XXXXDavenportScott165224Sprint Spectrum L.P.- Ia
563-677-XXXXCharlotteClinton49116Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
563-678-XXXXLost NationClinton49116Lost Nation-Elwood Tel Co
563-682-XXXXMilesJackson19848Miles Coop Tel Assn
563-683-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226Sprint Communications Company, L.P.
563-686-XXXXOtter CreekDubuque93653Cascade Communications Company
563-687-XXXXSabulaJackson19848Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
563-689-XXXXPrestonJackson19848Preston Tel Co
563-690-XXXXDubuqueDubuque93653Mcleodusa Telecommunication Service
563-694-XXXXBettendorfScott165224Sprint Communications Company
563-697-XXXXBettendorfScott165224Sprint Communications Company
563-700-XXXXWest UnionWest Union20880Qwest Corporation
563-711-XXXXWest UnionWest Union20880Qwest Corporation
563-723-XXXXDavenportScott165224Neutral Tandem Iowa
563-724-XXXXMoscowMuscatine42745Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
563-725-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226Sprint Communications Company, L.P.
563-729-XXXXMount PleasantHenry20145Mcc Telephony Of Iowa
563-732-XXXXWiltonMuscatine42745Wilton Tel Co
563-735-XXXXDecorahWinneshiek21056Mabel Coop Tel Co - Ia
563-737-XXXXRidgewayWinneshiek21056Mabel Coop Tel Co - Ia
563-742-XXXXDavenportScott165224Qwest Corporation - Ia
563-744-XXXXFarleyDubuque93653Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
563-745-XXXXCrescoHoward9566Ace Tel Assn - Mn
563-748-XXXXDavenportScott165224Mcc Telephony Of Iowa
563-764-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226Sprint Communications Company, L.P.
563-767-XXXXWadenaFayette20880Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
563-770-XXXXWyomingJones20638Wyoming Mutual Tel Co
563-773-XXXXLa MotteJackson19848La Motte Tel Co
563-774-XXXXWadenaFayette20880Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
563-776-XXXXWaucomaFayette20880Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
563-777-XXXXMount PleasantHenry20145Nextel Partners Operating Corp.
563-778-XXXXFort AtkinsonWinneshiek21056Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
563-783-XXXXSaint OlafClayton18129Northeast Iowa Tel Co
563-785-XXXXDurantCedar18499Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
563-794-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226Nextel Communications
563-811-XXXXWest UnionWest Union20880Qwest Corporation
563-822-XXXXManchesterDelaware17764Mcc Telephony Of Iowa
563-823-XXXXDavenportScott165224Mcleodusa Telecommunication Service
563-826-XXXXOxford JctJones20638Lost Nation-Elwood Tel Co
563-839-XXXXWest UnionWest Union20880Qwest Corporation
563-843-XXXXDixonScott165224Dixon Tel Co
563-844-XXXXWyomingJones20638Qwest Corporation
563-845-XXXXDavenportScott165224Qwest Corporation
563-847-XXXXGrand MoundClinton49116Grand Mound Coop Tel Assn
563-849-XXXXMankatoBlue Earth0Qwest Corporation
563-852-XXXXCascadeDubuque93653Cascade Communications Company
563-853-XXXXNew ViennaDubuque93653Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
563-855-XXXXWorthingtonDubuque93653Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
563-856-XXXXColesburgDelaware17764Qwest Corporation
563-862-XXXXWest UnionWest Union20880Qwest Corporation
563-864-XXXXPostvilleAllamakee14330Centurytel Of Postville, Inc.
563-870-XXXXHoly CrossDubuque93653Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
563-872-XXXXBellevueJackson19848Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
563-873-XXXXLuanaClayton18129Alpine Communications, L.C.
563-875-XXXXDyersvilleDubuque93653Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
563-876-XXXXEpworthDubuque93653Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
563-879-XXXXBernardDubuque93653Bernard Tel Co Inc
563-880-XXXXMc GregorClayton18129United States Cellular Corp. - Iowa
563-883-XXXXCrescoHoward9566Harmony Tel Co
563-884-XXXXDavenportScott165224Qwest Corporation - Ia
563-886-XXXXTiptonCedar18499Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
563-888-XXXXDavenportScott165224Qwest Corporation - Ia
563-889-XXXXTiptonCedar18499Iowa Wireless Services, Lp
563-890-XXXXBennettCedar18499Farmers & Business Men's Telephone
563-893-XXXXBennettCedar18499Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
563-911-XXXXWest UnionWest Union20880Qwest Corporation
563-920-XXXXManchesterDelaware17764United States Cellular Corp. - Iowa
563-921-XXXXNew ViennaDubuque93653Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
563-922-XXXXDelhiDelaware17764Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
563-923-XXXXEarlvilleDelaware17764Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
563-924-XXXXLamontBuchanan20958Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
563-925-XXXXGreeleyDelaware17764Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
563-926-XXXXHopkintonDelaware17764Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
563-927-XXXXManchesterDelaware17764Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
563-928-XXXXEdgewoodClayton18129Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
563-929-XXXXManchesterDelaware17764Midwest Wireless Communication Llc
563-932-XXXXRyanDelaware17764Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
563-933-XXXXStrawberry PointClayton18129Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
563-934-XXXXBettendorfScott165224Qwest Corporation
563-940-XXXXDavenportScott165224Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
563-941-XXXXLowdenCedar18499Farmers & Business Men's Telephone
563-942-XXXXStanwoodCedar18499Cedar Communications, L.L.C.
563-944-XXXXLowdenCedar18499Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
563-945-XXXXStanwoodCedar18499Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
563-946-XXXXTiptonCedar18499Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
563-949-XXXXDavenportScott165224United States Cellular Corp. - Iowa
563-958-XXXXEldridgeScott165224Qwest Corporation
563-959-XXXXEldridgeScott165224Qwest Corporation
563-964-XXXXGarnavilloClayton18129Alpine Communications, L.C.
563-976-XXXXEldridgeScott165224Qwest Corporation
563-987-XXXXWyomingJones20638Wyoming Mutual Tel Co
563-999-XXXXMuscatineMuscatine42745Louisa Communications, L.C.


  • Iowa references: Iowa


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