Area Code is covered under 515 Iowa

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Details on Area Code 515

  • State: Iowa
  • Statewide Area Codes: 319, 515, 563, 641, 712
  • Cities: Ackley, Adel, Albuquerque, Alden, Alexander, Algona, Allerton, Altoona, Ames, Ankeny
  • Counties: Allerton, Appanoose, Bernalillo, Blockton, Boone, Buffalo Center, Buffalo Center (Rural), Butler, Calhoun, Callender
  • Time Zone: UTC-6

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Most Recent Comments

May 24, 2019
515-975-5448 11:58pm May 24, 2019

Called me and was sounding as of he were on drugs! He's going to collect and by a minute. Needs half a pie.

May 8, 2019
515-325-4400 08:26pm May 8, 2019

A robocall from UN-known - easy money scam - A search shows this number to be from Blairsburg, IA. A land line using QWEST CORPORATION. They keep calling using a different new number after being told to remove my number from their call list and blocked.

Jan 21, 2019
515-313-6547 03:47pm Jan 21, 2019

Spanky - She is a snitch bitch .

Oct 10, 2018
515-446-2396 08:36pm Oct 10, 2018

A robocall from UN-known - A Robo-voice stating it was Catherine Richardson of the FBI... and that I was under investigation and there is an arrest warrant in my name and to call them back. - A search shows this number to be from Ankeny, IA. A land line using QWEST CORPORATION. They keep calling using a different new number after being told to remove my number from their call list and blocked.

Jan 30, 2018
515-689-8621 04:30am Jan 30, 2018

They want to lower my credit card rates....I don't own any credit cards... Caller Message: Hey, several attempts to reach you. This is your final courtesy call before. We are unable to lower your credit card interest rate press 1 to speak to the member services department or press 2 and your eligibility to lower your rate will expire.

Jan 20, 2018
515-219-7055 04:30am Jan 20, 2018

<p>No name spam hanguo</p>

Jan 17, 2018
515-250-4751 04:30am Jan 17, 2018

Credit card spam.

Jan 10, 2018
515-771-3275 04:30am Jan 10, 2018

Resorts / vacation package listed sales message. . Caller Message: Us or at our partner hotels in the past and you got enough points to get you an incredibly radically discounted vacation. So I am just gonna give you all of the details really quick is that fine. Well you have been chosen for a weeks vacation to Orlando Florida right next to Disney and you'll also get a 3 day two night stay on a beach in the Bahamas or we will also supply you with the cruise to get one to the island and rear. Now this advertising will be given to you in a resort employee speed which has never been achieved before and you and your family will find an entire holiday for 75% off the retail price and you can select your travel dates anytime within the next 18 weeks and if this wasn't good enough qualified Travelers will be given a complementary bonus gift too. So I just have to ask a few questions to see if you qualify. Okay. Oh I am so sorry I just didn't hear that last part I simply need to ask you a couple of questions to see if you qualify. Is that fine. I just have to ask a few questions to see if you qualify. Okay. Thanks for your time and have a nice day.

Jan 5, 2018
515-770-4971 04:30am Jan 5, 2018

Interest rate advertisement. Caller Message: The main reason for the number is to allow you to know that you're now qualified for interest rates as low as 6% if you would like to get transferred to a representative about your account press 9 now again press 9 now to talk to a representative.

Dec 1, 2017
515-686-6174 04:30am Dec 1, 2017


Telephone Code 515

Area Interchange City County Population Network Operator
515-200-XXXXSergeant BluffWoodbury102172Long Lines Wireless, Llc
515-201-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
515-202-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Nextel Partners Operating Corp.
515-203-XXXXAmesStory89542Nextel Partners Operating Corp.
515-204-XXXXOgdenBoone26306Ogden Tel Co
515-205-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640United States Cellular Corp. - Iowa
515-207-XXXXCallenderCallender38013Lehigh Valley Coop Tel Assn
515-208-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Nextel Partners Operating Corp.
515-209-XXXXWebster CityHamilton33309Sprint Spectrum L.P.- Ia
515-210-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640United States Cellular Corp. - Iowa
515-212-XXXXBooneBoone26306Sprint Spectrum L.P.
515-213-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-215-XXXXJohnstonPolk430640United States Cellular Corp. - Iowa
515-216-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Lehigh Valley Coop Tel Assn
515-219-XXXXOgdenBoone26306Ogden Tel Co
515-220-XXXXCambridgeStory89542Huxley Communications Cooperative -
515-221-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-222-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-223-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-224-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-225-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-226-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-227-XXXXFort DodgeWebster10511Blue Licenses Holding, Llc
515-228-XXXXSlaterStory89542Huxley Communications Cooperative -
515-229-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
515-230-XXXXBooneBoone26306Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
515-231-XXXXAmesStory89542Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
515-232-XXXXAmesStory89542Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-233-XXXXAmesStory89542Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-234-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Electronic Engineering Company
515-235-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-236-XXXXBooneBoone26306Nextel Partners Operating Corp.
515-237-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-238-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640United States Cellular Corp. - Iowa
515-239-XXXXAmesStory89542Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-240-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
515-241-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-242-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-243-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-244-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-245-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-246-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-247-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-248-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-249-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640United States Cellular Corp. - Iowa
515-250-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640United States Cellular Corp. - Iowa
515-251-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-252-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-253-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-254-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-255-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-256-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-257-XXXXAnkenyPolk430640At&t - Local - Ia
515-258-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Iowa Network Services
515-259-XXXXGrimesPolk430640At&t - Local - Ia
515-260-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Communications 1 Network, Inc.
515-261-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-262-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-263-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-264-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-265-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-266-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-267-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-268-XXXXAmesStory89542Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-269-XXXXFort DodgeWebster10511Sprint Spectrum L.P.- Ia
515-270-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-271-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-272-XXXXSwea CityKossuth15543Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
515-273-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-274-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-275-XXXXOgdenBoone26306Ogden Tel Co
515-276-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-277-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-278-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-279-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-280-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-281-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-282-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-283-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-284-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-285-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-286-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-287-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-288-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-289-XXXXAnkenyPolk430640Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-290-XXXXAmesStory89542United States Cellular Corp. - Iowa
515-291-XXXXAmesStory89542United States Cellular Corp. - Iowa
515-292-XXXXAmesStory89542Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-293-XXXXEagle GroveWright13229United States Cellular Corp. - Iowa
515-294-XXXXAmesStory89542Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-295-XXXXAlgonaKossuth15543Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-296-XXXXAmesStory89542Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-297-XXXXWebster CityHamilton33309United States Cellular Corp. - Iowa
515-298-XXXXBooneBoone26306United States Cellular Corp. - Iowa
515-299-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-302-XXXXFort DodgeWebster10511Frontier Communications Of Iowa
515-305-XXXXOgdenBoone26306Ogden Tel Co
515-306-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Blue Licenses Holding, Llc
515-309-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Mcleodusa Telecommunication Service
515-310-XXXXJewellHamilton33309Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
515-311-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Miscellaneous Exchange Carrier
515-312-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-313-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640At&t - Local - Ia
515-314-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
515-319-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-320-XXXXAlgonaKossuth15543Midwest Wireless Communication Llc
515-321-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
515-322-XXXXOgdenBoone26306Ogden Tel Co
515-323-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-324-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-325-XXXXBlairsburgHamilton33309Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-326-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-327-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-328-XXXXStory CityStory89542Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
515-329-XXXXCallenderCallender38013Lehigh Valley Coop Tel Assn
515-331-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-332-XXXXHumboldtHumboldt9815Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-333-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Frontier Communications Of Iowa
515-334-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-335-XXXXOgdenBoone26306Ogden Tel Co
515-336-XXXXOgdenBoone26306Ogden Tel Co
515-337-XXXXAmesStory89542Lehigh Valley Coop Tel Assn
515-338-XXXXEllsworthHamilton33309Grand River Mutual Tel Co - Ia
515-339-XXXXUrbandalePolk430640Sprint Spectrum L.P.
515-341-XXXXAlgonaKossuth15543United States Cellular Corp. - Iowa
515-342-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Lehigh Valley Coop Tel Assn
515-343-XXXXWest Des MoinesPolk430640Lehigh Valley Coop Tel Assn
515-344-XXXXWest Des MoinesPolk430640Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon
515-345-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-349-XXXXSharpsburgTaylor6317Frontier Communications Of Iowa
515-351-XXXXGowrieWebster10511Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
515-352-XXXXGowrieWebster10511Webster-Calhoun Coop Tel Assn
515-353-XXXXPilot MoundBoone26306Webster-Calhoun Coop Tel Assn
515-354-XXXXHarcourtWebster10511Lehigh Valley Coop Tel Assn
515-355-XXXXClear LakeCerro Gordo44151Clear Lake Independent Tel Co
515-356-XXXXVincentWebster10511Webster-Calhoun Coop Tel Assn
515-357-XXXXClear LakeCerro Gordo44151Clear Lake Independent Tel Co
515-358-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-359-XXXXLehighWebster10511Lehigh Valley Coop Tel Assn
515-360-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
515-361-XXXXAlgonaKossuth15543Midwest Wireless Communication Llc
515-362-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-364-XXXXKanawhaHancock93158Communications 1 Network, Inc.
515-365-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-367-XXXXElkhartPolk430640Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
515-368-XXXXHumboldtHumboldt9815United States Cellular Corp. - Iowa
515-369-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Nexgen Integrated Communications L.
515-370-XXXXJeffersonGreene14867United States Cellular Corp. - Iowa
515-371-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
515-372-XXXXBooneBoone26306Iowa Wireless Services, Lp
515-373-XXXXGilmore CityHumboldt9815Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-374-XXXXPleasantvilleMarion211226Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
515-375-XXXXGilmore CityHumboldt9815Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-376-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Qwest Corporation Ia
515-377-XXXXColoStory89542Colo Tel Co
515-378-XXXXEagle GroveWright13229Webster-Calhoun Coop Tel Assn
515-379-XXXXLivermoreHumboldt9815Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-380-XXXXOgdenBoone26306Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-381-XXXXCallenderCallender38013Lehigh Valley Coop Tel Assn
515-382-XXXXNevadaStory89542Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
515-383-XXXXCambridgeStory89542Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
515-384-XXXXJeffersonGreene14867Jefferson Tel Co
515-386-XXXXJeffersonGreene14867Jefferson Tel Co
515-387-XXXXMaxwellStory89542Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
515-388-XXXXRolandStory89542Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
515-389-XXXXChurdanGreene14867Webster-Calhoun Coop Tel Assn
515-391-XXXXJeffersonGreene14867Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
515-392-XXXXPleasantvilleMarion211226Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
515-393-XXXXCallenderCallender38013Lehigh Valley Coop Tel Assn
515-395-XXXXAlgonaKossuth15543Algona Municipal Utilities - Ia
515-396-XXXXSaint CharlesSaint Charles0Interstate 35 Tel Co Dba Interstate
515-398-XXXXOgdenBoone26306Ogden Tel Co
515-401-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Crystal Communications, Inc. Dba Hi
515-402-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Crystal Communications, Inc. Dba Hi
515-408-XXXXFort DodgeWebster10511United States Cellular Corp. - Iowa
515-412-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Mcc Telephony Of Iowa
515-414-XXXXOgdenBoone26306Ogden Tel Co
515-418-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Miscellaneous Exchange Carrier Ba Da
515-419-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Teleport Commun Group - Omaha
515-420-XXXXOgdenBoone26306Ogden Tel Co
515-421-XXXXKnoxvilleMarion211226Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-422-XXXXUrbandalePolk430640Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-423-XXXXMason CityCerro Gordo44151Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-424-XXXXMason CityCerro Gordo44151Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-428-XXXXPerryDallas66135Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-432-XXXXBooneBoone26306Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-433-XXXXBooneBoone26306Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-434-XXXXMc CallsburgStory89542Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
515-435-XXXXNashuaChickasaw12439Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-436-XXXXRippeyGreene14867Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
515-438-XXXXWoodwardDallas66135Minburn Telecommunications, Inc.
515-439-XXXXYaleGuthrie10954Prairie Tel Co Inc
515-440-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-441-XXXXAmesStory89542T-Mobile Usa, Inc.
515-442-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Grand River Mutual Tel Co - Ia
515-443-XXXXGarden GroveGarden Grove8457Grand River Mutual Tel Co - Ia
515-445-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Grand River Mutual Tel Co - Ia
515-446-XXXXLeonLeon8457Grand River Mutual Tel Co - Ia
515-447-XXXXUrbandalePolk430640South Central Communications, Inc.
515-448-XXXXEagle GroveWright13229Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-450-XXXXAmesStory89542Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
515-451-XXXXAmesStory89542Sprint Spectrum L.P.
515-453-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-454-XXXXOgdenBoone26306Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-455-XXXXPleasantvilleMarion211226Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
515-456-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-457-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-458-XXXXHamptonFranklin35862Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-459-XXXXFlorisFloris8753Citizens Mutual Telephone Cooperati
515-460-XXXXAmesStory89542United States Cellular Corp. - Iowa
515-461-XXXXPleasantvilleMarion211226Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
515-462-XXXXWintersetMadison15679Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-463-XXXXSomersCalhoun9670Webster-Calhoun Coop Tel Assn
515-465-XXXXPerryDallas66135Qwest Corporation
515-466-XXXXOgdenBoone26306Ogden Tel Co
515-467-XXXXSomersCalhoun9670Webster-Calhoun Coop Tel Assn
515-468-XXXXWintersetMadison15679Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
515-471-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-473-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-474-XXXXOgdenBoone26306Ogden Tel Co
515-476-XXXXLaurelLaurel40648Heart Of Iowa Communications Cooper
515-477-XXXXClemonsMarshall40648Minerva Valley Tel Co Inc
515-478-XXXXJohnstonPolk430640United States Cellular Corp Io
515-480-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
515-481-XXXXPleasantvilleMarion211226Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
515-487-XXXXZearingStory89542Minerva Valley Tel Co Inc
515-489-XXXXOgdenBoone26306Ogden Tel Co
515-490-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
515-491-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
515-493-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Lehigh Valley Coop Tel Assn
515-494-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-495-XXXXGoodellHancock93158Frontier Communications Of Iowa
515-497-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Lehigh Valley Coop Tel Assn
515-498-XXXXGilmanGilman40648Partner Communications Cooperative
515-508-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-509-XXXXAmesStory89542Boost Mobile, Llc
515-519-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Mcc Telephony Of Iowa
515-520-XXXXAmesStory89542Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
515-522-XXXXBrooklynPoweshiek18914Brooklyn Mutual Tel Co
515-523-XXXXStuartGuthrie10954Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-524-XXXXMenloGuthrie10954Coon Valley Coop Tel Assn Inc
515-526-XXXXKelloggJasper36842Partner Communications Cooperative
515-527-XXXXLynnvilleJasper36842Lynnville Telephone Company
515-528-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Mcc Telephony Of Iowa
515-532-XXXXClarionWright13229Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-533-XXXXDerbyDerby8898Grand River Mutual Tel Co - Ia
515-534-XXXXHarcourtHarcourt38013Lehigh Valley Coop Tel Assn
515-535-XXXXUrbandalePolk430640Qwest Corporation Ia
515-536-XXXXKamrarHamilton33309Iowa Network Services
515-537-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Crystal Communications, Inc. Dba Hi
515-538-XXXXLakotaKossuth15543Midwest Wireless Communication Llc
515-539-XXXXKamrarHamilton33309Cooperative Tel Exch
515-542-XXXXBarnumWebster10511Webster-Calhoun Coop Tel Assn
515-543-XXXXDuncombeWebster10511Webster-Calhoun Coop Tel Assn
515-544-XXXXFarnhamvilleCalhoun9670Webster-Calhoun Coop Tel Assn
515-545-XXXXBadgerWebster10511Webster-Calhoun Coop Tel Assn
515-546-XXXXClareWebster10511Webster-Calhoun Coop Tel Assn
515-547-XXXXDaytonWebster10511Lehigh Valley Coop Tel Assn
515-548-XXXXCallenderWebster10511Lehigh Valley Coop Tel Assn
515-549-XXXXMoorlandWebster10511Webster-Calhoun Coop Tel Assn
515-551-XXXXGrimesPolk430640Crystal Communications, Inc. Dba Hi
515-554-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Sprint Spectrum L.P.
515-555-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-556-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Sprint Spectrum L.P.
515-557-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-558-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-559-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640At&t - Local - Ia
515-561-XXXXBuffalo Center (Rural)Buffalo Center (Rural)0Winnebago Coop Tel Assn - Ia
515-562-XXXXBuffalo CenterBuffalo Center10866Winnebago Coop Tel Assn - Ia
515-563-XXXXHarcourtHarcourt38013Lehigh Valley Coop Tel Assn
515-564-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-565-XXXXCrystal LakeCrystal Lake11341Winnebago Coop Tel Assn - Ia
515-566-XXXXRakeRake10866Winnebago Coop Tel Assn - Ia
515-567-XXXXOgdenBoone26306Winnebago Coop Tel Assn - Ia
515-568-XXXXScarvilleScarville10866Winnebago Coop Tel Assn - Ia
515-570-XXXXFort DodgeWebster10511Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
515-571-XXXXFort DodgeWebster10511United States Cellular Corp. - Iowa
515-572-XXXXAmesStory89542Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-573-XXXXFort DodgeWebster10511Frontier Communications Of Iowa
515-574-XXXXFort DodgeWebster10511Frontier Communications Of Iowa
515-575-XXXXAlgonaKossuth15543Nextel Partners Operating Corp.
515-576-XXXXFort DodgeWebster10511Frontier Communications Of Iowa
515-577-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640United States Cellular Corp. - Iowa
515-578-XXXXLakotaKossuth15543Midwest Wireless Communication Llc
515-579-XXXXLatimerFranklin35862Frontier Communications Of Iowa
515-581-XXXXForest CityWinnebago10866Winnebago Coop Tel Assn - Ia
515-583-XXXXCorwithHancock93158Communications 1 Network, Inc.
515-584-XXXXThompsonThompson10866Winnebago Coop Tel Assn - Ia
515-585-XXXXOgdenBoone26306Winnebago Cooperative Telephone Ass
515-587-XXXXOgdenBoone26306Ogden Tel Co
515-588-XXXXJoiceJoice7598Winnebago Coop Tel Assn - Ia
515-589-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Mcc Telephony Of Iowa
515-591-XXXXLake MillsLake Mills10866Winnebago Coop Tel Assn - Ia
515-592-XXXXLake MillsLake Mills10866Winnebago Coop Tel Assn - Ia
515-593-XXXXSearsboroSearsboro18914Searsboro Tel Co Inc
515-594-XXXXSullyJasper36842Sully Tel Assn
515-595-XXXXDeep RiverPoweshiek18914Montezuma Mutual Tel Co
515-597-XXXXHuxleyStory89542Huxley Communications Cooperative
515-598-XXXXAmesStory89542Mcleodusa Telecommunication Service
515-602-XXXXClarionWright13229Goldfield Access Network, L.C.
515-603-XXXXEagle GroveWright13229Goldfield Access Network, L.C.
515-604-XXXXHumboldtHumboldt9815Goldfield Access Network, L.C.
515-605-XXXXRenwickHumboldt9815Goldfield Access Network, L.C.
515-606-XXXXWebster CityHamilton33309Goldfield Access Network, L.C.
515-611-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Miscellaneous Exchange Carrier
515-612-XXXXNevadaStory89542It Communications
515-619-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Level 3 Communications
515-620-XXXXHarcourtHarcourt38013Lehigh Valley Coop Tel Assn
515-623-XXXXMontezumaPoweshiek18914Montezuma Mutual Tel Co
515-627-XXXXCorwithCorwith11341Communications 1 Network, Inc.
515-632-XXXXRose HillMahaska22381Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-633-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-635-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Qwest Corporation
515-641-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-642-XXXXMoultonAppanoose12887Farmers Mutual Coop Tel Co
515-643-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-644-XXXXMontezumaPoweshiek18914Barnes City Coop Tel Co
515-645-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-646-XXXXLedyardKossuth15543Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
515-648-XXXXIowa FallsHardin17534Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-650-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Midwest Wireless Communication Llc
515-653-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Lehigh Valley Coop Tel Assn
515-654-XXXXPleasantvilleMarion211226Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
515-657-XXXXUrbandalePolk430640Lehigh Valley Coop Tel Assn
515-659-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Arch Wireless Holdings, Inc.
515-661-XXXXUrbandalePolk430640Lehigh Valley Coop Tel Assn
515-662-XXXXBataviaJefferson9336Farmers Tel Co
515-663-XXXXAmesStory89542Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-664-XXXXUrbandalePolk430640Citizens Mutual Telephone Cooperati
515-668-XXXXPleasantvilleMarion211226Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
515-669-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640United States Cellular Corp. - Iowa
515-671-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Arch Wireless Holdings, Inc.
515-672-XXXXOgdenBoone26306Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-673-XXXXOskaloosaMahaska22381Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-674-XXXXColfaxJasper36842Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-675-XXXXOgdenBoone26306Citizens Mutual Telephone Cooperati
515-676-XXXXBoutonDallas66135Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
515-677-XXXXMinburnDallas66135Minburn Tel Co
515-678-XXXXOgdenBoone26306Searsboro Tel Co Inc
515-679-XXXXWesleyKossuth15543Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-681-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640United States Cellular Corp. - Iowa
515-682-XXXXOttumwaOttumwa35625Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-683-XXXXOttumwaWapello11387Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-684-XXXXOttumwaWapello11387Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-685-XXXXSlaterStory89542Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
515-686-XXXXPleasantvilleMarion211226Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
515-687-XXXXPleasantvilleMarion211226Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
515-688-XXXXPleasantvilleMarion211226Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
515-689-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640United States Cellular Corp. - Iowa
515-692-XXXXAlexanderFranklin35862Frontier Communications Of Iowa
515-694-XXXXPleasantvilleMarion211226Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
515-695-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-697-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-698-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-699-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-700-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Qwest Corporation
515-705-XXXXChicagoCook0Qwest Corporation
515-707-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Blue Licenses Holding, Llc
515-708-XXXXAmesStory89542Blue Licenses Holding, Llc
515-709-XXXXBooneBoone26306Blue Licenses Holding, Llc
515-710-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Blue Licenses Holding, Llc
515-711-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Miscellaneous Exchange Carrier
515-717-XXXXAlbuquerqueBernalillo0Miscellaneous Exchange Carrier
515-718-XXXXCorwithCorwith11341Communications 1 Network, Inc.
515-720-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
515-721-XXXXPleasantvilleMarion211226Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
515-722-XXXXDrakesvilleDrakesville8753Citizens Mutual Telephone Cooperati
515-723-XXXXPleasantvilleMarion211226Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
515-724-XXXXUrbandalePolk430640Miscellaneous Exchange Carrier
515-725-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-726-XXXXJohnstonPolk430640United States Cellular Corp Io
515-727-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-728-XXXXOgdenBoone26306Ogden Tel Co
515-729-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640United States Cellular Corp. - Iowa
515-730-XXXXPleasantvilleMarion211226Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
515-731-XXXXPleasantvilleMarion211226Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
515-732-XXXXOsageOsage10776Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-733-XXXXStory CityStory89542Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
515-738-XXXXGrand JunctionGreene14867Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
515-739-XXXXPleasantvilleMarion211226Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
515-741-XXXXKillduffJasper36842Miscellaneous Exchange Carrier Aa Da Dd Ha
515-744-XXXXFort DodgeWebster10511
515-745-XXXXUrbandalePolk430640Sprint Spectrum L.P.
515-746-XXXXCaseyGuthrie10954Casey Mutual Tel Co
515-748-XXXXGraftonGrafton7598Winnebago Coop Tel Assn - Ia
515-752-XXXXMarshalltownMarshall40648Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-753-XXXXMarshalltownMarshall40648Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-754-XXXXMarshalltownMarshall40648Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-755-XXXXPanoraPanora10954Panora Communications Cooperative
515-758-XXXXEarlhamMadison15679Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-761-XXXXPleasantvilleMarion211226Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
515-762-XXXXKanawhaHancock93158Communications 1 Network, Inc.
515-763-XXXXLorimorUnion17534South Central Communications, Inc.
515-765-XXXXBancroftKossuth15543Interstate 35 Tel Co Dba Interstate
515-769-XXXXKelleyStory89542Huxley Communications Cooperative
515-770-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640T-Mobile Usa, Inc.
515-771-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640T-Mobile Usa, Inc.
515-773-XXXXGrand RiverGrand River8457Grand River Mutual Tel Co - Ia
515-775-XXXXBristowButler14867Rockwell Coop Tel Assn
515-778-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Sprint Spectrum L.P.
515-779-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640T-Mobile Usa, Inc.
515-782-XXXXWest Des MoinesPolk430640Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon
515-783-XXXXUrbandalePolk430640Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon
515-784-XXXXOgdenBoone26306Grand River Mutual Tel Co - Ia
515-786-XXXXPleasantvillePleasantville33309Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
515-788-XXXXBlocktonBlockton6317Grand River Mutual Tel Co - Ia
515-789-XXXXDexterDallas66135Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
515-793-XXXXReasnorJasper36842Miscellaneous Exchange Carrier Aa Da Dd Hd Tk Xe
515-794-XXXXDoughertyCerro Gordo44151Rockwell Coop Tel Assn
515-795-XXXXMadridBoone26306Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
515-797-XXXXFertileFertile7598Winnebago Coop Tel Assn - Ia
515-798-XXXXKillduffJasper36842Miscellaneous Exchange Carrier Aa Da Dd Ha
515-809-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Mcc Telephony Of Iowa
515-811-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Miscellaneous Exchange Carrier
515-817-XXXXAmesStory89542Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-822-XXXXUrbandalePolk430640Rockwell Coop Tel Assn
515-823-XXXXOgdenBoone26306Ogden Tel Co
515-824-XXXXRenwickHumboldt9815Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-825-XXXXGoldfieldWright13229Goldfield Tel Co
515-826-XXXXStanhopeHamilton33309Cooperative Tel Exch
515-827-XXXXJewellHamilton33309Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-829-XXXXVenturaCerro Gordo44151Ventura Tel Co Inc
515-830-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Iowa Network Services
515-832-XXXXWebster CityHamilton33309Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-833-XXXXRedfieldDallas66135Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
515-834-XXXXDe SotoDallas66135Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
515-835-XXXXWebster CityHamilton33309Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
515-836-XXXXEllsworthHamilton33309Ellsworth Coop Tel Assn
515-837-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Mcc Telephony Of Iowa
515-838-XXXXStratfordHamilton33309Stratford Mutual Tel Co
515-839-XXXXWoolstockWright13229Woolstock Mutual Tel Assn
515-841-XXXXCallenderCallender38013Lehigh Valley Coop Tel Assn
515-843-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-844-XXXXOgdenBoone26306Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-845-XXXXKensettKensett7598Winnebago Coop Tel Assn - Ia
515-846-XXXXPilot MoundBoone26306Webster-Calhoun Coop Tel Assn
515-847-XXXXAckleyHardin17534Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-848-XXXXPleasantvilleMarion211226Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
515-849-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640American Messaging (Am), Inc.
515-850-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Mcc Telephony Of Iowa
515-851-XXXXClarionWright13229Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
515-852-XXXXDowsWright13229Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
515-853-XXXXRowanWright13229Frontier Communications Of Iowa
515-854-XXXXWilliamsHamilton33309Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-855-XXXXAldenHardin17534Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
515-857-XXXXDumontButler14867Dumont Tel Co
515-858-XXXXOgdenBoone26306Ogden Tel Co
515-859-XXXXAldenHardin17534Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
515-860-XXXXCorwithCorwith11341Communications 1 Network, Inc.
515-862-XXXXOgdenBoone26306Ogden Tel Co
515-864-XXXXUrbandalePolk430640Hubbard Coop Tel Assn
515-865-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Sprint Spectrum L.P.
515-866-XXXXLatimerFranklin35862Frontier Communications Of Iowa
515-867-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640T-Mobile Usa, Inc.
515-868-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Frontier Communications Of Iow
515-872-XXXXCorydonWayne6403South Central Communications, Inc.
515-873-XXXXAllertonAllerton6403Grand River Mutual Tel Co - Ia
515-875-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-876-XXXXLinevilleLineville6403Grand River Mutual Tel Co - Ia
515-879-XXXXLanyonWebster10511Webster-Calhoun Coop Tel Assn
515-881-XXXXOgdenBoone26306Ogden Tel Co
515-882-XXXXLu VerneKossuth15543Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-883-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-884-XXXXWhittemoreKossuth15543Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-885-XXXXBancroftKossuth15543Heartland Telecommunications Compan
515-886-XXXXLakotaKossuth15543Heartland Telecommunications Compan
515-887-XXXXWest BendPalo Alto9421Northwest Tel Coop Assn
515-889-XXXXFentonKossuth15543Fenton Coop Tel Co
515-890-XXXXHumboldtHumboldt9815Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
515-893-XXXXMc CallsburgStory89542Ellsworth Coop Tel Assn
515-894-XXXXAredaleButler14867Rockwell Coop Tel Assn
515-896-XXXXHanlontownHanlontown7598Winnebago Coop Tel Assn - Ia
515-897-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Grand River Mutual Tel Co - Ia
515-899-XXXXRadcliffeHardin17534Radcliffe Tel Co Inc
515-911-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Miscellaneous Exchange Carrier
515-921-XXXXPleasantvillePleasantville33309Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
515-923-XXXXGarnerHancock93158Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-924-XXXXBurtKossuth15543Titonka Tel Co
515-925-XXXXLone RockKossuth15543Lone Rock Coop Tel Co
515-926-XXXXWodenWoden11341Winnebago Coop Tel Assn - Ia
515-927-XXXXGarnerHancock93158Miller Tel Co
515-928-XXXXTitonkaKossuth15543Titonka Tel Co
515-929-XXXXMarkMark0Citizens Mutual Telephone Cooperati
515-931-XXXXPleasantvillePleasantville33309Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
515-934-XXXXCorwithCorwith11341Communications 1 Network, Inc.
515-935-XXXXOgdenBoone26306Ogden Tel Co
515-941-XXXXPleasantvilleMarion211226Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
515-943-XXXXUrbandalePolk430640Sprint Spectrum L P
515-945-XXXXJeffersonGreene14867Jefferson Tel Co
515-947-XXXXHarcourtHarcourt38013Lehigh Valley Coop Tel Assn
515-948-XXXXElmoreFaribault0Blue Earth Valley Tel Co
515-949-XXXXOgdenBoone26306Ogden Tel Co
515-951-XXXXPleasantvilleMarion211226Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
515-953-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-954-XXXXUrbandalePolk430640Blue Earth Valley Tel Co
515-955-XXXXFort DodgeWebster10511Frontier Communications Of Iowa
515-956-XXXXAmesStory89542Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-957-XXXXAltoonaPolk430640Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-958-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Miscellaneous Exchange Carrier
515-959-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Miscellaneous Exchange Carrier
515-961-XXXXIndianolaWarren46225Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-962-XXXXIndianolaWarren46225Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-963-XXXXAnkenyPolk430640Mcleodusa Telecommunication Service
515-964-XXXXAnkenyPolk430640Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-965-XXXXAnkenyPolk430640Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-966-XXXXRunnellsPolk430640Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-967-XXXXAltoonaPolk430640Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-968-XXXXPatonGreene14867Webster-Calhoun Coop Tel Assn
515-969-XXXXOgdenBoone26306Ogden Tel Co
515-971-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640United States Cellular Corp. - Iowa
515-972-XXXXOthoWebster10511Frontier Communications Of Iowa
515-974-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Mcleodusa Telecommunication Service
515-975-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640United States Cellular Corp. - Iowa
515-976-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Miscellaneous Exchange Carrier
515-978-XXXXWaukeeDallas66135Crystal Communications, Inc. Dba Hi
515-979-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640United States Cellular Corp. - Iowa
515-981-XXXXNorwalkWarren46225Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-984-XXXXPolk CityPolk430640Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-985-XXXXGrimesPolk430640Crystal Communications, Inc. Dba Hi
515-986-XXXXGrimesPolk430640Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-987-XXXXWaukeeDallas66135Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-988-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Sprint Spectrum L.P.
515-989-XXXXCarlisleWarren46225Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-991-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Sprint Spectrum L.P.
515-992-XXXXDallas CenterDallas66135Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-993-XXXXAdelDallas66135Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-994-XXXXPrairie CityJasper36842Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-995-XXXXSwaledaleCerro Gordo44151Frontier Communications Of Iowa
515-996-XXXXVan MeterDallas66135Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-998-XXXXThorntonCerro Gordo44151Frontier Communications Of Iowa
515-999-XXXXGrangerDallas66135Qwest Corporation - Ia
515-505-XXXXDES MOINESPolk430640360networks (USA) Inc - IA
515-608-XXXXDES MOINESPolk430640Level 3 Communications LLC - IA
515-888-XXXXDES MOINESBoone26306Mid-Iowa Telecom
515-525-XXXXDES MOINESPolk430640Iowa Wireless Services LP
515-518-XXXXDES MOINESDallas66135Qwest Corporation


  • Iowa references: Iowa


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