Area Code is covered under 501 Arkansas

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Details on Area Code 501

State Arkansas
Statewide Area Codes 479, 501, 870
Cities Adona, Alexander, Bald Knob, Bauxite, Bee Branch, Beebe, Benton, Bigelow, Bismarck, Bradford
Counties Chicot, Cleburne, Columbia, Conway, Davidson, Duval, Faulkner, Garland, Grant, Hempstead
Time Zone UTC-6

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Telephone Code 501

Area Interchange City County Population Network Operator
501-200-XXXXRedfieldJefferson77435Southwestern Bell Wireless, Llc - A
501-201-XXXXBradfordWhite77076Southwestern Bell Wireless, Llc - A
501-202-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-203-XXXXSearcyWhite77076At&t - Local - Ar
501-204-XXXXJessievilleGarland96024Sprint Spectrum L.P.- Ar
501-205-XXXXConwayFaulkner113237Level 3 Communications, Llc - Ar
501-207-XXXXSearcyWhite77076Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-208-XXXXMorriltonConway113237Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-209-XXXXJessievilleGarland96024Alltel Communications, Inc. - Ar
501-210-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-212-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-213-XXXXAlexanderSaline107118At&t - Local - Ar
501-214-XXXXSaint LouisSaint Louis City0Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
501-215-XXXXMorriltonConway113237Southwestern Bell Wireless, Llc - A
501-226-XXXXJessievilleGarland96024Level 3 Communications, Llc - Tx
501-229-XXXXMalvernHot Spring32923Louisiana Unwired Llc
501-230-XXXXSearcyWhite77076Southwestern Bell Wireless, Llc - A
501-231-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Southwestern Bell Wireless, Llc - A
501-232-XXXXBeebeWhite77076Level 3 Communications, Llc - Tx
501-233-XXXXCasaPerry10445Arkwest Communications, Inc.
501-235-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748At&t - Local - Ar
501-236-XXXXMalvernHot Spring32923Southern Telcom Network, Inc. - Ar
501-238-XXXXGreers FerryCleburne25970Alltel Communications, Inc. - Ar
501-239-XXXXBeebeWhite77076Alltel Communications, Inc. - Ar
501-241-XXXXJacksonvillePulaski382748Centurytel Of Central Arkansas, Llc
501-242-XXXXMorriltonConway113237Level 3 Communications, Llc - Tx
501-244-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-245-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Teletouch Communications, Inc.
501-246-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Southern Telcom Network, Inc. - Ar
501-247-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Sprint Spectrum L.P.
501-249-XXXXBentonSaline107118Southwestern Bell Wireless, Llc - A
501-250-XXXXHeber SpringsCleburne25970Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-253-XXXXClintonVan Buren61948Southwestern Bell Wireless, Llc - A
501-255-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Telcove Investment, Llc - Ar
501-256-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Sprint Spectrum L.P.
501-257-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-258-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Southwestern Bell Wireless, Llc - A
501-259-XXXXCabotLonoke68356Southwestern Bell Wireless, Llc - A
501-261-XXXXMabelvaleSaline107118Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-262-XXXXHot SpringsGarland96024Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-265-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-266-XXXXLonokeLonoke68356Alltel Communications, Inc. - Ar
501-268-XXXXSearcyWhite77076Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-269-XXXXConwayFaulkner113237Southwestern Bell Wireless, Llc - A
501-275-XXXXEnglandLonoke68356Centurytel Of Central Arkansas
501-276-XXXXHot SpringsGarland96024Southwestern Bell Wireless, Llc - A
501-277-XXXXGreenbrierFaulkner113237Sprint Spectrum L.P.
501-278-XXXXSearcyWhite77076Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-279-XXXXSearcyWhite77076Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-280-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-281-XXXXSearcyWhite77076Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-282-XXXXHot SpringsGarland96024Southwestern Bell Wireless, Llc - A
501-283-XXXXBald KnobWhite77076Southwestern Bell Wireless, Llc - A
501-285-XXXXEnglandLonoke68356Southwestern Bell Wireless, Llc - A
501-288-XXXXBeebeWhite77076Southwestern Bell Wireless, Llc - A
501-289-XXXXMorriltonConway113237Alltel Communications, Inc. - Ar
501-291-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Bandwidth Com Clec
501-294-XXXXSaint LouisSaint Louis City0Sprint Communications Company
501-295-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Neutral Tandem Arkansas
501-296-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-297-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Alltel Communications, Inc. - Ar
501-301-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-303-XXXXBentonSaline107118Level 3 Communications, Llc - Tx
501-304-XXXXMalvernHot Spring32923Alltel Communications, Inc. - Ar
501-305-XXXXSearcyWhite77076Level 3 Communications, Llc - Tx
501-306-XXXXRichmondRichmond City0Sprint Communications Company
501-309-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Sprint Spectrum L.P.
501-315-XXXXBentonSaline107118Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-316-XXXXBryantSaline107118Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-317-XXXXBentonSaline107118Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-318-XXXXHot SpringsGarland96024Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-319-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-320-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Alltel Communications, Inc. - Ar
501-321-XXXXHot SpringsGarland96024Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-323-XXXXGriffithvilleWhite77076Centurytel Of Central Arkansas, Llc
501-324-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-325-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Telcove Investment, Llc - Ar
501-326-XXXXBentonSaline107118Alltel Communications, Inc. - Ar
501-327-XXXXConwayFaulkner113237Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-328-XXXXConwayFaulkner113237Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-329-XXXXConwayFaulkner113237Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-330-XXXXBigelowPerry10445Windstream Arkansas, Inc.
501-332-XXXXMalvernHot Spring32923Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-333-XXXXParonSaline107118Windstream Arkansas, Inc.
501-334-XXXXSearcyWhite77076Teletouch Communications, Inc.
501-335-XXXXDamascusFaulkner113237Windstream Arkansas, Inc.
501-336-XXXXConwayFaulkner113237Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-337-XXXXMalvernHot Spring32923Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-339-XXXXConwayFaulkner113237At&t - Local - Ar
501-340-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-342-XXXXConwayFaulkner113237Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-344-XXXXBradfordWhite77076Centurytel Of Central Arkansas, Llc
501-345-XXXXPleasant PlainsIndependence36647Centurytel Of Northwest Arkansas, L
501-347-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Sprint Spectrum L.P.
501-348-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Sprint Spectrum L.P.
501-349-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Sprint Spectrum L.P.
501-350-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Alltel Communications, Inc. - Ar
501-351-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Alltel Communications, Inc. - Ar
501-352-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Southwestern Bell Wireless, Llc - A
501-353-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Comcast Phone Of Arkansas, Llc - Ar
501-354-XXXXMorriltonConway113237Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-355-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Xspedius Mgt Co. Switched Services,
501-358-XXXXConwayFaulkner113237Level 3 Communications, Llc - Tx
501-360-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Teletouch Communications, Inc.
501-362-XXXXHeber SpringsCleburne25970Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-366-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
501-367-XXXXPinnaclePulaski382748Alltel Communications, Inc. - Ar
501-368-XXXXSearcyWhite77076Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-370-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-371-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-372-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-373-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-374-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-375-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-376-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-377-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-378-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-379-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-380-XXXXSearcyWhite77076Nextel Partners Operating Corp.
501-383-XXXXLake VillageChicot11800Saco River Cell Tel Co Dba Star Cel
501-384-XXXXDonaldsonHot Spring32923Central Arkansas Tel Coop Inc.
501-386-XXXXCenter RidgeConway113237Level 3 Communications, Llc - Tx
501-388-XXXXSearcyWhite77076Alltel Communications, Inc. - Ar
501-391-XXXXPerryvillePerry10445Windstream Arkansas, Inc.
501-395-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Teletouch Communications, Inc.
501-396-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-397-XXXXRedfieldJefferson77435Centurytel Of Redfield, Inc.
501-398-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Leap Wireless Intl, Inc. Dba Cricke
501-399-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-405-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Teletouch Communications, Inc.
501-407-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-412-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Southwestern Bell Wireless, Llc - A
501-413-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Southwestern Bell Wireless, Llc - A
501-414-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Comcast Phone Of Arkansas
501-417-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Metrocall
501-420-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Halo Wireless
501-421-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Telcove Investment, Llc - Ar
501-423-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Telcove Investment, Llc - Ar
501-425-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Southwestern Bell Wireless, Llc - A
501-428-XXXXConwayFaulkner113237Alltel Communications, Inc. - Ar
501-432-XXXXCasaPerry10445Windstream Arkansas, Inc.
501-434-XXXXMc RaeWhite77076Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
501-436-XXXXSylvan HillsPulaski382748Level 3 Communications, Llc - Tx
501-437-XXXXHot SpringsHot Springs96024Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-438-XXXXLonokeLonoke68356Level 3 Communications, Llc - Tx
501-442-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748T-Mobile Usa, Inc.
501-448-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Alltel Communications, Inc. - Ar
501-450-XXXXConwayFaulkner113237Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-455-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-457-XXXXJacksonvillePulaski382748Alltel Communications, Inc. - Ar
501-458-XXXXMalvernHot Spring32923Level 3 Communications, Llc - Tx
501-463-XXXXHot SpringsGarland96024Sprint Communications Company, L.P.
501-464-XXXXCenter RidgeConway113237Southern Telcom Network, Inc. - Ar
501-465-XXXXConwayFaulkner113237Teletouch Communications, Inc.
501-467-XXXXMalvernHot Spring32923Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-470-XXXXMayflowerFaulkner113237Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-472-XXXXConwayFaulkner113237Southwestern Bell Wireless, Llc - A
501-473-XXXXSearcyWhite77076Sprint Spectrum L.P.
501-476-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Ymax Communications Corp Ar
501-477-XXXXMorriltonConway113237Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-481-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Xspedius Mgt Co. Switched Services,
501-482-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Xspedius Mgt Co. Switched Services,
501-483-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Xspedius Mgt Co. Switched Services,
501-485-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Xspedius Mgt Co. Switched Services,
501-487-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Xspedius Mgt Co. Switched Services,
501-492-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Tcg Kansas City, Inc. - Ar
501-499-XXXXConwayFaulkner113237Alltel Communications, Inc. - Ar
501-504-XXXXConwayFaulkner113237Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-505-XXXXConwayFaulkner113237Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-513-XXXXConwayFaulkner113237Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-514-XXXXConwayFaulkner113237Alltel Communications, Inc. - Ar
501-519-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Alltel Communications, Inc. - Ar
501-520-XXXXHot SpringsGarland96024Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-523-XXXXScottPulaski382748Nuvox Communications Of Arkansas, I
501-525-XXXXHot SpringsGarland96024Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-527-XXXXJacksonvilleDuval382748Xo Washington, Inc.
501-529-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Alltel Communications, Inc. - Ar
501-530-XXXXBald KnobWhite77076Alltel Communications, Inc. - Ar
501-534-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Xspedius Mgt Co. Switched Services,
501-537-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Alltel Communications, Inc. - Ar
501-538-XXXXHot SpringsGarland96024Leap Wireless Intl, Inc. Dba Cricke
501-541-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Leap Wireless Intl, Inc. Dba Cricke
501-542-XXXXSylvan HillsPulaski382748Telcove Investment, Llc - Ar
501-543-XXXXBentonSaline107118Teletouch Communications, Inc.
501-545-XXXXHot SpringsGarland96024Brooks Fiber Communications Of Arka
501-547-XXXXHot SpringsGarland96024Nextel Partners Operating Corp.
501-548-XXXXConwayFaulkner113237Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-550-XXXXGreers FerryCleburne25970Level 3 Communications, Llc - Tx
501-554-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Kmc Telecom V, Inc. - Ar
501-555-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Southwestern Bell
501-556-XXXXRose BudWhite77076Windstream Arkansas, Inc.
501-557-XXXXBauxiteSaline107118Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-562-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-565-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-566-XXXXMalvernHot Spring32923Southwestern Bell
501-567-XXXXRussellvlRussellvl0Sprint Spectrum L.P.- Ar
501-568-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-569-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-570-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-574-XXXXBentonSaline107118Level 3 Communications, Llc - Tx
501-575-XXXXGreers FerryCleburne25970Southern Telcom Network, Inc. - Ar
501-580-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Alltel Communications, Inc. - Ar
501-581-XXXXGreenbrierFaulkner113237Windstream Arkansas, Inc.
501-584-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Alltel Communications, Inc. - Ar
501-585-XXXXLos AngelesLos Angeles0Level 3 Communications, Llc - Ca
501-589-XXXXQuitmanCleburne25970Windstream Arkansas, Inc.
501-590-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Southwestern Bell Wireless, Llc - A
501-592-XXXXScotlandVan Buren61948Arkansas Tel Co Inc
501-593-XXXXSearcyWhite77076Level 3 Communications, Llc - Tx
501-594-XXXXParonSaline107118Level 3 Communications, Llc - Ms
501-596-XXXXJacksonvillePulaski382748Nextel Partners Operating Corp.
501-602-XXXXBauxiteSaline107118Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-604-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Telcove Investment, Llc - Ar
501-605-XXXXCabotLonoke68356Centurytel Of Central Arkansas, Llc
501-606-XXXXCabotLonoke68356Sprint Spectrum L.P.
501-607-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Alltel Communications, Inc. - Ar
501-609-XXXXHot SpringsGarland96024Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-617-XXXXHot SpringsGarland96024Alltel Communications, Inc. - Ar
501-618-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-620-XXXXHot SpringsGarland96024Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-622-XXXXHot SpringsGarland96024Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-623-XXXXHot SpringsGarland96024Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-624-XXXXHot SpringsGarland96024Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-625-XXXXHot SpringsGarland96024Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-627-XXXXHot SpringsGarland96024Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-628-XXXXCabotLonoke68356Alltel Communications, Inc. - Ar
501-630-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Xspedius Mgt Co. Switched Services,
501-645-XXXXMorriltonConway113237Nextel Partners Operating Corp.
501-651-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Level 3 Communications
501-652-XXXXMorriltonConway113237Southwestern Bell Wireless, Llc - A
501-653-XXXXBryantSaline107118Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-654-XXXXBee BranchVan Buren61948Windstream Arkansas, Inc.
501-655-XXXXHot SpringsGarland96024Sprint Spectrum L.P.- Ar
501-662-XXXXPerryPerry10445Windstream Arkansas, Inc.
501-669-XXXXClevelandConway113237Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-672-XXXXBentonSaline107118Leap Wireless Intl, Inc. Dba Cricke
501-676-XXXXLonokeLonoke68356Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-679-XXXXGreenbrierFaulkner113237Windstream Arkansas, Inc.
501-680-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Alltel Communications, Inc. - Ar
501-681-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Southwestern Bell Wireless, Llc - A
501-682-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Alltel Communications, Inc. - Ar
501-683-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-688-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-690-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Alltel Communications, Inc. - Ar
501-693-XXXXHot SpringsGarland96024Louisiana Unwired Llc
501-697-XXXXConwayFaulkner113237Leap Wireless Intl, Inc. Dba Cricke
501-701-XXXXHot SpringsGarland96024Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-707-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Brooks Fiber Communications Of Arka
501-708-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Brooks Fiber Communications Of Arka
501-722-XXXXTraskwoodSaline107118Alltel Communications, Inc. - Ar
501-723-XXXXShirleyVan Buren61948Arkansas Tel Co Inc
501-724-XXXXBald KnobWhite77076Centurytel Of Northwest Arkansas, L
501-726-XXXXMc RaeWhite77076Centurytel Of Central Arkansas, Llc
501-727-XXXXAdonaPerry10445Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-728-XXXXPangburnWhite77076Windstream Arkansas, Inc.
501-729-XXXXKensettWhite77076Centurytel Of Central Arkansas, Llc
501-730-XXXXConwayFaulkner113237Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-732-XXXXMalvernHot Spring32923Southwestern Bell Wireless, Llc - A
501-733-XXXXConwayFaulkner113237Southwestern Bell Wireless, Llc - A
501-737-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Nextel Communications, Inc.
501-742-XXXXKensettWhite77076Centurytel Of Central Arkansas, Llc
501-743-XXXXCabotLonoke68356Centurytel Of Central Arkansas, Llc
501-745-XXXXClintonVan Buren61948Arkansas Tel Co Inc
501-748-XXXXMaumellePulaski382748Alltel Communications, Inc. - Ar
501-753-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-755-XXXXMiamiMiami-Dade0Nextel Communications
501-758-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-759-XXXXBigelowPerry10445Windstream Arkansas, Inc.
501-760-XXXXHot SpringsGarland96024Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-762-XXXXHot SpringsGarland96024Level 3 Communications, Llc - Tx
501-763-XXXXHot SpringsGarland96024Teletouch Communications, Inc.
501-764-XXXXConwayFaulkner113237Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-765-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Southwestern Bell Wireless, Llc - A
501-767-XXXXHot SpringsGarland96024Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-771-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-776-XXXXBentonSaline107118Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-778-XXXXBentonSaline107118Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-789-XXXXNashvilleDavidson13789Level 3 Communications, Llc - Tn
501-791-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-794-XXXXBryantSaline107118Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-796-XXXXViloniaFaulkner113237Windstream Arkansas, Inc.
501-798-XXXXPinnaclePulaski382748Telcove Investment, Llc - Ar
501-801-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Xspedius Mgt Co. Switched Services,
501-802-XXXXMalvernHot Spring32923Alltel Communications, Inc. - Ar
501-803-XXXXMaumellePulaski382748Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-804-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Alltel Communications, Inc. - Ar
501-807-XXXXNashvilleDavidson13789Level 3 Communications
501-809-XXXXNew YorkNew York0Level 3 Communications
501-812-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-813-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-815-XXXXMalvernHot Spring32923Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-818-XXXXMalvernHot Spring32923Sprint Spectrum L.P.- Ar
501-819-XXXXSylvan HillsPulaski382748Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-821-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-823-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Xspedius Mgt Co. Switched Services,
501-825-XXXXGreers FerryCleburne25970Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-826-XXXXHopeHempstead22609Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-827-XXXXSearcyWhite77076Southwestern Bell Wireless, Llc - A
501-831-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Alltel Communications, Inc. - Ar
501-833-XXXXSylvan HillsPulaski382748Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-834-XXXXSylvan HillsPulaski382748Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-835-XXXXSylvan HillsPulaski382748Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-838-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Leap Wireless Intl, Inc. Dba Cricke
501-840-XXXXBentonSaline107118Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-842-XXXXEnglandLonoke68356Centurytel Of Central Arkansas, Llc
501-843-XXXXCabotLonoke68356Centurytel Of Central Arkansas, Llc
501-844-XXXXMalvernHot Spring32923Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-847-XXXXBryantSaline107118Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-849-XXXXEnolaFaulkner113237Windstream Arkansas, Inc.
501-851-XXXXMaumellePulaski382748Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-852-XXXXConwayFaulkner113237Alltel Communications, Inc. - Ar
501-858-XXXXBeebeWhite77076Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
501-859-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Level 3 Communications, Llc - Tx
501-860-XXXXBentonSaline107118Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-862-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-864-XXXXSylvan HillsPulaski382748Sbc Internet Services, Inc.
501-865-XXXXBismarckHot Spring32923Central Arkansas Tel Coop Inc.
501-868-XXXXPinnaclePulaski382748Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-875-XXXXEl DoradoUnion41639Southwestern Bell
501-881-XXXXHot SpringsGarland96024Level 3 Communications, Llc - Tx
501-882-XXXXBeebeWhite77076Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-884-XXXXFairfield BayVan Buren61948Arkansas Tel Co Inc
501-888-XXXXMabelvaleSaline107118Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-889-XXXXPerryvillePerry10445Windstream Arkansas, Inc.
501-892-XXXXPhiladelphiaPhiladelphia0Tcg Delaware Valley, Inc. - Pa
501-893-XXXXCenter RidgeConway113237Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-897-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-905-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Alltel Communications, Inc. - Ar
501-907-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Alltel Communications, Inc. - Ar
501-908-XXXXConwayFaulkner113237Sprint Spectrum L.P.
501-909-XXXXBentonSaline107118Sprint Spectrum L.P.
501-913-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Alltel Communications, Inc. - Ar
501-915-XXXXJessievilleGarland96024Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-916-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-918-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-920-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Southwestern Bell Wireless, Llc - A
501-922-XXXXJessievilleGarland96024Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-932-XXXXConwayFaulkner113237Alltel Communications, Inc. - Ar
501-939-XXXXLonsdaleGarland96024Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-940-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Southwestern Bell Wireless, Llc - A
501-941-XXXXCabotLonoke68356Centurytel Of Central Arkansas, Llc
501-943-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Nuvox Communications Of Arkansas, I
501-944-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Southwestern Bell Wireless, Llc - A
501-945-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-949-XXXXMagnoliaColumbia24552Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-952-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Sprint Spectrum L.P.
501-955-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-958-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Southwestern Bell
501-959-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Southwestern Bell
501-960-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Sprint Spectrum L.P.
501-961-XXXXScottPulaski382748Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-975-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Alltel Communications, Inc. - Ar
501-977-XXXXMorriltonConway113237Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-978-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Alltel Communications, Inc. - Ar
501-980-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Southwestern Bell
501-982-XXXXJacksonvillePulaski382748Centurytel Of Central Arkansas, Llc
501-983-XXXXJacksonvillePulaski382748Centurytel Of Central Arkansas, Llc
501-984-XXXXJessievilleGarland96024Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-985-XXXXJacksonvillePulaski382748Centurytel Of Central Arkansas, Llc
501-987-XXXXJacksonvillePulaski382748Centurytel Of Central Arkansas, Llc
501-988-XXXXJacksonvillePulaski382748Centurytel Of Central Arkansas, Llc
501-990-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Southwestern Bell
501-991-XXXXRoyalGarland96024Southwestern Bell - Ar
501-992-XXXXSylvan HillsPulaski382748Alltel Communications, Inc. - Ar
501-993-XXXXLittle RockPulaski382748Alltel Communications, Inc. - Ar
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501-302-XXXXHEBER SPRINGSCleburne25970MCImetro Access Transmission Services LLC - AR
501-850-XXXXLITTLE ROCKSaline107118Cellco Partnership dba Verizon Wireless - AR
501-747-XXXXLITTLE ROCKSaline107118Cellco Partnership dba Verizon Wireless - AR
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501-712-XXXXLITTLE ROCKSaline107118New Cingular Wireless PCS LLC - IL
501-225-XXXXLITTLE ROCKSaline107118Southwestern Bell
501-781-XXXXHOT SPRINGSSaline107118Level 3 Communications LLC - AR
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501-251-XXXXLITTLE ROCKSaline107118Cellco Partnership dba Verizon Wireless - AR
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501-218-XXXXLITTLE ROCKPulaski382748New Cingular Wireless PCS LLC - IL
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501-475-XXXXLITTLE ROCKSaline107118Windstream NuVox Arkansas Inc - AR
501-227-XXXXLITTLE ROCKPulaski382748Southwestern Bell




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