Area Code is covered under 442 California

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Details on Area Code 442

State California
Statewide Area Codes 209, 213, 310, 323, 408, 415, 424, 442, 510, 530, 559, 562, 619, 626, 650, 657, 661, 707, 714, 747, 760, 805, 818, 831, 858, 909, 916, 925, 949, 951
Cities Escondido, Los Angeles, Palm Springs, San Diego, Victorville
Counties Imperial, Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego
Time Zone UTC-8

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Telephone Code 442

Area Interchange City County Population Network Operator
442-222-XXXXSan DiegoSan Diego3095313Cf Communications
442-333-XXXXSan DiegoSan Diego3095313Telcentris Communications
442-444-XXXXSan DiegoSan Diego3095313Cf Communications
442-555-XXXXLos AngelesLos Angeles9818605Miscellaneous Exchange Carrier
442-730-XXXXVictorvilleSan Bernardino2035210Verizon California Inc Ca
442-777-XXXXSan DiegoSan Diego3095313Telcentris Communications
442-888-XXXXSan DiegoSan Diego3095313Telcentris Communications
442-973-XXXXPalm SpringsRiverside2189641Verizon California Inc Ca
442-999-XXXXEscondidoSan Diego3095313Verizon California Inc Ca
442-281-XXXXESCONDIDOSan Diego3095313Pacific Bell
442-600-XXXXLOS ANGELESSan Bernardino2035210CF Communications LLC dba Telekenex - CA
442-400-XXXXPALM SPRINGSRiverside2189641CF Communications LLC dba Telekenex - CA
442-900-XXXXSAN DIEGOImperial174528360networks (USA) Inc - CA
442-500-XXXXSAN DIEGOSan Diego3095313CF Communications LLC dba Telekenex - CA