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Details on Area Code 438

  • State: Quebec
  • Statewide Area Codes: 418, 438, 450, 514, 579, 581, 819
  • Cities: Azle Perrot, Lachine, Montreal, Pointe Claire, Roxboro, St Genevia Ve
  • Counties: Canada, Montreal
  • Time Zone: UTC-5

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Most Recent Comments

May 29, 2017
438-881-1851 04:30am May 29, 2017

Katiana Laurissaint

Feb 16, 2017
438-800-2642 04:30am Feb 16, 2017

Maintains doesn't keep a note although contacting every day

Feb 9, 2017
438-288-1780 04:30am Feb 9, 2017

Appel reu sur cellulaire, du jamais vu. Avant, j'avais des problmes sur ma ligne rsidentielle seulement.Les alternatives ne fonctionnes pas, par example on m'offre de faire 6 dump franais, c'est vraiment du gros niaisage, mais surtout, du drangement.Je tente de les joindre, on ne peut prendre mon appel, auto personne n'est disponible.

Feb 8, 2017
438-288-1780 04:30am Feb 8, 2017

Appel aujourd'h*i de ce numro. Se disent de Modus. Systme automatis. Trois questions sur le fdral. J'ai raccroch ds qu'ils ont desire des issues d'ordre workers (fminin versus masculin)

Feb 2, 2017
438-877-4578 04:30am Feb 2, 2017

This scammer calls quantities to the national don't call registry in breach of Calling Protection Act. They further break the TCPA by failing to have an agent to the phone once the contact is answered, but more by playing a registered message without an driver to the line break it. If you do get to a, they hangup on you when you require their contact number and actual address, more violating the TCPA (and showing that they are a fraud as any reliable organization might happily present that info). Their recording claims that the victim has been certified for a 0% interest on almost all their charge card debts, and the victimis record continues to be checked. Nonetheless, the operator requests data making it clear that the target has not been currently qualified by the scammer. That is evidently a credit card fraud. Do not supply this scammer with any private or fiscal information.

Nov 23, 2016
438-800-2642 04:30am Nov 23, 2016

Called me 3 or 4 Times today

Oct 20, 2016
438-804-0244 04:30am Oct 20, 2016

H tu fait

Oct 20, 2016
438-883-0365 04:30am Oct 20, 2016


Oct 20, 2016
438-804-0244 04:30am Oct 20, 2016

Je sai a
Extement te ou y von du trouble

Oct 17, 2016
438-875-8362 04:30am Oct 17, 2016

because we didn't wish to have a representant wednesday 2016-10-17 at 8 h began to be irritating, to threaten us, not need to listen wish we wanted to say.this individual has not mentionned for whom and what compagnie et was performing for.this person note that we might have support for the gouverment to pay for our warming system.we tried to wxplain that people did not want to have a representant about any of it since we observed sometime in may 2016. but he did hear. His modulation of voice increased. I told him to shut up and so I might describe he did not hear he was angry since we didnot take and need somebody in the future tomorrow is product. He said he didn't have a thermopompe to market us.We were frightened that it had been somedy who desired to input our home and become burgled or killed.We tried to contact at the number and he said: to late you'd your chance.We did not possess a RBQ number to confirm if it was a genuine cie and for how long it was excisting. I thought to him that I'm a juridical tech and that I will do a issue. If it is his actual name expecting that no-more person is likely to be riped off, threatened, reluctant by Michel Coyte.

Telephone Code 438

Area Interchange City County Population Network Operator
438-238-XXXXMontrealCanada0Fibernetics Corporation
438-257-XXXXAzle PerrotCanada0Videotron Telecom
438-274-XXXXMontrealCanada0Bell Mobility
438-275-XXXXMontrealCanada0Bell Mobility
438-276-XXXXMontrealCanada0Bell Mobility
438-321-XXXXMontrealCanada0Bell Mobility
438-322-XXXXMontrealCanada0Bell Mobility
438-323-XXXXMontrealCanada0Bell Mobility
438-324-XXXXMontrealCanada0Bell Mobility
438-325-XXXXMontrealCanada0Bell Mobility
438-333-XXXXMontrealCanada0Videotron Telecom
438-338-XXXXMontrealCanada0Fibernetics Corporation
438-380-XXXXMontrealCanada0Videotron Telecom
438-390-XXXXMontrealCanada09193 2962 Quebec Inc
438-391-XXXXMontrealCanada09193 2962 Quebec Inc
438-400-XXXXMontrealCanada0Rogers Wireless
438-401-XXXXMontrealCanada0Rogers Wireless
438-402-XXXXMontrealCanada0Rogers Wireless
438-510-XXXXMontrealCanada0Call-Net Communications
438-580-XXXXMontrealCanada0Telus Mobility
438-610-XXXXMontrealCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
438-764-XXXXMontrealCanada0Public Mobile Incorporated
438-777-XXXXMontrealCanada0Telus Mobility
438-800-XXXXMontrealCanada0Iristel Inc
438-820-XXXXMontrealCanada0Telus Mobility
438-821-XXXXMontrealCanada0Telus Mobility
438-822-XXXXMontrealCanada0Telus Mobility
438-823-XXXXMontrealCanada0Telus Mobility
438-824-XXXXMontrealCanada0Telus Mobility
438-825-XXXXMontrealCanada0Telus Mobility
438-826-XXXXMontrealCanada0Telus Mobility
438-827-XXXXMontrealCanada0Telus Mobility
438-828-XXXXMontrealCanada0Telus Mobility
438-837-XXXXMontrealCanada0Telus Mobility
438-838-XXXXMontrealCanada0Telus Mobility
438-862-XXXXMontrealCanada0Telus Mobility
438-863-XXXXMontrealCanada0Telus Mobility
438-868-XXXXMontrealCanada0Telus Mobility
438-869-XXXXMontrealCanada0Telus Mobility
438-870-XXXXMontrealCanada0Telus Mobility
438-871-XXXXMontrealCanada0Telus Mobility
438-872-XXXXMontrealCanada0Telus Mobility
438-873-XXXXMontrealCanada0Telus Mobility
438-874-XXXXMontrealCanada0Telus Mobility
438-875-XXXXMontrealCanada0Public Mobile Incorporated
438-876-XXXXMontrealCanada0Public Mobile Incorporated
438-877-XXXXMontrealCanada0Public Mobile Incorporated
438-878-XXXXMontrealCanada0Public Mobile Incorporated
438-879-XXXXMontrealCanada0Public Mobile Incorporated
438-880-XXXXMontrealCanada0Telus Mobility
438-881-XXXXMontrealCanada0Telus Mobility
438-882-XXXXMontrealCanada0Telus Mobility
438-883-XXXXMontrealCanada0Telus Mobility
438-884-XXXXMontrealCanada0Telus Mobility
438-885-XXXXMontrealCanada0Telus Mobility
438-886-XXXXMontrealCanada0Telus Mobility
438-887-XXXXMontrealCanada0Telus Mobility
438-888-XXXXMontrealCanada0Telus Mobility
438-889-XXXXMontrealCanada0Telus Mobility
438-890-XXXXAzle PerrotCanada0Telus Quebec
438-891-XXXXLachineCanada0Telus Quebec
438-892-XXXXMontrealCanada0Telus Quebec
438-893-XXXXPointe ClaireCanada0Telus Quebec
438-894-XXXXRoxboroCanada0Telus Quebec
438-895-XXXXSt Genevia VeCanada0Telus Quebec
438-937-XXXXMontrealCanada0Public Mobile Incorporated
438-938-XXXXMontrealCanada0Public Mobile Incorporated
438-939-XXXXMontrealCanada0Public Mobile Incorporated
438-995-XXXXMontrealCanada0Rogers Wireless
438-996-XXXXMontrealCanada0Rogers Wireless
438-997-XXXXMontrealCanada0Rogers Wireless
438-998-XXXXMontrealCanada0Rogers Wireless
438-999-XXXXMontrealCanada0Rogers Wireless
438-936-XXXXMontrealMontreal0Public Mobile Inc
438-989-XXXXMontrealMontreal0Rogers Communications Partnership
438-933-XXXXMontrealMontreal0Public Mobile Inc
438-990-XXXXMontrealMontreal0Rogers Communications Partnership
438-804-XXXXMontrealMontreal0Iristel Inc - ON
438-896-XXXXMontrealMontreal0Distributel Communications Limited - QC
438-993-XXXXMontrealMontreal0Rogers Communications Partnership
438-395-XXXXMontrealMontreal0Videotron G.P.
438-899-XXXXMontrealMontreal0Distributel Communications Limited - QC
438-992-XXXXMontrealMontreal0Rogers Communications Partnership
438-994-XXXXMontrealMontreal0Rogers Communications Partnership
438-808-XXXXMontrealMontreal0Iristel Inc - ON
438-807-XXXXMontrealMontreal0Iristel Inc - ON
438-801-XXXXMontrealMontreal0Iristel Inc - ON


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