Area Code is covered under 425 Washington

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Details on Area Code 425

State Washington
Statewide Area Codes 206, 253, 360, 425, 509, 564
Cities Bellevue, Bothell, Carnation, Duvall, Everett, Fall City, Issaquah, Kent, Kirkland, Lynnwood
Counties King, Snohomish
Time Zone UTC-8

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Telephone Code 425

Area Interchange City County Population Network Operator
425-200-XXXXSeattleKing1931249At&t - Local - Wa
425-201-XXXXSeattleKing1931249Mci Metro Ats, Inc. - Wa
425-202-XXXXSeattleKing1931249Mci Metro Ats, Inc. - Wa
425-203-XXXXRentonKing1931249Qwest Corporation - Wa
425-204-XXXXRentonKing1931249Qwest Corporation - Wa
425-205-XXXXEverettSnohomish713335Advanced Telcom Group, Inc. - Wa
425-207-XXXXRentonKing1931249Mcleodusa Telecommunication Service
425-208-XXXXBellevueKing1931249Qwest Corporation - Wa
425-210-XXXXEverettSnohomish713335Blue Licenses Holding, Llc
425-212-XXXXEverettSnohomish713335Advanced Telcom Group, Inc. - Wa
425-213-XXXXBellevueKing1931249T-Mobile Usa, Inc.
425-214-XXXXBellevueKing1931249Mcleodusa Telecommunication Service
425-216-XXXXKirklandKing1931249Xo Washington, Inc.
425-218-XXXXMountlake TerraceSnohomish713335Airtouch Communications, Inc.
425-219-XXXXRentonKing1931249Great West Services, Ltd. - Wa
425-220-XXXXEverettSnohomish713335Blue Licenses Holding, Llc
425-221-XXXXBellevueKing1931249Sprint Spectrum L.P.
425-222-XXXXFall CityKing1931249Centurytel Of Washington, Inc.
425-223-XXXXSeattleKing1931249Level 3 Communications, Llc - Wa
425-224-XXXXSilver LakeSnohomish713335Xo Washington, Inc.
425-225-XXXXSilver LakeSnohomish713335Electric Light Wave - Wa
425-226-XXXXRentonKing1931249Qwest Corporation - Wa
425-227-XXXXRentonKing1931249Qwest Corporation - Wa
425-228-XXXXRentonKing1931249Qwest Corporation - Wa
425-231-XXXXEverettSnohomish713335Airtouch Communications, Inc.
425-232-XXXXEverettSnohomish713335T-Mobile Usa, Inc.
425-233-XXXXTukwilaKing1931249Electric Light Wave - Wa
425-234-XXXXRentonKing1931249Qwest Corporation - Wa
425-235-XXXXRentonKing1931249Qwest Corporation - Wa
425-237-XXXXRentonKing1931249Teleport Communications Seattle
425-238-XXXXEverettSnohomish713335Airtouch Communications, Inc.
425-239-XXXXEverettSnohomish713335Blue Licenses Holding, Llc
425-241-XXXXBellevueKing1931249Blue Licenses Holding, Llc
425-242-XXXXKirklandKing1931249At&t - Local - Wa
425-243-XXXXSeattleKing1931249International Telcom, Ltd. - Wa
425-244-XXXXEverettSnohomish713335Sprint Spectrum L.P.
425-245-XXXXSeattleKing1931249Mci Metro Ats, Inc. - Wa
425-246-XXXXBellevueKing1931249T-Mobile Usa, Inc.
425-247-XXXXSeattleKing1931249Level 3 Communications
425-248-XXXXEverettSnohomish713335Advanced Telcom Group, Inc. - Wa
425-249-XXXXEverettSnohomish713335Xo Washington, Inc.
425-250-XXXXSeattleKing1931249Electric Light Wave - Wa
425-251-XXXXRentonKing1931249Qwest Corporation - Wa
425-252-XXXXEverettSnohomish713335Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-254-XXXXRentonKing1931249Qwest Corporation - Wa
425-255-XXXXRentonKing1931249Qwest Corporation - Wa
425-256-XXXXRedmondKing1931249Broadwing Communications, Llc - Wa
425-257-XXXXEverettSnohomish713335Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-258-XXXXEverettSnohomish713335Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-259-XXXXEverettSnohomish713335Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-260-XXXXKirklandKing1931249Sprint Spectrum L.P.
425-261-XXXXEverettSnohomish713335Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-262-XXXXEverettSnohomish713335Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-263-XXXXEverettSnohomish713335Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-264-XXXXRentonKing1931249Eschelon Telecom Of Washington, Inc
425-265-XXXXEverettSnohomish713335Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-266-XXXXEverettSnohomish713335Teleport Communications Seattle
425-267-XXXXEverettSnohomish713335Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-268-XXXXEverettSnohomish713335T-Mobile Usa, Inc.
425-269-XXXXKirklandKing1931249Sprint Spectrum L.P.
425-270-XXXXIssaquahKing1931249Electric Light Wave - Wa
425-271-XXXXRentonKing1931249Qwest Corporation - Wa
425-272-XXXXSeattleKing1931249Allegiance Telecom Of Washington, I
425-273-XXXXBothellKing1931249T-Mobile Usa, Inc.
425-274-XXXXSeattleKing1931249Allegiance Telecom Of Washington, I
425-275-XXXXMountlake TerraceSnohomish713335Integra Telecom Of Washington, Inc.
425-276-XXXXSeattleKing1931249Global Crossing Local Services, Inc
425-277-XXXXRentonKing1931249Qwest Corporation - Wa
425-278-XXXXSeattleKing1931249Xo Washington, Inc.
425-279-XXXXSeattleKing1931249Xo Washington, Inc.
425-280-XXXXEverettSnohomish713335Sprint Spectrum L.P.
425-281-XXXXIssaquahKing1931249Blue Licenses Holding, Llc
425-282-XXXXRentonKing1931249Integra Telecom Of Washington, Inc.
425-283-XXXXKentKing1931249T-Mobile Usa, Inc.
425-284-XXXXKirklandKing1931249Xo Washington, Inc.
425-285-XXXXKirklandKing1931249Broadwing Communications, Llc - Wa
425-286-XXXXBothellKing1931249T-Mobile Usa, Inc.
425-288-XXXXBothellSnohomish713335Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-289-XXXXBellevueKing1931249Eschelon Telecom Of Washington, Inc
425-290-XXXXEverettSnohomish713335Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-291-XXXXRentonKing1931249Qwest Corporation - Wa
425-292-XXXXNorth BendKing1931249Comcast Phone Of Washington/Oregon,
425-293-XXXXEverettSnohomish713335Integra Telecom Of Washington, Inc.
425-294-XXXXEverettSnohomish713335Teleport Communications Seattle
425-295-XXXXKentKing1931249Integra Telecom Of Washington, Inc.
425-296-XXXXKirklandKing1931249Level 3 Communications, Llc - Wa
425-297-XXXXEverettSnohomish713335Xo Washington, Inc.
425-298-XXXXSeattleKing1931249Level 3 Communications
425-299-XXXXEverettSnohomish713335Blue Licenses Holding, Llc
425-301-XXXXBellevueKing1931249T-Mobile Usa, Inc.
425-302-XXXXBothellSnohomish713335Level 3 Communications
425-303-XXXXEverettSnohomish713335Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-304-XXXXEverettSnohomish713335Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-306-XXXXRentonKing1931249Blue Licenses Holding, Llc
425-307-XXXXSeattleKing1931249Global Crossing Local Services, Inc
425-308-XXXXEverettSnohomish713335Airtouch Communications, Inc.
425-310-XXXXMaple ValleyKing1931249Xo Washington, Inc.
425-312-XXXXEverettSnohomish713335World Communications
425-313-XXXXIssaquahKing1931249Qwest Corporation - Wa
425-314-XXXXEverettSnohomish713335Blue Licenses Holding, Llc
425-315-XXXXEverettSnohomish713335Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-316-XXXXSilver LakeSnohomish713335Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-317-XXXXEverettSnohomish713335Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-318-XXXXSeattleKing1931249Global Crossing Local Services, Inc
425-319-XXXXEverettSnohomish713335T-Mobile Usa, Inc.
425-320-XXXXEverettSnohomish713335Level 3 Communications, Llc - Wa
425-321-XXXXSilver LakeSnohomish713335Level 3 Communications, Llc - Wa
425-322-XXXXEverettSnohomish713335Xo Washington, Inc.
425-327-XXXXEverettSnohomish713335Airtouch Communications, Inc.
425-328-XXXXEverettSnohomish713335Xo Washington, Inc.
425-329-XXXXMountlake TerraceSnohomish713335Xo Washington, Inc.
425-330-XXXXEverettSnohomish713335Airtouch Communications, Inc.
425-332-XXXXSilver LakeSnohomish713335Mci Metro Ats, Inc. - Wa
425-333-XXXXCarnationKing1931249Centurytel Of Washington, Inc.
425-334-XXXXEverettSnohomish713335Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-335-XXXXEverettSnohomish713335Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-336-XXXXSeattleKing1931249Level 3 Communications, Llc - Wa
425-337-XXXXSilver LakeSnohomish713335Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-338-XXXXSilver LakeSnohomish713335Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-339-XXXXEverettSnohomish713335Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-341-XXXXSilver LakeSnohomish713335Level 3 Communications, Llc - Wa
425-342-XXXXEverettSnohomish713335Teleport Communications Seattle
425-343-XXXXEverettSnohomish713335T-Mobile Usa, Inc.
425-344-XXXXEverettSnohomish713335T-Mobile Usa, Inc.
425-345-XXXXEverettSnohomish713335T-Mobile Usa, Inc.
425-346-XXXXEverettSnohomish713335T-Mobile Usa, Inc.
425-347-XXXXEverettSnohomish713335Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-348-XXXXEverettSnohomish713335Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-349-XXXXEverettSnohomish713335Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-350-XXXXEverettSnohomish713335T-Mobile Usa, Inc.
425-351-XXXXBellevueKing1931249Sprint Spectrum L.P.
425-352-XXXXSeattleKing1931249Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-353-XXXXEverettSnohomish713335Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-354-XXXXBothellKing1931249Level 3 Communications, Llc - Wa
425-355-XXXXEverettSnohomish713335Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-356-XXXXEverettSnohomish713335Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-357-XXXXSilver LakeSnohomish713335Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-358-XXXXMaple ValleyKing1931249Level 3 Communications, Llc - Wa
425-359-XXXXEverettSnohomish713335Airtouch Communications, Inc.
425-361-XXXXMountlake TerraceSnohomish713335Level 3 Communications, Llc - Wa
425-367-XXXXEverettSnohomish713335Broadwing Communications, Llc - Wa
425-368-XXXXBothellKing1931249Integra Telecom Of Washington, Inc.
425-369-XXXXIssaquahKing1931249Qwest Corporation - Wa
425-372-XXXXKirklandKing1931249Mci Worldcom Communications, Inc. -
425-373-XXXXBellevueKing1931249T-Mobile Usa, Inc.
425-374-XXXXEverettSnohomish713335Level 3 Communications, Llc - Wa
425-376-XXXXKirklandKing1931249Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-377-XXXXEverettSnohomish713335Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-378-XXXXBellevueKing1931249Qwest Corporation - Wa
425-379-XXXXSilver LakeSnohomish713335Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-381-XXXXEverettSnohomish713335At&t - Local
425-383-XXXXBellevueKing1931249Qwest Corporation - Wa
425-384-XXXXBellevueKing1931249Great West Services, Ltd. - Wa
425-385-XXXXSilver LakeSnohomish713335Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-387-XXXXEverettSnohomish713335Blue Licenses Holding, Llc
425-388-XXXXEverettSnohomish713335Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-390-XXXXSeattleKing1931249Teleport Communications Seattle
425-391-XXXXIssaquahKing1931249Qwest Corporation - Wa
425-392-XXXXIssaquahKing1931249Qwest Corporation - Wa
425-393-XXXXSeattleKing1931249Qwest Corporation
425-394-XXXXIssaquahKing1931249Qwest Corporation - Wa
425-395-XXXXIssaquahKing1931249Eschelon Telecom Of Washington, Inc
425-396-XXXXNorth BendKing1931249Centurytel Of Washington, Inc.
425-397-XXXXEverettSnohomish713335Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-398-XXXXBothellSnohomish713335Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-399-XXXXSilver LakeSnohomish713335International Telcom, Ltd. - Wa
425-401-XXXXBellevueKing1931249Qwest Corporation - Wa
425-402-XXXXBothellSnohomish713335Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-404-XXXXEverettSnohomish713335World Communications
425-405-XXXXEverettSnohomish713335Time Warner Telecom Of Washington -
425-406-XXXXSeattleKing1931249International Telcom, Ltd. - Wa
425-407-XXXXEverettSnohomish713335Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-408-XXXXBothellKing1931249Integra Telecom Of Washington, Inc.
425-409-XXXXSeattleKing1931249International Telcom, Ltd. - Wa
425-412-XXXXKirklandKing1931249Xo Washington, Inc.
425-413-XXXXMaple ValleyKing1931249Qwest Corporation - Wa
425-415-XXXXBothellSnohomish713335Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-416-XXXXSeattleKing1931249At&t - Local - Wa
425-417-XXXXBellevueKing1931249Airtouch Communications, Inc.
425-418-XXXXEverettSnohomish713335Blue Licenses Holding, Llc
425-419-XXXXSeattleKing1931249International Telcom, Ltd. - Wa
425-420-XXXXSeattleKing1931249Electric Light Wave - Wa
425-421-XXXXRedmondKing1931249Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-422-XXXXEverettSnohomish713335Airtouch Communications, Inc.
425-423-XXXXEverettSnohomish713335Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-424-XXXXBothellSnohomish713335Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-427-XXXXIssaquahKing1931249Qwest Corporation - Wa
425-430-XXXXRentonKing1931249Qwest Corporation - Wa
425-431-XXXXMountlake TerraceSnohomish713335Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-432-XXXXMaple ValleyKing1931249Qwest Corporation - Wa
425-433-XXXXMaple ValleyKing1931249Xo Washington, Inc.
425-434-XXXXNorth BendKing1931249Centurytel Of Washington, Inc.
425-437-XXXXMaple ValleyKing1931249Global Crossing Local Services, Inc
425-438-XXXXEverettSnohomish713335Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-440-XXXXSeattleKing1931249Frontier Communications Northw
425-441-XXXXFall CityKing1931249Electric Light Wave - Wa
425-442-XXXXBellevueKing1931249T-Mobile Usa, Inc.
425-443-XXXXBellevueKing1931249T-Mobile Usa, Inc.
425-444-XXXXBellevueKing1931249T-Mobile Usa, Inc.
425-445-XXXXBellevueKing1931249T-Mobile Usa, Inc.
425-446-XXXXEverettSnohomish713335Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-449-XXXXSeattleKing1931249Frontier Communications Northw
425-450-XXXXBellevueKing1931249Qwest Corporation - Wa
425-451-XXXXBellevueKing1931249Qwest Corporation - Wa
425-452-XXXXBellevueKing1931249Qwest Corporation - Wa
425-453-XXXXBellevueKing1931249Qwest Corporation - Wa
425-454-XXXXBellevueKing1931249Qwest Corporation - Wa
425-455-XXXXBellevueKing1931249Qwest Corporation - Wa
425-456-XXXXBellevueKing1931249Qwest Corporation - Wa
425-457-XXXXBellevueKing1931249Qwest Corporation - Wa
425-458-XXXXSeattleKing1931249Global Crossing Local Services, Inc
425-460-XXXXSeattleKing1931249Xo Washington, Inc.
425-462-XXXXBellevueKing1931249Qwest Corporation - Wa
425-463-XXXXSeattleKing1931249Xo Washington, Inc.
425-466-XXXXBellevueKing1931249Airtouch Communications, Inc.
425-467-XXXXBellevueKing1931249Qwest Corporation - Wa
425-468-XXXXBellevueKing1931249Qwest Corporation - Wa
425-471-XXXXBothellKing1931249Nextel Communications, Inc.
425-477-XXXXSeattleKing1931249Qwest Corporation
425-478-XXXXMountlake TerraceSnohomish713335Airtouch Communications, Inc.
425-481-XXXXBothellSnohomish713335Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-482-XXXXBothellSnohomish713335Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-483-XXXXBothellSnohomish713335Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-484-XXXXSeattleKing1931249Pac- West Telecomm, Inc. - Wa
425-485-XXXXBothellSnohomish713335Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-486-XXXXBothellSnohomish713335Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-487-XXXXBothellSnohomish713335Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-488-XXXXBothellSnohomish713335Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-489-XXXXBothellSnohomish713335Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-490-XXXXBellevueKing1931249Qwest Corporation - Wa
425-491-XXXXBothellKing1931249Pac- West Telecomm, Inc. - Wa
425-492-XXXXSeattleKing1931249Mci Metro Ats, Inc. - Wa
425-493-XXXXEverettSnohomish713335Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-495-XXXXSeattleKing1931249Qwest Corporation Wa
425-496-XXXXSeattleKing1931249Time Warner Telecom Of Washington -
425-497-XXXXKirklandKing1931249Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-498-XXXXKirklandKing1931249Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-501-XXXXEverettSnohomish713335Blue Licenses Holding, Llc
425-502-XXXXBellevueKing1931249Level 3 Communications, Llc - Wa
425-503-XXXXBellevueKing1931249Blue Licenses Holding, Llc
425-507-XXXXIssaquahKing1931249Mci Metro Ats, Inc. - Wa
425-508-XXXXEverettSnohomish713335Nextel Communications, Inc.
425-512-XXXXSeattleKing1931249Comcast Phone Of Washington/Oregon,
425-513-XXXXEverettSnohomish713335Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-514-XXXXEverettSnohomish713335Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-516-XXXXSeattleKing1931249Comcast Phone Of Washington Or
425-518-XXXXBellevueKing1931249Sprint Spectrum L.P.
425-519-XXXXSeattleKing1931249Teleport Communications Seattle
425-522-XXXXKirklandKing1931249Xo Washington, Inc.
425-523-XXXXRentonKing1931249Xo Washington, Inc.
425-524-XXXXRentonKing1931249Xo Washington, Inc.
425-525-XXXXRentonKing1931249Xo Washington, Inc.
425-526-XXXXIssaquahKing1931249Xo Washington, Inc.
425-527-XXXXBothellKing1931249Xo Washington, Inc.
425-528-XXXXRentonKing1931249Xo Washington, Inc.
425-529-XXXXRentonKing1931249Xo Washington, Inc.
425-530-XXXXEverettSnohomish713335Blue Licenses Holding, Llc
425-531-XXXXBellevueKing1931249Nextel Communications, Inc.
425-533-XXXXBellevueKing1931249Level 3 Communications, Llc - Wa
425-535-XXXXSeattleKing1931249Cook Telecom
425-538-XXXXRedmondKing1931249Pac West Telecomm
425-549-XXXXCarnationKing1931249Comcast Phone Of Washington/Oregon,
425-550-XXXXEverettSnohomish713335Teleport Communications Group - Seattle
425-551-XXXXEverettSnohomish713335Teleport Communications Seattle
425-552-XXXXEverettSnohomish713335Gold Tel Corporation
425-555-XXXXSeattleKing1931249Qwest Corporation - Wa
425-556-XXXXKirklandKing1931249Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-557-XXXXIssaquahKing1931249Qwest Corporation - Wa
425-558-XXXXKirklandKing1931249Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-562-XXXXBellevueKing1931249Qwest Corporation - Wa
425-563-XXXXSeattleKing1931249Electric Light Wave - Wa
425-564-XXXXBellevueKing1931249Qwest Corporation - Wa
425-568-XXXXBellevueKing1931249Arch Wireless Holdings, Inc.
425-569-XXXXMaple ValleyKing1931249Time Warner Telecom Of Washington -
425-572-XXXXRedmondKing1931249Teleport Communications Seattle
425-576-XXXXKirklandKing1931249Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-577-XXXXSeattleKing1931249Teleport Communications Seattle
425-578-XXXXMaple ValleyKing1931249Mci Metro Ats, Inc. - Wa
425-580-XXXXKirklandKing1931249Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-582-XXXXMountlake TerraceSnohomish713335Sbc Telecom, Inc. - Wa
425-583-XXXXEverettSnohomish713335Sbc Telecom, Inc. - Wa
425-584-XXXXMaple ValleyKing1931249Teleport Communications Seattle
425-585-XXXXRedmondKing1931249Teleport Communications Seattle
425-586-XXXXSeattleKing1931249Teleport Communications Seattle
425-587-XXXXKirklandKing1931249Sbc Telecom, Inc. - Wa
425-590-XXXXBellevueKing1931249T-Mobile Usa, Inc.
425-591-XXXXKirklandKing1931249Sprint Spectrum L.P.
425-602-XXXXSeattleKing1931249Teleport Communications Seattle
425-603-XXXXBellevueKing1931249Qwest Corporation - Wa
425-605-XXXXSeattleKing1931249Broadwing Communications, Llc - Wa
425-606-XXXXIssaquahKing1931249International Telcom, Ltd. - Wa
425-608-XXXXSeattleKing1931249Broadwing Communications, Llc - Wa
425-609-XXXXEverettSnohomish713335Broadwing Communications, Llc - Wa
425-610-XXXXEverettSnohomish713335International Telcom, Ltd. - Wa
425-614-XXXXBellevueKing1931249Qwest Corporation - Wa
425-619-XXXXBellevueKing1931249Qwest Corporation - Wa
425-622-XXXXEverettSnohomish713335Qwest Corporation Wa
425-623-XXXXBothellKing1931249T Mobile Usa
425-629-XXXXSeattleKing1931249Time Warner Telecom Of Washington -
425-631-XXXXEverettSnohomish713335Arch Wireless Holdings, Inc.
425-633-XXXXBothellKing1931249T Mobile Usa
425-635-XXXXBellevueKing1931249Qwest Corporation - Wa
425-636-XXXXKirklandKing1931249Mci Worldcom Communications, Inc. -
425-637-XXXXBellevueKing1931249Qwest Corporation - Wa
425-638-XXXXBellevueKing1931249T-Mobile Usa, Inc.
425-640-XXXXMountlake TerraceSnohomish713335Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-641-XXXXBellevueKing1931249Qwest Corporation - Wa
425-642-XXXXSeattleKing1931249Pac- West Telecomm, Inc. - Wa
425-643-XXXXBellevueKing1931249Qwest Corporation - Wa
425-644-XXXXBellevueKing1931249Qwest Corporation - Wa
425-645-XXXXEverettSnohomish713335Pac- West Telecomm, Inc. - Wa
425-646-XXXXBellevueKing1931249Qwest Corporation - Wa
425-647-XXXXSeattleKing1931249Sbc Telecom, Inc. - Wa
425-648-XXXXSeattleKing1931249Pac- West Telecomm, Inc. - Wa
425-649-XXXXBellevueKing1931249Qwest Corporation - Wa
425-650-XXXXSeattleKing1931249Pac- West Telecomm, Inc. - Wa
425-651-XXXXIssaquahKing1931249Global Crossing Local Services, Inc
425-652-XXXXBellevueKing1931249Sprint Spectrum L.P.
425-653-XXXXBellevueKing1931249Qwest Corporation - Wa
425-654-XXXXIssaquahKing1931249Level 3 Communications, Llc - Wa
425-656-XXXXRentonKing1931249Qwest Corporation - Wa
425-657-XXXXRedmondKing1931249Teleport Communications Seattle
425-658-XXXXSeattleKing1931249Cbeyond Communications
425-660-XXXXSeattleKing1931249Pac- West Telecomm, Inc. - Wa
425-663-XXXXRentonKing1931249Pac- West Telecomm, Inc. - Wa
425-669-XXXXSilver LakeSnohomish713335Pac- West Telecomm, Inc. - Wa
425-670-XXXXMountlake TerraceSnohomish713335Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-671-XXXXTukwilaKing1931249Pac- West Telecomm, Inc. - Wa
425-672-XXXXMountlake TerraceSnohomish713335Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-673-XXXXMountlake TerraceSnohomish713335Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-675-XXXXTukwilaKing1931249Pac- West Telecomm, Inc. - Wa
425-677-XXXXIssaquahKing1931249Time Warner Telecom Of Washington -
425-678-XXXXSeattleKing1931249Time Warner Telecom Of Washington -
425-679-XXXXBellevueKing1931249T-Mobile Usa, Inc.
425-681-XXXXBellevueKing1931249Airtouch Communications, Inc.
425-686-XXXXSeattleKing1931249Time Warner Telecom Of Washington -
425-687-XXXXRentonKing1931249Qwest Corporation - Wa
425-688-XXXXBellevueKing1931249Qwest Corporation - Wa
425-691-XXXXSeattleKing1931249Time Warner Telecom Of Washington -
425-696-XXXXTukwilaKing1931249Pac- West Telecomm, Inc. - Wa
425-697-XXXXMountlake TerraceSnohomish713335Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-698-XXXXSeattleKing1931249At&t - Local - Wa
425-699-XXXXTukwilaKing1931249Pac- West Telecomm, Inc. - Wa
425-702-XXXXKirklandKing1931249Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-703-XXXXKirklandKing1931249Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-704-XXXXBellevueKing1931249Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-705-XXXXKirklandKing1931249Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-706-XXXXKirklandKing1931249Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-707-XXXXKirklandKing1931249Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-708-XXXXKirklandKing1931249Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-709-XXXXBellevueKing1931249Qwest Corporation - Wa
425-710-XXXXEverettSnohomish713335Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-712-XXXXMountlake TerraceSnohomish713335Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-717-XXXXEverettSnohomish713335Teleport Communications Seattle
425-722-XXXXKirklandKing1931249Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-727-XXXXKirklandKing1931249Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-728-XXXXSeattleKing1931249Sbc Telecom, Inc. - Wa
425-732-XXXXTukwilaKing1931249Electric Light Wave - Wa
425-736-XXXXBellevueKing1931249Airtouch Communications, Inc.
425-737-XXXXEverettSnohomish713335T-Mobile Usa, Inc.
425-738-XXXXSeattleKing1931249Broadwing Communications, Llc - Wa
425-739-XXXXKirklandKing1931249Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-740-XXXXEverettSnohomish713335Electric Light Wave - Wa
425-741-XXXXLynnwoodSnohomish713335Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-742-XXXXLynnwoodSnohomish713335Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-743-XXXXLynnwoodSnohomish713335Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-744-XXXXMountlake TerraceSnohomish713335Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-745-XXXXLynnwoodSnohomish713335Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-746-XXXXBellevueKing1931249Qwest Corporation - Wa
425-747-XXXXBellevueKing1931249Qwest Corporation - Wa
425-748-XXXXBellevueKing1931249Broadwing Communications, Llc - Wa
425-749-XXXXSeattleKing1931249Mci Metro Ats, Inc. - Wa
425-750-XXXXEverettSnohomish713335Sprint Spectrum L.P.
425-753-XXXXBellevueKing1931249Blue Licenses Holding, Llc
425-754-XXXXEverettSnohomish713335Nextel Communications, Inc.
425-755-XXXXKirklandKing1931249Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-757-XXXXSeattleKing1931249At&t - Local - Wa
425-760-XXXXEverettSnohomish713335Airtouch Communications, Inc.
425-761-XXXXKirklandKing1931249Sprint Spectrum L.P.
425-765-XXXXBellevueKing1931249Airtouch Communications, Inc.
425-766-XXXXBellevueKing1931249Nextel Communications, Inc.
425-770-XXXXBothellKing1931249T-Mobile Usa, Inc.
425-771-XXXXMountlake TerraceSnohomish713335Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-772-XXXXMountlake TerraceSnohomish713335T-Mobile Usa, Inc.
425-773-XXXXMountlake TerraceSnohomish713335T-Mobile Usa, Inc.
425-774-XXXXMountlake TerraceSnohomish713335Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-775-XXXXMountlake TerraceSnohomish713335Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-776-XXXXMountlake TerraceSnohomish713335Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-778-XXXXMountlake TerraceSnohomish713335Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-780-XXXXBothellKing1931249Sprint Spectrum L.P.
425-783-XXXXEverettSnohomish713335Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-785-XXXXBellevueKing1931249Blue Licenses Holding, Llc
425-786-XXXXSeattleKing1931249International Telcom, Ltd. - Wa
425-787-XXXXLynnwoodSnohomish713335Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-788-XXXXDuvallKing1931249Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-789-XXXXEverettSnohomish713335Teleport Communications Seattle
425-790-XXXXTukwilaKing1931249Pac- West Telecomm, Inc. - Wa
425-791-XXXXEverettSnohomish713335Electric Light Wave - Wa
425-793-XXXXRentonKing1931249Qwest Corporation - Wa
425-795-XXXXTukwilaKing1931249Pac- West Telecomm, Inc. - Wa
425-799-XXXXTukwilaKing1931249Pac- West Telecomm, Inc. - Wa
425-802-XXXXBellevueKing1931249Blue Licenses Holding, Llc
425-803-XXXXKirklandKing1931249Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-806-XXXXBothellSnohomish713335Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-814-XXXXKirklandKing1931249Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-818-XXXXSeattleKing1931249Broadwing Communications, Llc - Wa
425-820-XXXXKirklandKing1931249Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-821-XXXXKirklandKing1931249Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-822-XXXXKirklandKing1931249Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-823-XXXXKirklandKing1931249Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-824-XXXXSeattleKing1931249International Telcom, Ltd. - Wa
425-825-XXXXKirklandKing1931249Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-827-XXXXKirklandKing1931249Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-828-XXXXKirklandKing1931249Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-829-XXXXBellevueKing1931249T-Mobile Usa, Inc.
425-830-XXXXKirklandKing1931249Sprint Spectrum L.P.
425-831-XXXXNorth BendKing1931249Centurytel Of Washington, Inc.
425-835-XXXXRedmondKing1931249Teleport Communications Seattle
425-836-XXXXRedmondKing1931249Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-837-XXXXIssaquahKing1931249Qwest Corporation - Wa
425-844-XXXXEverettSnohomish713335Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-861-XXXXKirklandKing1931249Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-864-XXXXBellevueKing1931249Nextel Communications, Inc.
425-865-XXXXBellevueKing1931249Qwest Corporation - Wa
425-867-XXXXKirklandKing1931249Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-868-XXXXRedmondKing1931249Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-869-XXXXKirklandKing1931249Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-870-XXXXEverettSnohomish713335Airtouch Communications, Inc.
425-871-XXXXTukwilaKing1931249Pac- West Telecomm, Inc. - Wa
425-873-XXXXSeattleKing1931249Mci Metro Ats, Inc. - Wa
425-876-XXXXEverettSnohomish713335Sprint Spectrum L.P.
425-877-XXXXBothellSnohomish713335Sbc Telecom, Inc. - Wa
425-879-XXXXEverettSnohomish713335Blue Licenses Holding, Llc
425-880-XXXXCarnationKing1931249Centurytel Of Washington, Inc.
425-881-XXXXKirklandKing1931249Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-882-XXXXKirklandKing1931249Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-883-XXXXKirklandKing1931249Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-885-XXXXKirklandKing1931249Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-886-XXXXEverettSnohomish713335Arch Wireless Holdings, Inc.
425-888-XXXXNorth BendKing1931249Centurytel Of Washington, Inc.
425-889-XXXXKirklandKing1931249Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-890-XXXXBellevueKing1931249Airtouch Communications, Inc.
425-891-XXXXKirklandKing1931249Sprint Spectrum L.P.
425-892-XXXXBothellKing1931249Teleport Communications Seattle
425-893-XXXXKirklandKing1931249Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-894-XXXXBellevueKing1931249Blue Licenses Holding, Llc
425-895-XXXXKirklandKing1931249Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-896-XXXXKirklandKing1931249Teleport Communications Seattle
425-897-XXXXSeattleKing1931249Teleport Communications Seattle
425-898-XXXXRedmondKing1931249Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-899-XXXXKirklandKing1931249Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-902-XXXXSeattleKing1931249Global Crossing Local Services, Inc
425-903-XXXXEverettSnohomish713335Level 3 Communications, Llc - Wa
425-905-XXXXEverettSnohomish713335International Telcom, Ltd. - Wa
425-906-XXXXMaple ValleyKing1931249International Telcom, Ltd. - Wa
425-908-XXXXBothellSnohomish713335Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-917-XXXXRentonKing1931249Qwest Corporation - Wa
425-918-XXXXLynnwoodSnohomish713335Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-919-XXXXRentonKing1931249Blue Licenses Holding, Llc
425-920-XXXXTukwilaKing1931249Pac- West Telecomm, Inc. - Wa
425-921-XXXXSeattleKing1931249Teleport Communications Seattle
425-922-XXXXBellevueKing1931249Blue Licenses Holding, Llc
425-923-XXXXEverettSnohomish713335Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-928-XXXXTukwilaKing1931249Pac- West Telecomm, Inc. - Wa
425-930-XXXXTukwilaKing1931249Pac- West Telecomm, Inc. - Wa
425-931-XXXXEverettSnohomish713335Sprint Spectrum L.P.
425-936-XXXXKirklandKing1931249Verizon Northwest Inc. - Wa
425-939-XXXXSeattleKing1931249Broadwing Communications, Llc - Wa
425-940-XXXXTukwilaKing1931249Pac- West Telecomm, Inc. - Wa
425-941-XXXXBellevueKing1931249Airtouch Communications, Inc.
425-943-XXXXSeattleKing1931249Teleport Communications Seattle
425-944-XXXXTukwilaKing1931249Pac- West Telecomm, Inc. - Wa
425-945-XXXXRedmondKing1931249Teleport Communications Seattle
425-947-XXXXSeattleKing1931249Global Crossing Local Services, Inc
425-948-XXXXSilver LakeSnohomish713335Global Crossing Local Services, Inc
425-949-XXXXSeattleKing1931249Global Crossing Local Services, Inc
425-951-XXXXSeattleKing1931249Teleport Communications Seattle
425-952-XXXXTukwilaKing1931249Electric Light Wave - Wa
425-953-XXXXEverettSnohomish713335Global Crossing Local Services, Inc
425-954-XXXXSeattleKing1931249Global Crossing Local Services, Inc
425-955-XXXXTukwilaKing1931249Pac- West Telecomm, Inc. - Wa
425-956-XXXXBellevueKing1931249Broadwing Communications, Llc - Wa
425-957-XXXXBellevueKing1931249Qwest Corporation - Wa
425-961-XXXXIssaquahKing1931249Teleport Communications Seattle
425-962-XXXXTukwilaKing1931249Pac- West Telecomm, Inc. - Wa
425-963-XXXXTukwilaKing1931249Pac- West Telecomm, Inc. - Wa
425-965-XXXXRentonKing1931249Qwest Corporation - Wa
425-967-XXXXSeattleKing1931249Allegiance Telecom Of Washington, I
425-968-XXXXSeattleKing1931249Allegiance Telecom Of Washington, I
425-969-XXXXTukwilaKing1931249Pac- West Telecomm, Inc. - Wa
425-970-XXXXSeattleKing1931249Electric Light Wave - Wa
425-971-XXXXEverettSnohomish713335Sprint Spectrum L.P.
425-973-XXXXBellevueKing1931249Qwest Corporation - Wa
425-974-XXXXSeattleKing1931249Electric Light Wave - Wa
425-977-XXXXMountlake TerraceSnohomish713335Electric Light Wave - Wa
425-981-XXXXSeattleKing1931249Teleport Communications Seattle
425-984-XXXXBothellKing1931249Electric Light Wave - Wa
425-985-XXXXBellevueKing1931249Blue Licenses Holding, Llc
425-988-XXXXRentonKing1931249Electric Light Wave - Wa
425-990-XXXXBellevueKing1931249Qwest Corporation - Wa
425-996-XXXXIssaquahKing1931249Broadwing Communications, Llc - Wa
425-998-XXXXSeattleKing1931249International Telcom, Ltd. - Wa
425-999-XXXXSeattleKing1931249Level 3 Communications, Llc - Wa
425-429-XXXXBELLEVUEKing1931249360networks (USA) Inc - WA CLEC LLC - WA
425-615-XXXXSEATTLEKing1931249Level 3 Communications LLC - WA
425-628-XXXXSEATTLEKing1931249360networks (USA) Inc - WA