Area Code is covered under 418 Quebec

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Details on Area Code 418

State Quebec
Statewide Area Codes 418, 438, 450, 514, 579, 581, 819
Cities Aguanish, Albanel, Alma, Amqui, Anse St Jean, Armagh, Azle Aux Coudres, Baie Comeau, Baie Des Sables, Baie Johan Beetz
Counties Canada
Time Zone UTC-5/-4

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Telephone Code 418

Area Interchange City County Population Network Operator
418-200-XXXXBaie St PaulCanada0Videotron Telecom (1998) Ltee
418-201-XXXXClermontCanada0Videotron Telecom (1998) Ltee
418-202-XXXXLa MalbaieCanada0Videotron Telecom (1998) Ltee
418-203-XXXXSaint Jean Ile D OrleansCanada0Videotron Telecom (1998) Ltee
418-204-XXXXQuebecCanada0Videotron Telecom (1998) Ltee
418-205-XXXXSaint Lambert De LauzonCanada0Videotron Telecom (1998) Ltee
418-206-XXXXMontmagnyCanada0Videotron Telecom (1998) Ltee
418-207-XXXXSaint Jean Port JoliCanada0Videotron Telecom (1998) Ltee
418-208-XXXXQuebecCanada0Telus Mobility
418-209-XXXXSt Marie De BeauceCanada0Telus Mobility
418-210-XXXXQuebecCanada0Call-Net Communications
418-212-XXXXAlmaCanada0Videotron Telecom (1998) Ltee
418-213-XXXXJonquia ReCanada0Videotron Telecom (1998) Ltee
418-214-XXXXTadoussacCanada0Rogers Wireless
418-215-XXXXSaint Georges De BeauceCanada0Rogers Wireless
418-216-XXXXSt RaymondCanada0Rogers Wireless
418-217-XXXXBeaucevilleCanada0Rogers Wireless
418-218-XXXXSaint FelicienCanada0Telus Mobility
418-219-XXXXBaie St PaulCanada0Bell Mobility
418-220-XXXXSaint Georges De BeauceCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-221-XXXXSaint Georges De BeauceCanada0Telus Quebec
418-222-XXXXSaint Georges De BeauceCanada0Telus Quebec
418-223-XXXXSaint Lucie De BeauregardCanada0Sogetel Inc.
418-224-XXXXSaint Rene De MataneCanada0Telus Quebec
418-225-XXXXSaint Georges De BeauceCanada0Telus Quebec
418-226-XXXXSaint Georges De BeauceCanada0Telus Quebec
418-227-XXXXSaint Georges De BeauceCanada0Telus Quebec
418-228-XXXXSaint Georges De BeauceCanada0Telus Quebec
418-229-XXXXLa RomaineCanada0Telus Quebec
418-230-XXXXSaint Georges De BeauceCanada0Telus Quebec
418-231-XXXXSaint Austin MoutainsCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-232-XXXXBergeronnesCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-233-XXXXEscouminsCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-234-XXXXMontmagnyCanada0Telus Quebec
418-235-XXXXTadoussacCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-236-XXXXSacre CoeurCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-237-XXXXBaie St CatherineCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-238-XXXXSaint Anne De PortneufCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-239-XXXXDolbeauCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-240-XXXXBaie St PaulCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-241-XXXXMontmagnyCanada0Telus Quebec
418-242-XXXXTete A La BaleineCanada0Telus Quebec
418-243-XXXXSaint Raphael De BellechasseCanada0Telus Quebec
418-244-XXXXSaint Justine De NewtonCanada0Sogetel Inc.
418-245-XXXXLac FrontiereCanada0Sogetel Inc.
418-246-XXXXCap St IgnaceCanada0Telus Quebec
418-247-XXXXL IsletCanada0Telus Quebec
418-248-XXXXMontmagnyCanada0Telus Quebec
418-249-XXXXSaint Fabien De PanetCanada0Sogetel Inc.
418-250-XXXXMontmagnyCanada0Telus Quebec
418-251-XXXXSaint PrimeCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-252-XXXXMontmagnyCanada0Rogers Wireless
418-253-XXXXVallee JonctionCanada0Telus Quebec
418-254-XXXXQuebecCanada0Bell Mobility
418-255-XXXXQuebecCanada0Fido Solutions Inc.
418-256-XXXXLa DoreCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-257-XXXXSaint MagloireCanada0Sogetel Inc.
418-258-XXXXGirardvilleCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-259-XXXXSaint FrancoisCanada0Telus Quebec
418-260-XXXXQuebecCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-261-XXXXQuebecCanada0Fido Solutions Inc.
418-262-XXXXQuebecCanada0Fido Solutions Inc.
418-263-XXXXQuebecCanada0Allstream Corp.
418-264-XXXXQuebecCanada0Fido Solutions Inc.
418-265-XXXXQuebecCanada0Fido Solutions Inc.
418-266-XXXXQuebecCanada0Allstream Corp.
418-267-XXXXSaint Rose De WatfordCanada0Sogetel Inc.
418-268-XXXXSaint Marc Des CarrieresCanada0Telus Quebec
418-269-XXXXRiviere Au RenardCanada0Telus Quebec
418-270-XXXXLa MalbaieCanada0Rogers Wireless
418-271-XXXXQuebecCanada0Fido Solutions Inc.
418-272-XXXXAnse St JeanCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-274-XXXXNormandinCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-275-XXXXRobervalCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-276-XXXXDolbeauCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-277-XXXXSaint UbaldeCanada0Telus Quebec
418-278-XXXXSt Georges De BeauceCanada0Telus Mobility
418-279-XXXXAlbanelCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-280-XXXXHauteriveCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-281-XXXXThetford MinesCanada0Telus Mobility
418-282-XXXXHauteriveCanada0Telus Mobility
418-283-XXXXDonnaconaCanada0Telus Quebec
418-284-XXXXDonnaconaCanada0Telus Quebec
418-285-XXXXDonnaconaCanada0Telus Quebec
418-286-XXXXPortneufCanada0Telus Quebec
418-287-XXXXFermontCanada0Telebec Ltee.
418-288-XXXXLa MartreCanada0Telus Quebec
418-289-XXXXSaint ThecleCanada0Telus Quebec
418-290-XXXXChicoutimiCanada0Telus Mobility
418-291-XXXXMontmagnyCanada0Telus Mobility
418-292-XXXXRiviere Du LoupCanada0Videotron Telecom (1998) Ltee
418-293-XXXXHauteriveCanada0Telus Quebec
418-294-XXXXBaie ComeauCanada0Telus Quebec
418-295-XXXXHauteriveCanada0Telus Quebec
418-296-XXXXBaie ComeauCanada0Telus Quebec
418-297-XXXXHauteriveCanada0Telus Quebec
418-298-XXXXBaie ComeauCanada0Telus Quebec
418-299-XXXXSaint Alexis De MatapediaCanada0Telus Quebec
418-300-XXXXSt Philippe De NeriCanada0Videotron Telecom
418-301-XXXXDelisleCanada0Videotron Telecom (1998) Ltee
418-302-XXXXMilotCanada0Videotron Telecom (1998) Ltee
418-303-XXXXLaterriereCanada0Videotron Telecom (1998) Ltee
418-304-XXXXLevisCanada0Videotron Telecom (1998) Ltee
418-305-XXXXThetford MinesCanada0Videotron Telecom (1998) Ltee
418-306-XXXXLa BaieCanada0Videotron Telecom (1998) Ltee
418-307-XXXXSaint FelicienCanada0Videotron Telecom (1998) Ltee
418-308-XXXXSt PascalCanada0Videotron Telecom
418-309-XXXXSaint FulgenceCanada0Videotron Telecom (1998) Ltee
418-312-XXXXSaint Catharines ThoroldCanada0Videotron Telecom (1998) Ltee
418-313-XXXXSt Georges De BeauceCanada0Telus Mobility
418-314-XXXXRiviere Du LoupCanada0Telus Quebec
418-315-XXXXSt Paca MeCanada0Videotron Telecom
418-316-XXXXNotre Dame Des LaurentidesCanada0Videotron Telecom (1998) Ltee
418-317-XXXXQuebecCanada0Distributel Communications Ltd-Qc
418-318-XXXXRimouskiCanada0Telus Mobility
418-319-XXXXAlmaCanada0Telus Mobility
418-320-XXXXMatapediaCanada0Bell Mobility
418-321-XXXXAlmaCanada0Bell Mobility
418-322-XXXXSaint AdelpheCanada0Telus Quebec
418-323-XXXXRiviere A PierreCanada0Telus Quebec
418-324-XXXXLa MalbaieCanada0Bell Mobility
418-325-XXXXSaint Anne De La PeradeCanada0Telus Quebec
418-326-XXXXDonnaconaCanada0Telus Mobility
418-327-XXXXSt Augustin De DesmauresCanada0Telus Mobility
418-328-XXXXSaint Stanislas De ChamplainCanada0Telus Quebec
418-329-XXXXSaint Basile De PortneufCanada0Telus Quebec
418-330-XXXXAmquiCanada0Ivic Telecom Senc
418-331-XXXXThetford MinesCanada0Rogers Wireless
418-332-XXXXThetford MinesCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-333-XXXXThetford MinesCanada0Bell Mobility
418-334-XXXXThetford MinesCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-335-XXXXThetford MinesCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-336-XXXXLac Aux SablesCanada0Telus Quebec
418-337-XXXXSaint RaymondCanada0Telus Quebec
418-338-XXXXThetford MinesCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-339-XXXXSaint CasimirCanada0Telus Quebec
418-340-XXXXSaint RaymondCanada0Telus Quebec
418-341-XXXXThetford MinesCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-342-XXXXChambordCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-343-XXXXHebertville StationCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-344-XXXXHebertvilleCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-345-XXXXSaint GedeonCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-346-XXXXDesbiensCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-347-XXXXDelisleCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-348-XXXXLac BouchetteCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-349-XXXXMetabetchouanCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-350-XXXXSept AzlesCanada0Bell Mobility
418-351-XXXXStaynerCanada0Videotron Telecom (1998) Ltee
418-352-XXXXSt AmbroiseCanada0Videotron Telecom (1998) Ltee
418-353-XXXXQuebecCanada0Videotron Telecom (1998) Ltee
418-354-XXXXSaint Roch Des AulnaiesCanada0Telus Quebec
418-355-XXXXGaspeCanada0Bell Mobility
418-356-XXXXSaint PamphileCanada0Telus Quebec
418-357-XXXXSaint PamphileCanada0Telus Quebec
418-358-XXXXSt Jean Port JoliCanada0Videotron Telecom
418-359-XXXXSaint PerpetueCanada0Telus Quebec
418-360-XXXXGaspeCanada0Telus Quebec
418-361-XXXXGaspeCanada0Telus Quebec
418-362-XXXXBatiscanCanada0Telus Quebec
418-363-XXXXSt AndreCanada0Videotron Telecom
418-364-XXXXCarletonCanada0Telus Quebec
418-365-XXXXSaint TiteCanada0Telus Quebec
418-366-XXXXSaint TiteCanada0Telus Quebec
418-368-XXXXGaspeCanada0Telus Quebec
418-369-XXXXSt Marie De BeauceCanada0Bell Mobility
418-370-XXXXPerceCanada0Bell Mobility
418-371-XXXXLa Pocatia ReCanada0Videotron Telecom
418-372-XXXXNew RichmondCanada0Bell Mobility
418-373-XXXXMilotCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-374-XXXXPeribonkaCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-375-XXXXNew CarlisleCanada0Bell Mobility
418-376-XXXXChicoutimiCanada09193 2962 Quebec Inc
418-377-XXXXChute Des PassesCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-378-XXXXHauteriveCanada0Bell Mobility
418-379-XXXXBon AccordCanada0Telus Quebec
418-380-XXXXQuebecCanada0Videotron Telecom (1998) Ltee
418-381-XXXXSaint Marie De BeauceCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-382-XXXXSaint Martin De BeauceCanada0Telus Quebec
418-383-XXXXSaint JustineCanada0Sogetel Inc.
418-384-XXXXStonehamCanada0Videotron Telecom
418-385-XXXXGrande RiviereCanada0Telus Quebec
418-386-XXXXSaint Marie De BeauceCanada0Telus Quebec
418-387-XXXXSaint Marie De BeauceCanada0Telus Quebec
418-388-XXXXCaplanCanada0Telus Quebec
418-389-XXXXSaint Marie De BeauceCanada0Telus Quebec
418-390-XXXXSaint Marie De BeauceCanada0Telus Quebec
418-391-XXXXNew RichmondCanada0Telus Quebec
418-392-XXXXNew RichmondCanada0Telus Quebec
418-393-XXXXGrande ValleeCanada0Telus Quebec
418-394-XXXXSt FlavienCanada0Bell Mobility
418-395-XXXXCloridormeCanada0Telus Quebec
418-396-XXXXPort DanielCanada0Telus Quebec
418-397-XXXXSaint Joseph De BeauceCanada0Telus Quebec
418-398-XXXXChandlerCanada0Bell Mobility
418-399-XXXXPont RougeCanada0Bell Mobility
418-400-XXXXSt HilarionCanada0Videotron Telecom (1998) Ltee
418-401-XXXXSt AgapitCanada0Videotron Telecom
418-402-XXXXLaterria ReCanada0Videotron Telecom (1998) Ltee
418-403-XXXXSaint Claire De DorchesterCanada0Videotron Telecom (1998) Ltee
418-404-XXXXValcartierCanada0Videotron Telecom (1998) Ltee
418-405-XXXXSaint FereolCanada0Videotron Telecom (1998) Ltee
418-406-XXXXBoischatelCanada0Videotron Telecom (1998) Ltee
418-407-XXXXLorettevilleCanada0Videotron Telecom (1998) Ltee
418-408-XXXXPerceCanada0Telus Mobility
418-409-XXXXSept AzlesCanada0Telus Mobility
418-410-XXXXPont RougeCanada0Telus Mobility
418-412-XXXXJonquia ReCanada0Videotron Telecom
418-413-XXXXSt Antoine De TillyCanada0Videotron Telecom
418-414-XXXXVal AlainCanada0Videotron Telecom
418-415-XXXXSt FlavienCanada0Videotron Telecom
418-416-XXXXRimouskiCanada0Fido Solutions Inc
418-417-XXXXSt Lambert De LauzonCanada0Videotron Telecom
418-419-XXXXSt TiteCanada0Rogers Wireless
418-420-XXXXSt Marie De BeauceCanada0Rogers Wireless
418-421-XXXXSt Marie De BeauceCanada0Fido Solutions Inc
418-422-XXXXSaint MargaretsCanada0Telebec Ltee.
418-423-XXXXBlack LakeCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-424-XXXXLeedsCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-425-XXXXQuebecCanada0Allstream Corp.
418-426-XXXXTring JonctionCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-427-XXXXEast BroughtonCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-428-XXXXSaint Ferdinand D HalifaxCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-429-XXXXMataneCanada0Bell Mobility
418-430-XXXXThetford MinesCanada0Ivic Telecom Senc
418-431-XXXXQuebecCanada0Iristel Inc
418-432-XXXXSt PamphileCanada0Bell Mobility
418-433-XXXXSt ApollinaireCanada0Videotron Telecom
418-434-XXXXSaint FideleCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-435-XXXXBaie St PaulCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-436-XXXXBaie St PaulCanada0Rogers Wireless
418-438-XXXXIle Aux CoudresCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-439-XXXXClermontCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-440-XXXXQuebecCanada09193 2962 Quebec Inc
418-441-XXXXSt CatherineCanada0Videotron Telecom (1998) Ltee
418-442-XXXXDelisleCanada0Telus Quebec
418-443-XXXXStratfordCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-444-XXXXSept IlesCanada0Telus Mobility
418-445-XXXXHauteriveCanada0Telus Mobility
418-446-XXXXLa PocatiereCanada0Videotron Telecom (1998) Ltee
418-447-XXXXMontmagnyCanada0Telus Mobility
418-448-XXXXSt Marie De BeauceCanada0Telus Mobility
418-449-XXXXDisraeliCanada0Telebec Ltee.
418-450-XXXXAlmaCanada09193 2962 Quebec Inc
418-451-XXXXSt PrimeCanada0Videotron Telecom (1998) Ltee
418-452-XXXXSaint IreneeCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-453-XXXXInvernessCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-454-XXXXQuebecCanada0Rogers Wireless
418-455-XXXXQuebecCanada0Rogers Wireless
418-456-XXXXQuebecCanada0Rogers Wireless
418-457-XXXXSaint HilarionCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-458-XXXXGarthbyCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-459-XXXXLa GuadeloupeCanada0Telebec Ltee.
418-461-XXXXLourdes De Blanc SablonCanada0Telus Quebec
418-462-XXXXDonnaconaCanada0Videotron Telecom
418-463-XXXXNotre Dame Des LaurentidesCanada0Videotron Telecom
418-464-XXXXSaint Odilion CranbourneCanada0Sogetel Inc.
418-465-XXXXRivingtonCanada0Telus Quebec
418-466-XXXXArmaghCanada0Telus Quebec
418-467-XXXXSt DamienCanada0Videotron Telecom
418-469-XXXXSaint Placide MontCanada0Telus Quebec
418-470-XXXXInvernessCanada0Ivic Telecom Senc
418-471-XXXXSt SimeonCanada0Videotron Telecom
418-472-XXXXSt FranacoisCanada0Videotron Telecom
418-473-XXXXQuebecCanada0Rogers Wireless
418-475-XXXXSaint Bernard De DorchesterCanada0Telus Quebec
418-476-XXXXQuebecCanada0Isp Telecom
418-477-XXXXLa BaieCanada0Videotron Telecom (1998) Ltee
418-478-XXXXQuebecCanada0Fibernetics Corporation
418-479-XXXXFramptonCanada0Telus Quebec
418-480-XXXXAlmaCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-481-XXXXAlmaCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-482-XXXXAlmaCanada0Rogers Wireless
418-483-XXXXCourcellesCanada0La Cie De Telephone De Courcelles I
418-484-XXXXSaint Ephrem De BeauceCanada0Le Telephone De St-Ephrem Inc
418-485-XXXXSaint Catharines ThoroldCanada0Telebec Ltee.
418-486-XXXXLambtonCanada0La Compagnie De Telephone De Lambto
418-487-XXXXAlmaCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-488-XXXXCharnyCanada0Telus Quebec
418-489-XXXXClermontCanada0Videotron Telecom (1998) Ltee
418-490-XXXXChicoutimiCanada0Fido Solutions Inc
418-491-XXXXChambordCanada0Videotron Telecom (1998) Ltee
418-492-XXXXSaint PascalCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-493-XXXXSaint AndreCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-494-XXXXVille DegelisCanada0Videotron Telecom
418-495-XXXXSaint AlexandreCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-496-XXXXSt NicolasCanada0Videotron Telecom
418-497-XXXXSaint Catharines ThoroldCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-498-XXXXSaint Philippe De NeriCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-499-XXXXBiencourtCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-500-XXXXSt Basile De PortneufCanada0Videotron Telecom
418-501-XXXXAlbanelCanada0Videotron Telecom (1998) Ltee
418-502-XXXXSt FulgenceCanada0Videotron Telecom (1998) Ltee
418-503-XXXXSt HonoreCanada0Videotron Telecom (1998) Ltee
418-504-XXXXSt HenedineCanada0Videotron Telecom
418-505-XXXXTring JonctionCanada0Telus Quebec
418-507-XXXXSt TiteCanada0Telus Mobility
418-508-XXXXMontmagnyCanada0Bell Mobility
418-509-XXXXRimouskiCanada0Bell Mobility
418-510-XXXXDonnaconaCanada0Bell Mobility
418-512-XXXXJonquia ReCanada0Videotron Telecom (1998) Ltee
418-513-XXXXMontmagnyCanada0Videotron Telecom
418-514-XXXXTadoussacCanada0Bell Mobility
418-515-XXXXSt FelicienCanada0Bell Mobility
418-516-XXXXTrois PistolesCanada0Bell Mobility
418-517-XXXXPort CartierCanada0Bell Mobility
418-518-XXXXSaint FelicienCanada0Rogers Wireless
418-519-XXXXLa GuadeloupeCanada0Videotron Telecom
418-520-XXXXQuebecCanada0Telus Mobility
418-521-XXXXQuebecCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-522-XXXXQuebecCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-523-XXXXQuebecCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-524-XXXXQuebecCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-525-XXXXQuebecCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-526-XXXXSaint Ambroise De ChicoutimiCanada0Videotron Telecom (1998) Ltee
418-527-XXXXQuebecCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-528-XXXXQuebecCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-529-XXXXQuebecCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-530-XXXXBonaventureCanada0Telus Quebec
418-531-XXXXSaint NicolasCanada0Videotron Telecom (1998) Ltee
418-532-XXXXHavre St PierreCanada0Telus Quebec
418-533-XXXXAguanishCanada0Telus Quebec
418-534-XXXXBonaventureCanada0Telus Quebec
418-535-XXXXPort MenierCanada0Telus Quebec
418-536-XXXXSayabecCanada0Telus Quebec
418-538-XXXXHavre St PierreCanada0Telus Quebec
418-539-XXXXBaie Johan BeetzCanada0Telus Quebec
418-540-XXXXChicoutimiCanada0Bell Mobility
418-541-XXXXChicoutimiCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-542-XXXXJonquia ReCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-543-XXXXChicoutimiCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-544-XXXXLa BaieCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-545-XXXXChicoutimiCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-546-XXXXJonquia ReCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-547-XXXXJonquia ReCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-548-XXXXJonquia ReCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-549-XXXXChicoutimiCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-550-XXXXChicoutimiCanada0Rogers Wireless
418-551-XXXXRivia Re Du LoupCanada0Telus Mobility
418-552-XXXXDonnaconaCanada09193 2962 Quebec Inc
418-553-XXXXHavre St PierreCanada0Telus Mobility
418-554-XXXXQuebecCanada0Telus Mobility
418-556-XXXXMataneCanada0Telus Quebec
418-557-XXXXChicoutimiCanada0Rogers Wireless
418-558-XXXXQuebecCanada0Rogers Wireless
418-559-XXXXQuebecCanada0Rogers Wireless
418-560-XXXXMataneCanada0Telus Quebec
418-561-XXXXQuebecCanada0Rogers Wireless
418-562-XXXXMataneCanada0Telus Quebec
418-563-XXXXQuebecCanada0Bell Mobility
418-564-XXXXQuebecCanada0Bell Mobility
418-565-XXXXColombierCanada0Telus Quebec
418-566-XXXXMataneCanada0Telus Quebec
418-567-XXXXChute Aux OutardesCanada0Telus Quebec
418-568-XXXXGodboutCanada0Telus Quebec
418-569-XXXXQuebecCanada0Bell Mobility
418-570-XXXXQuebecCanada0Bell Mobility
418-571-XXXXQuebecCanada0Bell Mobility
418-572-XXXXQuebecCanada0Bell Mobility
418-573-XXXXQuebecCanada0Bell Mobility
418-574-XXXXLorettevilleCanada0Videotron Telecom (1998) Ltee
418-575-XXXXQuebecCanada0Rogers Wireless
418-576-XXXXQuebecCanada0Bell Mobility
418-577-XXXXQuebecCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-578-XXXXForestvilleCanada0Telus Quebec
418-579-XXXXChicoutimiCanada0Distributel Communications Ltd
418-580-XXXXQuebecCanada0Bell Mobility
418-582-XXXXSaint Gedeon De BeauceCanada0Telus Quebec
418-583-XXXXClarke CityCanada0Telus Quebec
418-584-XXXXManicouaganCanada0Telus Quebec
418-585-XXXXScheffervilleCanada0Telebec Ltee.
418-586-XXXXForestvilleCanada0Telus Quebec
418-587-XXXXForestvilleCanada0Telus Quebec
418-588-XXXXSaint Victor De BeauceCanada0La Compagnie De Telephone De St-Vic
418-589-XXXXHauteriveCanada0Telus Quebec
418-590-XXXXChicoutimiCanada0Telus Mobility
418-591-XXXXChicoutimiCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-592-XXXXChicoutimiCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-593-XXXXSaint ZacharieCanada0Sogetel Inc.
418-594-XXXXSaint Prosper De DorchesterCanada0Telus Quebec
418-595-XXXXSaint CamilleCanada0Sogetel Inc.
418-596-XXXXSaint Patrice De BeaurivageCanada0Telus Quebec
418-597-XXXXSaint TheophileCanada0Telus Quebec
418-598-XXXXSaint Jean Port JoliCanada0Telus Quebec
418-599-XXXXSaint Agathe De LotbiniereCanada0Telus Quebec
418-600-XXXXAzle Aux CoudresCanada0Videotron Telecom (1998) Ltee
418-601-XXXXSt Fida LeCanada0Videotron Telecom
418-602-XXXXChicoutimiCanada0Videotron Telecom (1998) Ltee
418-603-XXXXLevisCanada0Videotron Telecom (1998) Ltee
418-604-XXXXLa DoreCanada0Videotron Telecom
418-605-XXXXRivia Re Du LoupCanada0Videotron Telecom
418-606-XXXXSaint Henri De LevisCanada0Videotron Telecom (1998) Ltee
418-607-XXXXL IsletCanada0Videotron Telecom
418-608-XXXXAnse St JeanCanada0Videotron Telecom (1998) Ltee
418-609-XXXXQuebecCanada0Telus Mobility
418-612-XXXXChicoutimiCanada0Videotron Telecom (1998) Ltee
418-613-XXXXSt FelicienCanada0Videotron Telecom
418-614-XXXXQuebecCanada0Videotron Telecom
418-615-XXXXChicoutimiCanada0Telus Quebec
418-616-XXXXChandlerCanada0Telus Mobility
418-617-XXXXLa MalbaieCanada0Telus Mobility
418-618-XXXXSaint FelicienCanada0Telus Mobility
418-619-XXXXSaint NicolasCanada0Videotron Telecom (1998) Ltee
418-620-XXXXLa MalbaieCanada0Videotron Telecom (1998) Ltee
418-621-XXXXQuebecCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-622-XXXXQuebecCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-623-XXXXQuebecCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-624-XXXXQuebecCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-625-XXXXLac EtcheminCanada0Sogetel Inc.
418-626-XXXXQuebecCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-627-XXXXQuebecCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-628-XXXXQuebecCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-629-XXXXAmquiCanada0Telus Quebec
418-630-XXXXSaint FelicienCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-631-XXXXAmquiCanada0Telus Quebec
418-632-XXXXPetite Riviere St FrancoisCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-633-XXXXLa MalbaieCanada0Bell Mobility
418-634-XXXXQuebecCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-635-XXXXLes EboulementsCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-636-XXXXSaint LuceCanada0Sogetel Inc.
418-637-XXXXSaint FelicienCanada0Bell Canada
418-638-XXXXSaint SimeonCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-639-XXXXSaint UrbainCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-640-XXXXQuebecCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-641-XXXXQuebecCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-642-XXXXSaint MalachieCanada0Telus Quebec
418-643-XXXXQuebecCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-644-XXXXQuebecCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-645-XXXXBarachoisCanada0Telus Quebec
418-646-XXXXQuebecCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-647-XXXXQuebecCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-648-XXXXQuebecCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-649-XXXXQuebecCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-650-XXXXQuebecCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-651-XXXXQuebecCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-652-XXXXQuebecCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-653-XXXXQuebecCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-654-XXXXQuebecCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-655-XXXXQuebecCanada0Rogers Wireless
418-656-XXXXQuebecCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-657-XXXXQuebecCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-658-XXXXQuebecCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-659-XXXXQuebecCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-660-XXXXQuebecCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-661-XXXXQuebecCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-662-XXXXAlmaCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-663-XXXXQuebecCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-664-XXXXQuebecCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-665-XXXXLa MalbaieCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-666-XXXXQuebecCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-667-XXXXQuebecCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-668-XXXXAlmaCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-669-XXXXAlmaCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-670-XXXXQuebecCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-671-XXXXSaint FelicienCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-672-XXXXSaint Ambroise De ChicoutimiCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-673-XXXXSaint Catharines ThoroldCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-674-XXXXSaint FulgenceCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-675-XXXXSaint Rose Du NordCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-676-XXXXFerlandCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-677-XXXXLa BaieCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-678-XXXXLaterriereCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-679-XXXXSaint FelicienCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-680-XXXXChandlerCanada0Telus Quebec
418-681-XXXXQuebecCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-682-XXXXQuebecCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-683-XXXXQuebecCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-684-XXXXQuebecCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-685-XXXXSaint Come De KennebecCanada0Telus Quebec
418-686-XXXXQuebecCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-687-XXXXQuebecCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-688-XXXXQuebecCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-689-XXXXChandlerCanada0Telus Quebec
418-690-XXXXChicoutimiCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-691-XXXXQuebecCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-692-XXXXQuebecCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-693-XXXXChicoutimiCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-694-XXXXQuebecCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-695-XXXXJonquia ReCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-696-XXXXChicoutimiCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-697-XXXXLa BaieCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-698-XXXXChicoutimiCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-699-XXXXJonquia ReCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-700-XXXXSt Henri De LevisCanada0Videotron Telecom
418-701-XXXXSt CroixCanada0Videotron Telecom
418-702-XXXXSaint Anne De BeaupreCanada0Videotron Telecom (1998) Ltee
418-703-XXXXSt ?douard De Lotbinia ReCanada0Videotron Telecom
418-704-XXXXSaint EleuthereCanada0Videotron Telecom (1998) Ltee
418-705-XXXXSt Raphaal De BellechasseCanada0Videotron Telecom
418-706-XXXXDolbeauCanada0Videotron Telecom (1998) Ltee
418-707-XXXXSt Anne De La PeradeCanada0Bell Mobility
418-708-XXXXQuebecCanada0Call-Net Communications
418-710-XXXXSt PamphileCanada0Telus Mobility
418-712-XXXXRimouskiCanada0Rogers Wireless
418-713-XXXXAmquiCanada0Bell Mobility
418-714-XXXXRiviere Du LoupCanada0Bell Mobility
418-715-XXXXCap St IgnaceCanada0Videotron Telecom
418-716-XXXXSaint TiteCanada0Videotron Telecom (1998) Ltee
418-717-XXXXQuebecCanada0Telus Quebec
418-718-XXXXChicoutimiCanada0Telus Mobility
418-719-XXXXAlmaCanada0Telus Mobility
418-720-XXXXAlmaCanada0Telus Mobility
418-721-XXXXRimouskiCanada0Telus Quebec
418-722-XXXXRimouskiCanada0Telus Quebec
418-723-XXXXRimouskiCanada0Telus Quebec
418-724-XXXXRimouskiCanada0Telus Quebec
418-725-XXXXRimouskiCanada0Telus Quebec
418-726-XXXXNatashquanCanada0Telus Quebec
418-727-XXXXRimouskiCanada0Telus Quebec
418-728-XXXXSaint FlavienCanada0Telus Quebec
418-729-XXXXLes MechinsCanada0Telus Quebec
418-730-XXXXRimouskiCanada0Telus Quebec
418-731-XXXXRimouskiCanada0Telus Quebec
418-732-XXXXRimouskiCanada0Telus Quebec
418-733-XXXXSaint FeliciteCanada0Telus Quebec
418-734-XXXXRimouskiCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-735-XXXXSaint BlandineCanada0Telus Quebec
418-736-XXXXBicCanada0Telus Quebec
418-737-XXXXSaint UlricCanada0Telus Quebec
418-738-XXXXSaint Simon De RimouskiCanada0Telus Quebec
418-739-XXXXLucevilleCanada0Telus Quebec
418-740-XXXXRimouskiCanada0Telus Quebec
418-741-XXXXChibougamauCanada0Telebec Limited Partnership (Mobili
418-742-XXXXVal BrillantCanada0Telus Quebec
418-743-XXXXSaint Leon Le GrandCanada0Telus Quebec
418-744-XXXXVal AlainCanada0Telus Quebec
418-745-XXXXChapaisCanada0Telebec Ltee.
418-746-XXXXSaint Anne De BeaupreCanada0Videotron Telecom (1998) Ltee
418-747-XXXXQuebecCanada0Telus Quebec
418-748-XXXXChibougamauCanada0Telebec Ltee.
418-749-XXXXRimouskiCanada0Telus Quebec
418-750-XXXXRimouskiCanada0Telus Mobility
418-751-XXXXNew CarlisleCanada0Telus Quebec
418-752-XXXXNew CarlisleCanada0Telus Quebec
418-754-XXXXSt NicolasCanada0Telus Quebec
418-755-XXXXThetford MinesCanada0Telus Quebec
418-756-XXXXCausapscalCanada0Telus Quebec
418-757-XXXXSaint FlavienCanada0Telus Quebec
418-758-XXXXAlmaCanada0Telus Quebec
418-759-XXXXMariaCanada0Telus Quebec
418-760-XXXXBaie St PaulCanada0Videotron Telecom (1998) Ltee
418-761-XXXXCharnyCanada0Videotron Telecom (1998) Ltee
418-762-XXXXBoischatelCanada0Videotron Telecom (1998) Ltee
418-763-XXXXSaint Anne Des MontsCanada0Telus Quebec
418-764-XXXXSaint Anne Des MontsCanada0Telus Quebec
418-765-XXXXRobervalCanada0Telus Quebec
418-766-XXXXPort CartierCanada0Telus Quebec
418-767-XXXXLorettevilleCanada0Telus Quebec
418-768-XXXXPort CartierCanada0Telus Quebec
418-769-XXXXAlmaCanada0Telus Quebec
418-770-XXXXChibougamauCanada0Telebec Ltee.
418-771-XXXXJonquia ReCanada0Telus Quebec
418-772-XXXXBaie Des SablesCanada0Telus Quebec
418-773-XXXXMutton BayCanada0Telus Quebec
418-774-XXXXBeaucevilleCanada0Sogetel Inc.
418-775-XXXXMont JoliCanada0Telus Quebec
418-776-XXXXSaint MoiseCanada0Telus Quebec
418-777-XXXXNewportCanada0Telus Quebec
418-778-XXXXLac Au SaumonCanada0Telus Quebec
418-779-XXXXEspanolaCanada0Telus Quebec
418-780-XXXXQuebecCanada0Telus Quebec
418-781-XXXXQuebecCanada0Telus Quebec
418-782-XXXXPerceCanada0Telus Quebec
418-783-XXXXPerceCanada0Telus Quebec
418-784-XXXXMurdochvilleCanada0Telus Quebec
418-785-XXXXMont JoliCanada0Telus Quebec
418-786-XXXXCap ChatCanada0Telus Quebec
418-787-XXXXCheveryCanada0Telus Quebec
418-788-XXXXPointe A La CroixCanada0Telus Quebec
418-789-XXXXSaint Damien De BellechasseCanada0Telus Quebec
418-790-XXXXLa MalbaieCanada0Telus Quebec
418-791-XXXXNeuvilleCanada0Videotron Telecom (1998) Ltee
418-792-XXXXNormandinCanada0Videotron Telecom (1998) Ltee
418-793-XXXXPeribonkaCanada0Videotron Telecom
418-794-XXXXNouvelleCanada0Telus Quebec
418-795-XXXXHarrington HarbourCanada0Telus Quebec
418-796-XXXXSaint Edouard De LotbiniereCanada0Telus Quebec
418-797-XXXXMont LouisCanada0Telus Quebec
418-798-XXXXSaint Gabriel De RimouskiCanada0Telus Quebec
418-799-XXXXPentecoteCanada0Telus Quebec
418-800-XXXXQuebecCanada0Iristel Inc
418-801-XXXXQuebecCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-802-XXXXQuebecCanada0Telus Mobility
418-803-XXXXQuebecCanada0Telus Mobility
418-804-XXXXSt Michel De BellechasseCanada0Videotron Telecom
418-805-XXXXQuebecCanada0Telus Mobility
418-806-XXXXQuebecCanada0Telus Mobility
418-807-XXXXSt Claire De DorchesterCanada0Videotron Telecom
418-808-XXXXQuebecCanada0Telus Mobility
418-809-XXXXQuebecCanada0Telus Mobility
418-812-XXXXChicoutimiCanada0Bell Mobility
418-813-XXXXPont RougeCanada0Telus Quebec
418-814-XXXXThetford MinesCanada0Telus Mobility
418-815-XXXXChicoutimiCanada0Bell Mobility
418-816-XXXXRivia Re Du LoupCanada0Videotron Telecom
418-817-XXXXChicoutimiCanada0Bell Mobility
418-818-XXXXChicoutimiCanada0Telus Mobility
418-820-XXXXChicoutimiCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-821-XXXXQuebecCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-822-XXXXBoischatelCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-823-XXXXSaint Tite Des CapsCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-824-XXXXChateau RicherCanada0Telebec Ltee.
418-825-XXXXSaint Brigitte De LavalCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-826-XXXXSaint FereolCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-827-XXXXSaint Anne De BeaupreCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-828-XXXXSaint PetronilleCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-829-XXXXSaint Jean Ile D OrleansCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-830-XXXXLevisCanada0Telus Quebec
418-831-XXXXSaint NicolasCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-832-XXXXCharnyCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-833-XXXXLevisCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-834-XXXXLevisCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-835-XXXXLevisCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-836-XXXXSaint NicolasCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-837-XXXXLevisCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-838-XXXXLevisCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-839-XXXXLevisCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-840-XXXXLorettevilleCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-841-XXXXNotre Dame Des LaurentidesCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-842-XXXXLorettevilleCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-843-XXXXLorettevilleCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-844-XXXXValcartierCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-845-XXXXLorettevilleCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-846-XXXXPointe Des LaurCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-847-XXXXLorettevilleCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-848-XXXXStonehamCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-849-XXXXNotre Dame Des LaurentidesCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-850-XXXXDonnaconaCanada0Fido Solutions Inc
418-851-XXXXTrois PistolesCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-852-XXXXSaint PacomeCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-853-XXXXVille DegelisCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-854-XXXXCabanoCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-855-XXXXSquatecCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-856-XXXXLa PocatiereCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-857-XXXXTrois PistolesCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-858-XXXXSt Henri De LevisCanada0Telus Mobility
418-859-XXXXSaint EleuthereCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-860-XXXXRiviere Du LoupCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-861-XXXXQuebecCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-862-XXXXRiviere Du LoupCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-863-XXXXRiviere Du LoupCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-864-XXXXQuebecCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-865-XXXXMatapediaCanada0Telus Quebec
418-866-XXXXRiviere Du LoupCanada0Rogers Wireless
418-867-XXXXRiviere Du LoupCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-868-XXXXRiviere Du LoupCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-869-XXXXSaint Fabien De RimouskiCanada0Telus Quebec
418-870-XXXXStaynerCanada0Telus Quebec
418-871-XXXXQuebecCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-872-XXXXQuebecCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-873-XXXXPont RougeCanada0Telus Quebec
418-874-XXXXQuebecCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-875-XXXXSaint CatherineCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-876-XXXXNeuvilleCanada0Telus Quebec
418-877-XXXXQuebecCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-878-XXXXStaynerCanada0Telus Quebec
418-879-XXXXSaint FelicienCanada0Telus Mobility
418-880-XXXXStaynerCanada0Telus Quebec
418-881-XXXXStaynerCanada0Telus Quebec
418-882-XXXXSaint Henri De LevisCanada0Telus Quebec
418-883-XXXXSaint Claire De DorchesterCanada0Telus Quebec
418-884-XXXXSaint Michel De BellechasseCanada0Telus Quebec
418-885-XXXXSaint AnselmeCanada0Telus Quebec
418-886-XXXXSaint Antoine De TillyCanada0Telus Quebec
418-887-XXXXSaint Charles De BellechasseCanada0Telus Quebec
418-888-XXXXSaint AgapitCanada0Telus Quebec
418-889-XXXXSaint Lambert De LauzonCanada0Telus Quebec
418-890-XXXXQuebecCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-891-XXXXSaint Henri De LevisCanada0Telus Quebec
418-892-XXXXCap Des RosiersCanada0Telus Quebec
418-893-XXXXRiviere BleueCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-894-XXXXRiviere Du LoupCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-895-XXXXSaint Henri De LevisCanada0Telus Quebec
418-896-XXXXRimouskiCanada0Telus Mobility
418-897-XXXXSt Claire De DorchesterCanada0Telus Mobility
418-898-XXXXL Isle VerteCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-899-XXXXNotre Dame Du LacCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-900-XXXXRobervalCanada09193 2962 Quebec Inc
418-901-XXXXSt Tite Des CapsCanada0Videotron Telecom
418-902-XXXXSt PrimeCanada0Videotron Telecom
418-903-XXXXSaint PacomeCanada0Videotron Telecom (1998) Ltee
418-904-XXXXSaint Philippe De NeriCanada0Videotron Telecom (1998) Ltee
418-905-XXXXSaint PascalCanada0Videotron Telecom (1998) Ltee
418-906-XXXXSaint AlexandreCanada0Videotron Telecom (1998) Ltee
418-907-XXXXQuebecCanada0Gt Group Telecom Services Corp.
418-908-XXXXSt Augustin De DesmauresCanada0Videotron Telecom
418-909-XXXXNeuvilleCanada0Videotron Telecom
418-910-XXXXSt HonoreCanada0Videotron Telecom
418-912-XXXXStonehamCanada0Videotron Telecom
418-913-XXXXPortneufCanada0Videotron Telecom
418-914-XXXXQuebecCanada0Videotron Telecom
418-915-XXXXLorettevilleCanada0Videotron Telecom
418-916-XXXXSt Charles De BellechasseCanada0Videotron Telecom
418-917-XXXXLa DoreCanada0Videotron Telecom
418-918-XXXXSaint AgapitCanada0Telus Quebec
418-919-XXXXSt Roch Des AulnaiesCanada0Videotron Telecom
418-920-XXXXBaie TriniteCanada0Telus Quebec
418-921-XXXXBaie ComeauCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-922-XXXXQuebecCanada0Bell Mobility
418-923-XXXXLac La MartreCanada0Telebec Ltee.
418-924-XXXXSt Henri De LevisCanada0Bell Mobility
418-925-XXXXQuebecCanada0Bell Mobility
418-926-XXXXSaint CroixCanada0Telus Quebec
418-927-XXXXMoisieCanada0Telus Quebec
418-928-XXXXQuebecCanada0Bell Mobility
418-929-XXXXQuebecCanada0Bell Mobility
418-930-XXXXQuebecCanada0Bell Mobility
418-931-XXXXQuebecCanada0Bell Mobility
418-932-XXXXQuebecCanada0Bell Mobility
418-933-XXXXQuebecCanada0Bell Mobility
418-934-XXXXQuebecCanada0Bell Mobility
418-935-XXXXSaint HenedineCanada0Telus Quebec
418-936-XXXXLes BoulesCanada0Telus Quebec
418-937-XXXXHavre AubertCanada0Telebec Ltee.
418-938-XXXXCabanoCanada0Videotron Telecom
418-939-XXXXBaie TriniteCanada0Telus Quebec
418-940-XXXXNotre Dame Du LacCanada0Videotron Telecom
418-941-XXXXMontmagnyCanada09193 2962 Quebec Inc
418-943-XXXXRivia Re Du LoupCanada09193 2962 Quebec Inc
418-944-XXXXChicoutimiCanada0Bell Mobility
418-945-XXXXSt Marie De BeauceCanada09193 2962 Quebec Inc
418-946-XXXXThetford MinesCanada09193 2962 Quebec Inc
418-947-XXXXStaynerCanada0Telus Quebec
418-948-XXXXQuebecCanada0Gt Group Telecom Services Corp.
418-949-XXXXRiver St JohnCanada0Telus Quebec
418-951-XXXXQuebecCanada0Bell Mobility
418-952-XXXXQuebecCanada0Bell Mobility
418-953-XXXXQuebecCanada0Bell Mobility
418-954-XXXXSt TiteCanada0Bell Mobility
418-955-XXXXQuebecCanada0Bell Mobility
418-956-XXXXQuebecCanada0Bell Mobility
418-957-XXXXSt Georges De BeauceCanada0Bell Mobility
418-960-XXXXSept IlesCanada0Telus Quebec
418-961-XXXXSept IlesCanada0Telus Quebec
418-962-XXXXSept IlesCanada0Telus Quebec
418-963-XXXXSaint Jean De DieuCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-964-XXXXSept IlesCanada0Telus Quebec
418-965-XXXXSept IlesCanada0Telus Quebec
418-966-XXXXSt Claire De DorchesterCanada0Bell Mobility
418-967-XXXXSt Anne Des MontsCanada0Telus Mobility
418-968-XXXXSept IlesCanada0Telus Quebec
418-969-XXXXHavre Aux MaisonsCanada0Telebec Ltee.
418-970-XXXXSt AlexandreCanada0Videotron Telecom
418-971-XXXXDonnaconaCanada0Rogers Wireless
418-972-XXXXChacteau RicherCanada0Videotron Telecom
418-973-XXXXL IsletCanada0Videotron Telecom (1998) Ltee
418-974-XXXXDonnaconaCanada0Videotron Telecom (1998) Ltee
418-975-XXXXLes ?boulementsCanada0Videotron Telecom (1998) Ltee
418-977-XXXXQuebecCanada0Videotron Telecom (1998) Ltee
418-978-XXXXChateau RicherCanada0Videotron Telecom (1998) Ltee
418-979-XXXXDolbeauCanada0Videotron Telecom
418-980-XXXXTadoussacCanada0Videotron Telecom (1998) Ltee
418-981-XXXXStaynerCanada0Telus Quebec
418-982-XXXXSt AnselmeCanada0Videotron Telecom
418-983-XXXXSaint Claire De DorchesterCanada0Telus Quebec
418-984-XXXXHavre St PierreCanada0Bell Mobility
418-985-XXXXGrande EntreeCanada0Telebec Ltee.
418-986-XXXXCap Aux MeulesCanada0Telebec Ltee.
418-987-XXXXSt RaymondCanada0Videotron Telecom (1998) Ltee
418-988-XXXXCharnyCanada0Videotron Telecom (1998) Ltee
418-989-XXXXForestvilleCanada0Bell Mobility
418-990-XXXXQuebecCanada0Bell Canada - Qc
418-991-XXXXSaint PetronilleCanada0Videotron Telecom (1998) Ltee
418-992-XXXXSaint FereolCanada0Videotron Telecom (1998) Ltee
418-993-XXXXValcartierCanada0Videotron Telecom (1998) Ltee
418-994-XXXXSaint Jean Ile D OrleansCanada0Videotron Telecom (1998) Ltee
418-995-XXXXSaint PetronilleCanada0Videotron Telecom (1998) Ltee
418-996-XXXXRobervalCanada0Videotron Telecom (1998) Ltee
418-997-XXXXQuebecCanada0Telus Mobility
418-998-XXXXQuebecCanada0Telus Mobility
418-999-XXXXQuebecCanada0Telus Mobility


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