Area Code is covered under 320 Minnesota

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Details on Area Code 320

State Minnesota
Statewide Area Codes 218, 320, 507, 612, 651, 763, 952
Cities Albany, Alexandria, Annandale, Appleton, Atwater, Avon, Beardsley, Belgrade, Benson, Bird Island
Counties Aitkin, Benton, Big Stone, Chippewa, Chisago, Crow Wing, Douglas, Grant, Hennepin, Irving
Time Zone UTC-6

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Telephone Code 320

Area Interchange City County Population Network Operator
320-200-XXXXSaint CloudStearns150642Eschelon Telecom Of Minnesota
320-201-XXXXVillardPope10995American Cellular Corporation
320-202-XXXXSaint CloudBenton38451Qwest Corporation - Mn
320-203-XXXXSaint CloudBenton38451Qwest Corporation - Mn
320-204-XXXXSt CloudSt Cloud0Velocity Telephone, Incorporated -
320-205-XXXXBrahamIsanti37816Xo Minnesota, Llc
320-207-XXXXHinckleyPine29750Tcg Minnesota, Inc.
320-208-XXXXMorrisStevens9726Onvoy, Inc.
320-209-XXXXMoraKanabec16239Onvoy, Inc.
320-210-XXXXOgilvieKanabec16239Xo Minnesota, Llc
320-212-XXXXWillmarKandiyohi42239Midwest Wireless Communication Llc
320-213-XXXXPine CityPine29750Xo Minnesota, Llc
320-214-XXXXWillmarKandiyohi42239Qwest Corporation - Mn
320-215-XXXXRush CityChisago53887Xo Minnesota, Llc
320-216-XXXXSandstonePine29750Tcg Minnesota, Inc.
320-217-XXXXSaint CloudStearns150642Nextel Boost Investment, Inc.
320-219-XXXXAlexandriaDouglas36009American Cellular Corporation
320-220-XXXXWillmarKandiyohi42239Western Wireless Corporation-Mn
320-221-XXXXLitchfieldMeeker23300Midwest Wireless Communication Llc
320-222-XXXXWillmarKandiyohi42239En-Tel Communications, Llc-Mn
320-223-XXXXSaint CloudBenton38451Aerial Communications
320-224-XXXXSaint CloudStearns150642Aerial Communications
320-225-XXXXMoraKanabec16239Northstar Access, Llc
320-226-XXXXMontevideoChippewa12441Midwest Wireless Communication Llc
320-227-XXXXSaint CloudStearns150642Computerpro Inc Dba Cp Telecom - Mn
320-228-XXXXSaint CloudStearns150642Arch Wireless Holdings, Inc.
320-229-XXXXSaint CloudBenton38451Qwest Corporation - Mn
320-230-XXXXSaint CloudStearns150642Integra Telecom Of Minnesota, Inc.
320-231-XXXXWillmarKandiyohi42239Qwest Corporation - Mn
320-232-XXXXLittle FallsMorrison33198Onvoy, Inc.
320-233-XXXXFinlaysonPine29750Citizens Tel. Co. Of Mn, Llc Dba Fr
320-234-XXXXHutchinsonMcleod36651Hutchinson Tel Co
320-235-XXXXWillmarKandiyohi42239Qwest Corporation - Mn
320-236-XXXXSouth HavenWright35386Lakedale Tel Co
320-237-XXXXSaint CloudStearns150642At&t - Local - Mn
320-238-XXXXPlatoMcleod36651Embarq Minnesota, Inc.
320-239-XXXXStarbuckPope10995Starbuck Tel Co
320-240-XXXXSaint CloudBenton38451Qwest Corporation - Mn
320-241-XXXXSaint CloudStearns150642Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
320-242-XXXXKerrickPine29750Centurytel Of Northwest Wisconsin,
320-243-XXXXPaynesvilleStearns150642Lakedale Tel Co
320-244-XXXXGrove CityMeeker23300Level 3 Communications, Llc - Il
320-245-XXXXSandstonePine29750Qwest Corporation - Mn
320-246-XXXXDonnellyStevens9726Runestone Tel Assn
320-247-XXXXSaint CloudStearns150642Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
320-248-XXXXSaint CloudStearns150642Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
320-249-XXXXSaint CloudStearns150642Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
320-250-XXXXSaint CloudStearns150642Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
320-251-XXXXSaint CloudBenton38451Qwest Corporation - Mn
320-252-XXXXSaint CloudBenton38451Qwest Corporation - Mn
320-253-XXXXSaint CloudBenton38451Qwest Corporation - Mn
320-254-XXXXBelgradeStearns150642Citizens Tel. Co. Of Mn, Llc Dba Fr
320-255-XXXXSaint CloudBenton38451Qwest Corporation - Mn
320-256-XXXXMelroseStearns150642Melrose Tel Co
320-257-XXXXSaint CloudStearns150642Integra Telecom Of Minnesota, Inc.
320-258-XXXXSaint CloudBenton38451U.S. Link, Inc.
320-259-XXXXSaint CloudBenton38451Qwest Corporation - Mn
320-260-XXXXSaint CloudStearns150642Blue Licenses Holding, Llc
320-262-XXXXWillmarKandiyohi42239Sprint Spectrum L.P.- Mn
320-263-XXXXWillmarKandiyohi42239Computerpro Inc Dba Cp Telecom - Mn
320-264-XXXXKerkhovenSwift9783Mid State Tel Co. Dba Kmp Tel Co.
320-265-XXXXBeardsleyBig Stone5269Centurytel Of Minnesota, Inc.
320-266-XXXXSaint CloudStearns150642Blue Licenses Holding, Llc
320-267-XXXXSaint CloudStearns150642Blue Licenses Holding, Llc
320-268-XXXXGrey EagleTodd24895Mid State Tel Co
320-269-XXXXMontevideoChippewa12441Qwest Corporation - Mn
320-270-XXXXGarfieldDouglas36009Level 3 Communications, Llc - Il
320-271-XXXXSaint CloudStearns150642Integra Telecom Of Minnesota, Inc.
320-272-XXXXOgilvieKanabec16239Qwest Corporation - Mn
320-273-XXXXOdessaBig Stone5269Federated Tel Coop
320-274-XXXXAnnandaleWright35386Lakedale Tel Co
320-275-XXXXDasselMeeker23300Embarq Minnesota, Inc.
320-276-XXXXPaynesvilleStearns150642Mid State Tel Co
320-277-XXXXHillmanMorrison33198Consolidated Tel Co
320-278-XXXXBrootenStearns150642Mid State Tel Co
320-279-XXXXHinckleyPine29750Level 3 Communications, Llc - Il
320-280-XXXXHinckleyPine29750Sprint Spectrum L.P.- Mn
320-281-XXXXSaint CloudBenton38451Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mn
320-282-XXXXSaint CloudStearns150642Aerial Communications
320-283-XXXXLowryPope10995Lowry Telephone Company, Llc
320-284-XXXXNorcrossGrant238136Runestone Tel Assn
320-285-XXXXBurtrumTodd24895Melrose Tel Co
320-286-XXXXCokatoWright35386Embarq Minnesota, Inc.
320-287-XXXXMorrisStevens9726Hometown Solutions, Llc - Mn
320-288-XXXXMorrisStevens9726American Cellular Corporation
320-289-XXXXAppletonSwift9783Qwest Corporation - Mn
320-290-XXXXSaint CloudStearns150642Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
320-291-XXXXSaint CloudStearns150642Sprint Spectrum L.P.- Mn
320-292-XXXXSaint CloudStearns150642Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
320-293-XXXXSaint CloudStearns150642Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
320-294-XXXXForestonMille Lacs26097Benton Coop Tel Co
320-295-XXXXWillmarKandiyohi42239Level 3 Communications, Llc - Il
320-296-XXXXHutchinsonMcleod36651Sprint Spectrum L.P.- Mn
320-297-XXXXAppletonSwift9783Rural Cellular Corp. Dba Rcc Networ
320-298-XXXXAlexandriaDouglas36009Level 3 Communications, Llc - Il
320-299-XXXXCokatoWright35386Level 3 Communications, Llc - Il
320-300-XXXXGlencoeMcleod36651Level 3 Communications, Llc - Il
320-303-XXXXGlenwoodPope10995Computerpro Inc Dba Cp Telecom - Mn
320-304-XXXXAlexandriaDouglas36009Rural Cellular Corp. Dba Rcc Networ
320-305-XXXXOrtonvilleBig Stone5269Rural Cellular Corp. Dba Rcc Networ
320-306-XXXXOgilvieKanabec16239Xo Minnesota, Llc
320-308-XXXXSaint CloudStearns150642Onvoy, Inc.
320-309-XXXXSaint CloudStearns150642Sprint Spectrum L.P.- Mn
320-310-XXXXSaint CloudStearns150642Aerial Communications
320-312-XXXXDawsonLac Qui Parle7259Farmers Mutual Telephone Compa
320-313-XXXXGranite FallsYellow Medicine10438Onvoy, Inc.
320-314-XXXXBensonSwift9783Onvoy, Inc.
320-315-XXXXGranite FallsYellow Medicine10438Level 3 Communications, Llc - Il
320-318-XXXXSt CloudSt Cloud0Velocity Telephone, Incorporated -
320-321-XXXXMontevideoChippewa12441Onvoy, Inc.
320-322-XXXXPine CityPine29750Level 3 Communications, Llc - Il
320-323-XXXXPine CityPine29750Xo Minnesota, Llc
320-324-XXXXChokioStevens9726Federated Tel Coop
320-325-XXXXClintonBig Stone5269Centurytel Of Minnesota, Inc.
320-326-XXXXLitchfieldMeeker23300Computerpro Inc Dba Cp Telecom - Mn
320-327-XXXXSilver LakeMcleod36651Embarq Minnesota, Inc.
320-328-XXXXBrowntonMcleod36651Embarq Minnesota, Inc.
320-329-XXXXRenvilleRenville15730Centurytel Of Minnesota, Inc.
320-330-XXXXDanubeRenville15730Centurytel Of Minnesota
320-331-XXXXBrowntonMcleod36651Sprint Communications Company, L.P.
320-332-XXXXGlencoeMcleod36651Level 3 Communications, Llc - Il
320-333-XXXXSaint CloudStearns150642Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
320-334-XXXXGlenwoodPope10995Level 3 Communications, Llc - Il
320-335-XXXXAlexandriaDouglas36009Onvoy, Inc.
320-336-XXXXHinckleyPine29750Sprint Spectrum L.P.- Mn
320-337-XXXXAtwaterKandiyohi42239Onvoy, Inc.
320-338-XXXXGranite FallsYellow Medicine10438Level 3 Communications, Llc - Il
320-339-XXXXSaint CloudStearns150642New Cingular Wireless Pcs
320-340-XXXXPaynesvilleStearns150642Sprint Communications Company, L.P.
320-341-XXXXOgilvieKanabec16239Xo Minnesota, Llc
320-343-XXXXSaint CloudStearns150642Sprint Communications Company, L.P.
320-344-XXXXHectorRenville15730Onvoy, Inc.
320-345-XXXXSaint CloudStearns150642Brooks Fiber Communications - Mn
320-346-XXXXBrootenStearns150642Mid State Tel Co
320-348-XXXXSaint CloudStearns150642Sprint Communications Company
320-349-XXXXSaint CloudStearns150642Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon
320-350-XXXXDanubeRenville15730Sprint Communications Company, L.P.
320-351-XXXXSauk CentreStearns150642Mainstreet Communications, Ll.
320-352-XXXXSauk CentreStearns150642Qwest Corporation - Mn
320-353-XXXXSaint CloudStearns150642Big River Telephone Company
320-354-XXXXNew LondonKandiyohi42239Mid State Tel Co
320-355-XXXXFoleyBenton38451Benton Coop Tel Co
320-356-XXXXAvonStearns150642Qwest Corporation - Mn
320-357-XXXXLong PrairieTodd24895Level 3 Communications, Llc - Il
320-358-XXXXRush CityChisago53887Qwest Corporation - Mn
320-359-XXXXHectorRenville15730Western Wireless Corporation-Mn
320-360-XXXXLittle FallsMorrison33198American Cellular Corporation
320-361-XXXXDawsonLac Qui Parle7259Verizon Wireless
320-362-XXXXMilacaMille Lacs26097Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon
320-363-XXXXSt JosephStearns150642Onvoy, Inc.
320-364-XXXXPine CityPine29750Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon
320-365-XXXXBird IslandRenville15730Qwest Corporation - Mn
320-366-XXXXSunburgKandiyohi42239Mid State Tel Co
320-367-XXXXMaynardChippewa12441Clara City Tel Exch Co
320-368-XXXXBensonSwift9783Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon
320-369-XXXXForestonMille Lacs26097Citizens Tel. Co. Of Mn, Llc Dba Fr
320-372-XXXXPine CityPine29750Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon
320-373-XXXXLitchfieldMeeker23300Onvoy, Inc.
320-374-XXXXRoyaltonMorrison33198Computerpro Inc Dba Cp Telecom - Mn
320-375-XXXXSandstonePine29750Computerpro Inc Dba Cp Telecom - Mn
320-376-XXXXSaint CloudStearns150642Big River Telephone Company
320-377-XXXXGrove CityMeeker23300Level 3 Communications, Llc - Il
320-379-XXXXSaint CloudStearns150642Mcc Telephony Of Minnesota
320-380-XXXXSaint CloudStearns150642At&t - Local - Mn
320-382-XXXXKandiyohiKandiyohi42239Citizens Tel. Co. Of Mn, Llc Dba Fr
320-383-XXXXClarkfieldYellow Medicine10438Citizens Tel. Co. Of Mn, Llc Dba Fr
320-384-XXXXHinckleyPine29750Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Mn
320-385-XXXXPine CityPine29750Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon
320-386-XXXXPine CityPine29750Xo Minnesota, Llc
320-387-XXXXFoleyBenton38451Benton Coop Tel Co
320-388-XXXXRush CityChisago53887Xo Minnesota, Llc
320-389-XXXXBuffalo LakeRenville15730Sprint Communications Company, L.P.
320-390-XXXXHinckleyPine29750Rural Cellular Corp. Dba Rcc Networ
320-392-XXXXHancockStevens9726Federated Tel Coop
320-393-XXXXRiceBenton38451Benton Coop Tel Co
320-394-XXXXHollowaySwift9783Federated Tel Coop
320-395-XXXXLester PrairieMcleod36651Embarq Minnesota, Inc.
320-396-XXXXBrahamIsanti37816Xo Minnesota, Llc
320-397-XXXXMontevideoChippewa12441Computerpro Inc Dba Cp Telecom - Mn
320-398-XXXXKimballStearns150642Melrose Tel Co
320-399-XXXXSaint CloudStearns150642Mcc Telephony Of Minnesota
320-400-XXXXSaint CloudStearns150642New Cingular Wireless Pcs
320-403-XXXXSaint CloudStearns150642New Cingular Wireless Pcs
320-404-XXXXSaint CloudStearns150642Mcc Telephony Of Minnesota
320-410-XXXXCokatoWright35386Lakedale Link, Inc.
320-412-XXXXLittle FallsMorrison33198Nextel Communications, Inc.
320-413-XXXXWillmarKandiyohi42239Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon
320-414-XXXXWaite ParkStearns150642Charter Fiberlink, Llc - Mn
320-420-XXXXSaint CloudStearns150642Aerial Communications
320-421-XXXXAlexandriaDouglas36009Level 3 Communications, Llc - Il
320-422-XXXXWheatonTraverse3558Onvoy, Inc.
320-424-XXXXGlenwoodPope10995Rural Cellular Corp. Dba Rcc Networ
320-428-XXXXSaint CloudStearns150642Bandwidth Com Clec
320-429-XXXXSauk CentreStearns150642Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon
320-431-XXXXLittle FallsMorrison33198Sprint Spectrum L.P.- Mn
320-432-XXXXFarwellDouglas36009Level 3 Communications, Llc - Il
320-433-XXXXSt JosephStearns150642Level 3 Communications, Llc - Il
320-434-XXXXLitchfieldMeeker23300Level 3 Communications, Llc - Il
320-438-XXXXMinneapolisHennepin1152425Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon
320-439-XXXXSaint CloudStearns150642Sprint Communications Company, L.P.
320-440-XXXXSaint CloudStearns150642Sprint Communications Company, L.P.
320-441-XXXXWillmarKandiyohi42239Onvoy, Inc.
320-442-XXXXLong PrairieTodd24895Onvoy
320-443-XXXXSaint CloudStearns150642Nextera Communications, Llc - Mn
320-444-XXXXWillmarKandiyohi42239Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
320-446-XXXXStewartMcleod36651Sprint Communications Company, L.P.
320-450-XXXXDasselMeeker23300Lakedale Link, Inc.
320-451-XXXXBrahamIsanti37816Xo Minnesota, Llc
320-453-XXXXEden ValleyMeeker23300Melrose Tel Co
320-455-XXXXHutchinsonMcleod36651Sprint Communications Company, L.P.
320-456-XXXXRaymondKandiyohi42239Onvoy, Inc.
320-460-XXXXAlexandriaDouglas36009Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon
320-461-XXXXWaite ParkStearns150642Charter Fiberlink Cco
320-464-XXXXCosmosMeeker23300Onvoy, Inc.
320-468-XXXXPierzMorrison33198Centurytel Of Minnesota, Inc.
320-469-XXXXSaint CloudStearns150642Aerial Communications
320-484-XXXXHutchinsonMcleod36651Hutchinson Tel Co
320-485-XXXXWinstedMcleod36651Winsted Tel Co
320-487-XXXXOrtonvilleBig Stone5269Midcontinent Communications Mn
320-490-XXXXHoward LakeWright35386Lakedale Link, Inc.
320-491-XXXXAlexandriaDouglas36009Sprint Spectrum L.P.- Mn
320-492-XXXXSaint CloudStearns150642Sprint Spectrum L.P.- Mn
320-493-XXXXSaint CloudStearns150642Sprint Spectrum L.P.- Mn
320-495-XXXXWahkonMille Lacs26097Citizens Tel. Co. Of Mn, Llc Dba Fr
320-496-XXXXBrahamIsanti37816Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Mn
320-500-XXXXSaint CloudStearns150642Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon
320-510-XXXXGlencoeMcleod36651Midwest Wireless Communication Llc
320-514-XXXXBrahamIsanti37816Xo Minnesota, Llc
320-515-XXXXMoraKanabec16239Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Mn
320-522-XXXXOliviaRenville15730Midwest Wireless Communication Llc
320-523-XXXXOliviaRenville15730Onvoy, Inc.
320-524-XXXXBrandonDouglas36009Gardonville Coop Tel Assn
320-525-XXXXSaint CloudStearns150642Onvoy, Inc.
320-526-XXXXHoward LakeWright35386Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mn
320-527-XXXXSaint CloudStearns150642Onvoy, Inc.
320-528-XXXXElizabethOtter Tail57303Runestone Tel Assn
320-529-XXXXSaint CloudBenton38451Qwest Corporation - Mn
320-532-XXXXOnamiaMille Lacs26097Citizens Tel. Co. Of Mn, Llc Dba Fr
320-533-XXXXLong PrairieTodd24895Onvoy, Inc.
320-534-XXXXSaint CloudBenton38451Qwest Corporation - Mn
320-535-XXXXLitchfieldMeeker23300Sprint Communications Company, L.P.
320-537-XXXXSaint CloudStearns150642Onvoy, Inc.
320-542-XXXXSaint CloudStearns150642Sprint Communications Company, L.P.
320-543-XXXXHoward LakeWright35386Embarq Minnesota, Inc.
320-544-XXXXIrvingIrving42239Sprint Communications Company, L.P.
320-547-XXXXSwanvilleMorrison33198Qwest Corporation - Mn
320-548-XXXXRichmondStearns150642Melrose Tel Co
320-552-XXXXHutchinsonMcleod36651Midwest Wireless Communication Llc
320-554-XXXXVillardPope10995Embarq Minnesota, Inc.
320-555-XXXXMinneapolisHennepin1152425Qwest Corporation - Mn
320-556-XXXXMilacaMille Lacs26097Benton Coop Tel Co
320-557-XXXXWaite ParkStearns150642Charter Fiberlink, Llc - Mn
320-558-XXXXClearwaterWright35386Citizens Tel. Co. Of Mn, Llc Dba Fr
320-559-XXXXBuffaloWright35386Charter Fiberlink, Llc - Mn
320-562-XXXXStewartMcleod36651Embarq Minnesota, Inc.
320-563-XXXXWheatonTraverse3558Citizens Tel. Co. Of Mn, Llc Dba Fr
320-564-XXXXGranite FallsYellow Medicine10438Embarq Minnesota, Inc.
320-565-XXXXSaint CloudStearns150642Sprint Communications Company, L.P.
320-566-XXXXMinneapolisHennepin1152425Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Mn
320-567-XXXXClontarfSwift9783Federated Tel Coop
320-568-XXXXOdessaBig Stone5269Farmers Mutual Tel Co
320-569-XXXXSaint CloudStearns150642Sprint Communications Company, L.P.
320-573-XXXXUpsalaMorrison33198Upsala Coop Tel Assn
320-574-XXXXSaint CloudStearns150642Sprint Communications Company, L.P.
320-577-XXXXHermanGrant238136Runestone Telephone Association - M
320-579-XXXXOliviaRenville15730Western Wireless Corporation-Mn
320-582-XXXXHutchinsonMcleod36651Western Wireless Corporation-Mn
320-583-XXXXHutchinsonMcleod36651Midwest Wireless Communication Llc
320-584-XXXXRoyaltonMorrison33198Qwest Corporation - Mn
320-585-XXXXMorrisStevens9726Hometown Solutions, Llc - Mn
320-587-XXXXHutchinsonMcleod36651Hutchinson Tel Co
320-589-XXXXMorrisStevens9726Qwest Corporation - Mn
320-591-XXXXPine CityPine29750Xo Minnesota, Llc
320-592-XXXXMc GrathAitkin16202Citizens Tel. Co. Of Mn, Llc Dba Fr
320-593-XXXXLitchfieldMeeker23300Hutchinson Telecommunications, Inc.
320-594-XXXXBrowervilleTodd24895Embarq Minnesota, Inc.
320-596-XXXXCorrellBig Stone5269Federated Tel Coop
320-597-XXXXRichmondStearns150642Melrose Tel Co
320-598-XXXXMadisonLac Qui Parle7259Frontier Communications Of Minnesot
320-599-XXXXPennockKandiyohi42239Mid State Tel Co. Dba Kmp Tel Co.
320-613-XXXXLester PrairieMcleod36651Sprint Communications Company, L.P.
320-616-XXXXLittle FallsMorrison33198Qwest Corporation - Mn
320-626-XXXXDasselMeeker23300Onvoy, Inc.
320-629-XXXXPine CityPine29750Qwest Corporation - Mn
320-630-XXXXLittle FallsMorrison33198Rural Cellular Corp. Dba Rcc Networ
320-631-XXXXLittle FallsMorrison33198Integra Telecom Of Minnesota, Inc.
320-632-XXXXLittle FallsMorrison33198Qwest Corporation - Mn
320-633-XXXXSaint CloudStearns150642Onvoy, Inc.
320-634-XXXXGlenwoodPope10995Qwest Corporation - Mn
320-635-XXXXLittle FallsMorrison33198Nextera Communications, Llc - Mn
320-636-XXXXSunburgSunburg42239Sprint Communications Company, L.P.
320-639-XXXXLittle FallsMorrison33198Consolidated Telephone Company - Mn
320-648-XXXXAppletonSwift9783Computerpro Inc Dba Cp Telecom - Mn
320-649-XXXXBird IslandRenville15730Computerpro Inc Dba Cp Telecom - Mn
320-650-XXXXSaint CloudBenton38451Qwest Corporation - Mn
320-654-XXXXSaint CloudBenton38451Qwest Corporation - Mn
320-655-XXXXBrunoPine29750Centurytel Of Northwest Wisconsin,
320-656-XXXXSaint CloudBenton38451Qwest Corporation - Mn
320-657-XXXXSaint CloudStearns150642Sprint Communications Company, L.P.
320-664-XXXXLake LillianKandiyohi42239Citizens Tel. Co. Of Mn, Llc Dba Fr
320-668-XXXXMariettaLac Qui Parle7259Farmers Mutual Tel Co
320-669-XXXXClarkfieldYellow Medicine10438Citizens Tel. Co. Of Mn, Llc Dba Fr
320-674-XXXXMoraKanabec16239Sprint Communications Company
320-676-XXXXIsleMille Lacs26097Citizens Tel. Co. Of Mn, Llc Dba Fr
320-677-XXXXHermanGrant238136Citizens Tel. Co. Of Mn, Llc Dba Fr
320-679-XXXXMoraKanabec16239Qwest Corporation - Mn
320-682-XXXXMorrisStevens9726Computerpro Inc Dba Cp Telecom - Mn
320-683-XXXXOliviaRenville15730Computerpro Inc Dba Cp Telecom - Mn
320-684-XXXXIsleMille Lacs26097Citizens Tel. Co. Of Mn, Llc Dba Fr
320-685-XXXXCold SpringStearns150642Onvoy, Inc.
320-686-XXXXSaint CloudStearns150642Big River Telephone Company
320-692-XXXXGarrisonCrow Wing62500Citizens Tel. Co. Of Mn, Llc Dba Fr
320-693-XXXXLitchfieldMeeker23300Qwest Corporation - Mn
320-695-XXXXBeardsleyBig Stone5269Valley Tel Co
320-697-XXXXBelgradeStearns150642Citizens Tel. Co. Of Mn, Llc Dba Fr
320-698-XXXXMadisonLac Qui Parle7259Farmers Mutual Technologies, Inc.
320-699-XXXXLitchfieldMeeker23300Western Wireless Corporation-Mn
320-709-XXXXSaint CloudStearns150642Metrocall
320-722-XXXXSaint CloudStearns150642Sprint Communications Company, L.P.
320-726-XXXXSauk CentreStearns150642Computerpro Inc Dba Cp Telecom - Mn
320-727-XXXXOrtonvilleBig Stone5269Computerpro Inc Dba Cp Telecom - Mn
320-732-XXXXLong PrairieTodd24895Embarq Minnesota, Inc.
320-733-XXXXLittle FallsMorrison33198Rural Cellular Corp. Dba Rcc Networ
320-734-XXXXMilanChippewa12441Federated Tel Coop
320-735-XXXXSwanvilleMorrison33198Computerpro Inc Dba Cp Telecom - Mn
320-738-XXXXSaint CloudStearns150642Onvoy, Inc.
320-743-XXXXClear LakeSherburne88499Citizens Tel. Co. Of Mn, Llc Dba Fr
320-745-XXXXPierzMorrison33198Consolidated Tel Co
320-746-XXXXHoldingfordStearns150642Qwest Corporation - Mn
320-748-XXXXGracevilleBig Stone5269Centurytel Of Minnesota, Inc.
320-749-XXXXRandallMorrison33198Consolidated Tel Co
320-752-XXXXMilanChippewa12441Farmers Mutual Tel Co
320-753-XXXXSilver LakeMcleod36651Sprint Communications Company, L.P.
320-759-XXXXAlexandriaDouglas36009Embarq Minnesota, Inc.
320-760-XXXXAlexandriaDouglas36009Rural Cellular Corp. Dba Rcc Networ
320-761-XXXXSaint CloudStearns150642Blue Licenses Holding, Llc
320-762-XXXXAlexandriaDouglas36009Embarq Minnesota, Inc.
320-763-XXXXAlexandriaDouglas36009Embarq Minnesota, Inc.
320-764-XXXXWatkinsMeeker23300Melrose Tel Co
320-765-XXXXSacred HeartRenville15730Sacred Heart Tel Co
320-766-XXXXAlexandriaDouglas36009American Cellular Corporation
320-769-XXXXDawsonLac Qui Parle7259Frontier Communications Of Minnesot
320-774-XXXXSaint CloudStearns150642360networks (Usa) Inc. - Mn
320-777-XXXXSt CloudSt Cloud0Onvoy, Inc.
320-779-XXXXGlencoeMcleod36651Western Wireless Corporation-Mn
320-793-XXXXMilanChippewa12441Federated Tel Coop
320-795-XXXXCyrusPope10995Runestone Tel Assn
320-796-XXXXSpicerKandiyohi42239Mid State Tel Co
320-805-XXXXLittle FallsMorrison33198Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon
320-808-XXXXAlexandriaDouglas36009Rural Cellular Corp. Dba Rcc Networ
320-815-XXXXAlexandriaDouglas36009Rural Cellular Corp. Dba Rcc Networ
320-826-XXXXRenvilleRenville15730Mid State Tel Co. Dba Kmp Tel Co.
320-828-XXXXSaint CloudStearns150642Computerpro Inc Dba Cp Telecom - Mn
320-833-XXXXBuffalo LakeRenville15730Embarq Minnesota, Inc.
320-834-XXXXGarfieldDouglas36009Gardonville Coop Tel Assn
320-836-XXXXFreeportStearns150642Albany Mutual Tel Assn Inc
320-837-XXXXMelroseStearns150642Albany Mutual Tel Assn Inc
320-838-XXXXSandstonePine29750Citizens Tel. Co. Of Mn, Llc Dba Fr
320-839-XXXXOrtonvilleBig Stone5269Onvoy, Inc.
320-841-XXXXMontevideoChippewa12441Western Wireless Corporation-Mn
320-842-XXXXBensonSwift9783Embarq Minnesota, Inc.
320-843-XXXXBensonSwift9783Embarq Minnesota, Inc.
320-844-XXXXSaint CloudStearns150642Wireless Communications Ventur
320-845-XXXXAlbanyStearns150642Albany Mutual Tel Assn Inc
320-846-XXXXAlexandriaDouglas36009Embarq Minnesota, Inc.
320-847-XXXXClara CityChippewa12441Clara City Tel Exch Co
320-848-XXXXHectorRenville15730Citizens Tel. Co. Of Mn, Llc Dba Fr
320-852-XXXXCarlosDouglas36009Embarq Minnesota, Inc.
320-853-XXXXMadisonLac Qui Parle7259Sprint Communications Company, L.P.
320-855-XXXXClarkfieldYellow Medicine10438Citizens Tel. Co. Of Mn, Llc Dba Fr
320-857-XXXXGrove CityMeeker23300Embarq Minnesota, Inc.
320-859-XXXXOsakisDouglas36009Osakis Tel Co
320-862-XXXXSaint CloudStearns150642Qwest Corporation
320-864-XXXXGlencoeMcleod36651Embarq Minnesota, Inc.
320-870-XXXXSaint CloudStearns150642Sprint Communications Company, L.P.
320-874-XXXXAlexandriaDouglas36009Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon
320-875-XXXXMurdockSwift9783Mid State Tel Co. Dba Kmp Tel Co.
320-876-XXXXBrandonDouglas36009Gardonville Coop Tel Assn
320-877-XXXXCosmosMeeker23300Citizens Tel. Co. Of Mn, Llc Dba Fr
320-886-XXXXGarfieldDouglas36009Embarq Minnesota, Inc.
320-894-XXXXWillmarKandiyohi42239Midwest Wireless Communication Llc
320-900-XXXXMinneapolisHennepin1152425Xo Minnesota
320-905-XXXXWillmarKandiyohi42239Midwest Wireless Communication Llc
320-923-XXXXRush CityChisago53887Xo Minnesota, Llc
320-944-XXXXBrowntonMcleod36651Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mn
320-961-XXXXOgilvieKanabec16239Computerpro Inc Dba Cp Telecom - Mn
320-963-XXXXMaple LakeWright35386Lakedale Tel Co
320-964-XXXXPine CityPine29750Computerpro Inc Dba Cp Telecom - Mn
320-965-XXXXKensingtonDouglas36009Runestone Tel Assn
320-967-XXXXRaymondKandiyohi42239Citizens Tel. Co. Of Mn, Llc Dba Fr
320-968-XXXXFoleyBenton38451Qwest Corporation - Mn
320-974-XXXXAtwaterKandiyohi42239Citizens Tel. Co. Of Mn, Llc Dba Fr
320-976-XXXXSaint CloudStearns150642Miscellaneous Exchange Carrier
320-978-XXXXPrinsburgKandiyohi42239Citizens Tel. Co. Of Mn, Llc Dba Fr
320-979-XXXXWillmarKandiyohi42239Midwest Wireless Communication Llc
320-980-XXXXSaint CloudStearns150642Nextel Communications, Inc.
320-981-XXXXGranite FallsYellow Medicine10438Western Wireless Corporation-Mn
320-982-XXXXMilacaMille Lacs26097Local Access Network, Llc
320-983-XXXXMilacaMille Lacs26097Citizens Tel. Co. Of Mn, Llc Dba Fr
320-986-XXXXHoffmanGrant238136Runestone Tel Assn
320-987-XXXXMelroseStearns150642Melrose Tel Co
320-993-XXXXSaint CloudStearns150642Sprint Communications Company, L.P.
320-995-XXXXSveaKandiyohi42239Citizens Tel. Co. Of Mn, Llc Dba Fr
320-818-XXXXSAINT CLOUDBenton38451Midcontinent Communications - MN