Area Code is covered under 319 Iowa

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Details on Area Code 319

State Iowa
Statewide Area Codes 319, 515, 563, 641, 712
Cities Ainsworth, Alburnett, Allison, Amana, Anamosa, Aplington, Argyle, Atkins, Aurora, Belle Plaine
Counties Benton, Black Hawk, Bremer, Buchanan, Butler, Cedar, Cedar Rpds, Cook, Delaware, Des Moines
Time Zone UTC-6

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Telephone Code 319

Area Interchange City County Population Network Operator
319-201-XXXXMt PleasantHenry20145Nextel Partners Operating Corp.
319-202-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226Iowa Wireless Services, Lp
319-203-XXXXNorth LibertyJohnson130882Mcc Telephony Of Iowa
319-208-XXXXBurlingtonDes Moines430640Mcleodusa Telecommunication Service
319-209-XXXXBurlingtonDes Moines430640Nextel Partners Operating Corp.
319-210-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226Sprint Spectrum L.P.- Ia
319-211-XXXXWaterlooBlack Hawk131090Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon
319-212-XXXXColumbus JctLouisa11387Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
319-213-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226Miscellaneous Exchange Carrier Ba Da
319-214-XXXXVintonBenton5131Sprint Communications Company, L.P.
319-215-XXXXWaterlooBlack Hawk131090Sprint Communications Company, L.P.
319-217-XXXXMount PleasantHenry20145Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
319-219-XXXXMount PleasantHenry20145Local Telephone Data Services Corp.
319-220-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226Arch Wireless Holdings, Inc.
319-221-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226Qwest Corporation - Ia
319-222-XXXXCedar FallsBlack Hawk131090Qwest Corporation - Ia
319-223-XXXXNewhallBenton5131South Slope Coop Tel Co Inc
319-224-XXXXWalkerLinn211226Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
319-225-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226Sprint Communications Company, L.P.
319-226-XXXXWaterlooBlack Hawk131090Qwest Corporation - Ia
319-227-XXXXNorwayBenton5131South Slope Coop Tel Co Inc
319-228-XXXXVan HorneBenton5131Van Horne Coop Tel Co
319-229-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226Arch Wireless Holdings, Inc.
319-230-XXXXWaterlooBlack Hawk131090Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
319-231-XXXXWaterlooBlack Hawk131090United States Cellular Corp. - Iowa
319-232-XXXXWaterlooBlack Hawk131090Qwest Corporation - Ia
319-233-XXXXWaterlooBlack Hawk131090Qwest Corporation - Ia
319-234-XXXXWaterlooBlack Hawk131090Qwest Corporation - Ia
319-235-XXXXWaterlooBlack Hawk131090Qwest Corporation - Ia
319-236-XXXXWaterlooBlack Hawk131090Qwest Corporation - Ia
319-237-XXXXBurlingtonDes Moines430640Local Telephone Data Services Corp.
319-238-XXXXOelweinFayette20880Nextel Partners Operating Corp.
319-239-XXXXWaterlooBlack Hawk131090United States Cellular Corp. - Iowa
319-240-XXXXWaterlooBlack Hawk131090United States Cellular Corp. - Iowa
319-241-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226Iowa Wireless Services, Lp
319-242-XXXXCedar FallsBlack Hawk131090At&t - Local - Ia
319-243-XXXXCedar FallsBlack Hawk131090Qwest Corporation - Ia
319-244-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226Sprint Communications Company, L.P.
319-245-XXXXVan HorneBenton5131Van Horne Coop Tel Co
319-246-XXXXFort MadisonLee35862At&t - Local - Ia
319-247-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226Qwest Corporation - Ia
319-248-XXXXIowa CityJohnson130882Mcleodusa Telecommunication Service
319-249-XXXXSperryDes Moines430640Mediapolis Tel Co
319-250-XXXXBettendorfScott165224Level 3 Communications
319-252-XXXXMediapolisDes Moines430640Mediapolis Tel Co
319-253-XXXXHillsboroHenry20145Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
319-254-XXXXCrawfordsvilleWashington21704Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
319-255-XXXXColumbus JctLouisa11387Local Telephone Data Services Corp.
319-256-XXXXWaylandHenry20145Farmers & Merchants Mutual Tel Co
319-257-XXXXWinfieldHenry20145Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
319-258-XXXXSalemHenry20145Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
319-260-XXXXOakvilleLouisa11387Mediapolis Tel Co
319-261-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226Mcleodusa Telecommunication Service
319-262-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226Sprint Communications Company, L.P.
319-263-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226Qwest Corporation - Ia
319-264-XXXXVan HorneBenton5131Van Horne Coop Tel Co
319-265-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226Mcleodusa Telecommunication Service
319-266-XXXXCedar FallsBlack Hawk131090Qwest Corporation - Ia
319-267-XXXXAllisonButler14867Universal Communications Of Allison
319-268-XXXXCedar FallsBlack Hawk131090Qwest Corporation - Ia
319-269-XXXXWaterlooBlack Hawk131090United States Cellular Corp. - Iowa
319-270-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
319-271-XXXXMediapolisDes Moines430640Mediapolis Tel Co
319-272-XXXXWaterlooBlack Hawk131090Qwest Corporation - Ia
319-273-XXXXCedar FallsBlack Hawk131090Qwest Corporation - Ia
319-274-XXXXWaterlooBlack Hawk131090Qwest Corporation - Ia
319-275-XXXXTripoliBremer24276Butler-Bremer Mutual Tel Co
319-276-XXXXPlainfieldBremer24276Butler-Bremer Mutual Tel Co
319-277-XXXXCedar FallsBlack Hawk131090Qwest Corporation - Ia
319-278-XXXXClarksvilleButler14867Clarksville Telephone Company
319-279-XXXXReadlynBremer24276Readlyn Tel Co
319-282-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226Sprint Communications Company, L.P.
319-283-XXXXOelweinFayette20880Qwest Corporation - Ia
319-284-XXXXWinthropBuchanan20958East Buchanan Telephone Cooperative
319-285-XXXXNorth LibertyJohnson130882Mcc Telephony Of Iowa
319-286-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226Qwest Corporation - Ia
319-287-XXXXWaterlooBlack Hawk131090Qwest Corporation - Ia
319-288-XXXXKeosauquaVan Buren7570Iowa Wireless Services, Lp
319-289-XXXXVan HorneBenton5131Van Horne Coop Tel Co
319-290-XXXXWaterlooBlack Hawk131090Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
319-291-XXXXWaterlooBlack Hawk131090Qwest Corporation - Ia
319-292-XXXXWaterlooBlack Hawk131090Qwest Corporation - Ia
319-293-XXXXKeosauquaVan Buren7570Van Buren Tel Co Inc
319-294-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226Qwest Corporation - Ia
319-295-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226Qwest Corporation - Ia
319-296-XXXXWaterlooBlack Hawk131090Qwest Corporation - Ia
319-297-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226Qwest Corporation - Ia
319-298-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226Qwest Corporation - Ia
319-309-XXXXWaterlooBlack Hawk131090Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon
319-310-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226United States Cellular Corp. - Iowa
319-311-XXXXWaterlooBlack Hawk131090Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon
319-312-XXXXNorth LibertyJohnson130882Mcc Telephony Of Iowa
319-313-XXXXKeokukLee35862Local Telephone Data Services Corp.
319-316-XXXXFort MadisonLee35862Local Telephone Data Services Corp.
319-319-XXXXWaterlooBlack Hawk131090Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon
319-321-XXXXIowa CityJohnson130882Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
319-322-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226Sprint Communications Company, L.P.
319-323-XXXXVan HorneBenton5131Van Horne Coop Tel Co
319-325-XXXXIowa CityJohnson130882United States Cellular Corp. - Iowa
319-327-XXXXIndependenceBuchanan20958United States Cellular Corp. - Iowa
319-328-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226Sprint Communications Company, L.P.
319-329-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
319-330-XXXXIowa CityJohnson130882United States Cellular Corp. - Iowa
319-331-XXXXIowa CityJohnson130882Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
319-332-XXXXIndependenceBuchanan20958Independence Telecommunications Uti
319-333-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226Mcc Telephony Of Iowa
319-334-XXXXIndependenceBuchanan20958Qwest Corporation - Ia
319-335-XXXXIowa CityJohnson130882Qwest Corporation - Ia
319-336-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226Sprint Communications Company, L.P.
319-337-XXXXIowa CityJohnson130882Qwest Corporation - Ia
319-338-XXXXIowa CityJohnson130882Qwest Corporation - Ia
319-339-XXXXIowa CityJohnson130882Qwest Corporation - Ia
319-341-XXXXIowa CityJohnson130882Qwest Corporation - Ia
319-342-XXXXLa Porte CityBlack Hawk131090La Porte City Tel Co
319-345-XXXXReinbeckGrundy12453Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
319-346-XXXXParkersburgButler14867Qwest Corporation - Ia
319-347-XXXXAplingtonButler14867Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
319-350-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226United States Cellular Corp. - Iowa
319-351-XXXXIowa CityJohnson130882Qwest Corporation - Ia
319-352-XXXXWaverlyBremer24276Qwest Corporation - Ia
319-353-XXXXIowa CityJohnson130882Qwest Corporation - Ia
319-354-XXXXIowa CityJohnson130882Qwest Corporation - Ia
319-355-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226Qwest Corporation - Ia
319-356-XXXXIowa CityJohnson130882Qwest Corporation - Ia
319-357-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226Sprint Communications Company, L.P.
319-358-XXXXIowa CityJohnson130882Qwest Corporation - Ia
319-360-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
319-361-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226United States Cellular Corp. - Iowa
319-362-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226Qwest Corporation - Ia
319-363-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226Qwest Corporation - Ia
319-364-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226Qwest Corporation - Ia
319-365-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226Qwest Corporation - Ia
319-366-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226Qwest Corporation - Ia
319-367-XXXXNew LondonHenry20145Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
319-368-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226Qwest Corporation - Ia
319-369-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226Qwest Corporation - Ia
319-371-XXXXFort MadisonLee35862Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
319-372-XXXXFort MadisonLee35862Qwest Corporation - Ia
319-373-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226Qwest Corporation - Ia
319-374-XXXXSperryDes Moines430640Mediapolis Tel Co
319-375-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226Qwest Corporation - Ia
319-376-XXXXFort MadisonLee35862Qwest Corporation - Ia
319-377-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226Qwest Corporation - Ia
319-378-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226Qwest Corporation - Ia
319-384-XXXXIowa CityJohnson130882Qwest Corporation - Ia
319-385-XXXXMount PleasantHenry20145Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
319-389-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
319-390-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226Qwest Corporation - Ia
319-392-XXXXDanvilleDes Moines430640Danville Mutual Tel Co
319-393-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226Qwest Corporation - Ia
319-394-XXXXMediapolisDes Moines430640Mediapolis Tel Co
319-395-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226Qwest Corporation - Ia
319-396-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226Qwest Corporation - Ia
319-397-XXXXMiltonVan Buren7570Van Buren Tel Co Inc
319-398-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226Qwest Corporation - Ia
319-399-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226Qwest Corporation - Ia
319-400-XXXXIowa CityJohnson130882Blue Licenses Holding, Llc
319-402-XXXXWaterlooBlack Hawk131090Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon
319-404-XXXXWaterlooBlack Hawk131090United States Cellular Corp. - Iowa
319-406-XXXXDenverBremer24276At&t - Local - Ia
319-408-XXXXManchesterDelaware17764Mcc Telephony Of Iowa
319-411-XXXXWaterlooBlack Hawk131090Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon
319-415-XXXXWaterlooBlack Hawk131090United States Cellular Corp. - Iowa
319-421-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226Sprint Communications Company, L.P.
319-422-XXXXSperryDes Moines430640Mediapolis Tel Co
319-423-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226Mediapolis Tel Co
319-425-XXXXMartelleJones20638Martelle Coop Tel Asc Dba Mart
319-427-XXXXWaterlooBlack Hawk131090Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon
319-428-XXXXVan HorneBenton5131Van Horne Coop Tel Co
319-429-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226Van Horne Coop Tel Co
319-430-XXXXIowa CityJohnson130882United States Cellular Corp. - Iowa
319-431-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226Sprint Spectrum L.P.- Ia
319-432-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226Van Horne Coop Tel Co
319-433-XXXXWaterlooBlack Hawk131090Mcleodusa Telecommunication Service
319-434-XXXXBelle PlaineBenton5131Coon Creek Telecommunications Corp.
319-435-XXXXCoggonLinn211226Qwest Corporation - Ia
319-436-XXXXShellsburgBenton5131Farmers Mutual Tel Co
319-437-XXXXCentral CityLinn211226Prairieburg Tel Co Inc
319-438-XXXXCentral CityLinn211226Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
319-439-XXXXElberonTama17767Keystone Farms Coop Tel Co
319-440-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226Midwest Wireless Communication Llc
319-441-XXXXVan HorneBenton5131Van Horne Coop Tel Co
319-442-XXXXKeystoneBenton5131Keystone Farms Coop Tel Co
319-443-XXXXUrbanaBenton5131Farmers Mutual Tel Co
319-444-XXXXBelle PlaineBenton5131Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
319-445-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226Sprint Communications Company, L.P.
319-446-XXXXAtkinsBenton5131Atkins Tel Co Inc
319-447-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226Qwest Corporation - Ia
319-448-XXXXWalkerLinn211226Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
319-449-XXXXDodgevilleDes Moines430640Mediapolis Tel Co
319-450-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226Midwest Wireless Communication Llc
319-451-XXXXVan HorneBenton5131Van Horne Coop Tel Co
319-452-XXXXMediapolisDes Moines430640Mediapolis Tel Co
319-453-XXXXShellsburgBenton5131Farmers Mutual Tel Co
319-454-XXXXBlairstownBenton5131Coon Creek Tel Co
319-455-XXXXLisbonLinn211226Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
319-456-XXXXRichlandKeokuk35862Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
319-457-XXXXBurlingtonDes Moines430640Iowa Wireless Services, Lp
319-458-XXXXWashingtonWashington21704Midwest Wireless Communication Llc
319-459-XXXXNorth LibertyJohnson130882Mcc Telephony Of Iowa
319-460-XXXXWashingtonWashington21704Midwest Wireless Communication Llc
319-461-XXXXWashingtonWashington21704United States Cellular Corp. - Iowa
319-462-XXXXAnamosaJones20638Qwest Corporation - Ia
319-463-XXXXMontroseLee35862Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
319-464-XXXXWaterlooBlack Hawk131090At&t - Local - Ia
319-465-XXXXMonticelloJones20638Qwest Corporation - Ia
319-466-XXXXIowa CityJohnson130882Qwest Corporation - Ia
319-467-XXXXIowa CityJohnson130882Qwest Corporation - Ia
319-469-XXXXSalemHenry20145Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
319-470-XXXXFort MadisonLee35862United States Cellular Corp. - Iowa
319-471-XXXXIowa CityJohnson130882At&t - Local - Ia
319-472-XXXXVintonBenton5131Qwest Corporation - Ia
319-473-XXXXKeokukLee35862Iowa Wireless Services, Lp
319-474-XXXXBrandonBuchanan20958Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
319-475-XXXXMount AuburnBenton5131La Porte City Tel Co
319-476-XXXXDysartTama17767Farmers Coop Tel Co
319-477-XXXXGarrisonBenton5131Keystone Farms Coop Tel Co
319-478-XXXXTraerTama17767Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
319-479-XXXXClutierTama17767Farmers Coop Tel Co
319-480-XXXXAnamosaJones20638United States Cellular Corp. - Iowa
319-481-XXXXAnamosaJones20638Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
319-482-XXXXMartelleJones20638Martelle Coop Tel Assn
319-483-XXXXWaverlyBremer24276Qwest Corporation - Ia
319-484-XXXXOlinJones20638Olin Tel Co Inc
319-487-XXXXSperryDes Moines430640Mediapolis Tel Co
319-489-XXXXMartelleJones20638Olin Tel Co Inc
319-490-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226Electronic Engineering Company
319-491-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226At&t - Local - Ia
319-493-XXXXWaterlooBlack Hawk131090Nextel Partners Operating Corp.
319-494-XXXXMount SterlingVan Buren7570Van Buren Tel Co Inc
319-495-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226Sprint Communications Company, L.P.
319-497-XXXXJacksonHinds19848Level 3 Communications, Llc - Ms
319-498-XXXXBirminghamVan Buren7570Van Buren Tel Co Inc
319-504-XXXXWaterlooBlack Hawk131090Sprint Spectrum L.P.- Ia
319-507-XXXXWaterlooBlack Hawk131090Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon
319-509-XXXXOelweinFayette20880Iowa Wireless Services, Lp
319-511-XXXXWaterlooBlack Hawk131090Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon
319-512-XXXXIowa CityJohnson130882Sprint Communications Company, L.P.
319-515-XXXXWaterlooBlack Hawk131090Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon
319-520-XXXXKeokukLee35862Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
319-521-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226Iowa Wireless Services, Lp
319-522-XXXXMediapolisDes Moines430640Mediapolis Tel Co
319-523-XXXXWapelloLouisa11387Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
319-524-XXXXKeokukLee35862Qwest Corporation - Ia
319-525-XXXXHartwickPoweshiek18914Cooperative Tel Co
319-526-XXXXKeokukLee35862Qwest Corporation - Ia
319-527-XXXXWapelloLouisa11387Louisa Communications, L.C.
319-528-XXXXWeverLee35862Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
319-529-XXXXWaterlooBlack Hawk131090Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon
319-530-XXXXIowa CityJohnson130882United States Cellular Corp. - Iowa
319-531-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226Midwest Wireless Communication Llc
319-533-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226Nextel Partners Operating Corp.
319-534-XXXXBettendorfScott165224Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon
319-535-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226Nextel Communications, Inc.
319-537-XXXXMount PleasantHenry20145Iowa Wireless Services, Lp
319-538-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226360networks
319-540-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226United States Cellular Corp. - Iowa
319-541-XXXXIowa CityJohnson130882Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
319-542-XXXXVan HorneBenton5131Van Horne Coop Tel Co
319-543-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226Sprint Communications Company, L.P.
319-544-XXXXMediapolisDes Moines430640Mediapolis Tel Co
319-545-XXXXNorth LibertyJohnson130882South Slope Coop Tel Co Inc
319-547-XXXXMediapolisDes Moines430640Mediapolis Tel Co
319-548-XXXXWashingtonWashington21704Iowa Wireless Services, Lp
319-550-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226Sprint Communications Company, L.P.
319-551-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226United States Cellular Corp. - Iowa
319-553-XXXXCedar FallsBlack Hawk131090Mcleodusa Telecommunication Service
319-555-XXXXDes MoinesPolk430640Qwest Corporation - Ia
319-558-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226Qwest Corporation - Ia
319-560-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226United States Cellular Corp. - Iowa
319-561-XXXXFort MadisonLee35862Iowa Wireless Services, Lp
319-563-XXXXWaterlooBlack Hawk131090Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon
319-567-XXXXVan HorneBenton5131Van Horne Coop Tel Co
319-572-XXXXBurlingtonDes Moines430640United States Cellular Corp. - Iowa
319-573-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226Blue Licenses Holding, Llc
319-575-XXXXCedar FallsBlack Hawk131090Qwest Corporation - Ia
319-576-XXXXBurlingtonDes Moines430640Mcleodusa Telecommunication Service
319-578-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226Sprint Communications Company, L.P.
319-582-XXXXVan HorneBenton5131Van Horne Coop Tel Co
319-585-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226Sprint Communications Company, L.P.
319-591-XXXXWashingtonWashington21704Nextel Partners Operating Corp.
319-592-XXXXBonaparteVan Buren7570Van Buren Tel Co Inc
319-594-XXXXIowa CityJohnson130882Sprint Spectrum L.P.- Ia
319-596-XXXXWaverlyBremer24276Mcleodusa Telecommunication Service
319-598-XXXXWashingtonWashington21704Local Telephone Data Services Corp.
319-601-XXXXBurlingtonDes Moines430640Sprint Spectrum L.P.- Ia
319-602-XXXXWaterlooWaterloo131090Airadigm Communications Inc
319-603-XXXXCedar RpdsCedar Rpds0Airadigm Communications Inc
319-605-XXXXWaterlooBlack Hawk131090Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon
319-610-XXXXWaterlooBlack Hawk131090Blue Licenses Holding, Llc
319-611-XXXXWaterlooBlack Hawk131090Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon
319-614-XXXXPackwoodJefferson9336Local Telephone Data Services Corp.
319-621-XXXXIowa CityJohnson130882Sprint Spectrum L.P.- Ia
319-622-XXXXAmanaIowa16355South Slope Coop Tel Co Inc
319-623-XXXXLadoraIowa16355Cooperative Tel Co
319-624-XXXXNorth LibertyJohnson130882South Slope Coop Tel Co Inc
319-625-XXXXNorth LibertyJohnson130882South Slope Coop Tel Co Inc
319-626-XXXXNorth LibertyJohnson130882South Slope Coop Tel Co Inc
319-627-XXXXWest LibertyMuscatine42745West Liberty Tel Co
319-628-XXXXOxfordJohnson130882Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
319-629-XXXXLone TreeJohnson130882Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
319-630-XXXXWaterlooBlack Hawk131090New Cell
319-631-XXXXIowa CityJohnson130882Nextel Partners Operating Corp.
319-632-XXXXNorth LibertyJohnson130882South Slope Coop Tel Co Inc
319-633-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226Sprint Communications Company, L.P.
319-634-XXXXAuroraBuchanan20958East Buchanan Tel Coop
319-635-XXXXFairbankBuchanan20958Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
319-636-XXXXHazletonBuchanan20958Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
319-637-XXXXMediapolisDes Moines430640Mediapolis Tel Co
319-638-XXXXFairbankBuchanan20958Oran Mutual Tel Co
319-639-XXXXKinrossKeokuk35862Modern Coop Tel Co
319-640-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226Midwest Wireless Communication Llc
319-641-XXXXWaterlooBlack Hawk131090Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon
319-642-XXXXMarengoIowa16355Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
319-643-XXXXWest BranchCedar18499West Liberty Tel Co
319-644-XXXXSolonJohnson130882Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
319-645-XXXXTiffinJohnson130882Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
319-646-XXXXWellmanWashington21704Wellman Coop Tel Assn
319-647-XXXXVictorIowa16355Cooperative Tel Co
319-648-XXXXRiversideWashington21704Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
319-651-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226Sprint Spectrum L.P.- Ia
319-652-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226Sprint Communications Company, L.P.
319-653-XXXXWashingtonWashington21704Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
319-654-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226Qwest Corporation - Ia
319-655-XXXXNorth EnglishIowa16355Modern Coop Tel Co
319-656-XXXXKalonaWashington21704Kalona Coop Tel Co
319-657-XXXXAinsworthWashington21704Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
319-658-XXXXCrawfordsvilleWashington21704Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
319-660-XXXXWilliamsburgIowa16355Midwest Wireless Communication Llc
319-661-XXXXWilliamsburgIowa16355Midwest Wireless Communication Llc
319-662-XXXXSouth AmanaIowa16355Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
319-664-XXXXNorth EnglishIowa16355North English Coop Tel Co
319-665-XXXXNorth LibertyJohnson130882South Slope Coop Tel Co Inc
319-667-XXXXSouth EnglishKeokuk35862Modern Coop Tel Co
319-668-XXXXWilliamsburgIowa16355Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
319-669-XXXXFort MadisonLee35862Blue Licenses Holding, Llc
319-670-XXXXKeokukLee35862Blue Licenses Holding, Llc
319-671-XXXXBurlingtonDes Moines430640Blue Licenses Holding, Llc
319-674-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226Sprint Communications Company, L.P.
319-677-XXXXDavenportScott165224Midwest Wireless Communication Llc
319-679-XXXXLone TreeJohnson130882Sharon Tel Co
319-682-XXXXVan HorneBenton5131Van Horne Coop Tel Co
319-683-XXXXKalonaWashington21704Sharon Tel Co
319-684-XXXXVan HorneBenton5131Van Horne Coop Tel Co
319-685-XXXXGuernseyPoweshiek18914Cooperative Tel Co
319-688-XXXXIowa CityJohnson130882Qwest Corporation - Ia
319-693-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226New Cingular Wireless Pcs
319-694-XXXXBrightonWashington21704Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
319-695-XXXXPackwoodJefferson9336Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
319-696-XXXXLockridgeJefferson9336Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
319-698-XXXXWest ChesterWashington21704Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
319-700-XXXXWaterlooBlack Hawk131090Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon
319-711-XXXXWaterlooBlack Hawk131090Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon
319-712-XXXXWaterlooBlack Hawk131090Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon
319-720-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226It Communications
319-721-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226United States Cellular Corp. - Iowa
319-722-XXXXVan HorneBenton5131Van Horne Coop Tel Co
319-723-XXXXNicholsMuscatine42745Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
319-725-XXXXConesvilleMuscatine42745Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
319-726-XXXXLettsLouisa11387Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
319-727-XXXXVan HorneBenton5131Van Horne Coop Tel Co
319-728-XXXXColumbus JctLouisa11387Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
319-729-XXXXLettsLouisa11387Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
319-730-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226Mcleodusa Telecommunication Service
319-731-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226Mcleodusa Telecommunication Service
319-734-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226Mcleodusa Telecommunication Service
319-735-XXXXVan HorneBenton5131Van Horne Coop Tel Co
319-738-XXXXKeswickKeokuk35862Modern Coop Tel Co
319-739-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226Mcleodusa Telecommunication Service
319-741-XXXXMarengoIowa16355Coon Creek Telecommunications Corp.
319-742-XXXXMediapolisDes Moines430640Mediapolis Tel Co
319-743-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226Qwest Corporation - Ia
319-745-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226Sprint Communications Company, L.P.
319-750-XXXXBurlingtonDes Moines430640Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
319-752-XXXXBurlingtonDes Moines430640Qwest Corporation - Ia
319-753-XXXXBurlingtonDes Moines430640Qwest Corporation - Ia
319-754-XXXXBurlingtonDes Moines430640Qwest Corporation - Ia
319-758-XXXXBurlingtonDes Moines430640Qwest Corporation - Ia
319-759-XXXXBurlingtonDes Moines430640United States Cellular Corp. - Iowa
319-766-XXXXOakvilleLouisa11387Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
319-768-XXXXBurlingtonDes Moines430640Qwest Corporation - Ia
319-773-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226Sprint Communications Company, L.P.
319-774-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226Level 3 Communications
319-775-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226Bandwidth Com Clec
319-779-XXXXNorth LibertyJohnson130882Mcc Telephony Of Iowa
319-783-XXXXSperryDes Moines430640Mediapolis Tel Co
319-784-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226Qwest Corporation - Ia
319-785-XXXXMediapolisDes Moines430640Mediapolis Tel Co
319-786-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226Qwest Corporation - Ia
319-788-XXXXReinbeckGrundy12453Reinbeck Municipal Telecommunicatio
319-790-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226Mcleodusa Telecommunication Service
319-795-XXXXKeokukLee35862United States Cellular Corp. - Iowa
319-796-XXXXStockportVan Buren7570Van Buren Tel Co Inc
319-804-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226Ymax Communications Corp Ia
319-811-XXXXWaterlooBlack Hawk131090Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon
319-815-XXXXWaterlooBlack Hawk131090Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon
319-820-XXXXChicagoCook0Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon
319-821-XXXXAnamosaJones20638Iowa Wireless Services, Lp
319-822-XXXXDunkertonBlack Hawk131090Dunkerton Tel Coop
319-823-XXXXGrundy CenterGrundy12453Midwest Wireless Communication Llc
319-824-XXXXGrundy CenterGrundy12453Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
319-825-XXXXGrundy CenterGrundy12453Grundy Center Communications Utilit
319-826-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226Mcc Telephony Of Iowa
319-827-XXXXJesupBuchanan20958Farmers Mutual Tel Co
319-828-XXXXNorth LibertyJohnson130882South Slope Coop Tel Co Inc
319-830-XXXXWaterlooBlack Hawk131090Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
319-832-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226Qwest Corporation - Ia
319-833-XXXXWaterlooBlack Hawk131090Qwest Corporation - Ia
319-834-XXXXIowa CityJohnson130882Qwest Corporation - Ia
319-835-XXXXDonnellsonLee35862Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
319-836-XXXXPrimroseLee35862Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
319-837-XXXXWest PointLee35862Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
319-838-XXXXArgyleLee35862Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
319-840-XXXXMediapolisDes Moines430640Mediapolis Tel Co
319-841-XXXXElyLinn211226South Slope Cooperative Telephone Co.
319-842-XXXXAlburnettLinn211226Farmers Mutual Tel Co
319-844-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226Mcc Telephony Of Iowa
319-845-XXXXFairfaxLinn211226South Slope Coop Tel Co Inc
319-846-XXXXFairfaxLinn211226South Slope Coop Tel Co Inc
319-848-XXXXElyLinn211226South Slope Cooperative Telephone Co.
319-849-XXXXCenter PointLinn211226Qwest Corporation - Ia
319-850-XXXXBurlingtonDes Moines430640Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
319-851-XXXXPaloLinn211226Palo Coop Tel Assn
319-852-XXXXVan HorneBenton5131Van Horne Coop Tel Co
319-853-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226Sprint Communications Company, L.P.
319-854-XXXXSpringvilleLinn211226Springville Coop Tel Assn Inc
319-855-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226New Cingular Wireless Pcs
319-856-XXXXVan HorneBenton5131Van Horne Coop Tel Co
319-857-XXXXSwisherJohnson130882Swisher Tel Co
319-858-XXXXMediapolisDes Moines430640Mediapolis Tel Co
319-859-XXXXCedar FallsBlack Hawk131090Qwest Corporation - Ia
319-861-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226Qwest Corporation - Ia
319-862-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226Qwest Corporation - Ia
319-863-XXXXWashingtonWashington21704Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
319-865-XXXXMount UnionHenry20145Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
319-866-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226Qwest Corporation - Ia
319-868-XXXXMorning SunLouisa11387Mutual Tel Co Of Morning Sun
319-874-XXXXWaterlooBlack Hawk131090Qwest Corporation - Ia
319-877-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226Sprint Communications Company, L.P.
319-878-XXXXFarmingtonVan Buren7570Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
319-882-XXXXTripoliBremer24276Butler-Bremer Mutual Tel Co
319-883-XXXXWaterlooBlack Hawk131090Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon
319-884-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226Sprint Communications Company, L.P.
319-885-XXXXShell RockButler14867Shell Rock Tel Co
319-887-XXXXIowa CityJohnson130882Qwest Corporation - Ia
319-892-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226Mcleodusa Telecommunication Service
319-895-XXXXMount VernonLinn211226Qwest Corporation - Ia
319-896-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226Qwest Corporation - Ia
319-899-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
319-911-XXXXWaterlooBlack Hawk131090Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon
319-929-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226United States Cellular Corp. - Iowa
319-930-XXXXIowa CityJohnson130882United States Cellular Corp. - Iowa
319-931-XXXXMount PleasantHenry20145United States Cellular Corp. - Iowa
319-934-XXXXQuasquetonBuchanan20958East Buchanan Tel Coop
319-935-XXXXWinthropBuchanan20958East Buchanan Tel Coop
319-936-XXXXIowa CityJohnson130882Iowa Wireless Services, Lp
319-937-XXXXMediapolisDes Moines430640Mediapolis Tel Co
319-938-XXXXRowleyBuchanan20958Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
319-939-XXXXWaterlooBlack Hawk131090United States Cellular Corp. - Iowa
319-950-XXXXWaterlooBlack Hawk131090Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon
319-958-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226Miscellaneous Exchange Carrier
319-959-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226Miscellaneous Exchange Carrier
319-961-XXXXWaterlooBlack Hawk131090Iowa Wireless Services, Lp
319-976-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226Miscellaneous Exchange Carrier
319-977-XXXXVan HorneBenton5131Van Horne Coop Tel Co
319-981-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226Iowa Wireless Services, Lp
319-983-XXXXNew HartfordButler14867Qwest Corporation - Ia
319-984-XXXXDenverBremer24276Qwest Corporation - Ia
319-985-XXXXDodgevilleDes Moines430640Mediapolis Tel Co
319-986-XXXXMount PleasantHenry20145Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
319-987-XXXXJanesvilleBremer24276Iowa Telecommunications Services Db
319-988-XXXXHudsonBlack Hawk131090Qwest Corporation - Ia
319-989-XXXXDikeGrundy12453Qwest Corporation - Ia
319-999-XXXXCedar RapidsLinn211226Atkins Telephone Company
319-777-XXXXCEDAR RAPIDSLinn211226Alliance Connect LLC - IA
319-409-XXXXCEDAR RAPIDSLinn211226McLeodUSA Telecommunication Services Inc - IA
319-505-XXXXCEDAR RAPIDSBlack Hawk131090Cellco Partnership dba Verizon Wireless - IA
319-359-XXXXCEDAR RAPIDSJohnson130882Cellco Partnership dba Verizon Wireless - IA
319-343-XXXXCEDAR RAPIDSLinn211226Shellsburg Cablevision - IA
319-499-XXXXCEDAR RAPIDSJohnson130882Sprint Spectrum LP


  • Iowa references: Iowa