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Details on Area Code 316

  • State: Kansas
  • Statewide Area Codes: 316, 620, 785, 913
  • Cities: Andale, Andover, Augusta, Benton, Cheney, Derby, Dodge City, Douglass, El Dorado, Garden Plain
  • Counties: Allen, Barber, Butler, Dodge City, Gardencity, Harvey, Sedgwick
  • Time Zone: UTC-6

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Most Recent Comments

Mar 11, 2020
316-600-9308 07:40am Mar 11, 2020

A robocall from UN-known - health insurance scam - A search shows this number to be from El Dorado, KS. A land line using PEERLESS NETWORK OF KANSAS, LLC - KS. They keep calling using a different new number after being told to remove my number from their call list and blocked.

Feb 25, 2019
316-330-2445 05:16pm Feb 25, 2019

A robocall from out of country - some type of scam - A search shows this number to be from Maple Creek, Saskatchewan. A wireless number using TELUS Mobility. They keep calling using a different new number after being told to remove my number from their call list and blocked. They keep calling using a different new number after being told to remove my number from their call list and blocked.

Feb 2, 2018
316-512-9572 04:30am Feb 2, 2018

Shows on caller ID as letters and numbers . Please block

Jan 31, 2018
316-202-1811 04:30am Jan 31, 2018

<p>Irs lawsuit spam</p>

Jan 23, 2018
316-541-0266 04:30am Jan 23, 2018

<p>Robocall claiming IRS Suit</p>

Dec 3, 2017
316-883-8031 04:30am Dec 3, 2017

<p>He is sorry</p>

Dec 2, 2017
316-413-8540 04:30am Dec 2, 2017

Google spam. Caller Message: If you have been receiving a large volume of calls. If your listing is not confirmed it maybe difficult for individuals to locate your business on the internet. Please press you to check the present status of your listing or press two to be placed on the do not number list. Thank you for your time and have a fantastic day.

Nov 25, 2017
316-209-5364 04:30am Nov 25, 2017

No message left unidentified number. Caller Message: Hi Sharon that is Roger. I am still. You can reach me at this at my room number that is 689-5542 689-5542 and I'm fine. Give me a call as soon as you can. Bye bye.

Nov 23, 2017
316-768-2932 04:30am Nov 23, 2017

car warranty scammers

Nov 17, 2017
316-444-4009 04:30am Nov 17, 2017

Says they are irs. Caller Message: Type you that IRS is submitting a legal warrant below your name and your own tax ID for the tax fraud and the team of our section is investigating you and your loved ones. We had attempting to notify you but we had never got a response out of you. So it's been considered as an intentional fraud and litigation has been registered under your name by the United States Government. You may number our department number 316-444-4009 for more info before we get your case. Thank you.

Telephone Code 316

Area Interchange City County Population Network Operator
316-200-XXXXAugustaButler65880Birch Telecom Of Kansas, Inc.
316-201-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Brooks Fiber Communications - Ks
316-204-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Sprint Spectrum L.P.
316-206-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684At&t - Local - Ks
316-207-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Sprint Spectrum L.P.
316-208-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Sprint Spectrum L.P.
316-209-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Sprint Spectrum L.P.
316-210-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Sprint Spectrum L.P.
316-211-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Cox Kansas Telcom
316-212-XXXXNewtonHarvey34684Telcove Investment, Llc - Ks
316-213-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Kansas City Smsa Limited Partnershi
316-214-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Sprint Spectrum L.P.
316-215-XXXXSedgwickHarvey34684Southwestern Bell - Ks
316-217-XXXXWhitewaterButler65880United States Cellular Corp. - Kans
316-218-XXXXAndoverButler65880Southwestern Bell - Ks
316-219-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Telcove Investment, Llc - Ks
316-220-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Southwestern Bell - Ks
316-221-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Telcove Investment, Llc - Ks
316-223-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Telcove Investment, Llc - Ks
316-228-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Cox Kansas Telcom
316-233-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Cox Kansas Telcom
316-238-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Cox Kansas Telcom
316-239-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Sbc Internet Services, Inc.
316-243-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Ymax Communications Corp Ks
316-244-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Sprint Spectrum L.P.
316-247-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Cox Kansas Telcom
316-249-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon
316-250-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Kansas City Smsa Limited Partnershi
316-251-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon
316-252-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Big River Telephone Company
316-253-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Kansas City Smsa Limited Partnershi
316-255-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Cox Kansas Telcom
316-258-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Kansas City Smsa Limited Partnershi
316-259-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Kansas City Smsa Limited Partnershi
316-260-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Cox Kansas Telcom, Llc - Ks
316-261-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Southwestern Bell - Ks
316-262-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Southwestern Bell - Ks
316-263-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Southwestern Bell - Ks
316-264-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Southwestern Bell - Ks
316-265-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Southwestern Bell - Ks
316-266-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Southwestern Bell - Ks
316-267-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Southwestern Bell - Ks
316-268-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Southwestern Bell - Ks
316-269-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Southwestern Bell - Ks
316-281-XXXXNewtonHarvey34684Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
316-282-XXXXNewtonHarvey34684Southwestern Bell - Ks
316-283-XXXXNewtonHarvey34684Southwestern Bell - Ks
316-284-XXXXNewtonHarvey34684Southwestern Bell - Ks
316-285-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Bandwidth Com Clec
316-287-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Cox Kansas Telcom
316-288-XXXXNewtonHarvey34684Sprint Spectrum L.P.
316-290-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Southwestern Bell - Ks
316-291-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Southwestern Bell - Ks
316-292-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Southwestern Bell - Ks
316-293-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Southwestern Bell - Ks
316-295-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Southwestern Bell - Ks
316-299-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Southwestern Bell - Ks
316-300-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Birch Telecom Of Kansas, Inc.
316-303-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Southwestern Bell - Ks
316-304-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Sprint Spectrum L.P.
316-305-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Kansas City Smsa Limited Partnershi
316-308-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684At&t - Local - Ks
316-311-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Cox Kansas Telcom
316-312-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Leap Wireless Intl, Inc. Dba Cricke
316-313-XXXXEl DoradoButler65880Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
316-315-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Southwestern Bell - Ks
316-316-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Cox Kansas Telcom
316-320-XXXXEl DoradoButler65880Southwestern Bell - Ks
316-321-XXXXEl DoradoButler65880Southwestern Bell - Ks
316-322-XXXXEl DoradoButler65880Southwestern Bell - Ks
316-323-XXXXEl DoradoButler65880Southwestern Bell - Ks
316-334-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Digi-Page, Llp.
316-337-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Southwestern Bell - Ks
316-347-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Cox Kansas Telcom
316-349-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Cox Kansas Telcom
316-350-XXXXAugustaButler65880Telcove Investment, Llc - Ks
316-351-XXXXDerbySedgwick34684Telcove Investment, Llc - Ks
316-352-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Southwestern Bell - Ks
316-361-XXXXAndoverButler65880Telcove Investment, Llc - Ks
316-371-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Sprint Spectrum L.P.
316-377-XXXXEl DoradoButler65880Sprint Spectrum L.P.
316-380-XXXXIolaAllen33690Southwestern Bell - Ks
316-383-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Southwestern Bell - Ks
316-390-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Leap Wireless Intl, Inc. Dba Cricke
316-393-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Sprint Spectrum L.P.
316-395-XXXXAndaleSedgwick34684Sprint Spectrum L P
316-400-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Birch Telecom Of Kansas, Inc.
316-402-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Cox Kansas Telcom
316-409-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Leap Wireless Intl, Inc. Dba Cricke
316-411-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Cox Kansas Telcom
316-413-XXXXGoddardSedgwick34684Telcove Investment, Llc - Ks
316-416-XXXXWhitewaterButler65880Southwestern Bell
316-417-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Cox Kansas Telcom
316-425-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Birch Telecom Of Kansas, Inc.
316-435-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Sprint Spectrum L.P.
316-436-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Southwestern Bell - Ks
316-440-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Cox Kansas Telcom, Llc - Ks
316-444-XXXXAndaleSedgwick34684Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
316-445-XXXXAndaleSedgwick34684Southwestern Bell - Ks
316-448-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
316-452-XXXXEl DoradoButler65880Nextel Communications, Inc.
316-453-XXXXMount HopeSedgwick34684Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
316-461-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684T-Mobile Usa, Inc.
316-462-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Telcove Investment, Llc - Ks
316-466-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684American Messaging (Am), Inc.
316-469-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Telcove Investment, Llc - Ks
316-477-XXXXWhitewaterButler65880Telcove Investment, Llc - Ks
316-491-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Nuvox Communications Of Kansas, Inc
316-494-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Nuvox Communications Of Kansas, Inc
316-498-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Cox Kansas Telcom
316-500-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Birch Telecom Of Kansas, Inc.
316-511-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Cox Kansas Telcom
316-512-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Nuvox Communications Of Kansas, Inc
316-516-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684T-Mobile Usa, Inc.
316-517-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Southwestern Bell - Ks
316-518-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684T-Mobile Usa, Inc.
316-519-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684T-Mobile Usa, Inc.
316-522-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Southwestern Bell - Ks
316-523-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Southwestern Bell - Ks
316-524-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Southwestern Bell - Ks
316-526-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Southwestern Bell - Ks
316-529-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Southwestern Bell - Ks
316-530-XXXXBentonButler65880Cox Kansas Telcom, Llc - Ks
316-531-XXXXGarden PlainSedgwick34684Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
316-533-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Cox Kansas Telcom
316-535-XXXXGarden PlainSedgwick34684Southwestern Bell - Ks
316-536-XXXXTowandaButler65880Southwestern Bell - Ks
316-540-XXXXCheneySedgwick34684Southwestern Bell - Ks
316-541-XXXXTowandaButler65880Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
316-542-XXXXCheneySedgwick34684Southwestern Bell - Ks
316-544-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Cox Kansas Telcom
316-550-XXXXGoddardSedgwick34684Cox Kansas Telcom, Llc - Ks
316-551-XXXXWhitewaterButler65880Birch Telecom Of Kansas, Inc.
316-552-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Cox Kansas Telcom
316-554-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Southwestern Bell - Ks
316-555-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Southwestern Bell
316-556-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Southwestern Bell - Ks
316-557-XXXXSedgwickHarvey34684Birch Telecom Of Kansas, Inc.
316-558-XXXXMulvaneSedgwick34684Cox Kansas Telcom, Llc - Ks
316-559-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Nuvox Communications Of Kansas, Inc
316-566-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Cox Kansas Telcom
316-570-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Southwestern Bell - Ks
316-573-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Nuvox Communications Of Kansas, Inc
316-579-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684American Messaging (Am), Inc.
316-580-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Cox Kansas Telcom
316-581-XXXXDodge CityDodge City33848Centurytel Acquisition, Llc Dba Kmc
316-583-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Cox Kansas Telcom
316-585-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Cox Kansas Telcom
316-587-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Sprint Spectrum L.P.
316-589-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Cox Kansas Telcom
316-599-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Birch Telecom Of Kansas, Inc.
316-600-XXXXKechiSedgwick34684Birch Telecom Of Kansas, Inc.
316-609-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Southwestern Bell - Ks
316-611-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Cox Kansas Telcom
316-612-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Southwestern Bell - Ks
316-613-XXXXMulvaneSedgwick34684Cox Kansas Telcom, Llc - Ks
316-616-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Nuvox Communications Of Kansas, Inc
316-617-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
316-618-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Southwestern Bell - Ks
316-619-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
316-620-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Cox Kansas Telcom
316-621-XXXXEl DoradoButler65880Nuvox Communications Of Kansas, Inc
316-630-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Southwestern Bell - Ks
316-631-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Southwestern Bell - Ks
316-633-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
316-634-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Southwestern Bell - Ks
316-636-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Southwestern Bell - Ks
316-639-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Cox Kansas Telcom
316-640-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
316-641-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
316-644-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
316-648-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
316-650-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
316-651-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Southwestern Bell - Ks
316-652-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Southwestern Bell - Ks
316-655-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Kansas City Smsa Limited Partnershi
316-660-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Southwestern Bell - Ks
316-661-XXXXMount HopeSedgwick34684Southwestern Bell - Ks
316-665-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
316-667-XXXXMount HopeSedgwick34684Southwestern Bell - Ks
316-670-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Southwestern Bell - Ks
316-671-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Southwestern Bell - Ks
316-676-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Southwestern Bell - Ks
316-677-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Southwestern Bell - Ks
316-680-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
316-681-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Southwestern Bell - Ks
316-682-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Southwestern Bell - Ks
316-683-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Southwestern Bell - Ks
316-684-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Southwestern Bell - Ks
316-685-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Southwestern Bell - Ks
316-686-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Southwestern Bell - Ks
316-687-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Southwestern Bell - Ks
316-688-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Southwestern Bell - Ks
316-689-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Southwestern Bell - Ks
316-691-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Southwestern Bell - Ks
316-696-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Cox Kansas Telcom
316-700-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Cox Kansas Telcom
316-706-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
316-708-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Kansas City Smsa Limited Partnershi
316-711-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Cox Kansas Telcom
316-712-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
316-719-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Cox Kansas Telcom
316-721-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Southwestern Bell - Ks
316-722-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Southwestern Bell - Ks
316-727-XXXXNewtonHarvey34684T-Mobile Usa, Inc.
316-729-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Southwestern Bell - Ks
316-730-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Southwestern Bell - Ks
316-733-XXXXAndoverButler65880Southwestern Bell - Ks
316-734-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Kansas City Smsa Limited Partnershi
316-737-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Kansas City Smsa Limited Partnershi
316-742-XXXXLeonButler65880Southwestern Bell - Ks
316-744-XXXXKechiSedgwick34684Southwestern Bell - Ks
316-745-XXXXLeonButler65880Southwestern Bell - Ks
316-746-XXXXDouglassButler65880Southwestern Bell - Ks
316-747-XXXXDouglassButler65880Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
316-748-XXXXSharonBarber4861South Central Wireless, Dba Sc Telc
316-749-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Telcove Investment, Llc - Ks
316-751-XXXXSedgwickHarvey34684Nuvox Communications Of Kansas, Inc
316-755-XXXXValley CenterSedgwick34684Southwestern Bell - Ks
316-759-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Southwestern Bell - Ks
316-761-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Nextel Communications, Inc.
316-765-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Centurytel Acquisition, Llc Dba Kmc
316-768-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
316-769-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Cox Kansas Telcom
316-771-XXXXKechiSedgwick34684Telcove Investment, Llc - Ks
316-772-XXXXSedgwickHarvey34684Southwestern Bell - Ks
316-773-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Southwestern Bell - Ks
316-775-XXXXAugustaButler65880Southwestern Bell - Ks
316-776-XXXXRose HillButler65880Southwestern Bell - Ks
316-777-XXXXMulvaneSedgwick34684Southwestern Bell - Ks
316-778-XXXXBentonButler65880Southwestern Bell - Ks
316-779-XXXXValley CenterSedgwick34684Telcove Investment, Llc - Ks
316-785-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Cox Kansas Telcom
316-788-XXXXDerbySedgwick34684Southwestern Bell - Ks
316-789-XXXXDerbySedgwick34684Southwestern Bell - Ks
316-794-XXXXGoddardSedgwick34684Southwestern Bell - Ks
316-796-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Southwestern Bell - Ks
316-799-XXXXWhitewaterButler65880Southwestern Bell - Ks
316-800-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Birch Telecom Of Kansas, Inc.
316-804-XXXXNewtonHarvey34684At&t - Local - Ks
316-805-XXXXGardencityGardencity0Centurytel Acquisition, Llc Dba Kmc
316-806-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Leap Wireless Intl, Inc. Dba Cricke
316-807-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Leap Wireless Intl, Inc. Dba Cricke
316-811-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Cox Kansas Telcom
316-816-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Cox Kansas Telcom
316-821-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Southwestern Bell - Ks
316-822-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Mobile Electronics, Inc.
316-823-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Cox Kansas Telcom
316-828-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Southwestern Bell - Ks
316-830-XXXXHalsteadHarvey34684Southwestern Bell - Ks
316-831-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Southwestern Bell - Ks
316-832-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Southwestern Bell - Ks
316-833-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Southwestern Bell - Ks
316-835-XXXXHalsteadHarvey34684Southwestern Bell - Ks
316-836-XXXXNewtonHarvey34684Nuvox Communications Of Kansas, Inc
316-838-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Southwestern Bell - Ks
316-841-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Kansas City Smsa Limited Partnershi
316-842-XXXXNewtonHarvey34684Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
316-844-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Nuvox Communications Of Kansas, Inc
316-847-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Nuvox Communications Of Kansas, Inc
316-854-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
316-858-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Telcove Investment, Llc - Ks
316-866-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Cox Kansas Telcom, Llc - Ks
316-869-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Level 3 Communications, Llc - Mo
316-871-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Leap Wireless Intl, Inc. Dba Cricke
316-877-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Cox Kansas Telcom
316-880-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Leap Wireless Intl, Inc. Dba Cricke
316-881-XXXXSedgwickHarvey34684Telcove Investment, Llc - Ks
316-882-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Centurytel Acquisition, Llc Dba Kmc
316-883-XXXXGoddardSedgwick34684Nuvox Communications Of Kansas, Inc
316-888-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Birch Telecom Of Kansas, Inc.
316-889-XXXXEl DoradoButler65880Telcove Investment, Llc - Ks
316-904-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684South Central Wireless, Dba Sc Telc
316-906-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684South Central Wireless, Dba Sc Telc
316-908-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684South Central Wireless, Dba Sc Telc
316-911-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Cox Kansas Telcom
316-913-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Cox Kansas Telcom
316-914-XXXXSharonBarber4861South Central Wireless, Dba Sc Telc
316-915-XXXXSharonBarber4861South Central Wireless, Dba Sc Telc
316-916-XXXXSharonBarber4861South Central Wireless, Dba Sc Telc
316-917-XXXXSharonBarber4861South Central Wireless, Dba Sc Telc
316-918-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Cox Kansas Telcom
316-919-XXXXSharonBarber4861South Central Wireless, Dba Sc Telc
316-923-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684South Central Wireless, Dba Sc Telc
316-925-XXXXKechiSedgwick34684Nuvox Communications Of Kansas, Inc
316-927-XXXXMulvaneSedgwick34684Nuvox Communications Of Kansas, Inc
316-928-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Nuvox Communications Of Kansas, Inc
316-929-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Cox Kansas Telcom
316-932-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684South Central Wireless, Dba Sc Telc
316-941-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Southwestern Bell - Ks
316-942-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Southwestern Bell - Ks
316-943-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Southwestern Bell - Ks
316-944-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Southwestern Bell - Ks
316-945-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Southwestern Bell - Ks
316-946-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Southwestern Bell - Ks
316-950-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Cox Kansas Telcom
316-954-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Cox Kansas Telcom
316-958-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Cox Kansas Telcom
316-959-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Cox Kansas Telcom
316-960-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Cox Kansas Telcom
316-962-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Telcove Investment, Llc - Ks
316-970-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Cox Kansas Telcom
316-973-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Southwestern Bell - Ks
316-974-XXXXCheneySedgwick34684Telcove Investment, Llc - Ks
316-975-XXXXWhitewaterButler65880Nuvox Communications Of Kansas, Inc
316-976-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Cox Kansas Telcom
316-977-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Cox Kansas Telcom, Llc - Ks
316-978-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Southwestern Bell - Ks
316-990-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684T-Mobile Usa, Inc.
316-992-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684T-Mobile Usa, Inc.
316-993-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684T-Mobile Usa, Inc.
316-996-XXXXWichitaSedgwick34684Cox Kansas Telcom
316-202-XXXXWITCHITAButler65880Cellco Partnership dba Verizon Wireless - KS



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