Area Code is covered under 307 Wyoming

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Details on Area Code 307

State Wyoming
Statewide Area Codes 307
Cities Afton, Aladdin, Albin, Alva, Arvada, Baggs, Basin, Beulah, Big Piney, Boise
Counties Ada, Albany, Basin, Big Horn, Buffalo, Campbell, Carbon, Casper, Cheyenne, Cody
Time Zone UTC-7

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Telephone Code 307

Area Interchange City County Population Network Operator
307-200-XXXXJacksonTeton21294At&t - Local - Wy
307-201-XXXXJacksonTeton21294Level 3 Communications, Llc - Co
307-202-XXXXPowellPark28205Western Wireless Corporation-Wy
307-203-XXXXJacksonTeton21294Idt America Corp. - Wy
307-204-XXXXBuffaloBuffalo8569Inttec, Inc. - Wy
307-205-XXXXCasperCasper75450Inttec, Inc. - Wy
307-206-XXXXCodyCody28205Inttec, Inc. - Wy
307-207-XXXXCheyenneCheyenne91738Inttec, Inc. - Wy
307-208-XXXXDouglasDouglas13833Inttec, Inc. - Wy
307-209-XXXXEvanstonEvanston21118Inttec, Inc. - Wy
307-210-XXXXGilletteGillette46133Inttec, Inc. - Wy
307-212-XXXXRock SpringsSweetwater43806Level 3 Communications, Llc - Co
307-213-XXXXCodyPark28205Level 3 Communications, Llc - Co
307-214-XXXXCheyenneLaramie36299Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
307-215-XXXXCasperCarbon15885At&t - Local - Wy
307-216-XXXXManvilleNiobrara2484Western Wireless Corporation-Wy
307-217-XXXXBuffaloJohnson8569Western Wireless Corporation-Wy
307-218-XXXXLaramieLaramie36299Inttec, Inc. - Wy
307-219-XXXXPowellPowell28205Inttec, Inc. - Wy
307-220-XXXXCheyenneLaramie36299T-Mobile Usa, Inc.
307-221-XXXXCheyenneLaramie36299Sprint Spectrum L.P.
307-222-XXXXCheyenneLaramie36299Level 3 Communications, Llc - Co
307-223-XXXXLaramieAlbany36299Level 3 Communications, Llc - Co
307-224-XXXXCasperCarbon15885Level 3 Communications, Llc - Co
307-226-XXXXRawlinsRawlins15885Inttec, Inc. - Wy
307-227-XXXXCasperNatrona75450Contact Communications, Wy
307-228-XXXXRock SpringsRock Springs43806Inttec, Inc. - Wy
307-229-XXXXSheridanSheridan29116Inttec, Inc. - Wy
307-230-XXXXCasperNatrona75450Versatel Communications
307-231-XXXXPinedaleSublette10247Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
307-232-XXXXCasperCarbon15885Qwest Corporation - Wy
307-233-XXXXCasperCarbon15885Qwest Corporation - Wy
307-234-XXXXCasperCarbon15885Qwest Corporation - Wy
307-235-XXXXCasperCarbon15885Qwest Corporation - Wy
307-236-XXXXWheatlandWheatland8667Inttec, Inc. - Wy
307-237-XXXXCasperCarbon15885Qwest Corporation - Wy
307-238-XXXXAftonLincoln18106Contact Communications, Wy
307-239-XXXXRivertonRiverton40123Inttec, Inc. - Wy
307-240-XXXXRivertonFremont40123Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
307-241-XXXXWheatlandPlatte8667Western Wireless Corporation-Wy
307-242-XXXXYellowstone National ParkPark28205Qwest Corporation - Wy
307-243-XXXXCheyenneLaramie36299Contact Communications, Wy
307-244-XXXXDenverDenver0Inttec, Inc. - Wy
307-245-XXXXPine BluffsLaramie36299Rt Communications
307-246-XXXXAlbinLaramie36299Rt Communications
307-247-XXXXCasperNatrona75450Western Wireless Corporation-Wy
307-248-XXXXAftonLincoln18106Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
307-249-XXXXBig PineySublette10247Contact Communications
307-250-XXXXCodyPark28205Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
307-251-XXXXCheyenneLaramie36299Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
307-252-XXXXRock SpringsSweetwater43806Uintah Basin Electronic Telecommuni
307-253-XXXXCasperNatrona75450Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon
307-254-XXXXPowellPark28205Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
307-255-XXXXEvanstonUinta21118Uintah Basin Electronic Telecommuni
307-256-XXXXCheyenneLaramie36299Nextel Communications, Inc.
307-257-XXXXGilletteCampbell46133Level 3 Communications, Llc - Co
307-258-XXXXCasperNatrona75450Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
307-259-XXXXCasperNatrona75450Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
307-260-XXXXBig PineySublette10247Union Telephone Company Dba Union C
307-261-XXXXCasperCarbon15885Qwest Corporation - Wy
307-262-XXXXCasperNatrona75450Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
307-263-XXXXCodyPark28205Contact Communications, Wy
307-264-XXXXJacksonTeton21294Nextel Partners Operating Corp.
307-265-XXXXCasperCarbon15885Qwest Corporation - Wy
307-266-XXXXCasperCarbon15885Qwest Corporation - Wy
307-267-XXXXCasperNatrona75450Western Wireless Corporation-Wy
307-268-XXXXCasperCarbon15885Qwest Corporation - Wy
307-269-XXXXWheatlandPlatte8667360networks (Usa) Inc. - Wy
307-270-XXXXCokevilleLincoln18106Union Telephone Company Dba Union C
307-271-XXXXPowellPark28205Level 3 Communications, Llc - Co
307-272-XXXXCodyPark28205Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
307-273-XXXXFarsonSweetwater43806Centurytel Of Wyoming, Inc.
307-274-XXXXCheyenneLaramie36299Miscellaneous Exchange Carrier Ba Da
307-275-XXXXCheyenneLaramie36299Commpartners, Llc - Wy
307-276-XXXXBig PineySublette10247Centurytel Of Wyoming, Inc.
307-277-XXXXCasperNatrona75450Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
307-278-XXXXBuffaloJohnson8569Level 3 Communications, Llc - Co
307-279-XXXXCokevilleLincoln18106All West Communications - Wy
307-280-XXXXFarsonSweetwater43806Union Telephone Company Dba Union C
307-281-XXXXSundanceCrook7083Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
307-282-XXXXSundanceCrook7083Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
307-283-XXXXSundanceCrook7083Range Tel Coop Inc - Wy
307-285-XXXXBuffaloJohnson8569Contact Communications, Wy
307-286-XXXXCheyenneLaramie36299Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
307-287-XXXXCheyenneLaramie36299Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
307-288-XXXXEvanstonUinta21118Level 3 Communications, Llc - Co
307-290-XXXXSundanceCrook7083Western Wireless Corporation-Wy
307-292-XXXXCasperNatrona75450Mtpcs, Llc
307-297-XXXXGreen RiverSweetwater43806Uintah Basin Electronic Telecommuni
307-298-XXXXDouglasConverse13833Level 3 Communications, Llc - Co
307-299-XXXXGilletteCampbell46133Western Wireless Corporation-Wy
307-309-XXXXEvansvilleNatrona75450Western Wireless Corporation-Wy
307-313-XXXXDenverDenver0Level 3 Communications
307-314-XXXXCheyenneLaramie36299Bandwidth Com Clec
307-315-XXXXCasperNatrona75450Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon
307-316-XXXXCheyenneLaramie36299360networks (Usa) Inc. - Wy
307-320-XXXXRawlinsCarbon15885Union Telephone Company Dba Union C
307-321-XXXXRawlinsCarbon15885Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
307-322-XXXXWheatlandPlatte8667Qwest Corporation - Wy
307-323-XXXXFarsonSweetwater43806Contact Communications
307-324-XXXXRawlinsCarbon15885Qwest Corporation - Wy
307-325-XXXXHannaCarbon15885Union Tel Co
307-326-XXXXEncampmentCarbon15885Union Tel Co
307-327-XXXXEncampmentCarbon15885Union Tel Co
307-328-XXXXRawlinsCarbon15885Qwest Corporation - Wy
307-329-XXXXEncampmentCarbon15885Union Telephone Company Dba Union C
307-330-XXXXLanderFremont40123Union Telephone Company Dba Union C
307-331-XXXXWheatlandPlatte8667Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
307-332-XXXXLanderFremont40123Qwest Corporation - Wy
307-333-XXXXCasperNatrona75450360networks (Usa) Inc. - Wy
307-334-XXXXManvilleNiobrara2484Qwest Corporation - Wy
307-335-XXXXLanderFremont40123Qwest Corporation - Wy
307-337-XXXXCasperNatrona75450Bresnan Broadband Of Wyoming
307-339-XXXXHannaCarbon15885Union Telephone Company Dba Union C
307-340-XXXXManvilleNiobrara2484Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
307-341-XXXXParkmanSheridan29116Project Tel Co Inc
307-343-XXXXCheyenneLaramie36299Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon
307-344-XXXXYellowstone National ParkPark28205Qwest Corporation - Mt
307-345-XXXXLanderFremont40123Union Telephone Company
307-347-XXXXWorlandWashakie8533Rt Communications
307-348-XXXXHannaCarbon15885Union Tel Co
307-349-XXXXLanderFremont40123Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
307-350-XXXXRock SpringsSweetwater43806Union Telephone Company Dba Union C
307-351-XXXXDouglasConverse13833Western Wireless Corporation-Wy
307-352-XXXXRock SpringsSweetwater43806Qwest Corporation - Wy
307-353-XXXXMooseTeton21294Columbine Telephone Company Dba Sil
307-354-XXXXRock SpringsSweetwater43806Union Telephone Company Dba Union C
307-356-XXXXMedicine BowCarbon15885Union Tel Co
307-358-XXXXDouglasConverse13833Qwest Corporation - Wy
307-359-XXXXDouglasConverse13833Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
307-360-XXXXPinedaleSublette10247Union Telephone Company Dba Union C
307-362-XXXXRock SpringsSweetwater43806Qwest Corporation - Wy
307-363-XXXXCheyenneLaramie36299Bandwidth Com Clec
307-365-XXXXCheyenneLaramie36299New Cingular Wireless Pcs
307-366-XXXXTen SleepWashakie8533Tri-County Tel Assn Inc
307-367-XXXXPinedaleSublette10247Centurytel Of Wyoming, Inc.
307-368-XXXXDouglasConverse13833Contact Communications, Wy
307-369-XXXXCheyenneLaramie36299Bresnan Broadband Of Wyoming
307-370-XXXXRawlinsCarbon15885Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
307-371-XXXXRock SpringsSweetwater43806Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
307-373-XXXXCasperNatrona75450Bresnan Broadband Of Wyoming
307-375-XXXXWorlandWashakie8533Rt Communications
307-377-XXXXCasperNatrona75450Union Telephone Company
307-378-XXXXRock RiverAlbany36299Union Tel Co
307-379-XXXXMedicine BowCarbon15885Centurytel Of Wyoming, Inc.
307-380-XXXXBaggsCarbon15885Union Telephone Company Dba Union C
307-382-XXXXRock SpringsSweetwater43806Qwest Corporation - Wy
307-383-XXXXBaggsCarbon15885Dubois Tel Exch Inc
307-384-XXXXEvanstonUinta21118Contact Communications, Wy
307-386-XXXXLa BargeLincoln18106Union Tel Co
307-388-XXXXWorlandWashakie8533Western Wireless Corporation-Wy
307-389-XXXXRock SpringsSweetwater43806Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
307-390-XXXXLa BargeLincoln18106Union Telephone Company Dba Union C
307-391-XXXXMoorcroftCrook7083Western Wireless Corporation-Wy
307-392-XXXXBoiseAda0Level 3 Communications, Llc - Wy
307-399-XXXXLaramieAlbany36299Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
307-401-XXXXTorringtonGoshen13249Western Wireless Corporation-Wy
307-408-XXXXWorlandWorland8533Idt America Corp. - Wy
307-412-XXXXGreybullGreybull11668Idt America Corp. - Wy
307-413-XXXXJacksonTeton21294Edge Wireless, Llc
307-417-XXXXCasperNatrona75450360networks (Usa) Inc. - Wy
307-420-XXXXJacksonTeton21294Edge Wireless, Llc
307-421-XXXXCheyenneLaramie36299Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
307-422-XXXXChugwaterPlatte8667Chugwater Tel Co
307-424-XXXXBasinBasin11668Idt America Corp. - Wy
307-426-XXXXCheyenneLaramie36299Bresnan Broadband Of Wyoming
307-431-XXXXWorlandWashakie8533Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
307-432-XXXXCheyenneLaramie36299Qwest Corporation - Wy
307-433-XXXXCheyenneLaramie36299Qwest Corporation - Wy
307-436-XXXXGlenrockConverse13833Qwest Corporation - Wy
307-437-XXXXMidwestNatrona75450Rt Communications
307-438-XXXXCheyenneLaramie36299Bresnan Broadband Of Wyoming
307-439-XXXXDenverDenver0Advanced Communications Technology,
307-440-XXXXCasperNatrona75450Bresnan Broadband Of Wyoming
307-441-XXXXCasperNatrona75450Big River Telephone Company
307-444-XXXXEvanstonUinta21118All West - Wy, Inc.
307-445-XXXXGilletteCampbell46133Contact Communications, Wy
307-450-XXXXDuboisFremont40123Union Telephone Company Dba Union C
307-455-XXXXDuboisFremont40123Dubois Tel Exch Inc
307-457-XXXXJeffrey CityFremont40123Rt Communications
307-459-XXXXCheyenneLaramie36299Level 3 Communications, Llc - Co
307-460-XXXXLaramieAlbany36299Level 3 Communications, Llc - Co
307-461-XXXXSheridanSheridan29116Level 3 Communications, Llc - Co
307-462-XXXXCasperNatrona75450Miscellaneous Exchange Carrier Ba Da
307-463-XXXXRivertonFremont40123Level 3 Communications, Llc - Co
307-464-XXXXGilletteCampbell46133Qwest Corporation - Wy
307-465-XXXXOsageWeston7208Rt Communications
307-466-XXXXGreen RiverSweetwater43806360networks (Usa) Inc. - Wy
307-467-XXXXAlvaCrook7083Rt Communications
307-468-XXXXUptonWeston7208Rt Communications
307-469-XXXXHyattvilleBig Horn11668Tri-County Tel Assn Inc
307-472-XXXXCasperCarbon15885Qwest Corporation - Wy
307-473-XXXXCasperCarbon15885Qwest Corporation - Wy
307-477-XXXXCheyenneLaramie36299Union Telephone Company
307-478-XXXXGreen RiverSweetwater43806Contact Communications, Wy
307-480-XXXXThermopolisHot Springs4812Western Wireless Corporation-Wy
307-486-XXXXCrowheartFremont40123Dubois Tel Exch Inc
307-492-XXXXCheyenneCheyenne91738Iloka, Inc. Dba Microtech-Tel - Co
307-497-XXXXEvanstonUinta21118All West Communications - Wy
307-509-XXXXCheyenneLaramie36299Bandwidth Com Clec
307-514-XXXXCheyenneLaramie36299Idt America Corp. - Wy
307-520-XXXXMedicine BowCarbon15885Union Telephone Company Dba Union C
307-522-XXXXJacksonTeton21294Contact Communications, Wy
307-526-XXXXLanderFremont40123Contact Communications, Wy
307-527-XXXXCodyPark28205Qwest Corporation - Wy
307-528-XXXXLaramieAlbany36299Contact Communications, Wy
307-529-XXXXCheyenneLaramie36299Ymax Communications Corp Wy
307-532-XXXXTorringtonGoshen13249United Tel Co Of The West - Wy
307-533-XXXXCasperNatrona75450Mtpcs, Llc
307-534-XXXXTorringtonGoshen13249United Tel Co Of The West - Wy
307-537-XXXXPinedaleSublette10247Centurytel Of Wyoming, Inc.
307-540-XXXXJeffrey CityFremont40123Union Telephone Company Dba Union C
307-541-XXXXMoranTeton21294Union Telephone Company Dba Union C
307-543-XXXXMoranTeton21294Qwest Corporation - Wy
307-544-XXXXJeffrey CityFremont40123Rt Communications
307-545-XXXXYellowstone National ParkPark28205Qwest Corporation - Wy
307-547-XXXXBurnsLaramie36299Rt Communications
307-548-XXXXLovellBig Horn11668Tct West
307-549-XXXXYellowstone National ParkPark28205Union Telephone Company Dba Union C
307-554-XXXXGlenrockConverse13833Commpartners, Llc - Wy
307-555-XXXXMidvaleSalt Lake0Qwest Corporation - Ut
307-563-XXXXKemmererLincoln18106Contact Communications, Wy
307-567-XXXXGilletteCampbell46133Union Telephone Company
307-568-XXXXBasinBig Horn11668Tct West
307-575-XXXXTorringtonGoshen13249Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
307-576-XXXXMooseTeton21294Columbine Telephone Company Dba Sil
307-577-XXXXCasperCarbon15885Qwest Corporation - Wy
307-578-XXXXCodyPark28205Qwest Corporation - Wy
307-586-XXXXCodyPark28205Tri Tel, Inc.
307-587-XXXXCodyPark28205Qwest Corporation - Wy
307-600-XXXXCokevilleLincoln18106All West Wireless, Inc.
307-620-XXXXBuffaloJohnson8569Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
307-621-XXXXBuffaloJohnson8569Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
307-622-XXXXCasperNatrona75450New Cingular Wireless Pcs
307-624-XXXXDouglasConverse13833Western Wireless Corporation-Wy
307-629-XXXXNewcastleWeston7208Western Wireless Corporation-Wy
307-630-XXXXCheyenneLaramie36299Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
307-631-XXXXCheyenneLaramie36299Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
307-632-XXXXCheyenneLaramie36299Qwest Corporation - Wy
307-633-XXXXCheyenneLaramie36299Qwest Corporation - Wy
307-634-XXXXCheyenneLaramie36299Qwest Corporation - Wy
307-635-XXXXCheyenneLaramie36299Qwest Corporation - Wy
307-637-XXXXCheyenneLaramie36299Qwest Corporation - Wy
307-638-XXXXCheyenneLaramie36299Qwest Corporation - Wy
307-640-XXXXCheyenneLaramie36299Western Wireless Corporation-Wy
307-643-XXXXBeulahCrook7083Qwest Corporation - Sd
307-645-XXXXPowellPark28205Project Tel Co Inc
307-649-XXXXCarpenterLaramie36299Rt Communications
307-650-XXXXCheyenneLaramie36299Nextel Communications, Inc.
307-654-XXXXFreedomLincoln18106Silver Star Tel Co Inc - Wy
307-655-XXXXWolfSheridan29116Qwest Corporation - Wy
307-660-XXXXGilletteCampbell46133Western Wireless Corporation-Wy
307-662-XXXXCheyenneLaramie36299Qwest Corporation - Wy
307-663-XXXXLance CreekNiobrara2484Golden West Tel Coop Inc
307-664-XXXXDeaverBig Horn11668Tct West
307-670-XXXXGilletteCampbell46133Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
307-672-XXXXSheridanSheridan29116Qwest Corporation - Wy
307-673-XXXXSheridanSheridan29116Qwest Corporation - Wy
307-674-XXXXSheridanSheridan29116Qwest Corporation - Wy
307-675-XXXXSheridanSheridan29116Advanced Communications Technology,
307-677-XXXXEvanstonUinta21118Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
307-679-XXXXEvanstonUinta21118Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
307-680-XXXXGilletteCampbell46133Western Wireless Corporation-Wy
307-681-XXXXGilletteCampbell46133Advanced Communications Techno
307-682-XXXXGilletteCampbell46133Qwest Corporation - Wy
307-683-XXXXSheridanSheridan29116Qwest Corporation - Wy
307-684-XXXXBuffaloJohnson8569Qwest Corporation - Wy
307-685-XXXXGilletteCampbell46133Qwest Corporation - Wy
307-686-XXXXGilletteCampbell46133Qwest Corporation - Wy
307-687-XXXXGilletteCampbell46133Qwest Corporation - Wy
307-688-XXXXGilletteCampbell46133Qwest Corporation - Wy
307-689-XXXXGilletteCampbell46133Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
307-690-XXXXJacksonTeton21294Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
307-696-XXXXGilletteCampbell46133Advanced Communications Techno
307-699-XXXXJacksonTeton21294Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
307-701-XXXXCheyenneLaramie36299Union Telephone Company
307-702-XXXXCasperNatrona75450Union Telephone Company
307-703-XXXXLaramieAlbany36299Union Telephone Company
307-704-XXXXGilletteCampbell46133Union Telephone Company
307-705-XXXXRock SpringsSweetwater43806Union Telephone Company
307-706-XXXXSheridanSheridan29116Union Telephone Company
307-707-XXXXGreen RiverSweetwater43806Union Telephone Company
307-708-XXXXEvanstonUinta21118Union Telephone Company
307-709-XXXXRivertonFremont40123Union Telephone Company
307-710-XXXXRawlinsCarbon15885Union Telephone Company
307-712-XXXXCodyPark28205Union Telephone Company
307-713-XXXXJacksonTeton21294Union Telephone Company
307-714-XXXXLanderFremont40123Union Telephone Company
307-715-XXXXTorringtonGoshen13249Union Telephone Company
307-716-XXXXPowellPark28205Union Telephone Company
307-717-XXXXDouglasConverse13833Union Telephone Company
307-718-XXXXWorlandWashakie8533Union Telephone Company
307-719-XXXXBuffaloJohnson8569Union Telephone Company
307-720-XXXXWheatlandPlatte8667Union Telephone Company
307-721-XXXXLaramieAlbany36299Qwest Corporation - Wy
307-722-XXXXThermopolisHot Springs4812Union Telephone Company
307-723-XXXXKemmererLincoln18106Union Telephone Company
307-724-XXXXCasperNatrona75450Union Telephone Company
307-726-XXXXPinedaleSublette10247Contact Communications
307-727-XXXXKemmererLincoln18106Union Telephone Company Dba Union C
307-728-XXXXShoshoniFremont40123Union Telephone Company Dba Union C
307-729-XXXXRawlinsCarbon15885Contact Communications, Wy
307-730-XXXXJacksonTeton21294Union Telephone Company Dba Union C
307-731-XXXXLovellBig Horn11668Union Telephone Company
307-732-XXXXJacksonTeton21294Qwest Corporation - Wy
307-733-XXXXJacksonTeton21294Qwest Corporation - Wy
307-734-XXXXJacksonTeton21294Qwest Corporation - Wy
307-735-XXXXGlendoPlatte8667Qwest Corporation - Wy
307-736-XXXXArvadaSheridan29116Range Tel Coop Inc - Wy
307-737-XXXXSheridanSheridan29116Range Tel Coop Inc - Wy
307-738-XXXXKayceeJohnson8569Rt Communications
307-739-XXXXJacksonTeton21294Qwest Corporation - Wy
307-740-XXXXJacksonTeton21294Union Telephone Company Dba Union C
307-741-XXXXGlenrockConverse13833Union Telephone Company
307-742-XXXXLaramieAlbany36299Qwest Corporation - Wy
307-743-XXXXSheridanSheridan29116Contact Communications, Wy
307-744-XXXXNewcastleWeston7208Union Telephone Company
307-745-XXXXLaramieAlbany36299Qwest Corporation - Wy
307-746-XXXXNewcastleWeston7208Rt Communications
307-747-XXXXFort BridgerUinta21118Union Telephone Company
307-748-XXXXRivertonFremont40123Contact Communications, Wy
307-749-XXXXPinedaleSublette10247Union Telephone Company
307-750-XXXXRanchesterSheridan29116Range Tel Coop Inc - Mt
307-751-XXXXSheridanSheridan29116Western Wireless Corporation-Wy
307-752-XXXXSheridanSheridan29116Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
307-754-XXXXPowellPark28205Qwest Corporation - Wy
307-755-XXXXLaramieAlbany36299Qwest Corporation - Wy
307-756-XXXXMoorcroftCrook7083Rt Communications
307-757-XXXXCheyenneLaramie36299At&t - Local - Wy
307-758-XXXXClearmontSheridan29116Range Tel Coop Inc - Wy
307-759-XXXXVan TassellNiobrara2484Union Telephone Company
307-760-XXXXLaramieAlbany36299Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
307-761-XXXXLaramieAlbany36299Western Wireless Corporation-Wy
307-762-XXXXBurlingtonBig Horn11668Tri-County Tel Assn Inc
307-763-XXXXSheridanSheridan29116Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
307-764-XXXXPowellPark28205Tri Tel, Inc.
307-765-XXXXGreybullBig Horn11668Tct West
307-766-XXXXLaramieAlbany36299Qwest Corporation - Wy
307-768-XXXXRock SpringsSweetwater43806Contact Communications, Wy
307-769-XXXXPowellPark28205Contact Communications, Wy
307-771-XXXXCheyenneLaramie36299Qwest Corporation - Wy
307-772-XXXXCheyenneLaramie36299Qwest Corporation - Wy
307-773-XXXXCheyenneLaramie36299Qwest Corporation - Wy
307-774-XXXXJacksonTeton21294Gold Star Communications, Llc
307-775-XXXXCheyenneLaramie36299Qwest Corporation - Wy
307-777-XXXXCheyenneLaramie36299Qwest Corporation - Wy
307-778-XXXXCheyenneLaramie36299Qwest Corporation - Wy
307-779-XXXXWheatlandPlatte8667Union Telephone Company
307-780-XXXXFort BridgerUinta21118Union Telephone Company Dba Union C
307-782-XXXXFort BridgerUinta21118Union Tel Co
307-783-XXXXEvanstonUinta21118Qwest Corporation - Wy
307-785-XXXXManvilleNiobrara2484Contact Communications, Wy
307-786-XXXXUrieUinta21118Union Tel Co
307-787-XXXXLymanUinta21118Union Tel Co
307-788-XXXXVeteranGoshen13249United Tel Co Of The West - Ne
307-789-XXXXEvanstonUinta21118Qwest Corporation - Wy
307-790-XXXXSundanceCrook7083Union Telephone Company
307-797-XXXXCasperNatrona75450Western Wireless Corporation-Wy
307-798-XXXXMountain ViewUinta21118Union Telephone Company
307-799-XXXXEvanstonUinta21118Union Telephone Company Dba Union C
307-828-XXXXKemmererLincoln18106Qwest Corporation - Wy
307-834-XXXXMeridenLaramie36299United Tel Co Of The West - Wy
307-836-XXXXGuernseyPlatte8667United Tel Co Of The West - Wy
307-837-XXXXTorringtonGoshen13249United Tel Co Of The West - Wy
307-840-XXXXRivertonFremont40123Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
307-849-XXXXCokevilleLincoln18106Qwest Corporation - Id
307-850-XXXXRivertonFremont40123Union Telephone Company Dba Union C
307-851-XXXXRivertonFremont40123Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
307-854-XXXXRivertonFremont40123Advanced Communications Techno
307-855-XXXXRivertonFremont40123Qwest Corporation - Wy
307-856-XXXXRivertonFremont40123Qwest Corporation - Wy
307-857-XXXXRivertonFremont40123Qwest Corporation - Wy
307-858-XXXXRivertonFremont40123Union Telephone Company
307-859-XXXXPinedaleSublette10247Centurytel Of Wyoming, Inc.
307-864-XXXXThermopolisHot Springs4812Rt Communications
307-867-XXXXThermopolisHot Springs4812Tri-County Tel Assn Inc
307-868-XXXXMeeteetsePark28205Tct West
307-870-XXXXGreen RiverSweetwater43806Union Telephone Company Dba Union C
307-871-XXXXGreen RiverSweetwater43806Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
307-872-XXXXGreen RiverSweetwater43806Qwest Corporation - Wy
307-874-XXXXLonetreeUinta21118Union Tel Co
307-875-XXXXGreen RiverSweetwater43806Qwest Corporation - Wy
307-876-XXXXShoshoniFremont40123Rt Communications
307-877-XXXXKemmererLincoln18106Qwest Corporation - Wy
307-878-XXXXAladdinCrook7083Range Tel Coop Inc - Mt
307-880-XXXXFreedomLincoln18106Gold Star Communications, Llc
307-883-XXXXFreedomLincoln18106Silver Star Tel Co Inc - Wy
307-884-XXXXAftonLincoln18106Union Telephone Company Dba Union C
307-885-XXXXAftonLincoln18106Silver Star Tel Co Inc - Wy
307-886-XXXXAftonLincoln18106Qwest Corporation - Wy
307-887-XXXXAftonLincoln18106Gold Star Communications, Llc
307-890-XXXXFreedomLincoln18106Union Telephone Company Dba Union C
307-896-XXXXBeulahCrook7083Qwest Corporation - Sd
307-899-XXXXCodyPark28205Western Wireless Corporation-Wy
307-920-XXXXCheyenneLaramie36299T-Mobile Usa, Inc.
307-921-XXXXThermopolisHot Springs4812Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
307-922-XXXXRock SpringsSweetwater43806At&t - Local - Wy
307-939-XXXXGilletteCampbell46133Qwest Corporation - Wy
307-941-XXXXNewcastleWeston7208Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
307-943-XXXXWheatlandPlatte8667Contact Communications, Wy
307-949-XXXXNewcastleWeston7208Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
307-977-XXXXLaramieAlbany36299Union Telephone Company
307-995-XXXXCasperCarbon15885Qwest Corporation - Wy
307-996-XXXXCheyenneLaramie36299Qwest Corporation - Wy
307-338-XXXXTORRINGTONGoshen13249Cellco Partnership dba Verizon Wireless - WY
307-656-XXXXWYOMING-ALL AREASLincoln18106Gold Star Communications LLC
307-448-XXXXWYOMING-ALL AREASSweetwater43806Cellco Partnership dba Verizon Wireless - WY